J is for Jeep Deluxe Stroller Weather Shield, Baby Rain Cover, Universal Size, Waterproof, Water Resistant, Windproof, See Thru, Ventilation, Clear, Plastic, Protection, Shade, Umbrella, Pram, Vinyl

J is for Jeep Deluxe Stroller Weather Shield, Baby Rain Cover, Universal Size, Waterproof, Water Resistant, Windproof, See Thru, Ventilation, Clear, Plastic, Protection, Shade, Umbrella, Pram, Vinyl

This Jeep Deluxe Stroller Weather Shield accommodates most stroller makes and models. It helps protect child form rain, snow, wind and cold weather. The netting on both sides provides plenty of ventilation. It comes with convenient essentials pocket. The storage bag is included. This jeep stroller comes with accessories, weather shield.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Protects child from rain, snow, wind, and cold weather
  • Universal size, fits most strollers
  • Super simple installation, installs in seconds
  • Convenient Essentials Pocket, Netting on both sides, with snap closures, provides plenty of ventilation
  • Storage bag included

Verified reviews


Buy directly from Amazon, NOT The Baby’s Gallerie

I ordered this product a few times because I keep one in the basket of each of my strollers.It looks and works just fine. The Delux version basically covers your basket in the back so rain doesn’t get in. The regular version is shorter in the back.This product is also supposed to come with a nice black cover for the rain cover. This product also comes in a green and brown cardboard box.Last time I purchased this from The Baby’s Gallerie through Amazon, I got only the rain cover, not the black cover for the rain cover and wrapped in a plastic bag instead of the manufacturer’s packaging. When I wanted a refund, The Baby’s Gallerie says “The packaging is what we like to call internet packaging. We find the fancy store packaging to add unnecessary costs. Not to mention it is less waste making it environmentally friendly as well.” They went on to tell me that this product does not come with the bag anymore.I’m sorry but when I buy something that is new, I assume that I also get the packaging. I want them to ask me if I want “internet packaging” as Amazon does, and IF I elect it, I want it to be packaged professionally, not in someone’s kitchen ziplock bag. Of course, replacing cardboard with a plastic bag does not make it more green and that’s how much credibility I give them when I consider their claim that it does not come with the black cover anymore.

Brandie Modesto, CA

Deluxe because of extra design features

I used to have the regular Jeep Weather Shield and I spent a little more $ ($5) to get this version. The extra $5 that you pay is to get the option for zippers along front edges so that way you can unzip for some air circulation but still shield against rain/wind/etc. When unzipped, there is a netting so it’s not just open and doesn’t fly off in case there’s heavy wind. There are also the addition of snaps to along the front edges now on top of the back ones. I do like it better than the normal one but if you don’t really need the additions, can just go with basic version just fine.

Alana Folkston, GA

Fits our BabyTrend Stroller

I bought this, unsure of whether it would fit our BabyTrend stroller that came with our Travel System. It fits the stroller quite well, but would not fit with the infant seat attached. That’s perfect for what we need it for.It does have a plastic smell, as other reviewers noted. But I didn’t find it to be awful. With a little air, it will be fine.I didn’t give it 5 stars because I haven’t actually used it yet. But it was easy to get off and on, and rolled up into the carrying bag easily.

Dominique Enterprise, MS

Amazing Shield

My little boy Alexander is turning 3 months and he has gas problems. Every night my husband and I are outside with him in his car seat stroller. This Jeep Deluxe is great because of the perfect fit and it has a opening in the front to make sure the air is flowing. That was what I was afraid of . . . to make sure it is design for him to feel some of the fresh air The price is amazing! Just buy it!

Angelita Groton, NY

Provides good coverage – keeps baby and items in stroller basket dry!

This rain cover provides better coverage than more expensive ones I have tried. It covers the basket, so I don’t need to worry about everything getting soaked.I have not had any issues with it getting caught by wind and blowing off – seems to be a goood fit for my Maclaren Quest.

Avis Salford, PA

Good product / bad smell

I bought this because I love to go for walks with my son and figured this would b perfect for a rainy day! The product itself is nice its packaged nicely but the smell is bad! It smells like plastic – it’s been a while and I’m still trying to get that awful smell out!!! I’m a little disappointed because it looks great but I still don’t want my son to b exposed to the smell.

Rosemary Sanatorium, MS

Does not fit UppaBaby G-Luxe (2013 model)

This did not fit the UppaBaby G-Luxe stroller. So, we are returning this. It also has a strong plastic smell.

