J.L. Childress Side Sling Stroller Cargo Net, Black

J.L. Childress Side Sling Stroller Cargo Net, Black

The side sling by J.L. Childress adds needed cargo space to strollers. This multi functional design can be used on either side of the stroller or one on each side. The side sling will fold with most strollers and features a wide elastic opening for easy access to on the go necessities and personal items. The side sling attaches to stroller side bars with 2 non slip adjustable straps. It’s contoured design blends with a stroller’s frame for stylish stroller accessorizing. Fits Malaren, Bugaboo, Peg Perego, Combi, Graco, Chicco, Baby trend and more. A must have for every stroller.

Main features

  • Adds cargo space to strollers
  • Attaches with non slip velcro straps
  • Safe holds cargo weight lower on stroller
  • Wide elastic opening
  • Also use as car organizer attach to back of car head rest

Verified reviews


Well designed

This fits easily and is perfect for light weight storage. We love that it is mesh since we keep our diapers and wipeys in here and can always see how much is in it and know when to re-stock. The straps grip well and protect our stroller’s aluminum bars as well.I was actually impressed with the quality and how well designed and made it is at such a realistic price. It is always great to find something so useful and designed right.My only complaint is that I didn’t order two in the first place.

Diana Strasburg, ND

Best stroller accessory!

My husband and I bought this bag on a whim. It has actually turned out to be an awesome purchase. It attaches really easy to our stroller. If you have stuff in the storage compartment of our stroller (under the seat), you can’t close the stroller all the way. BUT even if this side bag is stuffed to the max, you can still close the stroller. Over the winter, I’ve used it to store my baby’s winter hat and burp cloth. That way I never forget them. When I’m on the subway, I stash my wallet and phone in there for easy access, and I know it won’t fall out. Finally, when I’m going in and out of stores, I often put my own scarf and hat in this bag, as it’s easily accessible and don’t need to bend down to get to it. Anyway, this ended up being such a great buy! It’s a great accessory if you are looking for more storage space.

Johnnie Mc Leansboro, IL

must have

i just hope the five stars reviews don’t make it become more expensive. what can I say about it…I bought two for my joovy groove ultrilight (best umbrella stroller). I put my childs sippy cup; a stroller mosquito net for rainny seasons; the protectishade for cold wind, sun and to take naps; her cereal snacks; her shoes after she starts shewing on them; a sweater for weather transitions from sunny afternoons in florida to windy nights; and everything i dont want in the dipers bag. I don’t have a negative thing to say about it, oh yes, a little bit pricy.

Sharron Dover, NH

Basic net…

This is an "okay" net. It installed easily on my Britax B-Agile. After a few days at Disney we found you almost always have to empty everything out for a normal fold/collapse of your stroller. It also doesn’t hold that much. We fit an Ipad and a pair of flip flops and it was pretty much full. This will be nice after a wet activity to toss in the wet swimsuit you don’t want down in your stroller basket with your dry stuff. Seems fairly well made.

Corine Proctor, MT

Great for BOB strollers!

I am so glad I got these for our new bob stroller! They were slightly hard for my husband to attach, but they fit great, don’t interfere with any of the stroller functions and give us the much needed extra storage. Without these we’d be unable to store all that we need for our little one in the bob. They attach to the bars on the side right next to seat/shade and don’t hit the wheels even on the se. Highly recommended! We keep the bjorn carrier and a hat in one and a bottle warmer, bottle, burp rag in the other and still have room.

Christie Nottawa, MI

Dont buy!

Waste of money. Does not work well at all. You can stuff things in there but not too much or else it drags down and hits the wheel

Dollie Clarkrange, TN

Useful and folds with my stroller. Can’t ask for more than that.

The elastic is easy to access, it tightly connects to my Britax B-Agile and folds with it as well. I love it and will need to order a second for my stroller rain cover.I definitely recommend this product. The mesh seems quite sturdy as well… so unless it’s caught on something sharp, it shouldn’t be ripping anytime soon.

Misty Bellarthur, NC

Five Stars

loved them!

Leila Arboles, CO

love it

I LOVE this. I hate digging around in the tiny basket under my stroller. This is so much more convenient. I love that it doesn’t tip the stroller, it holds a LOT and it’s easy to access when my baby is sleeping. I have a Maclaren and even though the frame is very skinny, it still is able to velcro on. Even though it just barely velcros on (because it’s made to accomodate a wider framed stroller) it holds firmly. It hasn’t fallen off and we’ve been using it for months.

Ernestine Old Chatham, NY

Perfect with Baby Jogger City Mini

We love our city mini stroller, but it does not have good storage. This item works perfectly on it and really increases the strollers usefulness. I’ve shove things like b any blankets, hats, sweatshirts, toys, diaper changing caddy in it with no problem. If you have storage issues on your stroller definitely get this!

Kristine Downers Grove, IL

Works pretty good

I used this on a Maclaren stroller. What I like about it is that my son (4) can put things in it and that since my stroller folds up pretty small the undercarriage bag smooshes things left in it, this one allows the items to lay next to the folded stroller within the sling. It was confusing to figure out how to attach it at first, but for a universal bag it really was easy to use.

Kelley Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Absolutely awesome!!

