Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller with Front Fixed Wheel, Fierce

Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller with Front Fixed Wheel, Fierce

Love to listen to music when you run, but worry about not hearing your child? Both of you can listen to your favorite tunes with Music on the Move parent tray. Simply attach your own portable audio electronics, like an iPod, and go. Multi-position reclining seat accommodates child to 45 lbs. and has 5-point safety harness. Safety features include hand brake, tether and reflectors. Aluminum/Steel frame makes for a lightweight, yet sturdy jogger. Stroller weighs 26.4 pounds. Handle adjusts to multiple heights and stroller can stand upright when folded. iBaby Music on the Move requires 4 AA batteries, not included. Product folded size: 22.75″ W x 24″ D x 38.5″ H. One-year manufacturer warranty. JPMA Certified.

Main features

  • Metal, Aluminum
  • Imported
  • Essential jogging features: front fixed wheel, air filled tires, safety tether, reflectors
  • iBaby sound system plays music for both parent and baby
  • Features include: speed and distance odometer, hand brake, large storage basket
  • Multi-position reclining seat with 5-point safety harness accommodates child to 45 lbs
  • Stroller stands upright when folded and you can roll the stroller folded
  • Essential jogging features: front fixed wheel, air filled tires, safety tether, reflectors, super grip and adjustable handle
  • Features include: speed and distance odometer, hand brake, large storage basket, parent tray with 2 cup holders and compartment music player or other essential items

Verified reviews


Excellent stroller

I spent a lot of time researching what kind of stroller to get. I am not a “serious” jogger, but like to have the option of running outside. So I considered a stroller with a front wheel that swivels but has the option of locking. However I heard a lot of people say that the wheel would wobble when running – and I definitely didn’t want to have to deal with that. But I was hesitant to get a fixed wheel jogging stroller because a lot of people complained about the maneuverability. Ultimately, I went with this stroller because it had decent reviews in Consumer Reports and in the customer reviews here on Amazon, and the price was extremely reasonable for a stroller of this class. And I figured if it wasn’t something that I felt I could use all the time outside of jogging because of the maneuverability, I would just buy a cheaper and/or used “regular” stroller elsewhere.I’m so glad I bought this stroller! My husband and I used it for the first time this past weekend for our first time out disc golfing this season. It worked beautifully on the road, grass, leaves, rocks, tree roots, dips in the terrain etc. It maneuvered just fine by slightly lifting the front wheel to adjust your direction – and it was entirely instinctual – didn’t feel awkward at all. The tires never slipped, and it was even a bit muddy. Granted we only had our 6 week old infant in it so it wasn’t extraordinarily heavy, but I can’t see it getting much more difficult. We had to use an infant insert (not sold by Jeep) for our baby, but it worked just fine. I loved the fact that it reclined to nearly flat and inclined to sitting up – super easy to do as well. The 5-point harness straps were a little more difficult to adjust, but I imagine that’s for safety reasons. You don’t want your toddler to be able to loosen his or her own straps. The hand brake was a pain to figure out how to adjust once the front wheel was on, but I don’t plan on needing to use it! There is also a foot brake that locks the stroller in place. Putting it together was very easy as well with the enclosed instruction booklet.All in all – highly recommended – even for the casual jogger.9/26/11 – Update – I still love this stroller. I’ve been out running with it, had it in the mall, out disc golfing several times and it is still exactly what I was looking for. If you are on the fence, definitely buy it!

Ester Brookneal, VA

Better than the rest!

I bought this stroller about a year ago and have been very, very pleased. It has an adjustable-handle feature which is wonderful because both my husband and I are tall (6′ 2″). Our baby girl is also tall, and this was the only jogger that we found to have a more comfortable, natural bend for her legs. This stroller has tons of storage and the music feature is pretty cool as well. I love the durability – we take this thing everywhere – to the desert, around the neighborhood, to the zoo, etc. It has definitely lived up to my expectations.The only draw back is that the front wheel is fixed. Therefore, you have to “pop-a-wheelie” in order to turn it. However, it really is not a big deal and I think it is much more durable because the wheel is fixed. (I have pushed this thing through sand and up small rocky hills with ease while I watched other mom’s try to push their swivel-wheeled strollers with great difficulty…)My husband and I researched a ton of joggers before we bought this one. It comes in various colors (we have the Fierce) and if you compare the features and price of this stroller with others, this stroller wins hands down. If you are an “on-the-go” type of family like we are, this jogger will not let you down.