Luz Richland Springs, TX

Fits my Baby Trend Jogger

Just received this yesterday and tried it out on my Baby Trend expedition jogging stroller. It was packaged in it’s original box. First impressions is that IT FIT (runs just shy of the end of my foot rest, will probably cover it completely if you take off the drink holder on the handle bar), seems well made and the ventilation panels are adjustable and will snap closed on either side in two positions. The panels also OVERLAP for maximum rain protection. I like it so far. It was easy enough to put on and might just fold up with the stroller if pulled back over the canopy a bit on my stroller. Will update when it rains or is windy but seems like a much smarter purchase than the one made specifically for my stroller that is 4 times the price.

Helena Macon, TN

Came in handy!

I bought this for our summer trip to Disney, and I was glad I did, we used it every single day we were there. I’m really glad I splurged for this particular ones, as the side panels were a must with the heat.Fit over our Chicco Cortina stroller like it was made for it!

Mattie West Covina, CA

fits perfectly!

I bought this for my jeep Cherokee sport stroller and it fits perfectly. Havent put it to the test yet but I’m definitely looking forward to using it. No doubt that the design will keep my little one dry! Even has a few extra little pockets on the back for the handy items

Jeannie Elyria, OH

Better than I could have imagined!

I was worried for so many reasons when I bought this sheild, but I had NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. It fit great, worked great and was on time getting here for our big vacation last spring. Perfect in every way!

Meghan Forest Home, AL

Just as described.

It works great on my single umbrella stoller and on my Dream on me tandem double stroller (though that is MUCH smaller than the typical tandem stroller). It has slits on the side to open if its warm but raining, but buttons for when it’s cold. It comes with a carrying case, but the case is pretty wimpy (if you stretch it too much it will rip) and the storage pouch on the outside is honestly pretty worthless too, you can’t put very much in there, maybe a wallet, but I wouldn’t want to advertise the wallet if it were me.) All in all, a great product for the price.

Teresa East Bridgewater, MA

great item

I’m a first time mom. Unfortunately it’s the winter time and after being caught in the freezing rain with wind blowing i decided to buy this product and I’m glad i did. Its wonderful. I have a Graco single stroller from target and it fits like the picture depicts and covers the foot part too. Super easy to slide on and off the stroller and the side snaps are nice too. It opens over the bar used to push the stroller so it doesn’t impede on ppushing the stroller. It has a little pocket area too. It came with a black storage bag but i just keep mine in the trunk with the stroller. Ive received a lot of compliments from other moms and people in general. I love that it limits the force of the elements from the baby. Even on super windy days the cover doesn’t lift up or anything. Would definitely recommend.

Kerry Summit, AR

Does the job…

I ordered the deluxe weather shield because it had the vents on the side and it looked large enough to cover my Chicco Cortina Travel System. I didn’t realize that the front does not go all the way down to the foot rest so, the tips of my son’s shoes are exposed. Not a big deal because his shoes would have gotten wet if he walked in the rain. Also, they provide you with a bag to store the weather shield in when not in use but, it is do hard to fold/roll to get it to fit well. But, the biggest down side is that I can’t have the stroller handles up because the weather shield won’t fit. I can still push the stroller but, it’s a little more difficult to have full control of the stroller.

Elena Bulan, KY

Does the job

I read that this has a strong plastic smell, well yes it does but i’m sure it will go away after a few walks in the rain and fresh air. It fits on my valco baby zee and is a LOT cheaper than the one they sell for it. Love the fact that it has a pocket on it and comes with a stroage bag. Don’t think it would cover a toddler’s feet but I don’t have a toddler so that’s not a problem for me yet. It does what it says it does and seems a fairly thick good quality one that won’t break easily.

Carly Avoca, MN

I like it

I wish it fit a little more snugly over the stroller so that wind could not get up under it so easily. However, that is my only complaint. We use it in conjunction with the toddler Bundle Me, in winter months, to protect from the cold and wind/ rain and snow.

Catherine Dalton, WI

Works for Bugaboo Cameleon

One of the best stroller accessories I have. The original Bugaboo weather shield is a pain to install and it also does not leave the baby much air for breathing – it is almost air-tight. So the Jeep version is so easy to use, and it has all those buttons to hold the flaps, and the mesh, and the pocket… Love it! But it works with sitting baby, not with a lying one.

Aurora Minneapolis, NC

let it air out

it definitely needs some airing out to let some of that plastic smell out-gassing to leave. especially since baby will be sitting encased in it. Fit over my stroller nicely.

Claudine Highland, IN

Does the job

I bought this same weather shield at Babies R Us. I wish I would have come on here though because the picture on the babies r us website is very misleading. I thought that this unzipped at the front but sadly it doesn’t. It’s not a huge deal to have to lift the front of it up to fit my kiddo in but it’s still a feature that I think would have made this product even better. It fits my Safety First stroller like a glove, and I personally didn’t have a problem with the smell, it is plastic afterall so it’s going to have some kind of smell. The extra pocket that this gives is a nice feature, I usually just use it to put the bag for the cover in. Overall it’s a good product but like I said before I just wish there was easier access to my child.

