Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller, Impulse

Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller, Impulse

An ideal stroller for the active parent and baby who is always on the go This rugged and compact stroller features Free Stand and one hand fold all terrain wheels snack tray cargo bags for storage and an active lifestyle fabric construction Go anywhere and everywhere with this portable and easy to fold stroller

Main features

  • Convenient free-stand and super easy 1-hand fold gives parents a free hand
  • Multi-position reclining seat along with all-terrain shock-absorbing front swivel wheels makes for a smooth ride
  • Stroller weighs only 13.75 pounds and folds to 18.25″ x 12″ x 33.5″, yet will accommodate a child who weighs upto 35 pounds
  • Two parent cupholders and 1 child cupholder, along with removable trays, makes for extra convenience
  • Large basket and two removable cargo bags for gear makes for plenty of storage

Verified reviews


Multi position recline is misleading…

Pram is good value for $ and has handy features such as the parent tray but it lacks one simple feature that most prams have and what i consider an essential; The seat does not recline flat or nowhere near flat!!!So i will be selling this pram on (Im in NZ and shipping would cost a fortune!) and making sure the next lightweight pram im buying reclines.Would not recommend this pram for under a 1 year old as it looks horrible when you see a baby slumped over asleep in a pram!!!

Terrie Canovanas, PR

Almost 100% satisfied

It’s small, in-expensive, lightweight, folds easily, has decent storage, cup holders/parent tray and snack tray for tot.My only complaint is that I wish the push bar was just slightly higher – but don’t hesitate – this is a great stroller.

Mercedes San Marcos, CA

Pretty good

I like the way it is so light weight, but the wheels seem a little cheap. Also i don’t like the way the tray for the baby isn’t easily removable. and the cup holders for us are kinda awkward.

Jasmine Ludowici, GA

for this price, it is AWESOME! Well thought-out!

I recently picked this up at a consignment shop (used) and it is really great!I initially had a Graco travel system stroller that I loved at first, then began to hate it. It was big & bulky, missing some convenience features, and was difficult to use off smooth pavement. The one-hand-fold was not. So, I’ve been using a Maclaren – little wheels are horrible outside, very bumpy ride, storage area is useless, but it is light and folds up so little. And, if I hang a bag off the handles, it tips over when my son gets out.THIS stroller is lightweight, has LOTS of very well-thought-out features (side net pockets on the canopy! big basket! can attach links to the hood! netting in the surround when reclined for air-flow! cushy seat! great parent tray! Shocks & larger wheels, making a smooth ride! AND, it truly folds with just one hand!! stands when folded! pretty compact when folded, but not umbrella-sized.).This stroller, new, is less than half of what I paid for either of the other 2 stollers, and I love it so much more! And, even purchasing it used, it has held-up great & seems quite sturdy. My son also loves to ride in it, and he wasn’t a fan of riding in the other strollers.Seriously, if the features on this stroller meet your needs, then GET IT! I’d say, skip the big bulky travel system and get this.

Antionette Coalinga, CA

Best Stroller for the Price and Maybe Even Against the More Expensive

I have bought a lot of baby stuff and done a lot of research prior to each purchase. I have to say that no purchase has actually stressed me out before we decided to get a lightweight stroller. Good grief!!!! Brand X is great except the sun shade is small, this one is good but it doesn’t roll well, this one is perfect and costs $500, this one doesn’t have a 5-point harness, this one doesn’t recline far enough — it was pretty overwhelming! I came to the conclusion that there isn’t a perfect lightweight stoller and it seemed that the price didn’t actually correlate to people being satified with the stollers.So I chose the Jeep and am very, very happy with it. More importantly my 10 month old daughter loves it. It rolls great, easy to get her in and out of it, super easy to collapse and open, very lightwieght, big sun visor with a flip out extender, one handed driving, tall enough for my 6 foot husband to be comfy. I particularly like the snack tray – it keeps her safely inside and she likes to lean on it. Thought I might miss the five point harness of our BOB but the three point works great on this one.Bottom line is that it is well designed, materials are nice and we are happy. So glad I didn’t spend a lot of money – don’t think I would have been any happier.

