J is for Jeep Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover, Universal Size, Baby Chair Cover, Baby Cart Cover, Cotton, Machine Washable, Brown, Pattern

J is for Jeep Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover, Universal Size, Baby Chair Cover, Baby Cart Cover, Cotton, Machine Washable, Brown, Pattern

The Jeep Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover will help keep your child secure, comfortable and Germ Free. It Completely covers the shopping cart seat preventing baby from touching surfaces that potentially carry germs. Same coverage for restaurant high chairs, keeping baby germ free. It is easy to install and can be installed in seconds. Seat and sides are nicely padded to keep child comfortable. This is stylish “roll and stroll” design allows the item to roll into a “bag” with easy handles and velcro closure keeping the item neat in your car for easy use. Machine wash and tumble dry. Adjustable safety straps. Zippered compartment to keep parents wallet and other valuables safe while shopping.

Main features

  • Cotton
  • Universal size, fits most shopping carts and high chairs
  • Comfortable cushioning, Installs in seconds, pouch for essentials

Verified reviews


Am I the only one that hates this cover?!

I hate this cover. Granted, it’s the only cover I’ve ever used, so I can’t compare it to others. It takes FOREVER to attach to anything. If youre alone, good luck holding a baby and weaving a belt clip thru cart and tying it down in bows in like 4 places one-handed. Then when I load the baby in (highchair mode) it seems to slide down with him so he’s half sitting on the back part. Strap him in and he doesn’t have full use of his arms because it’s so low. It does do a good job of covering everything like it’s supposed to. When it’s on the shopping cart it makes it hard to grip the cart because the fabric prevents ur fingers from wrapping around the handle bar of the cart. I hate this thing. Maybe I would hate all shopping covers if they are all like this, I don’t know. But I just had to add my two cents since the reviews are so high and it’s so cheap which enticed me to buy it…

Margo Atoka, TN

Love It

I love this little thing. My son is small. So he always would slip and slide in the high chairs and carts. But now he doesn’t. It does have a lot of gadgets to hook up to secure it but depending on chair or cart not all hook ups are required. The fact that it turns into a bag is a plus!

Alma Nocona, TX

Way too much Fluff / Time to deploy

First the pros: Gender neutral colors, five point harness sounds nice, good quality fabric and stitching.Now my thoughts after using it for awhile: I just don’t like it. And whether you like it or not will really depend on your comort level manipulating the fabric and straps. I wanted to just “throw the cover on and go”, but there is just too much fabric “fluff”, it’s all confusing to un-ball out of the diaper bag, shake out, orient yourself in all that material. Then there are actual string ties on the sides, where velcro could have sufficed. Why? Why? Then the five point harness….sounds so “safe” but the straps were hard to adjust / manipulate, never really fit “right” around my child.The problem becomes – if it’s too “complex” you will own it, but never use it. My husband was just tossing our baby in the cart seat with no cover, and abhorred the thought of “figuring out that mess”. I wish I had saved the box to sell it to a consignment store.I eventually got an Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover (also on Amazon) and like it much better. Yes, it’s still something you need to smooth out, orient and deploy, but there are no string ties, and a lot less “fluff” to try and oragami fold / stuff into a high chair or shopping cart seat.I am not worried about “dirt” or germs on the shopping cart, the whole point for me was to keep my daughter’s fingers out of “pinch points” you find in shopping cart construction after she got her finger in one. The Jeep cover does that, but the Infantino is much easier for us to use.

Clare Lafayette Hill, PA

Very poor quality

I was very unhappy with this product and ended up returning it. It was very poorly put together. Loose strings were falling off all over the place. The way it hooks the baby in was not very sturdy. I ended up using one from BrightStarts instead.

Katelyn Mount Orab, OH

Must buy!

Works great in the cart and I love the harness straps! Very easy to keep on hand, the way it rolls up in itself and velvcros with handles to resemble a small bag. Very happy with the high quality of this product for the price!

Imogene Wild Rose, WI

Get what you pay for?

I purchased this for the same reason as most everyone else did.. the price and the shoulder straps. When I received it, I definitely liked the quality of the material and the ability to keep some things in the pouch so I don’t have to lug a diaper bag around. We took it to the local (red bullet)shopping center and immediately realized that it wouldn’t completely fit over the cart. The carts there are pretty large, and the seat back is wider than the cover. The next issue we had was figuring out how to strap him in snugly. It doesn’t stay tightened, and since my son is just moving past the “supported sitter” stage, that was a little concerning to us. He did seem comfortable and the toy loops are great. At a restaurant last night, we spent almost 10 minutes trying to figure out how to attach it to the high chair. The weird part was the strap underneath.. we figured it was to go behind the chair back, but again it wouldn’t stay tightened so we ended up tying it off. I cannot locate the instructions online (thinking it would be simple and obvious to install, I threw them away) so it’s possible we’re missing something. This definitely won’t keep him from trying to escape, either. All in all, I got what I paid for and as long as I keep my eye on him, I’d say it’s fine.