Maryellen Cowlesville, NY

Great wind blocker

Since I had my son in November, I can’t enjoy the time outdoors with him because it’s either too cold, too windy, raining, or snowing. This worked for all of them. I have a Graco carseat that clicks into a universal stroller frame and this cover fit perfectly over it. It successfully blocked the wind, rain, and snow & when the temp was above 30 & I’d take my son out, he’d be fine inside the shield. A great buy!

Deloris Crawford, MS

Great for Disney Trip!

I bought this rain cover specifically for our recent Disney World trip where it rained every day, and boy was I SOOOO glad I did! Parents were asking me where I bought it, hoping they could buy it in the park. They couldn’t, they had to have thought ahead, or just use an $8.50 poncho bought at Disney which doesn’t cover very well. It is well made, I did notice a slight smell the first day, it smelled like bug spray to me, but maybe it’s just new plastic smell. It covered my Jeep Cherokee stroller perfectly. I was able to just leave it on the whole time, but kinda folded up over the sun hood when I didn’t need it, but it was so quick to pull down as soon as the rain hit out of nowhere. I would recommend that, because sometimes you don’t have time to pull it out and mess with it…by then your baby and stroller are all wet. It covered the storage compartment pretty well, but some water did get through…that’s why I kept a diaper and change of outfit for my baby in a big ziplock bag just in case. My nearly 1 year old baby didn’t mind being covered with it. Tip if you’re going to Disney World during rainy seasons: when you stop to leave your stroller to go on a ride, see a show, or go to dinner I’d recommend COVERING your stroller even if it’s not raining, because it may start raining when you’re away. That happened to me once, and I learned real quick after that. Great product and very reasonable price for only $8. I paired it with a bigger sun shade called: RayShade UV Protective Stroller Shade Improves Sun Protection for Strollers, Joggers and Prams Black sold on Amazon (I thought the sunshade that comes with the stroller is too small).

Lillian Clayville, RI

Worked for what we bought it for

Had a trip to Northern Japan in wintertime and wanted it to keep our little one warm. He took some great naps in our Jeep stroller and I think it wouldn’t have been possible without this. He gets a little scared when we put it on and at times doesn’t tolerate it but overall a worthwhile purchase.

Crystal Dubach, LA

A must have

I really wanted something to protect my son from the cold weather and wind. This fit the bill. I have used this cover in the rain and with intense wind, and my son never seems to get cold. I love the vents, they give just enough air, I feel a lot more comfortable with taking my son out for walks with this cover.

April Mont Clare, PA

rain protector

excellent product, which also provides a breeze when in hot climates rain with the two sided mesh vents on either side. Fits over the pram and covers everything it needs to including the basket under the pram, great product

Latonya Ocoee, FL

Works Over My Graco Travel System

Fits great over my Graco Travel System–with the car seat attached. I’ve used it over the carseat/stroller with both of the stroller “awnings” closed.I just keep it in the basket of my stroller in the carry bag it came with. Very handy!

Marietta Solsberry, IN

Works well

It does smell so we did let it sit outside for a few days.It’s compact and fits under my stroller even when folded. It worked really well when we were hit by a surprise shower. So far we have only used it once.

Lesley Nahcotta, WA

Fits G-luxe stroller great!

This cover is well made and I can tell it will last some time. I used it over our g-luxe stroller and it fit well (not too big or small) and was easy to place on and take off while we were out. The vents are great and keeps baby comfortable. The top flap where the stroller handles go through is also well placed. And I like that it has a storage bag (it’s cheaply made but still helpful)! -1 star for the super plastic-y smell but it went away after airing for a few days. For this reason I will only use it with my baby for as short amount of time as possible.

Jan Elliottville, KY

Worked great

We bought this cover to use with our stroller at Disney World, since the forecast said thunderstorms every day. Turns out it only rained 1 day we were there, but it was several heavy downpours. We just popped this over the stroller (Baby Trend Lightweight stroller) and it covered it perfectly. It is long enough to come down over their legs (Babies ‘R Us had one for sale that looked way too short). It does have a funny plastic smell…not sure what to do about that. My daughter didn’t complain though. Overall, it did the job and I’m glad we had it with us. Kept the kid and the stroller from getting soaked.

Sydney Lawrenceburg, KY

Works for Umbrella Strollers, too

Considering I paid $50 for a rain cover for my “big” stroller (Phil & Ted’s Navigator), I had low expectations for something so inexpensive. Boy, did I feel foolish! The plastic is thick and quality. It fits over my umbrella stroller and I will probably use it as a backup for my big stroller as well. No weird plastic smell here.

Lila Warwick, MD