Letha Dunkirk, NY

Great lightweight Travel Stroller

I wanted a lightweight stroller to take to Disney to use for my almost 3 year old daughter. We have a fantastic Maclaren XL Stroller but it is very heavy and cumbersome for travel. I honestly did not expect to find everything I was looking for & more within the small budget I had set myself but I did. This Jeep stroller is lightweight, compact when folded and best off all it has a large canopy for sun / rain and a decent recline for nap time. It was very simple to complete assembly (you need to attach front & back wheels and the trays) about 15 minutes as a total assembly amateur. The only negatives for me were the plastic trays & the bars in the sides of the seat area. I won’t be using the front tray as my daughter is forever in & out and these things are not fast on & off trays. The parents tray is also useless to me. The drink holders are central part are not deep enough to safely hold anything. I also felt I needed to add a padded stroller liner if I expected by daughter to nap in it. The fabric seat is anchored over two metal side bars and these bars sit inside the inside edge. The seat is already narrow and I felt this may end up being uncomfortable for her little bottom. In comparison the Maclarens seat has the bars on the outside edge of the seat so a childs bottom doesn’t come into contact with them. I remedied this by adding an inexpensive Baby Bee-Haven Cush n’ Go Memory Foam Stroller Liner in Black. It’s lovely and squishy and covers the hard metal bars. I have also added my Summer infants Ray Shade & J.L. Childress Cargo ‘N Drinks Parent Tray to stash my sunglasses, drinks etc. Really really pleased with this stroller. I plan to take it to the gate and check it into the hold on boarding.

Roslyn Sandy Hook, VA

The best of umbrella and full size in one

I have been looking at this stroller for a long time now. Finally I ordered it from wally world since they had the best price I could find. I used to use my umbrella stroller quite frequently but often found it inadequate since it only had a bag hanging on the back to carry items and was hard to push one handed.I saw someone else pushing this stroller at the mall while I was waiting for my order to come in and I got a little worried because it looked a little short. Now that I have it I am relieved that it is good size because I’m somewhat tall.PROS:Small, like umbrella stroller.Lightweight, easily can be carried with one hand.Stands while foldedRolls while foldedDescent size basketCan be locked while closed.(I think previous models didnt)Good heightFolds with one handEasy to collapse/openSteers and pushes nicelyParent trayChild trayCanopyCons:Since it is so small and narrow I am afraid if my daughter leaned out of the seat too far it might tip over. So far though it hasn’t been a problem and it really isn’t any different than an umbrella.2012 pink/shock is different than what they have pictured here as of March 5 2012. The new model looks like the react but it is charcoal gray where the react is red and dark pink(sort of bubble gum pink) where the React is grey. Also it does have a locking mechanism on the right hand side, its a little latch.OVERALL:Best stroller I’ve ever owned(7) or pushed. Just can’t beat the size and weight and convineince.

Bernice Kenneth, MN

Just what I needed

I had to sell my stroller system, because it was just too big. I needed something lightweight, but still can hold my baby and other things. This stroller is perfect for that. It has cups trays for Mommy and Baby! A nice basket underneath, and even some side pockets to store little things. Its so easy to maneuver and handle. Putting together was easy too! It does not recline all the way back, so if you like to lay baby down when falling asleep, this might not be for you. My son likes to sit up and see everything around him, so this is perfect!

Flora Valentine, AZ

Decent stroller for the price

Good:1. Lightweight (I only weigh about 100lbs soaking wet).2. Easy to fold up — with one hand!3. Reclines.4. Decent storage (bottom and cups) for shorter/smaller trips.5. Good suspension — it’s a Jeep!Not so good:The back of the chair for this stroller is basically cardboard, so however you feel about that. Our son barely used this so it doesn’t really bother me much.

