J is for Jeep Travel System Weather Shield, Baby Rain Cover, Universal Size, Waterproof, Water Resistant, Windproof, See Thru, Ventilation, Clear, Plastic, Protection, Shade, Umbrella, Pram, Vinyl

J is for Jeep Travel System Weather Shield, Baby Rain Cover, Universal Size, Waterproof, Water Resistant, Windproof, See Thru, Ventilation, Clear, Plastic, Protection, Shade, Umbrella, Pram, Vinyl

This Jeep Travel System Weather Shield accommodates most travel system stroller makes and models. It helps to protect the child form rain, snow, wind and cold weather. It comes with convenient essentials pocket. It also has a storage bag included. It is designed specifically for use on strollers with travel systems.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Protects child from rain, snow, wind, and cold weather
  • Universal size, fits most travel systems
  • Super simple installation, installs in seconds
  • Convenient Essentials Pocket
  • Storage bag included

Verified reviews


Work really well – provides better coverage than more expensive rain covers

I have used this for both my Graco travel system and my Bugaboo stroller. I love that it provides more coverage than most other rain covers. With this, I don’t need to worry about the items in the basket underneath the stroller getting wet!

Rosemary Itta Bena, MS

Worst weather shield!

I purchased this because my old worn down but reliable shield was at its witts end. I saw this and thought it would be perfect, boy was i wrong. Literally the day i got it, i put it on and there was a hole. I couldn’t believe after 1 use it got a hole. I kept using it and it was just breaking down left and right. Funny part is the only reliable shield i have is my 5+ year old weather shield that i was trying to replace in the first place. I guess if it aint broken don’t fix it.

Jade Rousseau, KY

cheap but does the trick!

Pros:-fits reasonably well over most travel systems, including Graco stroller/car seat as well as the BOB with car seat attachment-cheap! can’t beat the price-holds up reasonably well in light-moderate rain. I haven’t tried it in a heavy downpour, but during a downpour I would probably either avoid going out or just carry my baby in a sling and take an umbrellaCons:-strong plastic odor (you’ll need to air it out for a day before using it)-has a very large skirt that can definitely blow up on windy days-somewhat large, it definitely doesn’t fit like a glove like the specific ones for each stroller system (ie, the BOB weather shield fits like a glove on the regular BOB…unfortunately they don’t sell a weather shield for the BOB with car seat attachment)

Darla Purcell, MO

Couldn’t live without it

I live on an island were we have a few months of typhoon season where it rains ALL the time. I was worried about mildew and mold (a bad problem out here because of the humidity) a long with keeping my baby dry. I have the normal Graco stroller that comes with a carseat that attaches to a stroller it works great. I love this product and has held up through the first season and is good shape for next. I would tell any mom to make this a must to get if you are in a rainy place. they also make one just for the car seat which is GREAT as well for the times you just use the carseat

Hilda Durant, OK

Love this

I have the Graco Modes Click Connect Travel System Stroller, and this fits the stroller perfectly when I have it fully extended (I have a newborn so I have him lying down completely). I put this in its carrying case and leave it in the bottom of the stroller. It’s been a lifesaver when I’m out and it suddenly starts raining. I drape it over the stroller and my baby is nice and dry. I get home, shake out the water, let it dry a bit, then put it back in its bag and back in the stroller. It’s very lightweight, and the plastic is thick enough that it doesn’t feel flimsy. It has some holes in the sides for ventilation, and has two snaps that snap at the stroller handle bar. If it’s windy it does tend to flap a bit, but not enough that my baby gets wet. It’s pretty easy to put back into the travel bag, I pretty much fold it into itself and in half and slide it in the bag. A must have for anyone with a baby!

Alisha Atlanta, NY

Terrible off-gassing, but fits the Graco Snugride carseat + stroller frame

The off-gassing from the plastic is really awful, like the kind you get from a cheap shower curtain. We let it air out for a full week before using this weather shield because it was so smelly. Still, it fits our Graco Snugride 22 carseat + Graco stroller frame quite well, so in the end, this product did work out.

Lynn Richmond, ME

The better one has mesh siding with snaps

When I bought this one it was purely as a replacement for the manufacturer (Graco) weather shield that I had–that lasted a long time. This one started to tear after a season, and when I picked up another one at a local baby store, I figured it was the same product with the same life cycle.The new one I’d bought is better–has mesh siding with snaps you can keep open for ventilation during the summer and snap close to keep the wind out for the winter. Huge plus for toddlers who want some fresh air.Both products had that plastic smell unusually strong out the bag — ideally, airing out the plastic for a few hours before use. Once that goes away, this product is OK.

Nita Salem, IA

works, but smells

this fits my graco stroller and works well, but smelled terrible. i left it out on our porch first for over a month to off-gas.

Cristina Coolville, OH

Cheap and does the job.

So cheap, and still does the job. Stank of plastic, but the smell was soon gone.

Edith Woodstock, OH

great cover

THe shield is very functional with its pockets. Its size protects from any wind. After having used it almost every day during the winter and fall, it has started to tear on the seam though.

Esperanza Heflin, LA

Fits our Britax well

Fits well and does what it is supposed to. Seems sturdy and well made. Only issue is that I wish it has some grommets for ties – because it gets windy where we live and it inflates and tries to blow off. Fine after adding our own ties to it.

Esther Mountain Lakes, NJ


It is Ok and keep the stroller and the storage of it dry. But it is a little big for my city versa stroller and living in a windy city the shield fly very easy. You have to walk and try to keep the shield adjusted. But I haven’t found another better option.

Herminia Deerton, MI


You can use this with or without a car seat- if there is heavy wind, it will fly up a little

Dianna Thurston, OH

Works well with Graco Snugride

It does cover my Graco Snugride when it’s on the stroller frame. The plastic looks very sturdy. There is a convenient small pocket on the side facing you, and you can also fold the plastic cover so that it doesn’t cover the handle of the stroller, to make it more easy to push. The only con is that there is nothing to stick the cover to the stroller in the bottom, so when the wind is blowing, it doesn’t stay in place. Good product for the price otherwise.

Brooke Dayton, TN

Offgasses, but works great with Graco stroller

I bought this for our Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame. It fits perfectly and keeps my daughter snug and dry, even through heavily pouring rain (I walk her 15 minutes to and from daycare every day, so it’s received its fair share of use!) My only complaint is the very strong “plastic” odor it had when first opened. That offgassing contains some nasty chemicals, ones that I don’t particularly want my child breathing in quantity. Thus, I strongly suggest that you air it out for a few days as I did before using on the stroller, as the smell is even more concentrated from your child’s perspective 🙂

Lou Ishpeming, MI

Works great

Really like this, always good to keep something like this handy in case its raining cats and dogs. I don’t use it all the time but when I do it gets the job done

Cortney Lyons, SD

Glad I got it before the rain

We bought this weather shield for our Graco SnugRide MetroLite travel system. It fits fine and keeps our daughter dry on rainy days. We also use it to block the wind when it gets too windy. It also comes with storage bag so it’s easy to carry around. The only complaint I have is it’s a little wider than the stroller so the wind can sneak in a little bit. We do have wild wind here by the bay but I don’t think you should be worried if you live somewhere less windy.

Anne Verona, MS


Its a good average rain-coat for the stroller, fits just about fine to the Graco travel system which is great for rain but on a windy day the air might just slip inside. Built quality is below average and not very great, prone to tearing. Average buy for the price.

Marla Cherry Valley, IL