Jaq Jaq Bird Perfect Pouch Storage Bag, Roadway, Small, 2 Pack

Jaq Jaq Bird Perfect Pouch Storage Bag, Roadway, Small, 2 Pack

A place for everything, and everything in its place. Is your home a mind field of art supplies, puzzle pieces, and other small toys like Legos? Teach your kids to get organized with these fun, reusable storage pouches. Our see-through pouches come in two convenient sizes, and can hold anything from snacks and sandwiches to wet clothes and toiletries. Waterproof, stain-resistant, and easy to clean, these zip-closure pouches are both functional and fabulous with stylish, modern designs. Free of PVC, phthalates, and BPA, they’re safe for your family and for the environment. You might want to get a couple for yourself. Save plastic baggies from landfills and keep childhood organized with a single pouch. Clean with mild soap and water. Air dry. Two pouches per pack. Large pouch measures 10.5″x12″. Small pouch measures 8″x8″.

Main features

  • Versatile, reusable storage pouches with zip closure
  • Translucent, see-through front for easy i.d. Of contents
  • Free of PVC, phthalates, and BPA
  • Waterproof, stain-resistant, and easy to clean
  • 8″x8″, 2 pouches per pack

Verified reviews


Want to love them but…

These are adorable, very well made bags but I could smell these before I even opened the package they came in. They have that horrific over-powering chemical plastic/pvc smell that just burns your nostrils, and from being enclosed in a plastic bag the smell was amplified. I have them sitting opened up out in the sunshine, hoping it will help the smell fade quicker.I was looking for an alternative to plastic sandwich baggies to put my daughter’s sandwiches in for lunch – something that would be easy to wipe clean and would keep crumbs contained. These little bags seem to be the perfect solution – they wipe clean, are easy to open and close, and they can easily hold a very large sandwich.However because of the strong chemical smell I will not put food in them – I’m really hoping the smell will fade completely so I can use these eventually for what I intended them for.

Lucille Branchville, NJ


i thought that i was getting one large size and a small one, But you only get 2 SIZE LARGE OR 2 SIZE SMALL, It did disappoint me since i ended up having to order the small one as well just to get the small size and ended up spending more then i wanted.

Angelique Newhall, CA

Nice product but offgasses

Just received this today. Looks well made but it has a horrible smell. I’m hoping the off-gassing is non-toxic, since the product is PVC and BPA free. Very cute butterfly design.

Katheryn Wallace, SD

Fun and economical

I bought these for purposes of holding snacks. They certainly perform their function, they’re sturdy, you can see what’s inside them, and they are cute. The only reason I don’t give 5 stars is that, because they’re stiffer, the quantity and types of things they can be used for is more limited, whether holding food, toys, or other items. They’re similar in stiffness to a pencil pouch- there is some flexibility, but space is kind of wasted in the corners where it’s just too tight to hold much of anything. A few graham crackers, raisins, puzzle pieces, a few crayons, or hair elastics will do absolutely fine in these. However, for bulkier items or for something more akin to a sandwich bag, I prefer the Snack Happened bags.

Denise Wheeler Army Airfield, HI

Nice, but stiff

These are nice bags, well constructed, and the roadway pattern is oh-so-adorable. The plastic is thick – which is good cause you know it’ll last. But bad because it means they are stiff bags, so the large size is not that great for the diaper bag. Unless you have a huge diaper bag, which I know some of you moms out there do! While you can use them for dirty baby clothes and diapers, I would not recommend this because you cannot throw them into the washer, you can only wipe clean. For my purposes, the bag does the job, but just be aware these probably won’t make good “wet bags” for a cloth diapering mom.

Liliana Mendenhall, MS

can’t live without them!

Although I did not purchase these from Amazon (got them a while ago before Amazon started selling them, but LOVE Amazon! I’m a Prime member and have weekly Amazon deliveries.) I have had them for a few months and absolutely love them. They are great for organizing my daughter’s smaller toys. I threw away all the big puzzle boxes and put the pieces inside these pouches (freed up so much more storage space). I also store her hair clips and hair bands in them. The larger ones are great for holding a change of clothing when we go out and to leave at school. A few times when my daughter had an “accident” or got her clothes wet the teachers at her school put her soiled clothes in the pouches and they were totally water proof so that’s a major plus. While I think the pouches are great for many many things I do not recommend using them for sharp objects. Placed a spoon and fork in the smaller one and it nearly punctured a hole. Guess it’s a great alternative to a zip lock baggie. Love the pouches and will be buying more!

Esperanza Rombauer, MO