Rena Anthon, IA

Very Pleased

After reading many reviews on MANY different strollers I decided to order this one. I already have the Jeep All Terrain Green stroller which I absolutely love for when we go for our walks around the lake and for outdoor activities but I drive a little Mazda and putting the big stroller in and out of my trunk was painful. I wanted an umbrella stroller just to leave in my truck for trips to the mall, trips to big sister’s cheer leading practice but it needed to have a basket underneath, a parent tray and a child tray which this one has all 3.The child tray cup holder is not big enough to hold most sippy cups which is not a big deal for me anyways because I don’t know many children who keep their sippy’s in the holder anyways, I wanted it more for his snacks, I have a 1 year old and giving him a bag or cup of snacks doesn’t work out because they will be thrown everywhere, I have to put them in the cup holder of the tray. The basket underneath holds my son’s medium size diaper bag and my medium purse just fine, the parent tray holds 2 cups and has a little spot for a phone or keys or what not. The locking mechanism so far works fine but you need to make sure it is secure tight enough. I love how easy it is to fold one handed and open one handed, the weight is also awesome.The reclining positioning is just fine for us, it is an umbrella stroller so for those who have complained about it not reclining enough for your 5 month old get over it, it’s not supposed to be a sleeping type stroller.The canopy is great, it is actually sturdy and not flimsy. I am very pleased with this stroller, I have noticed that the price goes up and down and for the price I paid for it, it was well worth it and I am not complaining one bit.Well actually the reason I gave it 4 stars was because of the locking thing and because I am 5’5 and when pushing it if I tend to walk to fast I do notice my toes/feet sort of brushing/kicking the rear wheel axle a bit. Other than that I HIGHLY recommend this stroller.

Robbie Cove City, NC

Wonderful Stroller for Travel

I was looking for a lightweight stroller for our international trip with a good size basket (because I planned to continue using it after the trip to replace our infant carseat lightweight frame) and this one was the best one I could find at a very good price. It is a good size stroller, not too small compared to Jeep Wrangler. I can collapse and expand the stroller with one hand. Yes, ONE HAND ONLY! (You need to put a foot on the foot rest so that you can put pressure on the handle to lock it.) You can’t imagine how many times it has saved my day. I can even load it to our SUV with one hand. The trays are good sizes and has provided endless convenience to my daily life, let alone the basket. Absolutely love the basket. Very large and things don’t fall out to the front even though that was my original worry. I have put it through all terrains while we traveled and it worked perfectly. No damages whatsoever. It is so durable. The best part is that the Kolcraft listed all the items that can be replaced in the manual. If I ever need to replace the wheels or anything, I can call to order them instead of buying a new stroller.It is true that the sun shade cannot go any lower should the sun come from the front, but I clipped a blanket using binder clips on the sun shade to keep the sun or wind away. It works great. Although I prefer over-the-shoulder straps, this one works just fine. My girl has never wiggled her way out of the stroller. The only down side for this product is that I cannot remove the cover and clean it. I guess many strollers like this one have that issue. The material seems good for cleaning. I have spilled coffee on it (wiped clean right away) and there aren’t any stains.All in all, I’m very happy with the purchase and it still has many years of life left.

Velma Angels Camp, CA

safety issues

I like how small and light it is but there are some concerns. There is no top harness to help hold baby in. If you notice all of the nice lightwt. strollers have this. If you go down a curb be sure to go backwards or your baby will hit her mouth on the tray. Already she tries to bite the tray bc she can (again, with the other strollers not a problem.) Because of the no harness, she slips from side to side. I had to pad the sides so her head wasn’t on the hard poles and plastic. Shop around first!

Leona Saint Bethlehem, TN

My favorite stroller ever used

Pros:- Sturdy and easy assembly- Lightweight- Very easy to collapse and expand. I can do both ways with one hand (and the help of a foot). Great for when I need one arm to hold baby etc.- Sturdy wheels with excellent swivel- Sunscreen is well designed and very easy to open and close.- Seat can recline most of the way with a simple pull of a strap. Our child is very picky about where he will sleep. He’s never slept in any other stroller except this one. It’s nice to be able to non-nonchalantly recline his seat from behind without baby noticing.Possible Cons:- The sunscreen cannot adjust forward as it is connected to the side support poles. With some strollers the sunshade can shift forward to block the baby’s view, say if you have a low sun position right in their eyes. Not possible with this.- Very small cup holder for the child. The two parent cup holders are okay for a standard plastic water bottle. But the child’s cup holder only accepts one of our 6 different sippy cups. And many small-medium fast-food style paper cups won’t fit either.- Because it is so lightweight, if you get the separably sold hooks to attach to the handlebar to hold your bags, be warned that while the hooks are great this stroller will topple backwards if a child isn’t sitting in the seat.

