J.L. Childress 6 Bottle Cooler Tote Bag, Blue/Green

J.L. Childress 6 Bottle Cooler Tote Bag, Blue/Green

The fully insulated 6 Bottle Cooler is perfect for a day’s supply of baby’s nutritional needs. The 6 Bottle Cooler lining is leak-proof and PVC, lead and phthalate free. This tote features 2 insulated zippered compartments. The bottom compartment holds up to 6 standard bottles, or 3 bottles and a cereal box. The interior lining of the bottom compartment pulls up for easy cleaning and is heat sealed which prevents leaks which cause odors or mildew. The top compartment is perfectly sized to hold 3 food jars, utensils, and bibs. Shoulder strap for convenient carrying. Includes reusable ice pack.

Main features

  • Fully insulated and includes reusable ice pack
  • Heat sealed, leak proof lining
  • Shoulder strap for convenient carrying
  • Bottom compartment holds up to 6 standard bottles, or 3 bottles and a cereal box
  • Top compartment holds 3 food jars, utensils, and bibs

Verified reviews


Perfect size for 6 bottles

I own one other cooler by this maker and it worked great for my first daughter, who would usually drink four bottles at daycare. I needed a slightly larger cooler for my second daughter, for whom I need to pack five or six bottles for daycare. This is the perfect size for my needs.

Kristin Hinckley, UT

Lining ripped in less than a month

I really like the size of this bag. I can fit 6 4oz bottles and an ice pack in it. The compartment on the top is also very handy– food and spoons can fit in there easily. I was so sad when the lining ripped on the inside within the first month! Amazon replaced my order immediately but this product remains to be cheaply made.

Brandi Wofford Heights, CA

Good space

This is a great bag. It hold 3 8 oz bottles and snacks. I only use it to keep the bottles cold while driving to daycare. I use the medela icepack and it works like charm with it.

Shawna Genesee, MI

Perfect Bag for Daycare

This bag is perfect for when i send my baby to his daycare. The number of bottles that it can hold depends on which brand bottle you use. We started with Dr.Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles then transitioned to Philips-Avent Natural Bottles. The bag can hold: 6 x 8oz Dr Brown’s Bottlesor 5 x 9oz Avent Natural Bottles (newer-wider bottle)or combo of (4 x 9oz) + (2 x 4oz) Avent Natural bottlesI use the top compartment to hold 6 x 6oz of breastmilk that has been frozen flat in Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags. The insulation keeps the milk frozen for hours. If you use formula or have to pack snacks, the top compartment can hold the Avent Powder Formula Dispenser/Snack Cup (it came with the Avent gift set we got at our baby shower).I suppose the only issue I have with this bag it that the carrying strap is not adjustable. I don’t walk around carry this bag like a purse so the strap issue is not a deal breaker for me.I am very satisfied with bag and highly recommend it.

Lynne Constantine, MI

great for toting bottles to and from daycare

I use this daily. My son and I walk to work and daycare, so I can use a mommy hook to hang this from his stroller rail so the bottles stay upright on the ride to and from daycare. I tied a knot in the strap so that the bag doesn’t brush the wheels. The little compartment in the top part is handy too, for extra pacifiers or other small items. Good quality, and the perfect size and shape for my needs.

Brandie La Ward, TX

Perfect for daycare

I have looked all over for bottle bags and had trouble finding ones that would hold more than 2-3 bottles. This one holds five of my son’s 4 oz. glass Lifefactory bottles with caps. Would hold same number of the 9 oz. bottles (plenty of room). Also like the zipper compartment on top to store extra wipes and snacks! The handle is a bit long (we hang it on the stroller handle but just tied it). The inside is easy to wipe out if formula spills. Not sure it will hold up for years, but it is perfect for the price. Also liked that I could buy it in different colors and not just black.

Kitty Grafton, OH

Works well with Dr. Brown’s Standard 8 oz bottles

I have been happy with this bag for transporting my daughter’s bottles to daycare. It fits 5 standard Dr. Brown’s 8 oz bottles fully assembled with the medela ice pack. I think we will use the top compartment for solid food once she starts bringing solids as well. It’s not the most stylish bag, but it does the trick. It’s really hard to find coolers which fill fit the tall Dr. Brown’s bottles. I haven’t had any problems with the lining ripping.

Ursula Pulaski, TN


I like it, nice item, just one comment on the size. I was expecting it to be smaller, it is quite large. My 10 year olds lunch bag is smaller size. At her that that no complaints. Color matches advertised photo on the site.

