Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste, Blueberry, 1.76oz

Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste, Blueberry, 1.76oz

Pack of 2: Organic Natural Blueberry Flavor

Main features

  • Rich in Xylitol
  • Organic Calendula to soothe gums
  • Organic Natural Blueberry Flavor
  • Fluoride Free, Sugar Free, Color Free, SLS Free
  • No Preservatives
  • Safety Seal, Easy Open Flip Top Cap
  • BPA Free
  • Minimal Recyclable Packaging
  • Made in Australia

Verified reviews


Baby likes it!

I feel good knowing this is a natural toothpaste for my baby. I did try the Nuk toothpaste and tooth scrubber. I noticed my little one would cringe when brushing teeth so I tasted it. That toothpaste tasted like chemicals. So I found this one and it’s wonderful. Baby enjoys getting brushed teeth now.

Benita Perkinsville, VT

Thank you Australia!

If your looking for an organic "non toxic" toothpaste for your little one that is rich in Xylitol, has Calendula that soothes gums, is fluoride free, sugar free, color free, SLS free and preservative free this is the toothpaste for you! It also comes in a bpa free bottle (ggod) that has a flimsy flip top head that I’m always breaking (bad). My daughter loves every "flavor" that we have tried. They are all clear regardless of flavor too. Yay!

Savannah Saint Mary Of The Woods, IN

Great for Toddlers

I wanted a safer toothpaste for my toddler and this is the one! After doing some online research and trying a few different brands, I feel the most comfortable letting my 2 year old brush with Jack N’ Jill!

Dollie Lebeau, LA

Great natural toothpaste for kids

I usually buy the Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel for my toddler and infant, but I was getting real tired of the metal tube. I felt like I was wasting money because you simply cannot extract all the toothpaste stuck in the metal (and it’s not exactly cheap). Furthermore, the metal tube can get sharp when you fold it to push the toothpaste down, a real hazard for toddlers who like to help brush their own teeth.I am happy with my purchase, the kids enjoy the strawberry flavor and I like the safe, organic, gentle ingredients. Xylitol has been proven time and time again to be safe and effective (not safe for pets though, keep that in mind). I have also tried the children’s Spry brand toothpaste and did not care for the “wateriness” of the toothpaste. Jack n’ Jill’s toothpaste is a nice gel that stays on the toothbrush.I have not tried any other flavors, I might stick with the strawberry since I know they like it so much.

Laurel Statenville, GA

Quality toothpaste that your kid will tolerate! 🙂

Our daughter grew out of her Weleda children’s tooth gel when she hit 3 years old. If you read the labels on other brands, there are all sorts of questionable chemicals and materials used in the product. This product is safe and has several flavors to choose from. It’s clear and not heavily dyed. No fluoride to dumb your kids down and has not harmful surfactants.The cost is just a few dollars higher than the Weleda but totally worth it. You also get a bunch of flavors to pick. If you have a kid that is picky about brushing your teeth, this might work for you like it did for us!Good luck!

Jasmine Gulnare, CO

Great natural toddler toothpaste

This is a great option for your toddler that struggles in understanding the importance of brushing their teeth. My daughter continues to struggle in this area and in not having a complete meltdown when we brush her teeth, however, this pleasant tasting toothpaste has helped in making the experience a little more tolerable. Thank you!!

Belinda Salem, FL

blackcurrent not the best

But we LOVE the banana. This is the best xylitol toothpaste we’ve used. It doesn’t run through the toothbrush leaving toothpaste gunk all over the counter (difficult to spot sometimes because it’s clear, which then hardens and then becomes impossible to clean). Will continue with banana flavor!

Ada Three Springs, PA

Organic training toothpaste? Yes please!

We love this toothpaste as it gets my son in the habit of having his teeth brushed twice a day without having to worry about any crazy gunk in it like I’d imagine the other training toothpastes have.I’m not totally sold on Xylitol preventing cavities but he has excellent checkups at the dentist (he’s 21mos) and I figure, it isn’t aspartame, so it can’t really hurt.The flavors are yummy but blueberry and strawberry are the ones we always end up ordering and they’re the biggest hits.

