Jeep Adventure Jogging Stroller, Black

Jeep Adventure Jogging Stroller, Black

Whether you want to jog or walk, you can easily do both with the Jeep Adventure Jogging Stroller. With a simple click, you can swivel or lock the front wheel in place. You and baby can listen to your favorite tunes with iBaby sound system. Simply attach your own portable audio electronics, like an iPod, and go. 16″ rear air-filled tires for jogging comfort and increased performance on uneven surfaces. Shock absorbing suspension system keeps the ride smooth. Smart handle adjusts to multiple heights. Multi-position reclining seat offers adjustable 5-point harness and accommodates child to 60 lbs. Large storage basket can be accessed from the front or back. Compatible with many popular infant car seats (no adapter required) including: BabyTrend, Britax, Chicco, Cosco, Graco, Peg Perego and Safety 1st. Convenient Free-Stand design stands upright when folded. Child cup holder for easy access to cup/bottle. Safety tether for safety. Weight of stroller: 31.5 lbs. Assembled size: 43″L x 34.5″W x 44″H. Folded size: 32″L x 24.5″W x 18.5″D. Requires 4 AAA batteries, not included. One-year manufacturer warranty. JPMA Certified.

Main features

  • iBaby sound system plays music for both parent and baby
  • Forward-locking front tire provides increased stability while jogging; Swivels for everyday use
  • Compatible with many popular infant car seats (no adapter required)
  • 16 inch rear air filled tires and shock absorbing suspension system increase performance
  • Handle adjusts to multiple heights and parent tray offers 2 cup holders and compartment for valuables
  • 16″ rear air-filled tires and shock absorbing suspension system increase performance on uneven surfaces and provide a smooth ride

Verified reviews


Some shortcomings.

Don’t get me wrong, with its big wheels this stroller is easy to push over rough terrain. It is not actually a bad unit, just not the best in my opinion. I did like the seat belt harness… in comparing this to a Graco FastAction stroller, this one definitely has a much more secure harness to keep the child in the seat. But here is what I didn’t like:1. The somewhat smaller front wheel has such thick plastic spokes that I could hardly get the chuck of my bicycle tire pump onto the valve stem to air it up. I bet many people would not have been able to do it at all — I got strong fingers. The valve stem is right on centerline, not angled outward at all.2. There is a treadplate pattern molded into the surface where a toddler’s feet might rest. That surface continues directly down into the storage sling underneath the unit. Our daughter is only 10 months old now and not quite walking, but I bet a year from now she will be walking quite a bit yet we will still be wanting to put her in this stroller during long hikes, parades, and museum tours when she gets tired. So… walking, maybe feet getting muddy, then into the stroller to rub those dirty feet on that treadplate and drop the dirt right onto the spare jacket, blanket, or whatever supplies we have stored down underneath. This is not very smart thinking.3. The adjustable handle just seems like an unnecessary luxury to my Spartan-like mind. Just something else to go wrong. Same with the “shock absorbers.”4. The safety wrist strap should be permanently attached at the factory. I can’t imagine using a jogging stroller without one.5. The music system is a useless gimmick, yet probably responsible for $20 or more of the high price compared to other jogging strollers of similar type. The single small speaker limits sound quality, and it uses a bunch of its own batteries in addition to whatever your MP3 needs by itself. I couldn’t even hear the sound outdoors in my quiet yard, with my volume all the way up. Yeah you don’t want to blow the baby’s ears out… so maybe they shoulda pointed the speaker at the adult instead of point-blank at the baby’s head? Sheesh, whatever happened to going out into nature to find peace and quiet, anyway? Our kid seems happy as a clam as long as we keep moving, no music required.6. Compared to our Graco, the seat adjustment mechanism and overall engineering seemed a bit primitive to me.

Lana Germantown, KY

good safety and stability

If it seems that jogging, stroller, baby should not be in the same sentence due to safety concerns, you are not alone.Any time that you are going faster than a turtle-speed with a baby on board, you must have a sturdy stroller that you are sure won’t turnover. Jogging with a stroller over hills, bumps, dips in the road, seems like a possible disaster waiting to happen.That’s why I really like the wide, large wheels on this stroller. The three-wheel construction also provides stability at faster speeds.The stroller is heavy, which is great for stability but is harder for maneuverability and for folding it and placing it into the car.The workmanship seems pretty good on the stroller and I haven’t seen any rips/tears, etc. yet (only used it for about a month).