Raquel Oaks Corners, NY

Perfect Balance of Cheap & Useful

After accidentally running over my folded-up umbrella stroller stored in the garage, I began looking for not only a replacement, but an upgrade. Our last stroller was of the basic fold-up fabric sling variety, and I disliked its short height and shallow seat. Even at 5’4", it was difficult for me to stoop far enough to push the old stroller, and I felt a little silly doing so.This stroller, the Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller, is perfect, and I can’t imagine a better item for my needs.It folds compactly–no trouble fitting it in the trunk of the car, which is where it stays.It truly can be folded with one hand if you practice, although two hands make it easier.Despite what I read in another review, my stroller did come with a red locking pin, and thus stays completely folded when not in use.The seat is deeply set, which seems to make my son happier (he used to act as though he was afraid he’d fall out of the old one).The 3-point belts seem ample for securing a young toddler into his seat. (I don’t see the point of a 5-point harness in a stroller unless you’re trying to use it with a very young baby–in which case I would imagine this to be far too big.)The storage area underneath will fit my medium-sized purse or small diaper bag pretty well. I travel pretty light, though, so mothers and fathers that travel with armloads of equipment might find this confining.The cup holders are pretty small, both in the child’s seating area and the stroller handles. The snack tray is also small, but again, we travel light and it was more than adequate for putting out a few cheerios during a walk.This stroller is easily tall enough for me not to have to slump, and my husband (5’11") can push it also, without either of us looking like we’re pushing a doll stroller.In conclusion, we’re all very happy with this stroller. It has some of the same (if trimmed down) features of a big, bulky "travel system" type stroller, with better folding and storage. You can catch this stroller for a great price if you are patient and it’s completely worth it.

Doreen Mc Grady, NC

Love This Stroller!!

This stroller is perfect – it is light and easily used – it truly is a one flip and it’s open. It is easily maneuvered one handed and is perfect for airports. My only issue with it is that the foot rest is a bit low and my sons feet touch the wheels sometimes and lock it up, but other than that I couldn’t be happier with this stroller – I even got the Jeep Stroller hooks to go with it! It’s designed for toddlers and the back reclines nicely for naps.

Kris Bremo Bluff, VA

Not bad for the price

This is a very light weight little stroller with a lot of features. I wish the cupholder fit my water bottle and I don’t understand why they haven’t made it bigger (unless they just don’t have the room). You can probably fit a disposable water bottle but I have a reusable. The basket is pretty big and my baby has taken naps in it with the partial recline.

Alicia Powell, TN

Low in price, great in features!

For fifty bucks, this stroller comes in a whole lot of features you won’t find with any other stollers in this price range! I own a Chicco Cortina Traveler System and was looking for a lighter stroller for our trip to Disneyland. I ended up using this for everyday and put my Cortina stroller aside. I am impressed with the extra features like:1) One hand open/close2) A hook to lock the stroller from opening (located at the bottom.3) So many compartments to put stuffs4) Snack tray and cup holder for kid. Cup holder is small in diameter. If you are looking for a bottle that fits, try this oneNuby 2 Pack Insulated No Spill Straw Cup, 9 Ounce, Colors May VaryWould be nice if it is bigger, but no big deal. I keep my son’s bottle in the compartment below.5) Side pouch for small things. I put keys, purse, iphone, coupons etc in it.6) Basket is easy to reach. You can set the front of the basket to open or close. Open so you can access it from the front (behind your kid’s legs). My 2 year old son likes this feature. He loves putting his toys in between his legs, into the basket.7) Small window to see through canopy, incase you want to see your baby.8) Mesh netting on the top portion fof the back for air to flow through.9) One hand steer10) Tested to work on grass, road, side walk, rocky roads. I even tested it on a sandy beach, of course that won’t work.11) Very light weight considering you get so many featuresTo wash it you will need screw driver to unscrew some parts where the fabric is securely attached to the frame.Here’s my point of view to those negative reviews:THIS IS FIFTY BUCKS, if all the extra features (small cup holder, small side storage pouch, etc) trouble you, just assume they are not there.This stroller is best used for older toddler though because it is not the most comfy stroller out there. It’s better than an umbrella stroller. Younger babies need more support and might not find this soft/comfy. Also it reclines more than 45% but not a full recline. It is easy to recline, just loosen the strap. Yes, it is not a fancy mechanism, but it works, and it doesn’t add much weight to the stroller. As for baby escaping from it due to lack of 5 point harness, again, this stroller is better for toddler. Still my 2 year old son couldn’t escape from it when I buckle him in. If your baby tries to escape, oh well it is time to pick him/her up.

