Jeep Netting for Carriers and Strollers with Weather Protector, White

Jeep Netting for Carriers and Strollers with Weather Protector, White

Jeep Netting helps protect baby from mosquitoes and other insects. Jeep Netting fits most single strollers, infant carriers, carriages and bassinets.

Main features

  • Fits most strollers
  • Fits most infant carriers
  • Fits most carriages
  • Fits most bassinets
  • Helps protect babies from insects

Verified reviews


Works like a charm, not just for the stroller

This works great, and the price is right. What makes this even cooler is that I discovered that it fits beautifully over our Pack n’ Play when we want to roll the thing out onto the patio so our little guy can hang out with us.

Alfreda Caldwell, NJ

Works great on bouncy seats too

Nice quality material, very stretchy. In addition to the car seat and stroller, it also works really well to cover a bouncy seat (as long as you have a toy bar on the bouncy seat to prop up the netting and create a tent effect, so that the netting isn’t just sitting on your baby).

Deborah Anthony, KS

Can’t go wrong for $4.50!

The netting is loose and therefore universal. I have a City Mini and the net is a bit big for the stroller, but for $4.50 I’m not complaining. My only concern is that I have to be careful that the net does not get caught in the front wheel of the stroller and so keep the stroller canopy down to make the net fit more tightly. Overall a good purchase and performs its job well.

Doretha Lynndyl, UT

Affordable and useful

Does the job for a fraction of the cost of other stroller netting. Comes with a practical plastic storage bag.

Allie Aquebogue, NY


After a day at the local festival, everyone else was eaten by mosquitoes. but my infant son slept peacefully without a care in the world. By the end of the event the family was itching and counting bites but he didn’t even have 1 bite!! i make sure this netting stays close to the stroller during the summer time!!

Katherine Shartlesville, PA

A must-have!!!!

This net is absolutely perfect. Best money I ever spent, and it was so inexpensive! You can use it on just about any stroller, car seat, over the top of a Pack & Play, etc. Takes up no room in my diaper bag. Don’t hesitate to buy this… it’s worth it!

Lupe White Bluff, TN

great product!

Easy to use and great for protecting our little one from mosquitos and other pests while at the lake, walking at the park, wherever!

Jenifer Creston, NC

Large enough for my jogging stroller.

I have a Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller and the netting is large enough to fit that. The material is soft and nice. I am happy with it.

Michele Fort Buchanan, PR

Works great

There’s not much to say about this. It works great. My baby enjoys his stroller rides, and living in the South, I don’t want to worry about bug bites. This does the trick.

Tracy Bolivar, NY


I have a jogging stroller and this net fits around it perfectly. It also allows me to pull it “tightly” enough that it stays away from my 11 month old grandson and so he doesn’t pull at it. It also is large enough that it wraps around the handle and the back of the stroller so i can loop it on the far side so the ‘hole’ above my grandsons head is covered from the backside as well… no sneaky bugs getting my lil man!! :0) Thanks!

Elvira Fedscreek, KY

I bought 2

I bought two of these, one for my mother that watches my son while im at work and one for myslef. they do the task perfectly and i do not use them on a Jeep stroller.

Clara Running Springs, CA

Superb for the Price

This does the job perfectly! It is super large but folds really well into a small zip lock back. I use it with my Britax Travel system and it is great over the whole system as well as the stroller alone! It also fits well over a crib and helped us save the baby from summer mosquitos that invaded the house. A must have item and you can’t beat the price!

Lee Bassett, AR

Works well

Works great and baby doesn’t seem to mind it. We even use it over our backpack carrier too.

Della Celina, OH

Love it

With all the rain in the last 6 months here in fl I don go out without it if I don’t want bugs and mosquitoes bothering my baby. Bought one for a friend, she loves it. It’s a little bit too long but the with is just fair. the length can be easily fixed by rolling in the excess.

Joanna Wabasso, FL

Works well, good price

This protected my baby from Taiwan mosquitoes during my last vacation. It works well, and I love that it came with a little black carrying case (looks like a small umbrella sleeve). Good price, arrived in a timely fashion, so I’m pleased! I used it over a Bumbleride Flite umbrella stroller, and it fit well with room to spare. I do think it would be a bit large for an infant carrier.

Freda Williamson, GA

wraps around stroller well and easy to store

This is a lifesaver! We go walking a lot and it’s nice to avoid spraying a bunch of bug spray on my baby to keep the bugs off. I like how this wraps around the stroller snugly and it’s easily stored in the small black storage bag when we aren’t using it.

Violet Marshall, TX


Looking forward to using this on the stroller and playpen. I didn’t know items like this were made for babies and am glad I came across it.

Kimberlee Los Alamos, NM

no more bugs!

this comes in handy on days that we go on our walks around the neighborhood. baby doesn’t mind it at all because she can still see through it.

Genevieve Fairview, UT

Does the job.

Great for covering the stroller or car seat to keep bugs out on a walk. It is big, but I figure better too big than too small.

Abbie East Brunswick, NJ

good product

Got this product for my daughter’s stroller last summer and for her pack n play, and it fits perfectly. Only problem is that it is hard for my daughter to see out of when on the stroller. If you need a stroller net, I recommend the Manito 2 in 1 Harmony Magic Shade, as it has a window that your child can see out of, and a door for easy access. But other than that, this product is good

Rebecca Hitterdal, MN

Great for keeping bugs away!

this is a great option for strollers, car seat or pack and play covers. we live next to a lake and also have a lot of ticks in the area. we plan on using this again this coming summer so we can enjoy walks and outdoor time without worrying about bug bites!

Betsy Osage Beach, MO

It works, but a little big for Baby Jogger

I have a baby jogger city mini and it’s a little big for it. Some extra fabric hangs in the front but I have not had a problem with it.

Annette Jacksonville Beach, FL

Great for our Baby Jogger City Select

Keeps the bugs away on our walks. We got two – one for each seat on our double stroller (Baby Jogger City Select)

Beatriz Norton, TX

Keeps the enoying bugs away from my baby

great item, fits my BOB stroller nicelly, and keeps all the mosquitos and other bugs away from my baby. Love it!

Juliette Shell Lake, WI

Works good, flexible

You can ou this on pretty much any stroller, it is nice and big. The netting could stand to be tighter to keep out noseeums like we have in florida but overall great for the price.

Rosa Harriman, NY

Covered our stroller and pack n’ play on vacation!

We took a family trip to Costa Rica and were worried about our little girl getting bit up by mosquitoes. This net prevented that from happening! We used it multiple nights to cover her pack n’ play and were satisfied with how easy to use it was.

Kaitlin Derwent, OH

Generous in size

This netting is generous in size and will fit practically any stroller. We have not used it yet but bought it in advance for use in the summer when everyone might want to order one. It is cheap and will definitely will serve the purpose. Carrying bag is definitely a bonus!

Effie Sherman Mills, ME

I’m so happy with this purchase!

It’s just so useful as we can only walk the baby after the sunset everyday during the summer time in Houston, this netting won’t block baby’s viewing of the surroundings, and keep her away from all the bugs and mosquitos. All mom should get one for your little one!

Jayne Eastman, GA

Does the job

Very basic netting that does its job. I like the little portable carrying case it comes in.

Margaret Gervais, OR

Great size!

We use this to cover our double stroller with the car seats in it when we don’t use the individual covers that have sun protection and it fits very well .

Beryl Curlew, IA