Lorie Garden City, UT

Easy to Wash

We used this for our first and we are currently using the same one for our second one. The color fades after a lot of washes but it is perfect and I loved how it folds into its own carrying case. Also the loops for toys are great so you don’t have to chases the toys when they are thrown.

Ada Ryland, AL

I love this!

This has to be one of my better investments that I’ve made for my baby! I was really worried about having to put my little guy in a shopping cart, since he seems to topple a lot! I ran a crossed this and decided to buy it. I tried it out for the first time yesterday and he loved sitting up, and because of the straps it keeps him straight up and impossible to topple over. It’s easy to put in and pack away afterwards. I highly recommend this item to anyone!

Tia Cunningham, WA

Not for suburbia!

This would be an amazing cover, if it actually fit shopping carts.The colors and design are nice, but it’s too small to cover regular sized carts, and it’s not even a close fit.I’m pretty sure this cover fits perfectly the smaller shopping carts, like the ones they have at Wallgreens pharmacies. But not the ones at the grocery stores such as WalMart or Target, and forget about the super-sized carts at Costco or Sams Club.We live in Texas of course this didn’t fit the HEB carts.I would suggest you buy this product ONLY if you live in a big city such as NY or Chicago where grocery stores have smaller shopping carts. Skip it if you live in the suburbs where these small shopping carts are basically non-existing.I had to return this item and ended up buying the Floppy Shopping Cart Cover. It’s a little bulky, but worked great for us, and it’s pretty comfy!

Gwen Hadensville, VA

Great for the little ones

This is a great product for the little ones once they can sit up in a high chair/shopping cart. I liked it because my infant would lean over and lick the shopping cart (yuk!) However, now that he’s 2 and a half I don’t use it anymore. He doesn’t sit in a high chair anymore and I just stick him in the shopping cart without it. It’s a bit cumbersome trying to lay it all out and then getting your child in the cart. Add an extra 10 minutes to your shopping time to install the cover.

Loretta Lentner, MO


This is GREAT! We started using this for shopping trips when my daughter reached 6 months…she loves it, loves being able to sit in the cart and play and not have to be in her car seat or stroller all the time…we’ve also used it with restaurant high chairs and it has worked great for them too…I LOVE that it has the 5-point harness so she doesn’t slump forward if she’s tired and can’t turn herself around to see what’s behind her. I only wish two things were different: You have to tie this onto a cart, so if you’re a mom on the go and are by yourself, it’s a little difficult to do with the baby in your hands, so I wish it was easier to secure & I wish it was just a little more padded on the part that covers the handles of the shopping cart, it does have some paddding, but a little more would be nicer…all in all, I would DEFINITELY recommend this to anyone!

Deirdre Comstock, TX

I wanted to love it

I wanted to love this cover so badly, I really did. I bought it because I liked the pattern and colors and the price was good. When I got it I also liked that it was more padded and soft than most others out there and it had the zipper pockets as another bonus. I also like the idea of the shoulder straps. Sounds great right? Right. The problem is that it doesn’t fit over most carts… It doesn’t have the stretch elastic that other covers have that make it big and easy to put over the back of the seat in the cart. I tried sooo hard to stretch it over the back and it wouldn’t go. And this isn’t just one one type of cart, this is at the grocery, target, and other shops we went to so it was the cover, not the cart. My husband and I kept finding ourselves struggling in parking lots just to try and make it work and it never did. Also although the shoulder straps were nice they were SUCH a pain to get on right. I thought maybe it was just me but one day while in target we were so tired of it we purchased an Eddie Bauer one in the store and breathed a huge sigh of relief when it went on quickly and easily. It also has cute little toys that are strapped to the front for LO to play with and you can attach your own toys as well. It doesn’t have a plush soft seat like this jeep one but overall it’s much better, easier and useful.

Evangelina Amorita, OK


Just bought this and LOVE it!I love that it rolls up nicely into the little purse and that it has a little zipper pouch for my wallet and phone.So far it has fit on every shopping cart except the Target shopping cart – but those are exceptionally big compared to most carts.Great buy. GREAT price.