Elma Dougherty, OK

Lightweight Stroller

I was really pleased with this product when it arrived yesterday. It took about fifteen minutes for me to assemble, piece of cake. I was looking for a lightweight stroller that I don’t have to haul around, something small I can ride on the bus with. I took my daughter out for a stroll right afterwards ; I’m 5"6′ and had no trouble maneuvering it, I didn’t need to hunch down to push or anything. The cup holders, though….you will have a hard time trying to squeeze a plastic water bottle or 12oz drink cup on there because it’s so tiny. All in all I’m satisfied with my purchase and hope it lasts long.

Tricia Chappell, NE

Decent Light weight stroller

Stroller is decent, not the greatest thing on earth. Pretty easy with assemble ( I have NEVER assemble anything) did this all by self. Canopy has 2 cm extension (greyish color) you can fold this with one hand. reclines little bit not FLAT, compact in folding. Compact in storing. I gave it 4 star, I wish if the canopy bigger /longer and reclines more

Effie Huntington, MA

Great Travel Stroller

The stroller arrived promptly. I bought it to take my 5 month old on an international trip. Two months and 9 flights later, it is still doing great! Very happy with the purchase. So convenient to carry instead of the heavy travel system I use daily.

Anita Albany, GA

stroller with major problems

OK stroller, easy to put together, wheels are great with the swivel on the front. Easy to collapse. However, can’t give four stars for several reasons…….the quality is really disappointing with some of the cheapest plastic parts I have seen on a product in years. Take a look at the photo of the stroller and look at the footrest. It is actually a thin, flimsy piece of plastic that isn’t even connected, but just slides up and down the bars. Any child could easily get his foot trapped under this and caught in the wheels. The child’s tray is also flimsy, impossible to adjust and has to be muscled on and off every time you put a child into the stroller. The tray is back in the box where it will probably stay. The safety harness has no shoulder straps and is not five point harness…massive safety issue. Several buyers report that their child leaned forward, and the entire stroller with baby strapped in pitched face first to the ground. There is no padding on the side bars to protect your child’s head. The top is lacking a clip or even velcro strap so has no way to keep it from flopping forward when stroller is folded up, and the locking bar to hold it together when folded up is a flimsy little stick of plastic. The stroller works Ok, is lightweight, easily portable but look elsewhere for something of quality. This stroller is OK to keep at Grandma’s house for the very occasional use.

Christine Bethesda, OH

Good Stroller, Good Price

A few weeks ago, before a trip to Disneyland, I started looking for a new stroller. I wanted something light, the reclines, has a shade cover, and a tray in the front. And I didn’t want to spend more than $75. I found this stroller for under $60 here and it seemed to fit the bill. I was happily surprised to find such good quality at a really reasonable price. The basket underneath is quite large, very handy for storing our new purchases as we went through the parks, plus water, sunscreen, jackets, and whatever else wasn’t valuable enough to store in the backpack. The red/orange color made it easy to find among the hundreds of other strollers around. Best part is my son loves it. The back is soft and padded, and when I recline it he loves to lay back. Even the little stroller tray has a cup holder that will hold a juice box. Really, it’s the best all-around stroller for being on the go I’ve ever had.

