Jeep Backpack Harness, Puppy/Pink

Jeep Backpack Harness, Puppy/Pink

Pink Puppy 3 in 1 Backpack Harness helps keep child safe and close, while allowing some freedom to explore the world around them; Perfect for walking shopping and traveling. A lifesaver in busy malls and travel hubs.

Main features

  • 3 in 1 includes fun animal backpack, child wrist strap and safety harness
  • Helps keep child safe and close, while allowing some freedom to explore the world around them
  • Perfect for walking, shopping and traveling
  • Comfortable and adjustable straps for growing toddlers
  • Makes safety harness fun for kids to wear and lets little one carry their own gear

Verified reviews


Works great and super cute

Let me start by saying that I always thought I would be anti leash….that changed once my husband had to fly solo with a 2 yr old and 7 month old with a layover in Atlanta. This is great, the leash is removable so I got my daughters used to this without her knowing about it. The length was great too. I recommend this for any child

Ophelia White Deer, PA

It’s just not strong enough…

I like the design and thought. But it is just not functional in the manner that I needed it to be. We used it for about 3 trips through the store before it broke. My little girl is about 18 months old and about 22 lbs. She tripped which of course put a little bit of strain on the leash and it tore. It is more a of cute fashion toy for a kid to wear vs. a workable kid leash. If you wanted it just for that purpose I’d give it another star. If you want it as a leash, consider something more durable or maybe having the stitching reinforced.

Tommie Baxter, IA

daughters love it, but the leash tag is worthless

I am rating it with a higher rating because I would buy it again, the leash ripped of the first time we used it, but I just clip it to one of the straps. We don’t go anywhere without it and actually bought a second one. A must have with twins!!

Nichole Ventress, LA


I had the monkey backpack for my son and after loving it, I chose this one for my daughter even though she isn’t old enough to need it yet. It is incredibly soft and really cute! After reading the first review, I “tested” it out around the house with my son (he was willing to participate lol). I can’t comment on long term use, but it held up with him finding it hilarious to try and “run away” with me still holding the strap which made it tug on the strap and him go backwards. You have to have some fun sometimes!! 🙂 Nothing broke and he’s 5 so I’m hoping it means that the first reviewer just got a dud. I’m giving it 4 stars and will update it if necessary whenever I use it for it’s actual intended purpose.Edit 12/28/12:This has held up well! My daughter is 2.5 and hates the stroller. Living in FL and having passes to SeaWorld, we go often, which means this gets used often. I upped my rating from 4 stars, to 5 stars. I have absolutely no complaints. Also, my daughter who HATES being confined has no problems when we use this (probably because she knows that the alternative is the stroller).Edit 06/22/14:This puppy is still going strong! It has survived trips to SeaWorld, Disney, and around our local zoo. It is definitely deserving of a 5 star rating!

Roxie Perrinton, MI

just so-so

If I had seen in the shop, I wouldn’t have bought it. My little one wasn’t so happy with this backpack. I don’t think it is useful as a leash. It is just an immitation. So, if you want a pink dog backback which is roomy (that’s why I keep it), buy it! But if you want a leash, try to find something else.

Penelope Lucerne Valley, CA


My daughter saw this and exclaimed, PUPPY! She loves it, and was happy to wear it. I was one of those judgey people who was disgusted by parents who use baby leashes, just hold your kids hand! That was until I had a 15 month old who went from toddling about to full on sprinting at 13 months. My kid likes to play with and touch everything and I think that’s great,but when we’re out she doesn’t want to hold mommys hand, so this works for us. I can browse in stores and she can exert her independence and browse on her own a few feet away, plus it’s cute, comfortable and she loves it.

Noemi Walters, OK

so cute

i like thats its very soft and girly and has a ajustable harnest and a small leash. the dog has a back pack with a small compartment to store something small

Janet Poulsbo, WA