J is for Jeep Car Seat Travel Bag, Nylon, Universal Size, Fits All Car Seats, Shoulder Strap Included, For Airport Gate Check-In, Travel, Black

J is for Jeep Car Seat Travel Bag, Nylon, Universal Size, Fits All Car Seats, Shoulder Strap Included, For Airport Gate Check-In, Travel, Black

This Jeep Car Seat Travel Bag universally fits all size car seats. This bag measures are 20″ long X 29″ high X 18″ deep. It helps to protect contents from dirt and damage. It is essential for travel.

Main features

  • Nylon
  • Imported
  • Nylon, Easy to Fold
  • AIRLINE APPROVED, Gate Check bag easily fits most styles of car seats, booster seats and infant carriers.

Verified reviews


Better the bag gets ruined than the seat…

I bought this bag to store our car seat and base for a trip to Orlando. My first reaction when it arrived was pleasantly surprised about the material and construction. That said… It took a beating in this one trip, but better the bag than the car seat.Pros:-I liked the material and the stitching seems pretty solid.-Roomy. I fit our infant car seat and the attachable base in this bag.-Detachable Shoulder strap. Let’s face it, car seats are awkward, the shoulder strap was really nice to go through the airport with. That said, I would have felt bad if my wife was travelling by herself as this only cuts down on the level of awkwardness- it can still be a beast to get around the airport.-Convenient Pouch. There’s a small zipper pouch to store things, I fit a small carrier in the the pouch while the car seat and base were in the bag. Also remember to put that shoulder strap in here (or in the bag itself) before handing over your bag!-In addition to the shoulder strap there is a permanent handle which was also quite convenient.-I feel the price is fair for the quality of this bag.Reality Checks:This thing is not made of steel. The airlines WILL beat the heck out of the bag. A round trip later and this bag already has a couple holes in it. Not at the seams mind you, right in the middle. I gate checked this bag both times, but from the holes and dirt, they were still hard on it. Again, better the bag than the seat. The holes aren’t huge, and I imagine I should be able to get several more trips out of this bag. We are not frequent flyers so this bag will last us for some time. If you travel a lot with your baby, I would consider upgrading from this bag. For our needs it works fine.

Kristie Cream Ridge, NJ

Works for Britax

It didn’t fit on the first try, but after looking at the shape of the bag, I realized that it is an oddly shaped bag for an oddly shaped object, and orientation matters. After figuring that out, My Britax Advocate 70 fit perfectly, with enough room for a stuffed backpack and our bjorn. We could have put more in there too. Nice for a free gate check. It’s really sturdy fabric, with a handle, and an optional shoulder strap. It also has a decent sized zipper compartment on the outside for smaller items.Load the bag as follows: Put the bag on the floor, unzipped. Put the carseat in so that the back center of the car seat is where the bag’s handle is. Go around the bag, making sure there’s not a bunch of fabric stuck under the seat. Once the fabric is pulled up from underneath, the bag zips with the zipper going over the top-center, and down over the front-center of the car seat. Easy the second time.

Mercedes Dexter, NM

Fits better than I thought

I bought this for my Britax Roundabout car seat, and even though it looked too small, it actually completely covered the car seat. We’ve only used it once, but it made it to and from gate check just fine. It could have been made with a better carrying handle, but it’s doable. Since we wanted to gate check our car seat and stroller (Baby jogger City Classic single), we borrowed another one for that and with the wheels removed, it fit, too! No complaints from me… pretty happy with this cover!

Laurel Tiptonville, TN

Ripped after a single flight

I’m really upset about the quality of this bag. We purchased it to keep our Chicco Keyfit Carseat safe during a flight from Seattle to California. After the first flight, we found a large rip near the handle (almost 6 inches long). We’ve had to repair the bag with duct tape in order for it to be usable.I know this is the cheapest option out there for carseat travel bags, but I would caution others not to get this product.

Polly Elwood, IL

Too heavy to travel with

If you know you will check the car seat, the bag is made of durable cloth. But if you bring it along just in case the airplane doesn’t have an empty seat for your infant, don’t bother: it is too heavy to carry on in a diaper bag or backpack. Would rather take a trash bag along.

Ashleigh Oregonia, OH

Fits Graco SafeSeat

This bag does just what it says: protects car seat during travel. Graco SafeSeat fits nicely. Took it on an international flight, and it came through without any snags or rips.

Rosalie Hyner, PA

Great sturdy bag

We bought this and have used it 5 times and it is still in GREAT condition. It’s very roomy for an infant car seat that you could pack the base in it oo, although we have not tried. The strap works well but most importantly it is still all together in one piece after being manhandled by my husband’s on various flights. We always gate check it but I could see it still holding up if you needed to check it as luggage. The zipper stays closed and I even throw extra jackets, burp cloths and food containers in it at the gate before we board. Great buy and worth the money!!

Traci Lidgerwood, ND

Opened this up at the airport and the zipper broke …

Opened this up at the airport and the zipper broke immediately. It’s also very bulky if you are using it for gate check at the airport.

