Jeep Backseat Organizer

Jeep Backseat Organizer

A must have item to Organize all of your child’s essentials while keeping your car neat and tidy with Jeep’s Back Seat Organizer. The Back Seat Organizer includes two bottle pockets and four extra large storage pockets for baby’s favorite things. It fits over most car seat backs.

Main features

  • Detachable bottom pocket for grab-and-go convenience
  • Universal system fits most seat backs
  • Easy to install with adjustable straps and buckles
  • Durable, easy to clean nylon
  • Different sized pockets hold large and small items

Verified reviews


Does the job!

I bought a second seat organizer to go with the kit so I could have one on both of the front seats. The pockets are spacious. They’re bigger than the pockets on other organizers I’ve had. I love that the bottom pouch is detachable! The only complaint I have so far is that the bottle pockets are pretty small. Some of my daughter’s sippy cups probably won’t fit, but I think a small water bottle would fit fine.

Joy Oklaunion, TX

Ok but flawed

I bought three different organizers and this was my least favorite. The only plus I saw was that it had the largest and highest number of pockets for storage however the materials seemed cheap (as well as not that attractive), the cup holders were way to small (I could have jammed it in but that would have been difficult to remove later), I wish the bottom part was not removable, and the bottom strap wraps around the middle of the seat; meaning that if you have the bottom part on, it is not secured, and the strap will be in the back of whoever’s seated in the passenger seat. Not my favorite product

Addie Talmage, PA

Wish I bought a different backseat organizer.

Usually I’m pleased with Jeep products but this was a fail. The bottom pocket of the organizer is only attached to the rest of the organizer by velcro. I decided not to use the bottom pocket since it seemed like it would just fall off. The rest of the pockets will hold a few things but mostly the contents will spill out. I still use this organizer to keep stuff for my kiddo but it really doesn’t do the job I wanted. I will probably buy a different one very soon.

Lorie Clear Spring, MD

Very Helpful!

I searched around for a nice organizer for my car since adding our second addition to the family. I found this for a very reasonably cheap price! I really like how many compartments it has allowing you to pack anything from drinks to snacks and diapers as well. We put this to use right away when we had to take an emergency trip out of state. It kept everything organized and all in one spot which I loved! No digging around through a diaper bag to find everything you needed. I would reccommend this product to any parent.

Delia Anderson, TX

Ok organizer

This organizer is easy to install but in terms of fitting it snugly to the back of the seat, it’s not really great. There are a lot of pockets but it doesn’t seem like it can hold that much since can’t really tighten so it fits flush against the back of the seat.

Alfreda Retsil, WA

Very Handy

I bought this organizer to protect my leather seats from my daughter’s kicking. Also, I have a small sedan and I could use the extra space. Some of the pockets are way too small and are awkward but the larger ones are very useful. It’s great to keep extra diapers, wipes, books etc. so you don’t have to always take the baby bag out with you. It’s sturdy and we’ve had no problems.

Tabitha Loyall, KY

Simple Organization

I bought the first one back in May, and liked it enough to buy a second one for the other seat. They are great for a number of things (ours are filled with small cars/toys and a few diapers).The middle compartment stretched out over a short period of time, and sticks out enough to rub against your legs. The organizer as a whole sags and won’t set flush against the seat, no matter how much I tighten the straps (the top strap is tighented as far as it will go). The plastic compartment doesn’t stay closed very well, but that’s not a deal breaker for me.Overall, they contain the clutter and don’t take up a lot of room.

Maribel Tonopah, NV