Jeep Liberty Renegade Walker, Storm

Jeep Liberty Renegade Walker, Storm

In classic Jeep styling, this activity walker features a variety of toys to keep baby active and entertained. The feature toy is an electronic steering wheel with horns, car engine sounds and music. Also included is a faux key toy and upright mirror and batting toys. The walker is designed with safety grip strips under the base to keep baby safe. With an easy to clean seatpad, the walker is also height adjustable for growing babies.Electronic toy steering wheel includes horn, car engine sounds and music to entertain babyFully padded, easy-to-clean seat with cargo bags and soft key toy3-position height adjustment for growing babiesNon-skid, safety friction strips for your child’s safetyIndependent front swivel wheels

Main features

  • Electronic toy steering wheel includes horn, car engine sounds and music to entertain baby
  • Fully padded, easy-to-clean seat with cargo bags and soft key toy
  • 3-position height adjustment for growing babies
  • Non-skid, safety friction strips for your child’s safety
  • Independent front swivel wheels

Verified reviews


Cute but not so sturdy secure

I bought this one instead of a brand name like Chicco, because it had more reviews on Amazon and I thought something fun for my boy. However I think it has lesser padding in the front and I am worried if my son is going to hit something he will feel the jerk on his tummy. So, I follow him around. I don’t hate it but don’t love it either.

Marquita Fairplay, MD

GREAT! Baby loves it and so do I

Baby loves this walker. I bought another cheaper walker and it was a waste of my $25.This one is the one she loves to be in. We first bought it when she was about 4-5 months. It’s still going strong and she’s 10 months old now- she still loves it.We have wood and tile floors and have had no issues with it not rolling well.Don’t bother with any other walkers, this is the one your baby wants.

Essie Earlysville, VA

Decent walker, could use better wheels

We bought this walker for my 8 month old son. It’s a fun little toy for him and he can walk around a little bit when we are on hard surfaces (kitchen, dining rooms, etc.).However, it does not move at all on the carpet in our living room which is low pile and not very thick. The tiny wheels and “skid plates” prevent movement on carpeted surfaces.The walker was easy to assemble and appears to be well made. We also have the “black dot” that many others have reported on the front of the jeep but it’s no big deal.Overall this is a nice walker for hard surface floors.

Alison Wendell Depot, MA

Great entertainment for a busy baby

We purchased this jeep several months ago for our son, and it has been money well spent! He is large for his age (8mos old and 26 lbs!) and has no problems fitting in it or maneuvering it. The only drawbacks would be that the back wheels are fixed (so it limits his navigating ability) and doesn’t roll on even the shortest of carpet. Still, we are very pleased with this purchase. Baby boy loves it!

Yesenia Yoder, KS

Super cute!

My boys never had a walker but even if they had it wouldn’t have been as adorable as the Jeep Liberty Renegade Baby Walker in pink (yes the pink is what makes it super adorable.) First off putting together the walker was a breeze and took my husband probably 20 minutes (and no swearing was involved.) It features everything a kid would need: electronic sounds, steering wheel, padded and easy to clean seat, adjustable height to grow with child and toys! For parents it has non-skid friction pads and is quite durable so it will last.Now I haven’t been able to have Olivia try this walker out yet (she is only 4 weeks old) but I know she is going to love it. My boys have actually been begging to use it, but alas they are too big for it. I was worried about the walker being too big and awkward but it fits through doorways and it doesn’t really have anything sticking out. The car design just makes this walker look so modern and fun. I like too that the wheels are independent so baby’s can manage better without struggling with four wheels that won’t cooperate. I can see this being hard to maneuver on carpeting, but then again I can’t see any walkers working great on carpeting, it works great on our low berber carpet and hardwood floors. Oh and an easy to clean seat pad is a must because I know snacks will be in there as well as a sippy cup, which there is even a cup holder for! My husband’s favorite feature was that the stickers were already on the pieces – he hates putting stickers on because they never line up perfect for him.You can also use this walker outside which will be a perfect “ride” for Olivia next summer! Oh and even if your baby can’t reach the ground, it would be a perfect toy to keep them contained in while you get stuff done! I do recommend though when they are walking to obviously keep basement doors clothes and anything dangerous out of reaching distance. The only thing I don’t like about this walker is that it doesn’t fold flat for storage. You can take it apart pretty quickly but otherwise it stays as big as it is.

Leanne Hilger, MT

My Grandson loves this!!!

I take care of my 8 mo. old grandson every day and I needed something to sit him in that could easily move from room to room. I chose this because it’s so cute and my son-in-law has a jeep. It was easy to put together without tools and the minute we put him in it he started playing with the toys!!! He’s not old enough to maneuver the walker by himself yet but it’s great to be able to move him from room to room and be entertained while I’m busy. I’ve had to remove the seat once to be washed and had no problems getting it off and back on. This toy should hold up through several grandkids!

Lois Iowa Falls, IA

Nice Walker

Really easy to put together and the kid likes roaming around the house in her "first car." I wish the legs would go a little higher, but would buy the product again.

