J is for Jeep Standard Stroller Weather Shield,Baby Rain Cover, Universal Size, Waterproof, Water Resistant, Windproof, See Thru, Ventilation, Clear, Plastic, Protection, Shade, Umbrella, Pram, Vinyl, Double

J is for Jeep Standard Stroller Weather Shield,Baby Rain Cover, Universal Size, Waterproof, Water Resistant, Windproof, See Thru, Ventilation, Clear, Plastic, Protection, Shade, Umbrella, Pram, Vinyl, Double

Protect your baby from the elements with this rugged weather shield from Jeep. It features air holes on both sides for ventilation and a convenient essentials pocket. Storage bag also included. Fits most strollers with a canopy. Wipes clean. Made in China.

Main features

  • Protects child from rain, snow, wind, and cold weather
  • Universal size, fits most standard strollers
  • Super simple installation, installs in seconds
  • Convenient Essentials Pocket
  • Storage bag included

Verified reviews


Fits the Chicco Keyfit stroller

We bought this based on reviews as it would fit over our Chicco Keyfit stroller. The cost was much less than buying one from Chicco. It worked perfectly for our needs and covered the entire stroller without any issues. Some people complained it could be longer, but I am not really concerned about keeping the wheels dry. It was long enough to cover the storage compartment and ensure stuff in there would stay dry. We did not use it with the carseat attached (our child is past that point), so I can’t comment on whether it would cover the carseat attached to the stroller as easily. Again, for the price, it is well worth picking this up, especially if you don’t plan on using it frequently.

Peggy Leedey, OK

needs to be a tad bit longer in front

I bought this to cover our Uppababy G-lux just yesterday and tried it on for size. It doesn’t cover all the fabric in front which will make for a wet mess in the rain because the wetness in the fabric will spread. It is a bit wider than necessary but that is really ok. I think I’ll keep it since I haven’t found a better product out there.

Carmela Bath, OH

fits my maclaren volo just right!

No complaints really! Fits my Maclaren volo stroller just fine. Came with a nice carry case.I only give 5 stars to exceptional products, so this one gets 4 stars for being on-par with expectation, but not exceeding expectation.

Roxie Zion, IL

cheap and gives off tremendous chemical odor when taken out of box.

The chemical odor is possibly cancerous.After a month of light use, a seam at the corner ripped apart.This weather shield is basically the same material used in shower curtains, if you dont fold it carefully it wrinkles.

Peggy Medicine Park, OK

Keep baby dry 🙂 Not diapers!

This is a very nice rain shield for my Jeep Cherokee stroller. It fits nicely, with even a little room to spare so it would likely fit slightly larger strollers also. It has nice mesh sides that snap open or shut. It has small storage pockets with snaps in the back to store keys, pacifiers, or whatever. My only gripe is that it doesn’t fold up nicely, so it ends up being a bit bulky to have on-hand on a regular basis. I guess it used to come with a storage bag, but mine didn’t. Overall, I’m happy with the purchase.

Lessie Elmira, WV

Great product

Fits stroller well. Handy to keep in the car for weather emergencies as easy to install. Has its own carrying pouch in the bag which is a nice bonus.

Victoria Harrisville, NH

Great cover but smells:/

Fit my old model maclaren umbrella stroller very well. It covered the entire stroller perfectly so money well spent.There’s just one issue. It is still off gassing for the past two weeks. I keep it in the trunk. Every time I open the trunk the strong smell of plastic hits me.I’m not thrilled about my toddler breathing that.I’ll update in a couple of weeks re smell.

Iris Greendale, WI

Fits the Graco stroller but smells plasticy

I think I need to air this out more because the plastic smell is strong. But I am glad that it fits the Graco travel system stroller well and keeps my little one try.

Reba Landing, NJ

Smells like horrible plastic

This plastic cover is short and doesn’t even cover my daughter’s feet. Smells like horrible plastic…

Jenifer Ghent, WV

It’s basic, it works

Just used this on my Graco Lightrider stroller. Totally did the job. It doesn’t "fit" or anything, looks pretty clumsy overall, but when you’ve got rain and you’re in a city and you’ve got to take the dog out, etc… It WORKS.