Jaime Somers, MT

Great size, could be easier to keep clean.

The title pretty much says it all. This was perfect for talking my daughter’s Dr. Brown’s 8-oz bottles to daycare, with room in the part on top for cereal/pureed food containers, spoon, etc. But the outside gets dirty pretty easily and the inside is a pain to wipe out, especially the seams/corners. I finally broke down and put it through the washing machine because it was really grimy on the outside, and that helped a little, but it is still stained.

Sasha Riley, KS

Falls apart inside too quickly, cheap material. Outside material is good.

Week 4Had the bag for about a month now and it is falling apart!!! The construction inside is HORRIBLE! It’s made with a cheap plastic insulation that falls apart because its plastic that looks like someone took needle and thread and decided to sew inside the bag. It’s a pity because the outer bag is made well!Week 1-2The bag is great. I love the idea of having to compartment for milk and food. ANd the inside is lined so that you can easily clean it with a lysol wipe! I love that. The only thing I would change is the size I feel that it needs to be about 3 inches shorter. It took a bit of a squeeze to get it into the diaper bag. I prefer not to carry to many bags for baby and its always nice when everythign can fit in the diaper bag.

Jacklyn Sierraville, CA

Great bag

This is a great bag for bringing the baby’s food to daycare. Really only holds 4 bottles with an ice pack (not 6) but works quite well. The ice bag it comes with really isn’t a great one but we have others so no biggie. but would rebuy this anytime

Sylvia Divide, MT

This bag serves it purpose.

This cooler bag can fit 5 bottles(Avent 11 oz) and 1 ice bag.You can put diapers and handkerchief at the top section of the bag.Put everything in one bag so that you don’t have to carry so many small bags anymore.For red color:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007SRMHPO?ie=UTF8&camp;=213733&creative;=393177&creativeASIN;=B007SRMHPO&linkCode;=shr&tag;=swiclu-20&linkId;=5KP333UIHO3OETZKGreen Color:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007SRMHQI?ie=UTF8&camp;=213733&creative;=393185&creativeASIN;=B007SRMHQI&linkCode;=shr&tag;=swiclu-20&linkId;=XFGNXVUYPNSQXOMF

Angie Palisade, CO

Good bag — fits the tall dr brown bottles

The Dr Brown bottles are a bit taller than some of the others (avent) and this bag works well. I like the top compartment as well. It’s great for brining my child’s daily food/bottles into daycare.

Estela Belcher, KY

fits 4 natural advent bottles SNUG

does its job. Once he’s on solids, I look forward to using the upper compartment. I just wish it had two zippers because I’m always fumbling to see where the zipper is on this thing.

Wendi Wells, MN

Fits the Dr. Brown bottles

It is tall enough to fit the fully assembled Dr. Brown bottles, and that’s the reason I bought it – so it gets 4 stars from me. I would have given it five if the zipper was a little sturdier. It just feels a little cheap, and it’s a little hard to zip it closed sometimes. I’ve been careful with it though, and it hasn’t ripped or anything. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks to take bottles back & forth from daycare and it’s holding up nicely. The top compartment is big enough for me to carry his sippy cup and a snack, or sometimes I stuff an extra outfit up there. The ice pack that it comes with is okay, but it seems like it gets a little slimy by the end of the day after sitting in the cooler all day, and I prefer the freezer packs that are just water inside anyway, for putting with my baby bottles, so I usually don’t use their ice pack.

Ava Dadeville, AL

perfect for dr browns

Use the dr. browns wide neck bottles, and had trouble finding something to fit that wide size bottles. This holds 4 bottles and the top is perfect for solid food and spoon and bib. Great for daycare

Ava Metamora, MI

Just doesn’t work

Ultimately I’ve stopped using the bag and ended up using a smaller one that works better. This bag is quite huge…in fact, it is too big to carry around. And yet for being so big, there isn’t much room to put even 4 bottles with the ice packs. There are no built-in pockets for ice packs, so they have to sit intertwined with the bottles.

Tracey Luxemburg, IA

Great for Daycare

Very good bag and easy to clean.For daycare we use three 8 oz wide-mouth Dr Brown bottles and one little 4 oz bottle for "just-in-case." This bag fits all four bottles. And, the top section fits the solid food we’re just now starting.We never use the ice pack, since the bag stays in the fridge at daycare all day.

Alexis Running Springs, CA