Terri Windsor, CT

Great Jogging/Walking Stroller as Long as Space Isn’t an Issue

We’ve been very pleased with this stroller!If space is an issue in your vehicle, this won’t be your best option. We have a 3 row Explorer, and if all 3 of my children are in there, this stroller won’t fit. My two oldest sit in the 3rd row, and my youngest is in the middle. I can only load this stroller up when my youngest and his car seat *aren’t* in the vehicle. Even then, it’s a little hard to get it positioned in there just right.Other than that, I have no complaints whatsoever! It was super easy to assemble(you will need a wrench). It folds up easily, and even has a locking tab to keep it folded up. It stands upright on its own while folded. There’s also a locking tab on the front wheel for when it’s not in use.Most brands of car seats fit in here perfectly great! There’s a strap attached to the stroller to “lock” the car seat in place. It has a little pocket attached, too, so when not in use, you can just fold the strap up in there. That way, it’s not just dangling about.I haven’t used this stroller while jogging just yet. I’ve got to work up to that! I have taken it walking with my 2 year old, though, and it was wonderful! The handle bar folds to various heights, so you can work with it until you find the most comfortable position. That alone made my walking experience so much better. It also rides smoothly. Very pleased!There are various heights for the child restraint seat belt. You can lower or raise it depending on the age and size of your child.My 2 year old was pleased that there are 2 little pockets on either side of him to hold his drink and snack while momma is walking. There’s a space underneath the stroller for items, too.Overall, this is a wonderful walking/jogging stroller that I highly recommend, unless space is an issue for you.

Jennie Hill City, SD

Smooth Ride & Lots of Great Features

I assembled the Jeep stroller with little trouble. I used the instructions which were clear, concise, and correct. The only issue I did have was lining of some holes to insert a screw. It was doable, but took some muscle power to press the pieces together. Thankfully it was while the stroller was at rest on the ground, so I could apply pressure with one hand and use the screwdriver with the other.You will also need a pair of wrenches to tighten the front wheel. The back wheels slip on and off easily.The stroller collapses with little effort for storage. Removing the back wheels makes it easier to put into the back of the car. We have a reasonably sized trunk, but the opening is small, but I a just able to get it in with the wheels and front bar off. Any car with a more sensible trunk design will have no issues, but it is large, so if you do have a small trunk, it is something to consider.The cup holder is easily removed by pulling it away from the front of the cart … or pushing it up while sitting in the stroller, something a child could do and cause a bit of stress to a parent! Making the child cup holder slightly harder to remove would have been a better choice.Features this stroller has that are worth mentioning and make this stroller a must have is the capability to be used from birth till your child out grows it since you can use a wide variety of detachable car-seats in it to start. The generous space underneath to stash a diaper bag and more is well worth mentioning. The mp3 or iPod feature to play music or audio books is great. The numerous cup-holders, adjustable handle, & tether rope for extra security when jogging or pushing the stroller is equally as nice.All the adjustable and removable parts come off and on with ease. It’s a smooth ride when pushing. The canopy is substantial. I’ve pushed my two and half year old son as well as my 5 year old daughter in this stroller. The five-point harness ensures their safety and it’s strong enough that my kids can’t get out on there own ( which has been a problem with other strollers I’ve used). Overall this Jeep stroller has a nice design and functions well. The features it has are great and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Leann Buckhannon, WV

Sturdy stroller with some minor deficiencies

This stroller comes in a very large box that is fairly heavy. My 5 year-old daughter and I assembled it without any problems in about 20 min.Our 2 year-old son loves to ride in it and seems to be very comfortable in it.Pros:Large tires as they make it easy to go over anything.The front wheel can lock and unlock. This makes the stroller very easily maneuverable even with 1 hand.Cup holders for parent and child (neither are very deep)Adjustable handle for jogger’s comfort. Love this feature as I am 6’1 and usually strollers are too short.Quality of constructionLarge under basket that can be accessed from the front and back.Large sunshade. It has a small clear window, so that you can easily check on your child or play peek-a-boo with him/her.Shocks really seem to make ride extra comfortableReclining seatSafe and comfortable harnessConsSize/doesn’t fold down very compactly. I know many jogging stroller don’t fold at all. However, this stroller takes up the entire cargo area of my small SUV and in order to get it in I have to place it in thoughtfully or I can’t close the door. Wish it would fold a little more compactly.iBaby sound system. We are techie around here and were excited about this feature, but it’s a flop on many levels. 1. It doesn’t fit an iPhone 5 or 5s (they are a little long) 2. Connection/sound quality we plugged it in and when you weren’t hearing static and random noise the speaker really didn’t emit the music loudly enough or at a good quality. Playing music on my iPhone speaker not attached to the iBaby proved to be a better option. 3. It is made of cheap plastic. I removed the unit from the stroller.All-in-all for the cost, I think this stroller is a great quality stroller that you will enjoy.