Ola Stedman, NC

great for the airport

we bought this for the cheap evenflo car seat we purchased for air travel and it worked great. we actually used this to carry the car seat through the airport and when we had to gate check the seat we put this bag and the car seat into the red gate check bag ( we heard too many horror stories of baby items that were gate checked in a black bag getting sent to baggage claim) and it was waiting for us on the jet way.

Francesca Mulkeytown, IL

Would purchase again

We have only used this once, but it held up well and made carrying the booster seat much easier.

Carissa Bakerton, WV

A must have for airline travel

I love this item! It fit my Chicco Key-fit perfectly with plenty of room to spare. I was even able to put the Bumbo, a large blanket, and my jacket in the bag. The material is durable and water resistant. We gate checked our car seat but this bag was great to protect it from the snow, dirt and grease it may have encountered.

Kerry Nashville, KS

Good and Bad

I have used this bag to check two different size/style car seats. The first time was a Graco infant carseat and base that fit easily with room to spare. Another time we checked a Britax Boulevard. While it took a little more effort to get the Britax in, it does fit and has a little bit of room to toss other things in the bag as well. I found that if you recline the Britax seat then it fits in much easier. The shoulder strap and carry handle were very useful for transport but the zipper was a little tough to zip and seems flimsy. While the car seats did survive the trips, I was not completely satisfied with the performance of this bag. It was raining when we landed at our destination and after opening the bag at baggage claim, we discovered that the car seat was completely soaked! We checked the bag from top to bottom and there was not a rip or hole so were baffled as to how this bag failed to provide any type of protection from the rain. We have a bag for our stroller that is made of a different material and the stroller was completely dry. Based on other reviews it sounds like buyer satisfaction for this bag can go either way. Right now I am still on the fence.

Cassandra Rives, MO

Fits Cosco Scenera with tons of space

We used this bag recently on a trip from Oregon to Texas, taking two planes in each direction. We gate checked the bag on three of the four flights and managed to get a free seat to use the carseat in on one of the flights.The bag has come through its travels looking just as it did when I bought it. The Scenera is a lightweight seat so it wasn’t too difficult to carry it through the airport; I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with our much heavier Britax.The shoulder strap connection points are all plastic, which could be a breaking point eventually if used with a heavier seat. You could replace the strap with a better one that uses metal, but the connectors on the bag itself are still plastic. There is also a sturdy handle on the outside of the bag. There was plenty of space inside the bag for other things if you want to gate check a couple of other items (like jackets) along with your seat. There’s also at least one (maybe two) flat outside pockets on the side, but we didn’t use them.On the leg of flight where we got to use the carseat, I had to figure out what to do with the bag. It doesn’t fold down very compactly. I had brought a “stuff sack” style reusable shopping bag and shoved it in there along with our Ergo, and it went under the seat in front of the baby.

Brigitte Carmichaels, PA

Perfect Cover

I took my little one on his first plane trip and this cover was the perfect fit for our car seat. Everything arrived intact and clean.

Rene Dix, IL

Good Quality Bag That Fits Chicco NextFit

The material was thicker than I expected it to be for the money. It fits our Chicco NextFit with a little room to spare for other items including a portable high chair (table-hanging type), diapers, and toy bag. This is a must for airline travel, in my opinion.

Kimberly Ernul, NC

did its job

I got two and they both did their job getting to the airport and being checked but when I went to get them off the baggage claim belt the handles on both ripped.. by the time I got home there were holes in both bags from where the handles ripped

Ollie Dannemora, NY

Worked well and protected the car seats

I used it for a trip to Florida. I checked the bag at the luggage check and it held up well. I had a full size GRACO car seat and two booster seat bases inside the bag. The bag didn’t show any more damage than the rest of the suitcases. You cannot blame the bag for that. It held up and will be used again. ***Note*** Per the TSA, there is no additional baggage fees allowed to check/bring car seats on trips so don’t pay to rent them!

Sierra Woxall, PA

Used it twice and so far so good!

Materials seem heavier duty than other bags I’ve seen. Has handle and strap for carrying. Very roomy-it fit our chicco keyfit30 with lots of room to spare. has smaller zipper pocket on outside that was great for storing extra carseat toys.

Velma Girdwood, AK

Best one yet

We travel a lot and have gone through 2 bags before this one. The Jeep bag is better made than the other ones and seems like it will hold up. Have used it twice to check our car seat and so far it has not come apart.

Tamara Leaf River, IL

Works great!

I have already used this for several international and domestic flights! It has held up really well. I just want to caution that it does NOT fit all car seats. It worked great for our britax infant car seat and cosco convertible car seat, however on our last trip a few weeks ago we took our graco convertible seat and it did not zip all the way. We were already at the airport and had no choice but to use it, my husband did his best to fit it in and we prayed it wouldn’t bust through and tear the bag… luckily it didn’t.

