Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller, Siren

Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller, Siren

An ideal stroller for the active parent and baby who is always on the go. This rugged and compact stroller features free stand and one hand fold, all terrain wheels, tray and cargo bags for storage. Go anywhere and everywhere with this portable and easy to fold stroller.

Main features

  • Lightweight and compact frame for easy travel
  • Convenient one-hand fold and self-standing design
  • Removable parent tray with dual cup holders
  • Multi-position reclining seat back
  • Large storage basket plus cargo bags for gear

Verified reviews


I just got this stroller in the mail today and it ROCKS

It is exactly what I needed. I am a BOB enthusiast and took my bob double everywhere when I had twins, then took my bob single everywhere with next child, but have seen what airlines do to nice strollers and wanted something disposable to fly cross-country with. This stroller arrived today and it took me less than five minutes to put wheels and trays on, directions sucked but then they usually do – so just use common sense. This steers very, very nicely for a cheap stroller, and it steers easily one-handed which was my top criterion – as I’ll need to be able to grab two other young kids, roll-aboard suitcase, purse, etc, while running through airport. Shade canopy is clear (so may cover with blanket) but wider than most, so hopefully will provide some sun protection. Fabric is thin/cheap compared to BOBs and other expensive strollers, but there is a reason it’s only $50 instead of 5x that. My very tall 22 month old fits nicely with some room to grow (though in the next year her head will probably be up above the seat back, not a problem for us as she won’t nap in any stroller, but just be aware if you need something to last a while with a tall child still willing to nap). Basket is totally accessible unlike most strollers. Read complaints re: size of cup holders and have to agree; a skinny plastic disposable water bottle or a soda can will fit perfectly in parents’ cup holders, but not any of our stainless steel water bottles, kids’ cups, or sippies. None of my kids’ cups will fit in kids’ cup area. So fairly useless except as a spot to put phone and keys. Pink color is cute. I tried it out all over the house with my daughter in it and now she won’t get out, is sitting watching Disney Jr in the stroller with a baby doll in each hand and a big grin on her face, so I’m guessing it is very comfortable. Very pleasantly surprised by the features of this stroller for the price. Will update if it ends up being a dud on our trip.

Bridgette Hearne, TX

Love It!

This could have been the one and only stroller I bought and it would have done the job! Super easy to open and collapse! Can honestly hold my 6 month old and open/close the stroller with one hand and load it in my car. Good height, decent size basket, nice canopy! Not one thing I could find that I didn’t like about this stroller!

Samantha Albertville, AL

Affordable and functional/UPDATE

I looked for awhile to find the perfect light weight stroller that wouldn’t be as small as an umbrella but not as bulky as my travel system stroller. I was looking at high end models like the Maclaren, Bumbleride, and Combi. My big issue with those were that for the high price they didn’t include everything I needed in this $45 stroller. One didn’t have enough storage underneath, one had way too short of a umbrella, etc. When I saw this one I admit I was slightly skeptical that a $45 stroller would be quality but when I opened it up it was. The material seems no different than the $200 plus strollers I test drove at the store. It pushes as easily and my very tall and 26 lb 15 month old is comfortable in it with room to grow. I love that the front tray with detach so that when she is older and does not need it we can simply take it off. Also the umbrella is great, that little extra white panel is the difference in keeping sun out of her eyes. This stroller is a fraction of the cost of a high end stroller and has more to offer.There were only a few cons:- Parent tray cup holder is too small for anything other than a plastic water bottle or pop can.- The underneath storage is wide open where your baby would place their feet. Not a huge deal if your just keeping a diaper bag in there (it’s big enough) but if you have little things, I imagine they will fall out. I got the Jeep stroller mesh bag that attaches to the parent tray for items like that- My stroller came with some marks on the white section of the umbrella but I venture but I am sure that was more of a shipping issue and they are tiny.**UPDATE AUGUST 2013**Sad to report that I am not as pleased with this stroller some months later that I once was. I have had it for 5 months now, would say it has had moderate use, and the cloth on the side has detached from the frame of the stroller. It’s a bit hard to explain but the cloth is held in with this plastic pin that goes into a edged hole on the side of the frame. It came out a month ago and I continously have to reattach it to the side. This has led me to purchasing another stroller that does not attach cloth to the frame that way. Also you CANNOT WASH the cover, it does not come off. If I would have read the reviews more closer and known this I would not have bought it. With toddlers you need to be able to remove the cloth and run it through the washer. Also the basket underneath has proved too small for our needs and it drives me nuts that cups do not fit in the cup holder. I don’t think I would ever re buy this.

Daphne Milford Square, PA

Great Stroller – best of 5 I’ve used

Sturdy, lightweight, easy to use (I can open and close this with the baby in one arm) I use this stroller for my 1 year old daughter, my 4th kid, 5th stroller, and of all the strollers I’ve used, this is by far my favorite….the only thing I would mention, though, is it does not recline all the way back, so it’s definitely not ideal for itty bitty babies. I bought this when my daughter was 5 months old and started using it when she was about 8 months old and it’s been fine….at 1 year, she still seems a little tiny in it, so I know it will last awhile….the basket underneath is a decent size, and seems to hold up well, I have used it as a shopping basket and have put gallons of milk and things in it without a problem.

Elisabeth Amana, IA


lightweight but the basket is too small and there is no way i can see to wash the covering.glad i was able to purchase this with gift card

Velma Glenwood, MN

Great little stroller!

My daughter loves riding in this stroller. It maneuvers easily and is lightweight. She has taken several naps in it and she enjoys riding in it. The storage underneath is nice and I like the cup holders and space near the handlebar as well.

Bette Paicines, CA

Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller

Great for the price. Would like to have a better canopy but you get what you pay for. The basket is fairly small but still a very cute stroller that’s light and easy to manuver.

May Portland, OR

love it easy to assemble good stroller

perfect for walks with my granddaughter easy to use easy to assemble good value for the price I would recommend this stroller

Andrea Pana, IL

Very good!

I love this stroller because is so lightweight. The shade is very big and is easy to close and open.

Lottie Welaka, FL


Great unit!! I love how easy it is to store (2 moves, and it’s ready to pack away). It also unfolds in one motion – love it! It has a storage area under the seat which is quite roomy. It also has 2 cup holders and another slot up top for storing things. Good price, well made and it has proven durable. We’ve been using it for over a year and it still looks and works as good as new.

Fannie North Westchester, CT

Nice Ride for a Tot!!

I purchased this stroller for my granddaughter. It is more sturdy than I anticipated for the price…$49.00 free shipping and handling here on Amazon. I look forward to many outings with her in this stroller 🙂

Leann Rhineland, MO