Ladonna Moorcroft, WY

baby walker

This is a very sturdy and fun walker for my Grandson! At almost 6 mos old, Jaden took off immediately. He can turn the wheel and loves the clickety sounds it makes. He accidentally punched the horn and now reaches for it all the time – still learning about the sound buttons on either side of horn. He loves to twirl the “side mirrors” but has not discovered the “key” as of yet. We find that it glides over hardwood floors and/or carpet and makes the transition easily. An all around great walker that should last him as long as he needs it since the height adjusts as he grows!

Adele Lindenhurst, NY

Jeep Renegade Walker

Really nice walker, very comfortable for any baby! The colors are very nice! The front tires turn but the back ones don’t, maybe it would be even more fun for the baby if the back ones turned also. Anyway this is a great walker and my daughter has alot of fun with it!

Sheree Saint Charles, MN


Awesome for boys, comes with sounds and horn, steering wheel and slots to keep toys. Easy to keep clean and washable seat.

Katheryn Jacksonville, NC


My son is 4 months old and at the lower setting he is able to reach the floor, we have carpet in some parts of the house and it will not roll the wheels are small just an fyi but on floors is very easy, the colors are great too. Great little walker.

Fran Port Isabel, TX

Daughter never used it.

I thought this was the coolest walker out there but my daughter showed no interest. She couldn’t push it and was bored with it because of the lack of accessories. I gave it 3 stars because I thought it was good quality.

Pamela West Union, IA

Love it!

I love the Jeep Liberty Renegade pink walker and more importantly, my 6 month old loves it too. It was easy to assemble and very sturdy. She loves to “drive” the steering wheel and loves the noises. She is a little short for her age (24 3/4″)and at the lowest setting her feet barely touch the ground so I put something under them for the time being. But its been helpful now that she is mobile to give her a fun activity that keeps her safe so I can cook or do things quickly around the house. It will be a while before she outgrows it so it was worth the money. Its also lightweight so I can carry it around and not too big or bulky.

Ernestine Beaumont, VA

Very Big

This walker is a very big space hog. The moment you take out the pieces from the box you see how humongous it is and since it doesn’t fold into a more compact size, it takes up a lot of space. So don’t buy this if you have limited space or don’t like block-y items, which this describes this walker. This walker also seems to be for bigger babies in general and my baby is only about 5 months old so I needed a walker for shorter babies. Otherwise, the design of this walker is very cute and it seems to have a lot of toys for the baby to play with.

Octavia Samson, AL


The plastic moldings are a bit sharp that cause mom or dad a few scraps but not exposed to baby. Readjusting the height may pinch a few fingers and if you have a big 5 month old like I do, it can be a little tough getting him in and out the seat. It’s movement is a little difficult even on wooden floors. It is exactly like what you see in the pictures.

Kathi Malad City, ID

We have 2, one for Grandma’s house and one for home

Bought this for my Grandson for Christmas. He was then 6 months old. His feet barely touched the ground, then. He moved it around a little on Christmas day and seemed to like it so Grandma bought another one for her house since I watch him between 3 – 5 days a week. Like other reviews have said, it is good in size, (bulky) and so far only goes good on tile or wood floors, not carpet. Currently at 8 months old he seems to enjoy it, although his Mommy is not overly thrilled with “walkers” of any kind. For that reason, and the fact that he still has trouble going forward in it, (fantastic at going backward) he gets a very short time period in it. He LOVES to play with the mirror, steering wheel and buttons that make neat noises. It is made very sturdy and was put together very easily by my husband and myself. The hardest things to put in were the side mirrors. They must have improved them since some older reviews said their kids could pull these out quite easily. I don’t think ours will EVER come out. Two thumbs up for the value.

Carolyn California, MD

Great baby walker

We got this walker for our 9 month old and she loves it. It’s super easy to put together and appears to be built pretty sturdily. The baby loves the steering wheel which turns and the toot toot and music sounds of the horn. The walker moves well on hardwood floors and even okay on carpet. Cute and useful!

Kirsten New Castle, NH

Loved this

Our pediatrician warned us not to get a walker, that it would slow down our daughter’s walking by herself. Well, not so much. We had this walker and she loved scooting around in it in our apartment (we might have not gotten it if we had stairs, although it does have a protector thing that doesn’t allow it to go down stairs, supposedly) and she was walking on her own by 9mos! Even after she started walking on her own she would push it around by the back "roll bar". She loved that it honked and played music, and would happily stay in it for about 30mins at a time.

Louella Waitsburg, WA

The jeep goes beep

nice jeep for my little guy. Putting it together was fairly straightforward. The only problem I had were getting the nuts on the legs to go in straight. They were a tight fit, which made my fingers hurt after. Rolls nicely, the music and horn are acceptable (i.e. not annoying), and the adjustable heights are a good distance. My boy is 28.75 inches long and his feet are flat on the lowest setting – I’d imagine if your kid is 27 inches you might have to wait unless tip toeing is to your liking.

Kristine Iona, MN

My son loves his walker.

The moment my son was sat on the walker he loved it and enjoys it today, I just placed another order for a second one for my baby sitter. My son is a tall boy and I had try a few walkers but nothing compares to this one it has the adjustable seat. Its worth for what it cost. :0)

Nancy Alma, WV