Stefanie Fisty, KY

Does not fit Britax B-Agile stroller

I have the Britax B-Agile travel system and this cover does not at all fit the stroller even without the carseat attached. Otherwise, the material seems to be of good quality. To remove the plastic smell, I let it air out for a few days. The search continues for an economical cover for my Britax.

Rosanne Long Island City, NY

Good for the price

Is good for the price … could of been made better by simply adding velcro though.Wouldnt recommend for really windy weather!

Tonya Banks, AL

Worked beautifully for our twins

These things worked great. I bought them to take our twin babies to Victoria Falls. May is high-water season so walking along looking at the falls you get drenched from the mist. These covers fit over our double-stroller carseats (Chico KeyFit 30 seats on a Baby Jogger stroller) and were really convenient in that they fit well over the stroller handle with a flap to keep out rain and provided plenty of protection to the seats themselves. They also have a little pocket to keep your cell phone or whatever in. Our babies napped the whole time, dry and comfortable, while we were soaked. They also have little carry cases so you can shove the wet bag back inside afterwards and not have to carry around a large wet piece of plastic. It should be noted that they did not stretch down far enough to protect the storage area under the stroller. They kept most of the water out of there, but water was blowing every which way and that area still got wet. We didn’t expect anything different, though, and had all of our stuff tied up in a garbage bag, so it worked ok.

Jessica Jarratt, VA

Didn’t work well for our stroller

A couple of reasons why this wasn’t so great for our stroller.I have an Eddie Bauer Trail Hiker stroller. It fits well over the top, it fits well on the sides, but it’s not long enough to keep my baby’s feet dry. He’s only 5 months so I can’t imagine it’s going to get any better in the future.The vent holes are covered up by the strollers canopy, so it kind of makes me nervous.Of course it may fit your stroller differently, but this was how it fit on mine.

Diann Blandville, WV

Poor quality although a decent shaped cover

One of the seems ripped on an initial fitting! This shield would not stand up to constant use. Very flimsy and all the seems felt weak. As an occasional use cover this would do the job. The overall shape is good and it is a generous size. It is a full pull over shield, no Velcro side so you would need to lift it on & off each time you get you child in & out of the stroller. Purchased a Jolly Jumper Stroller Shield in it’s place & I’m much happier with it’s size & quality. This one’s heading for the garbage ;-(

Roberta Waelder, TX

Just what I was looking for

Will be great for this unpredictable NYC weather. Fits all standard strollers. Easy to access the baby. Good ventilation. Good buy

Nola Strawn, IL

Fits Peg Perego too

It is very practical and fits my son’s Peg Perego stroller. It is easy to fold and carry. I simply keep it inside his bag in the under seat bag of the stroller.

Antonia Kellyton, AL

Great product

This rain cover does what it’s supposed to do. It’s easy to fold and unfold, put on a stroller and take off. Very clear, has wholes on sides so baby can get fresh air, even has a pocket in the back so I could put my cell and wallet in it. Great buy.

Annie Orviston, PA

Cheap quality

Would not waste my money next time. It ripped very easily. There are other brands with better quality. Did not like this one.

Shawn Hastings, NE

Great for When in Need

This has worked great when we’ve needed it. We go out and about in the stroller alot and the Weather Shield is compact and fits in the bottom of our stroller. It does it’s job.

Kimberlee Loon Lake, WA


Purchased this for a trip to Seattle and it worked great. Nice thick plastic and comes with a carrying case for handy storage.

Virgie Forestburg, TX

Goes with my Graco travel system but doesn’t cover baby’s feet

I wish it is longer so my son’s feet can be covered as well (he is one year old and 32 inches tall). It was very easy to get on, off my Graco city stroller.

Young Pelahatchie, MS

fits lightweight strollers well but wears off easily

I have purchased two of this shield for both a Jeep lightweight and a Chicco umbrella stroller. Fits both. The vinyl is not of high quality but acceptable for the price tag. The first one got tears after 3 months daily use in the winter. Not too bad.

Lucy Lamoure, ND

Smell to much plastic

Its o.k light and not too fancy just the necessary to cover a baby. Worth the price. I did not probe it yet

Ella Calvin, LA