Augusta Tofte, MN

Great investment to protect car seats

We had one of these from our last baby, but now traveling with two carseats, we wanted to be sure that both wee protected. This bag is made with good workmanship, it is thicker and heartier than our first one, but it is lacking some of the features. This has one strap that is long and allows you to put the bag over your shoulder or wear it cross body, but that isn’t always the easiest way to carry the carseat if you are traveling through the airport and have other carryons or personal items. The handle is very sturdy and has a nice rubber caoted gripping bar. That made it very easy to grab and pull off of baggage claim belts. Our other case (was purchased at baby’s r us) has two straps so it can be worn like a backpack and it has wheels so you can tow it along also.We have britax carseats, which are some of the larger scale seats on the market and both the Chaperone and the Boulevard fit into this case. It took a two of us to get the bag around some of the corners, but it fit well. I would imagine if we fit those two seats, it would fit just most other models.Seeing the damage our bags have endured when we fly, we would NEVER sned just our carseats through the checked bag system. This item has certainly paid itself off over and over in the damage it is has prevented on our carseats! I would recommend this to any traveling parent.

Casandra Rolette, ND

Holds lots of stuff

This thing is nice – I took it on a trip with my 7 week old. There ended up being enough empty seats to bring her car seat on the plane one way, but ont he return trip we had to gate check it. I put the car seat, an adaptor for her stroller, an extra blanket, and some stroller add ons (so they wouldn’t get lost/smushed–like the parent console) in this bag too. It wa snice to know my kid’s carseat wasn’t out in the snow/rain/dirt of the storage area. In the airport I folded it up and stuck it in the stroller storage compartment.

Stacey Mackeyville, PA

Does the job

Purchased this to use for our Chicco infant seat & base. It was big enough to fit both items. The strap was useful when carrying through airport. On our first flight, we gate-checked the seat. On the trip home, we checked it at the ticket counter so we’d have less items to carry though airport. The bag held up fine. One improvement I can think of is to include a way to easily fold/store the bag when not in use. It’s so big when taken out of the package that it’s hard to fold up and fit back into original packaging.

Chris Newton, NH

Worked perfectly

This fit our large forward facing car seat perfectly. I followed another reviewers advice and placed the bag on the ground first then popped the seat right in. It held up on two cross country flights and being tossed around by some of the most aggressive handlers in the business. The seat was perfect, the bag was scuffed but still held up well. My husband loved the way he could change the strap configuration to carry it easier. We are both very happy with this purchase and the quality of the product.

Candy Sabula, IA

Not exactly sturdy

I bought two of these for a trip, to check our two Britax Marathons. The car seats fit easily and there was plenty of space left over to carry wipes and other bulky items.They were however, difficult to carry. The straps were awkward and they weren’t easy to throw over your shoulder. After a return trip both bags had holes in them and the handles on both bags were ripping out.They’re both useless now, after only one trip. I’m not sure if a better alternative exists, but I wouldn’t pay for these again unless I knew they’d last a little longer.

Jeri Nitta Yuma, MS

Does its job

This bag does what it is supposed to do: protect from dirt and debris, NOT pad and cushion! We used it on a cross-country flight and it held up just fine through gate check. However, the long carry strap broke where the strap was sewn together through the plastic loop, with only the weight of the carseat in it (A Chicco KeyFit). We looped it back through and tied it in a knot, and were able to carry it again just fine. For the price I really didn’t care because I expected it to be a one-time use item, and am now pleasantly surprised I will probably be able to use it at least a few more times.

Annie Fort Yukon, AK

Huge and durable

This bag is great for flights. It’s very durable, and it’s HUGE. There was plenty of room for our car seat, plus a couple of blankets and such.

Georgette White Sulphur Springs, MT

Strong and big

Fit out travel car seat easy (evenflow tribute). We have 2. Its got a handle and a strap for lugging through the airport.I recommend gate checking. It offers not protection except keeping your seat form getting dirty. Do you really want your car seat thrown around like checked baggage?Its a little more durable than the Childress bags and is similar in price.

Lorna Wellington, TX

Better than I expected

The fabric is thicker than I expected – almost like a thick duffle bag with reinforced seams. I feel more confident now using this as checked luggage at the counter. I had a bit of difficulty getting our Peg Perego infant car seat in there, which worries me for when I have to get our Cosco Scenera convertible seat in there once my order arrives. Hope it fits! Zippers seamed fine. Definitely not heavyweight but I feel like it will hold up for as long as the items in the bag aren’t too heavy. I thought the placement of the shoulder strap was a little awkward, especially when I was trying to picture a larger seat (than an infant seat) in there.

May Saint David, IL

Great product

We bought this to travel to Florida and I love it! It easily holds our Chicco infant car seat and the base. We were also able to stuff some blankets and toys in it as well which was great since we didn’t have to pay to check this and there is no weight limit. Definitely recommend if you are going to travel with an infant car seat!! Very durable as well.

Freda Coal City, IL