J.I.P. Photo Print Bib, Tie

J.I.P. Photo Print Bib, Tie

Bib Tie photo print tricot blue

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Photo print bib for mucky baby’s
  • Baby blue bib features photo realistic image of necktie
  • Snap closure
  • 100% cotton
  • Measures 15.5 x 9″

Verified reviews


Talk about sharp!

If your baby has an interview for a job at a Fortune 500 company, this is the bib for him. I bought it as a gift for a friend’s kid because I think his 6 month old is a lazy freeloading bum and needs to go out and get a job. Hopefully he gets the hint.

Emilie Poland, NY

so cute and soft

This bib is excellent for drooling babies. I liked the fun neck tie design and also the snap closure. Velco, even the newer non-scratchy type, scratched up my son’s neck. This bib is very soft and covers the entire front of his cloths. It keeps his clothing dry and because the design is so cute, I don’t mind that it covers his cute shirt. As for washing, the instructions are to hang dry because of the tie decal. Like most parents, we are too busy to put special care to laundry items so we just throw it in the dryer. This has affected the decal by making it a little wrinkled but it hasn’t peeled off so we’re fine with it.

Lenore Slate Spring, MS

fell apart.

So cute – I took one picture of my kid in it. Then I washed it. The bib shrunk, but the "tie" picture was painted on, so that sorta crinkled up and looks like it might peel off. Worse, the snap fell off. Just fell off. Complete waste of money!

Angelia Pell Lake, WI


Cutest bib ever!!!! I am a sports freak like my husband and I bought this bib!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So many compliments!

Ernestine Nelsonia, VA

Its Ok cuz Its really HUGE

Funny silly cute bib , but come-on whats with the size , really HUGE !It latterly covered my son as if its a half blanket this is the downfall it could be a great bib other wise !

Maryanne Round Top, NY