jChew Smartphone Silicone Teether

jChew Smartphone Silicone Teether

The real Smart Phone. For smart mums & smart babies. 100% BPA free silicone Smart Phone teethers that babies really want to sink their teeth into. We all know how much babies love nothing more than teething on mum & dad’s mobile phone. Jellystone Designs has created a safe and ideal solution where both parents and babies are happy. No dropped calls and no contracts required! Smart Phone jChews are soft on gums and ideal for teething babies.

Main features

  • Size: approx 11cm x 10cm x 0.8cm

Verified reviews


Bad odor

It is a perfect size for a chew toy, but my daughter avoids it because it has a very strong odor. Still smells like plastic or rubber or a combo of the two.

Althea Goodell, IA

he likes it, but it’s not a favorite

I think for a teether, its a little pricey. DS likes it but its not a favorite. Like most babies, he chews on anything you give him, so he doesn’ t have a favorite. I have found he likes to chew on hard items/toys more than soft, not sure why. However, I like it when he has the jChew because he is wild with is arms and when he has a hard toy he often hits himself in the face, with this one it won’t hurt him. Wash it often though because it’s always falling everywhere. If you can afford a $15 teether it’s probably worth it.

Lynn Marion, OH

Everyone loves it!

Purchased this for my almost 10 month old and it is always missing because my 5 yr old always takes it!

Jordan Ohley, WV

Awesome idea, not quite as appealing as MY phone.

My daughter really likes this.It’s kind of nice because it is a similar weight and has similar dimensions to my smartphone. When my daughter goes after my phone, I offer her this! I don’t know if she realizes that it looks the same as a phone or not–she is 9 months old and I don’t think she understands how phones work…she just knows that mine has the screen that lights up, and obviously this one doesn’t. So, if she were to have the choice between my phone and this, she would of course choose my phone.However, the weight and shape of this are a nice change from her other teethers which tend to be similar to one another. I think that makes it an attractive option for her. It isn’t one of those toys that she just can’t put down. She isn’t crazy about it. But she does like it all right. And, it gets a good reaction from adults who notice it and get a kick out of it. I think it is clever. I love buying girly colored things for my daughter, but I think maybe she would have been more convinced that it is her phone if we had ordered the black one. If I were to order this again I would probably order the black.Anyhow, this is a fun novelty, and a so-so substitute for real phones that you don’t want chewed up. Very cute idea. We’re enjoying it.

Deborah Saint Louis, MO

Great for your little teether!

My daughter loved this! Besides the banana toothbrush, it was her favorite teether toy to chew on. Easy to grip and great shape !

Lula Williamsville, VA

Good to Gnaw

She (6 months) does love to gnaw on it. It hasn’t completely cured her obsession with my iPhone, but it’s a start.

Pam Ingalls, MI

Odd Shape for Teethers but Cute

This is an adorable teether but my son isn’t really into it. He seems to gravitate more towards teethers he can get in his mouth and this is just an odd shape for him to gnaw on. I’m hoping he learns to like it.

Sara Frazeysburg, OH

Baby can have his own I phone

Until baby figures out this one doesn’t light up its working out quite well. Love that it is black and has the I phone like profile. Love the peace of kind that it is silicone and safe…yet undeniably stylish too!

Charlotte Fries, VA

Baby loves this almost as much as my iPhone!

My little guy loves my iPhone and is constantly trying to chew on it. When I saw this teether I knew he had to have it. My son loves this thing and gets so excited when I give it to him. It’s really cute and well made. Its pretty substantial and not flimsy. I don’t have to worry that he might bite a piece off of it. Overall it was well worth the price, my baby loves it and its a good quality item.

Valeria Saint Charles, ID