Jessie Hatfield, PA

Decent Affordable Jogging Stroller

The Jeep Adventure Jogging Stroller might not be the best on the market but at the price point offered it certainly does a fantastic job. I love the quality of the wheels, frame, suspension system, etc. It works really well as a jogger. I am not one who likes to have tons of stroller lying around my small NYC apartment, though, so my jogging stroller often doubles as an everyday stroller. As an everyday stroller this stroller is still good but not the best. First of all, it pushes so easily even with one hand. The handle is adjustable to a variety of sizes, it’s a REALLY great stroller for TALL people. What I really wish it had though was a better sun cover – there is a clear plastic piece that the sun goes through. I wish the back was more supportive, upright, for when my child is strolling on a walk. Also some of the plastic pieces feel a bit cheap. The plastic ipod cover fell off after 3 days. Not a big deal as I could reattached it, but I was surprised. This stroller will also fit large toddlers, there is PLENTY of ROOM!

Valeria Avondale, WV

Great Stroller for Modest Price

This stroller had a few features that I felt were great to have all in one stroller….some strollers had one or two features I wanted but not all and yet this stroller is more modestly priced.My husband is 6’4 and I’m 5’10 barefoot (over 6’0 in shoes) so we needed a stroller with an adjustable handle. It has nearly infinite height settings as it glides up and down not restricted to slots. So I do recommend this stroller for tall parents or parents with significant height differences.I like the large storage basket, just be mindful of a child’s shoes knocking dirt or leaves into the basket as it is accessible from the front of the stroller. I like being able to access it from the front.The front wheel swivels which is nice.I like the solid black materials as sometimes you dont want to look like a circus freak with every baby item you own being a big mash up of colors. It looks clean, sleek and put together.The seat and harness are comfy and safe.The fact that we can place our carseat (it accepts many different brands) without having to buy more equipment to do so is a great feature. There is a long red strap that also helps secure your infant carrier and yes, this is sufficient unless you plan on getting super crazy with your stroller.The built in music "speaker" area is pointless. It does not help the sound at all. We pulled off the cover and simply use the tray to hold our phones. It did not negatively affect the clean lines of the stroller for us to do this.I could say a few more things about how it pushes and glides, but since I dont own other joggers, Id hate to compare. This is just a great stroller for the money.

Marsha Blocker, OK

Wish I had gotten it sooner!

I’m obsessed with this stroller! The ibaby MP3 player is amazing! I don’t have to wear headphones anymore, making it easier to run and it also allows me to hear my little one. The adjustable handle is a necessity, especially if you are like my husband and I. He is over 6′ tall and I am 5′ tall, so we needed something that could work ergonomically for both of us. The fact that this has a car seat adapter that comes with it is what sold me, and it works perfectly. The cup holders are deeper than my other stroller and easily allow me to bring 2 water bottles to stay hydrated during my run. I also love that the bottom basket can be accessed from the front and back of the stroller. Assembly was fairly easy. Just ensure you have a suitable hand pump on hand in case the tires come a little low.

Carey Hawaii National Park, HI


This stroller is a smooth ride for your little one. I love that the front wheel swivels for everyday use. It’s so easy to rock my son to sleep in this. It handles all terrain very effortlessly. It lives up to the Jeep name for sure!!! The features are awesome. Very adjustable seat. Totally worth buying. Glad that I found this.

Rae Ruidoso, NM

best for rough terrain

This is the best stroller for rough terrain. Such a smooth ride. It’s a bit difficult to fit in the truck of my corolla, but it does go in! I baby speakers aren’t that great but I don’t need to use them anyway. Perfect fit for my Chicco key fit, too!

Deirdre Lincoln, KS

Want to jog? You need a jogging stroller

I went back and forth with do we really need a jogging stroller. Then I tried to jog with our regular stroller and It simply did not work out too well. Felt like I was trying to ride a bike for the first time.This stroller is a beast. Plays your music, folds and is great to jog with. Why the 4 stars then? The aux cable that you plug your phone into to enjoy music isnt the best. There is some static to it (using anything) until you bend it into that perfect position. Other than that this thing is great and I get nothing but compliments. Easy to fold/store is also a bonus.

Sandra Halliday, ND

I am glad I bought this one

Choosing the right jogging stroller was hard, I changed my mind about three times. I was looking at the Joovy and the Baby Jogger Velocity. I am glad I chose this stroller because of the following:1. It is good looking! I was so concerned about it, it looks really nice and I did not like the photos.2. The suspension is great! And the wheels are giant.3. Baby loves it and ussually falls asleep.4. It is really confortable to have a place for a bottle of wáter and cell phone5. Great canopyThe front Wheel issueI run in a curvy road and on weekends I sometimes enjoy a 10k race in which I ussually need to manouver a lot to pass other runners so I dont actually need to fix the front Wheel and I am glad I did not buy a fixed Wheel stroller.Finally, the stroller is to big for my hatchback’s trunk but I put it in the back seat.I love it!

Judy East Killingly, CT