Leticia Jefferson, SC

Too many strings

This is not one of the easy covers to put on. I spend more time attaching it to the shopping cart then shopping.

Yvonne Vancleve, KY

Ok. Not Great

It is a nice cover but not as big as the pictures show. It does not cover the cart as well as others I have seen.

Diane Gary, TX

Mediocre but Sufficient – You get what you pay for

I was primarily interested in using this cover for restaurant high chairs. However, we tried it first at the food store on a very-typical grocery store cart.The fit was sufficient; it covered the cart and was baggy. The “elastic” over the handle bar was a joke since the fit wasn’t snug. However, we did not have any trouble with the cover coming off. Actually, I preferred being able to push the bar directly, with my hand below the cover. I’m not sold on the idea of these cart covers as being safer because they are a barrier against bacteria and germs. The material will provide a place for such things to live and grow unless washed between uses, which is a hassle that I don’t have time for. Also it could help spread them to other locations as you toss it in the car etc. On my first trip to the store, I was unfortunate to pick-up some meat to find the bottom covered from some other leaking package. So I was stuck pushing the cart around the store looking for disinfecting wipes with one hand so that I didn’t touch the cover with the hand that had touched the meat juice. I would have rather pushed with two hands and cleaned the bar with the wipes as well.The harness was a joke. It attaches to the seat belt with loops that can slide along the belt. My son is probably on the smaller side for this seat since he only just started sitting independently. He’s 19lbs and just over 26in. I adjusted the shoulder straps to look perfect (i.e. laying flat across the shoulders with a bit of tension), except they were falling off repeatedly.The seat belt and attachment to the cart — it’s one strap — seemed to be unable to lock at the desired length. However, after fiddling for a few minutes, I was able to re-thread the buckles so that the strap material rubbed against the strap material it was folded back upon, thereby enabling the straps to lock at the desired length. In other words, as it was directly out of the box, every time I pulled on the straps the buckles slid to the longest possible position.I’m keeping this for use on restaurant high chairs. However, I have no plans to use it in the food store again. if my son gets too heavy for me to comfortably carry him in the carrier, then perhaps I’ll re-evaluate a shopping cart cover. But I expect I would buy a more expensive one that secures him better.

Gloria Meridale, NY

great for the price

I like that this wraps into it’s own bag, and had compartment to store items. It’s functional and works well & you can’t beat the price. I do wish the straps were a little easier/better to operate. But overall it’s a good product

Crystal Cramerton, NC

Great Cover

I am really happy with this purchase. It is extremely convenient for many reasons: it folds into a bag with handles so it is easy to carry, it can tie onto carts and highchairs and has its own belt, the pocket holds a lot of stuff which is great when grocery shopping with a baby, it is really well padded, it can be put in the washer and dryer, and toys can hook right onto it so they don’t keep falling on the ground.I highly recommend!The only negative I have is that one time it did not fit well on the shopping cart and the strap ended up around my daughters neck. Of course I was right there so it wasn’t there long. The straps that go over the shoulders are not adjustable and are a little high so if it doesn’t fit the cart well you do have to be careful.

Mandy Stillwater, NJ

Really easy to use and fold up.

Love this. Super easy to use and wash. Only thing I’d change is the option to take off the shoulder straps once my son out grows them.

Elsa Coin, IA

Excellent product

The first one I received was missing the straps to secure the baby in the cover but Amazon was great about shipping a replacement. I have only used the cover as a highchair cover but it works really well and my girl really liked the soft feel of it vs. the hard plastic restaurant highchairs. Can’t wait til she is out of her infant carrier seat so I can start using it in shopping carts as well. After looking at this cover, I don’t foresee any problems being able to install and use it in shopping carts. It has a better safety harness and better quality than the Goldbug cover I considered buying from Walmart.

Kelley La Villa, TX

I wish there is more padding but for the price its worth it and love the bag feature to fold it away

very helpful I use it while shopping and to cover high chair as well , I wish there is more padding but for the price its worth it and love the bag feature to fold it away. It dosen’t fit some shopping cart that is a bit big only small to standard size one. I always used the shopping cart strap with this product as I didn’t trust the strap, but will be useful for small children who started to sit up.

Ola Mammoth Cave, KY

I Love This!

No regrets at all with this purchase! My son is kept clean from the shopping cart germs (I have yet to use it in those restuarant high chairs). He looks as though he is in his own little world/play space and he loves this as much as I do! Bold colours and very easy to whip out and fold quickly into the bag for your shoulders when you are finished using. Extremely light weight and not a problem at all to carry around.

Maryanne Callensburg, PA