Leanna Fortuna, ND


This jeep stroller had everything I wanted and looked great too. The reason I ended up returning it was the lack of ease of use. As soon as I was out and jogging with it I realized how heavy it was. I had been using a jogging stroller that my aunt lent me that she used 13 years ago with her son and it glides like air. The Jeep stroller is like pushing a shopping cart loaded with rocks that has bad wheels and doesnt go in the direction you want. I was constantly fighting it to stay straight and because of the locked wheel it made it an even bigger fight. I wanted the locked wheel so thats not part of my issue but I did not expect to have such an issue. I was so frustrated that I asked my husband to try it out and he had the same probelms, so its not an issue of being a small woman.

Vera Orkney Springs, VA

Flat tires and not good sharp turns.

After three runs my tires were flat. I run on and off trail and this was not as useful off trail. Probably because of the tire pressure. I’d go with a better brand next time.

Aurelia Leland, IL

The Perfect Jogging Stroller

I am over the moon with this jogging stroller. I had purchased a used Baby Trend a few years ago, and it was just awful. It was heavy, hard to push, difficult to turn, my kid seemed uncomfortable and it pulled to the side. Needless to say, I gave up. I’ve recently gotten back into jogging again, and having a toddler was making it difficult for me to work out regularly. So, I decided to purchase a new jogging stroller. I did a few days worth of research, and kept coming back to this model- so I bought it. And, I am so glad that I did.First, let me just say that it is a shame so many reviewers marked this stroller down based on the fixed front wheel. This is a safety measure, as it is not safe to jog or run with a swivel wheel. This stroller is NOT intended for trips to the mall or for everyday errand use… it is a JOGGING stroller… it is meant for jogging. I suggest purchasing a separate stroller for trips to the mall.In regards to the wheel, even though it is fixed, I have found it very easy to turn. For small curves to go with the sidewalk, I can just push on the side a bit and it adjusts to my direction. For sharper turns, I just pop a wheely and it turns with ease.The stroller was fairly easy to assemble, and took me about an hour. The reviewers that stated that the wheels come on and off so easy a child could do it are correct… it is super easy. I have not put it in my trunk yet, but with the wheels coming off, I don’t see an issue with it fitting. For storage, it is taking up about the same amount of space as my Chicco Cortina; the wheel just sticks out a bit further. The two rear wheels did ship light on air, but a few pumps of air and they were fine. Note: this stroller does NOT come with the pump.I am still a little clunky with folding and un-folding the stroller. It is rather easy, just not as smooth and quick as my Chicco. I suspect that once I get used to it, I will be able to fold and un-fold it more quickly.This stroller is fairly light, and with the wheels unlocked, I have no struggle getting it up and down my stairs. I can also push it with my index finger while my toddler is seated in the stroller. My previous jogging stroller was very difficult to push while jogging, this one is hardly noticeable.The shocks/suspension system are fantastic. I live in a historic city- lots of uprooted sidewalks, broken down concreate, cobble stone, etc- this stroller handles it all, as well as the mud, grass, etc. My son LOVES the ride and seems very comfortable. He will actually ask several times a day to go for a ride! I also love that it has a hand break- just in caseMy son is 2.5 and roughly 30 lbs. He fits very comfortably in this stroller and seems to have room to grow. The fabric is also light- so I think it will still be comfortable when the weather gets warm.It is winter here, so I have not used the parent cup holders. While they are small, they are also deep. With the right water bottle, I am sure that your drink would stay secure. The child cup holder is rather wide, and my son’s take-and-toss cups bounce around a bit. I might try a standard sippy cup to see if they hold better.The sunshade is *almost* perfect. It unzips to be adjustable and provides good coverage. I do wish that it is expanded just a bit further without having to unzip and expose his head. I own a total of 3 strollers, and of all of them, this one has the best sunshade.The handle bar is great- I am rather short and this goes low enough for me to jog with it comfortably, but will also go high enough for my 6’4" husband. It is also super easy to adjust.There is a mesh pocket that is attached behind the child seat that fits my iPhone and keys perfectly. The pocket is divided, so they are not sloshing around together and are both very snug. There is a 3rd pocket in the mesh that would be great for a power bar or something similar in size.The cargo basket is deep and easily accessible. I have not put anything in it yet, but it will easily accomodate a day’s worth of stuff should we choose to take this stroller on an outing.The only real cons that I have are for the more gimmicky items- the pedometer and the speaker. The speaker doesn’t work and the casing that it comes in was flopping around on our first outing, so, I took it out. The pedometer is working for now, but seems fairly cheep. I’m okay with that though, as I did not purchase the stroller for these items. I use a GPS device on my phone to record my workout.Overall, I just love this stroller, and most importantly, so does my son. I am very happy with my purchase and hope to get many years out of this stroller. I’m a pretty picky person and this fits the bill perfectly- and you can’t beat the price!