Lana Mchenry, IL

Jeep Cherokee All Terrain Stroller

Received this item in one day, I paid the extra 3.99. It is not a one hand closure—one hand has to slide the release and the other hand pushed up on the red large release knob on the handle.Was not easy placing the front wheels on nor the baby’s tray. Make sure you have an extra person with you when assembling The stroller once completed pushes easy and smooth.It did not come with the cargo bags as described, I also though it was to have come with a storage bag but this was not included either.

Belinda Clairton, PA

Perfect Stroller!!!

I just bought this stroller for my 3 month old daughter. I have to say I am very happy with it. It has everything you could possibly want in a stroller. I absolutely love it!! If you are looking for a lightweight stoller with lots of features that is priced great, look no further because this is it!!

Leah Georgetown, KY

Best option for the price!!

I reviewed different light weight strollers for months and finally concluded to get this one.I just put it together…well my brother did. Took him about 15 min. Heres what I think so far.1. Both parent tray and baby tray. Parent tray was just big enough to hold a medium size McDonald’s cup. Plus a place to put keys.2. Turns on a dime!3. Is most definitely a true “one hand fold” and the stroller stands very sturdy when folded. also has a latch to keep it folded.4. Decent size basket…could hold a medium size purse and then some. I purchased the jeep universal stroller hooks as well.5. Has a parent window…..6. The foot rest is actually pretty sturdyCons.1. Material seems better then other lightweight strollers in this price range but is still a concern. We shall see.2. The wheels are made of plastic…but what can you expect for the price3. Does not have a 5 point harness…just a 3 point. pretty disappointed with the quality of the seat belt material as well.4. I’m not a fan of the reclining seats that require you figiting with the back of the stroller, but you get what you pay for. It pretty much sits all the way forward and has a nice recline to it. I don’t think it lays completely flat.Hope this helps!!

Allene Keller, VA

I wish we bought this stroller for our first child and saved money!

We love this stroller for its simplicity, compactness and easy open/close feature. Obviously it is not suitable for jogging with and going over rough terrain but if you are looking for a basic stroller with lots of value, I would highly recommend this one. There is quite a bit of padding and a rather generous basket, it takes up little space in your car and travels well. The only complaint I have is the cupholder for your child in the front is so impossibly small I don’t know what would even fit in there so we rarely use it. The ones at the top for whoever is pushing the stroller is bigger and may fit larger sized drinks and water bottles. Overall this is perfect if you are working with a small budget and want something that does the job.

Shari Rector, AR

Almost impossible to fold/unfold

I really wanted to like this stroller. It reminded me of larger version of the snap ‘n go, which I loved. However, I am very disappointed with it. The ride is okay and I love that it has a storage console for parents and for kids. I originally ordered it because of the advertised "one-hand fold". I don’t know if there is something wrong with the item that I received, but it is almost impossible to fold and unfold it. It takes 10-15 minutes of fiddling around with it, which doesn’t work when you have a baby that you need to get in and out. I’ve tried this several times, thinking I must be doing something wrong, but I haven’t had any luck. I’m returning it today.

Norma Hampden, ME

Good stroller

This is a good travel stroller, I’m very happy with the weight and ease of folding and unfolding. The wheels are a little cheap and won’t last me too long (I live in Europe where the sidewalks aren’t always great). I’m hoping I can buy new wheels once these ones break.

Gina Fairborn, OH

Nice Stroller For Grandmas

Just a stroller I keep in the garage for baby visits. This stroller seems to be low and narrow. The handle is maybe 12″ wide. You almost want to control it with two hands, but you can’t so you sort of use your fingers. It went together very quickly and is easy to unfold. The sunshade clicks in so you have to sort of lift it back and can’t just push it back. This little guy even has shocks on it. For our 5 week old, we did take his head support from his car seat and used it just to keep him a little more stable and it was fine for a small walk around a few blocks. I’m sure as he gets older, it will fit so much better. Again, this is a stroller for Grandma visits and isn’t his everyday stroller. Nothing fancy but nice for the money.

Elda Eden Prairie, MN

Great light stroller

Perfect for daily light use stroller. Love the tray for toddler and cup holder for parents. Very light easy to open and fold it.

Carole Potterville, MI