J is for Jeep Playpen Netting, Universal Size, Netting for Playpen, Play Yard or Pack ‘N Play, Weather and Insect Protection, Mesh, White, Cover

J is for Jeep Playpen Netting, Universal Size, Netting for Playpen, Play Yard or Pack ‘N Play, Weather and Insect Protection, Mesh, White, Cover

Protect your child from mosquitoes and other insects at naptime or playtime. The soft mesh netting fits snug and secure. Includes a handy storage pouch. Soft material fits snug and secure. Includes handy storage pouch. Machine wash warm, gentle cycle. No bleach. Air dry. Size: Fits most standard sized playpen.

Main features

  • Universal Size, fits most standard sized playpens, play yards and pack ‘n plays
  • Jeep playpen netting, canopy
  • Elastic edges allow for quick attachment and removal

Verified reviews


Does Not Fit Over Play Yard

Let me keep this simple. This netting is very thin and the elastic is not very stretchy. The thin is good if you have a warm room but the elastic will not stretch to fit over my daughter’s play yard. It is simply a waste of money and too much netting to use on her car seat and stroller.

Earline Dalzell, IL

Keep out bugs – woo hoo!

It’s a big net. It goes over your pack and play and keeps out bugs. Great! I have it on an older style, simple pack and play. My only advice is to pull the net down to the bottom of the pack and play but NOT down over the legs. If you pull it to the ground there will be a gap for bugs to get into. If you pull it UNDER the legs, you are likely to tear it and it doesn’t sit flush against the pack and play and since it will be on the ground bugs could walk up the net if they want. you’re best bet is pull the net down to the very bottom of the pack and play but before the legs. If you aren’t happy with this net, I don’t know what else you would want. Its just a net – to keep bugs out. We had issues with mosquitos biting my daughter at night and couldn’t figure out where they came from so until it was resolved she slept in this with the net on.

Kenya Anawalt, WV

Not easy on/off; returning b/c needed easier access.

I took this out of the box and went to use it on a recent trip to the beach but realized there was no way it was going to work. If I had tried hard enough I would have been able to get it on the pack-n-play by myself but it would have taken effort and it wouldn’t have been easy with my baby likely trying to stand up at the same time. I had also planned on using this at night, we were using the playpen as a crib, but there was no way I was going to be able to put it on and then have to take it off/on during the night when I had to get baby girl out of the pack-n-play.This may be useful if you have a baby that doesn’t stand up yet and is still okay with being confined to the playpen during the day for periods of time. If you are using it to cover a playpen that your child is going to be sleeping in just keep in mind this is not an easy on/off cover and doesn’t have easy access. Once it’s on you should hope you can leave it on for awhile so you don’t have to mess with it. This would have been much better if there was a zipper opening on the top for easy access.

Alexis Lithia Springs, GA

Great product. Great Price.

Bug bites on an infant face are terrible to see. This cover is easy to use. The elastic at the bottom pulls tight so we were able to easily use in on our bassinet. We will wrap it around the crib when baby transitions over.Yes, it adds another step before you can get your baby out of the crib but I’ll take that any time over bug bites on an infant.

Lucille Lynden, WA

This works awesome to keep bugs out of our packnplay

We used this on road trips where we stopped in bug infested areas and it kept our child out of the mess without having to use DEET. The only thing I wish it had was a zipper on the top of it so you didn’t have to undo the entire net to get your child in and out. I might actually sew my own zipper on ours before our next child, it would have been much more easy to use and used much more often if it had that. We only used it when the bugs were overwhelming and likely would have left this on the pack n play when it was outdoors if it had a zipper.

Hilda Bedford, NY

Easy to use!

If anyone is wondering, this fits the Chicco Lullaby LX playyard easily with no stretching necessary. In fact the fit was almost loose, making it easy for you to pull it out and stick your hand up underneath to put a paccy back in if necessary. Of course it would be nice if there was some way to have a mosquito netting that didn’t have to fit over the whole playyard, but it just wouldn’t be possible, so this is the only way to go if you are worried about bugs. We also used it over our stroller and even over our carseat, just tucked the extra material away.

Ashleigh Kalaupapa, HI

Keeps the bugs off my baby!

We live in an area with a lot of mosquitos. I put this over the playpen and it keeps my baby bug free. It goes over the entire play pen, not just the top which is great because not only is the playpen mesh large enough to let little bugs through but mine has a tear that would let a big bugs through. You could probably use this to cover other things also, maybe a bassinet or a stroller? Seems to be well made and hopefully it lasts a long time.

Trisha Palatine, IL

gaps at the bottom, mosquitos got in

This netting fits over our Graco Pack N PLay JUST right (is even a bit too tight). The problem is, is that the elastic pulled taut creates a gap at the bottom where mosquitoes can still get it (which we discovered the hard way), whether you make it so the elastic goes UNDER each foot of the PNP, or whether you don’t pull it all the way down–no way around it, I guess. Instead, we just bought the Lilla curtains from IKEA since it is made out of mosquito-netting type material and it’s super cheap. It comes with 2 panels and one of the panels fits/covers the PNP perfectly and drapes on all 4 sides, touching the floor so no gaps. We just gather the material at the bottom of each corner and secure with a big, metal clip so the weight keeps the thing taut and even, and it makes it easy to take off and put on again with minimal adjustments.

Christi Saint Xavier, MT

Does not fit Graco Pack n play

It does not fit a standard size Graco Pack n Play. The opening is too small. Maybe if you put it on through the side but you’d have to lift the whole playpen.

Hollie Rindge, NH

Versitile product

I have used this to cover the Pack-n-play outside to keep bugs off and I also can throw a receiving blanket over it for a shade cover that remains off the baby so we can stay out longer, he’s protected and there’s plenty of air flow to keep him cool. I have also been able to use it as a bug cover, shade cover and older brother protection while in the stroller too! I am glad I made this purchase.

Rosalie Mount Pocono, PA

Five Stars

Keeps the bugs off!!

Laurie Gilford, NH


It is too small to fit over a playpen! It doesn’t stretch out well either. Waste of money..I will use this to cover my stroller instead.

Clarice Bancroft, ID