Tammi Carnesville, GA

You Get What You Pay For: Fell Apart While On Run

Whether or not this is the right stroller for you depends on a few factors: average pace, average distance run, and the type of surface you run on. I also have the Bob Ironman Duallie jogging stroller. The Duallie is the same as the normal Bob Ironman except it seats 2 children. During the review I draw some comparisons between the Jeep and Bob jogging strollers. While the Bob Ironman jogging stroller is twice the price of the Jeep jogging stroller it can be worth the extra money spent.I purchased the Jeep jogging stroller about 1 1/2 years ago. The first few months I jogged about 2 miles a day, 5 days a week, at a average pace of 8:30. During this time I felt the Jeep stroller did a perfectly good job. After about 3 months of using the stroller I decided to work on my pace and increase my distance. Shortly into the training I felt I outgrew the Jeep stroller and wished I had spent the extra money on the Bob Ironman. During the training I got down to an average pace of 7:30 and was running about 5 miles a day, 5 days a week. Going at a pace faster than 8:00 the Jeep stroller started to feel rickety and wobbly. Every bump I hit the lid of the iPod holder on top threatened to fly off and send my iPhone with it. Running at a pace of 7:30 on city sidewalks I felt like the stroller may fall apart at any moment and after about 11 months of use and about 900 miles logged on the stroller it did just that. I hit a bump in the sidewalk while on a run and the whole stroller collapsed with child in it. There are 2 aluminum pins that hold the stroller together. Unbeknown to me one pin had already broke off. This put a lot of pressure on the one remaining pin which snapped in two. These pins should really be make of steel. I put 2 steel bolts in there place and the stroller has been fine since then and less wobbly.In comparison the Bob Ironman is made much, much better than the Jeep.1. Even when I hit a pace of 6:30 while running on sidewalks the Ironman feels solid; not rickety or wobbly at all.2. The Ironman has a suspension system which makes the ride much smoother for children and makes the stroller easier to control. Sometimes my kid was bouncing all over the place in the Jeep.3. The rubber grip on the Jeep starts to become murder on your palms if you run longer distances a few times a week. The skin was regularly peeling off my palms while using Jeep stroller. Now that I’ve switched to the Ironman which has a foam grip I haven’t had any issues.4. Surprising to me the Ironman Duallie with 2 children in it is easier to push than the Jeep with one child in it. It is most noticeable to me when I run up inclines.5. The material on the Ironman is a little nicer than that on the Jeep.There are a few things I like better about the Jeep stroller.1. The tires are thicker on the Jeep. I go through a set of rear tires about every 500 miles on the Jeep. They wear down to the tube and then the tube pops. The Ironman tires are noticeably thinner. I try to go on straighter paths with the Ironman because I know they won’t last.2. Customer service is much better with the Jeep stroller. After going through a set of rear tires after about 7 months I called to order new ones. They sent me a they set me the tires free of charge! After a little over a year of having the stroller, I went through the second set of rear tires, I called again to order another set and again they sent me set free of charge!!! The stroller was out of warranty at that point and they still took care of me! Compare that story to the Bob stroller. I received the Ironman Duallie, put it together, and took it out for a quick stroll. One of the tires went flat on the stroll. I called Bob up and they didn’t want to replace the tire. Finally after getting into an argument with the customer service rep, she agreed to send me a new tire. I didn’t receive anything for 10 days and called them up. The person at Bob said the tire was on backorder and they wouldn’t have it in for 2 more days. They did ship it overnight once they got it in. When I got the package all they sent me was a $3 tube. I bought a $420 stroller with a bum tire and they don’t tell me the part was on backorder and they expect me to change the tire. In contrast Jeep sent the whole tire assembly. All I had to do is snap the new tire in place.3. I like how the Jeep folds up for storage. When it is folded up it stands up which is ideal for putting in a closet. It isn’t the easiest to put in the truck of a car though. The Ironman folds up better to put in the truck on your car since it lies down flat but its footprint is too large for a closet.