This is hands down the absolute best stroller accessory I’ve ever purchased. It can hold tons of stuff and seems like it would fit any stroller. I can fold the stroller up with stuff in the bag and it doesn’t fall out. I have 2, one on each side of my double stroller. I use it for my kids sunglasses, sippy cups, etc. I used these at Disney and they were awesome!

Martha Uehling, NE

no more tipping stroller

I bought this to use on my very light umbrella stroller. My last umbrella stroller had a bag on back and whenever the child would get out the stroller would tip over from the weight of the things in the bag. So glad that is no longer and issue.

Trisha Nicolaus, CA

An essential tool

This thing works really well. It looks like it was a part of the original stroller. It holds a ton of stuff. It never gets in the way when I fold up the stroller (I never take it off; I have a britax stroller-I forget which kind but it folds in the middle). My son has started tugging on it and it doesn’t show any sign of wear. We’ve had it on the stroller for a year and a half and it still looks brand new. I use it any time we’re doing more than normal errands. It fits a lot. Usually diapers and wipes and a pair of shoes. Or sometimes I put the snacks in there so my son can get to them himself. It’s a lot more handy than the storage on the bottom of the stroller and makes a huge difference on capacity if you’re out for a long day.

Eve Billings, OK

Handy Totes

This product can be used on any stroller and have lots of other uses in that the straps are long enough to attached to many other products, i.e., highchair, crib, bicycle, etc. It is large enough to hold lots of toys, diapers, bottles, or just about anything you or your baby may need.

Sophie Anchor Point, AK

very useful addition to stroller

awesome cheap addition to any stroller. Who knew you could put saddle bags onto a stroller?!? Useful for snacks, toys, etc… Easy to put on, no problems folding up stroller (we have a City Mini GT)

Katina Ansonia, OH

Great for umbrella strollers!

I have this cheap no frills umbrella stroller that has no pockets or anything. I purchased this net and it fits all the stuff I need (bottle, wipes, blanket, etc.) for a quick walk outside with my baby!

Alta Clifford, VA

Works well with the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger

We ordered 2 of these to go on ourGraco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller, Tangerine. It fits very well and we love them. One side has out frequently used items like wipes and snacks. The other side has been taken over by the 2 year old. She puts her toys and such in it and is able to access it easily from where she sits. On that note, watch what you put in there as it is easy to access by children. We learned this when she went snack happy on us 🙂

Essie Webb, MS


Velcro attachments are very sturdy, the actual mesh bag,…. Not so much. But at least it’s foldable. Holds the small items that you don’t feel like digging though the diaper bag for. Great for mall trips.

Roberta Gile, WI


A no-brainer for our BumbleRide. Who doesn’t want easy-access, extra storage? And at a fair price. With how small the storage is in these joggers, gotta have one.

Sheila Natrona Heights, PA

Perfect for our stroller

We have the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Tandem Stroller and it works really well with this. When we go to Walt Disney World we stick all the extra water bottles in here, about 5 of them. You can still fold the stroller up with it on the side. It keeps us from having to empty the bottom of the stroller every time.

Jacqueline Experiment, GA

Love it!! Great for extra toys!

This product is very helpful and I am able to stash more toys into it. Folds with the stroller too! Highly recommend!

Carey Copemish, MI

For a little extra room.

When using our Quinny Moodd, and Zapp, I discovered quite quickly that storage is not the first consideration in the stroller business, but adding bulky storage onto the back end of the stroller seems as tho they would become tippy and unsafe as well. Very happy to have found this product as it doesn’t compromise the safety of either model, yet will at least allow me to throw my keys, and a small toy or possibly two in it. It works for small added storage, it definitely is not going to hold any purse, or anything of significant size, but really if you had something bigger on the side, you wouldn’t fit in most places you could previously. Being able to access the few extra things I needed w/out having to remove the baby or reclining the seat is exactly what I needed.

Jodi Silver Lake, NH

Great Product

This was a nice way to add some storage on our stroller. It holds a nice amount and is great for those items that you need to have on hand for quick access. It attaches easily to the stroller and is well made. I recommend this to anyone needing a little more spots to store things on their stroller.

Tamika Monticello, WI

These are awesome

I thought these were a bit tacky when I saw them online, however they are awesome and not ugly when on my Phil & Ted stroller. I actually have one cargo net for each side. I would highly recommend these!!!

Cara Genesee, MI

Excellent for small storage

I wanted something to be able to put on the side of my Maclaren Quest. Fits perfectly and still able to put in and access stuff in the pouch when it’s folded up.

Corina Wingate, NC


nice addition to my stroller. I lack storage on the stroller and it holds my sons toys. Cant hold much but every little counts

Liza Forestville, MI

I love it

It works perfectly. Not too wide. I would get another if I needed to. Would recommend to anyone with a stroller.

Tracey Towson, MD

Good for extra storage

It is what it is – a small net for the side of your stroller to keep extra item. It works great for that use. Wish the netting was a bit more rugged since it’s right by the wheel and sometimes gets hit (wondering if it will wear down the netting quickly).

Margot Matlock, IA

It’s Okay

I don’t like put diapers in it because it look like not clean. but i like the idea, and it is useful. I put the Rayshade in it in case to use.

Bobbie Brunswick, ME