Maggie Madison, WI

Best toothpaste

My daughter loves this blueberry toothpaste. Its clear so I know it does not have any artifical dyes and it smells good.

Minerva Upton, KY

Safe and yummy!

This is my 10 month old favorite. It has cute packaging, tastes great, and most of all its safe. It had one of best ratings on ewg.org.

Lydia Ohio City, CO


All three of my kids (4 & 18 mos) love this toothpaste. We bought Strawberry and Raspberry and they love brushing their teeth with it. Love that we’re keeping them SLS free!

Imogene Pflugerville, TX

Great toothpaste!

My 2.5 year olds love the taste of this toothpaste, and I love that it doesn’t have all the yucky stuff that other children’s toothpastes have. It’s helped to make brushing teeth fun for my girls, when I say it’s bedtime they go right into the bathroom and are ready to brush away. One tube has lasted us 3 months for two kids, you really only need a very small amount.I do wish it was a little lower in price, but I understand that’s the price to pay for a better product.My only real complaint is that I ordered the Banana/Blackcurrant two pack, but instead was sent two tubes of the blackcurrant flavor. I ordered the pack I did specifically because I wasn’t sure if they’d like the blackcurrant. Thankfully they do, but it’d be nice to receive what I ordered.

Graciela Wahoo, NE

kiddo loves it!!

this is one of the few kids toothpaste that is rated non toxic by the EWG which is great because my toddler will swallow this stuff. It’s non foaming and it tastes really good. no wonder my toddler love it. So far we’ve tried strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and blackcurrant they are all great! If you’re looking for a safe toothpaste your child will love, give this a try!

Audra Braidwood, IL

A hit!

Love the ingredients and my son loves both flavors. Got them for Christmas and still have plenty in both tubes three months later. Will buy again when needed!

Jackie Edgarton, WV

Best toothpaste I’ve tried

Best Toothpaste I’ve found. Organic Blueberry flavor is great. This is my second time purchasing it, I bought the Raspberry before and loved it too

Yvonne Greenwood, FL

Toddler loves it!

We have a picky toddler when it comes to toothpaste. She hated the standard one from the store. I was worried about the Banana since I read review that it wasn’t good but she likes both. I tasted both myself and they indeed taste like Blueberry and Banana. We will buy again.

Christina Mineral, TX

whats not to love

The smell is awesome the taste did bother my baby at first but this was the first thing she’s had in her mouth besides milk so I don’t blame her lol.

Tamara Wapanucka, OK

safe, natural product

This is the ONLY toothpaste I will use on my toddler. I started brushing her teeth when she was 1, and with the help of Jack N Jill, brushing teeth is not a battle. She loves the raspberry flavor, so when I brush her teeth I say "let’s brush your teeth with raspberry!" and she gets excited. I love that this product is 100% safe and edible, because she can’t comprehend spitting it out yet. I highly recommend.

Jasmin Lafox, IL


We got the strawberry flavor and my 18 month old loves the flavor and I’m glad that I’m giving her something all natural.

Lupe Big Indian, NY


By far best kids toothpaste. No nasty chemicals like SLS and I feel much safer. Safe to swallow just incase, safe for 6 months and up. Also its great tasting, I tried it. 🙂 The price stinks but they just use a small bit so it lasts a while. I am very very happy with this toothpaste!!

Shanna Dayton, OH

AWESOME baby toothpaste

We LOVE this toothpaste! Our son (15 months) has used it since he was about 9 months old. Our dentist reviewed the ingredients and said it was a great choice for kids. My son loves the flavor, so it’s never a problem getting him to brush his teeth 🙂 I also love that there is no fluoride, PLUS this has a score of 0 on the EWG Skin Deep database, so you never have to worry about the chemicals your baby is ingesting.This is the strawberry flavor, but we have also used the raspberry and he likes them both equally well. I highly recommend this to all my friends with kids.

Jewell Laguna Hills, CA

Good product

My daughter had an allergic reaction to Nuk strawberry banana toothpaste. I found this online. She loves the taste and has no allergic reaction thus far.

Georgina Alta, CA