Jeep 3-In-1 Backpack Harness

Jeep 3-In-1 Backpack Harness

Jeep 3 in 1 Backpack Harness helps keep child safe and close. It is perfect for walking, shopping and traveling. Straps are comfortable and adjustable.

Main features

  • Harness, backpack and wrist strap all in one
  • Plastic clip for easy off and on makes it easy to keep child safe and close
  • Zippered pockets in backpack lets child keep special treasures with them
  • Adjustable straps to adjust as your child grows
  • “Grown up” looking backpack is fun for child and perfect for walking, shopping and traveling

Verified reviews


Good harness/backpack

Overall, it is a good and useful item for its purpose. The back pack is more of a snack pack which is what I expected. Enough room for sippy cup and snack bowl. Depending on fit of the child, the strap could rub the back of the neck. We mitigate this by how tight we put it on and ensuring the shirt has a collar.

Grace Mansfield, IL


This worked well for a recent trip on my own with an active 18 month old in the airport. She liked the backpack part and didn’t seem to mind the tether at all. The only complaint is similar to others listed that the chest strap does slip up and does not stay in place. I am considering sewing or tacking it down somehow to help it be better but I still like it and will continue to use it.

Vicki Richland, SC

would not suggest

Not impressed. This backpack fails on several main factors.The shoulder straps should be padded. it cuts into the childs shoulders.if you were to pull on the leash it lifts the backpack up so high the chest strap could literally choke the child.My main reason for liking this backpack was it was a neutral black color for my little boy to wear and wasn’t a cheesy style like most harness backpacks. I feel completely stupid holding onto the leash strap in going to continue working on getting my son to stay with me and hold my hand. i never use the backpack but i did put it on him and test out its functionality to see if he liked wearing it. he seemed ok with it.If you are looking for a backpack specifically used for the harness/leash option i do not suggest this backpack.The zippers are smooth and function well. There is reflective stitching along all the areas where the backpack was stitched together for extra safety during night walking. the backpack is a good size for smaller children. My son is 15 months old and there is room for him to grow into it.

Minnie Tallahassee, FL


Great for kids that are supper active as a way to help keep them close. A great idea for taking kids to very busy places.

Lenore Everettville, WV

Cute backpack, useless “leash”

After buying it for my toddlers first trip to Disneyland, we put it on at home to give it a try and the second he saw that it lead to mommy he hated it. I don’t have "a runner" by any means, I just didn’t want him to get away in a crowd, but he put up so much of a fuss all we had to do is give him the choice of wearing his backpack or holding hands and he held hands every time. It now serves as a great container for small toys.

Muriel Clio, CA

Great item

I really liked the quality and looks great on my son. I was very happy with the quality of this item.

Hollie Lady Lake, FL

Good buy

The back pack looks cool, and it is perfect for a boy. The strap is double purpose, so, it makes more of your buy. The placement of the strap on the top, make it a little awkward to use, and you have to be careful and aware that it does not tangle on your kid. The size is perfect for a 2-5 year old, and has enough space to carry a favorite toy or a snack.

Jeanine Grady, AR

Excellent but misleading picture

Not as pictured. The leash attaches from the bottom, not the to of the backpack. Otherwise, the backpack is perfect for a couple diapers and a thin package of baby wipes. Even put a pacifier in the smaller pocket and still have room 🙂

Georgette Fort Ripley, MN