Jeep Backpack Harness, Lion

Jeep Backpack Harness, Lion

Jeep Backpack Harness. Helps keep child safe and close, while allowing some freedom to explore the world around them

Main features

  • 3-in-1 includes fun animal backpack, child wrist strap and safety harness
  • Helps keep child safe and close, while allowing some freedom to explore the world around them
  • Perfect for walking shopping and traveling
  • Comfortable and adjustable strsps for growing toddlers
  • Makes safety harness fun for kids to wear

Verified reviews


daughters love it, but the leash tag is worthless

This is the second one we bought. I didn’t even bother attaching the leash to the bottom attachment and just attached it to one of the straps.

Cathryn Upton, KY


The dog is cute and my daughter liked it until it broke during the second use. I was never a big fan as the leash is short and the backpack itself does not open from outside or hold much of anything.

Imogene Monroe, WA

Missing chest clip. No customer service.

I bought this for my daughter for her first birthday. She was an early walker and now she is an early runner. I used harnesses for my older kids when they were toddlers, and they worked great. I thought it was a bonus that it came in a cute sheep design (we have a small sheep farm!).Well, the backpack is very cute, but it doesn’t have a chest clip to keep it on the child. It is not a harness at all, just a back pack that doesn’t stay on very well. The picture on the box shows a chest clip. So I called the company that makes it. The customer service rep told me that the person who could help me had stepped out of the office, and to email a picture. Which I did. I never heard back. I have waited for a response for over a month now before coming here to leave a poor review.The box also shows an included wrist attachment for the child, and that’s not there either. Though I don’t care; I never had much luck with child wrist straps anyway.I’m very disappointed. I can retrofit a chest clip, but I shouldn’t have to, plus it won’t match the strap color. I’ve sent another email to the company to see if they reply. If that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll try contacting Amazon.

Kristine Monument, CO

Cute, good price

This product is cute and has a good price. The dog seems well made and the leash is similarly "plush," which is nice. It doesn’t work for my toddler because he leans against the leash until he falls to the ground, but a more tolerant kiddo would probably do fine with it.

Malinda Wolf, WY

Great concept

I’ve seen this in action and it’s a great concept. So much more cute and attractive than the plain child harness and definately better than the bracelets from 20 years ago. It is a great thing to have if your child simply can’t or won’t hold your hand and tends to wander off.Many parents don’t want to tether their child because they may view it as “leash like”. However, those of us who have children know that there are kids who simply won’t behave, won’t hold hands and won’t listen. I would MUCH rather use this cute item than have an injured child who ran into a car.

Deloris Glenn, MI

Great harness.

I was torn between the lion and sheep for my little girl and am so glad I chose the sheep – it is absolutely adorable. We ofter use the backpack alone, as the harness is not often necessary. We did use it recently when we attended the grand opening of a theme park, I didn’t want to risk being separated in the large crowd. It is a bit difficult to open the bag when my daughter is wearing it and it doesn’t hold much, but other than that, no complaints. It is a very handy thing to have around when it is needed. Perfect for large crowds, or for toting small toys and snacks.

Janie Odessa, NE

Cute but not well designed

Very cute, even my one year old daughter thinks so, but not that well designed. The opening to the backpack is on the inside against her back, so to put anything in or take it out, we would have to take the harness off of her. The leash "tail" comes out from underneath, so it doesn’t give me the control I was hoping for to keep her upright if she starts falling. The clip for the leash is made of hard plastic, and I am afraid taking it off and on, or dropping it just so will break it. One plus is that the webbing for the harness actually continues through inside the material of dog, making that portion sturdier than I would have thought. However, the webbing ends before the loop in the handle of the leash, so I would worry about that flimsy fake fur material if I am holding onto the end of the tail.Wishing I wouldn’t have given into the temptation of cuteness and bought a plain webbing harness instead.

Freida Swansea, SC

Great harness for kids.

My son is ok w this harness , he won’t take it out and it’s plushy and gives him a lil space and me feeling safer for him.and fits a diaper or a couple small stuff on the back.

Evangeline Plains, GA