Ma Kitty Hawk, NC

Great for Areas Without Sidewalks

I am not a runner but needed a stroller to walk my daughter in our neighborhood, which has no sidewalks. This stroller is perfect for that! My daughter isn’t bouncing around everywhere and can’t feel every single little bump since the road surface isn’t smooth. It takes a little bit to adjust to the stationary front wheel but once you get a hang of the steering, it isn’t a problem at all. I wouldn’t recommend this as an every day type of a stroller due to the size but it is great for walking/jogging. Also, the music hookup really sold me on this stroller but upon receiving the stroller, I realized that it is a piece of junk. The music is louder if I play it straight off of my iPhone. The speaker is really cheap and you basically plug your phone/music player into this little box which is covered and therefore doesn’t allow you to easily change songs/adjust volume/etc. I leave the box open when I use it but then it rattles. The design is really horrible for this component and could use a lot of improvement.ProsCupholders are a good size compared to other strollersLarge wheels absorb a lot of the bumpsRolls over bumps very easily and works well off-roadTires are easy to inflateAdjustable canopy (great to keep the wind/sun out of baby’s face)Large basket on bottomEasy to assembleLight weightConsMusic hookup and speaker is junkLarge size when collapsedPedometer is always falling off

Mae Sand Creek, WI

Front wheel

Overall we like the stroller. Easy to put together and sturdy. I do not like that the front wheel doesn’t move. It’s great when walking or jogging on a strait path but difficult to manuver around corners. We take lots of walks around our neighborhood and it’s a pain and the park in our city curvey. I hate jogging in the first place so fighting with the stroller makes it worse, ha ha. Maybe a better workout though. The Ipod music system is crappy but that isn’t too important to me. I just tried it because it was there and thought it was neat.

Kara Ivyton, KY

Great Jogger

I love this stroller. I was debating whether to get this or a B.O.B. and chose this one for the $ difference. I think I made the right decision. Yes, the front wheel doesn’t swivel-but a good jogging stroller is supposed to be built like that! Sound system works great and the colors are really sharp. The sunshade unzips so that you can pull it all the way down to the tray which is nice for evening jogs as the sun goes down. It has a sizable basket for a jogger and two cup holders-which is nice when my husband and I go out together. It doesn’t fold up easily and is quite large when it is folded up, so take that into consideration before purchasing. All in all a great jogger for the money!

Robert Green Sulphur Springs, WV

great for working out and walking off terrains outside. great customer service too (north carolina)

this doesnt come w batteries or screw device so make sure you have those ready for the speaker.i actually find the stroller a little shaky, the wobble to me equates with unsturdy craftsmanship, but my husbands wobbly jeep (real live version) still runs decent, so i imagine will the stroller. on the plus side it has terrific cushion, i placed blankets around my babys head.mine came with a hole/tear on one corner and maybe thats where the pedometer went off to… free pedometer land. at any rate mne is pedometerless and i’d love to have that feature! at first i thought the wire aong the side was for speakers to the baby music stand, but it ends in a wheel sensor, and the music comes from a single external speaker by the babys head. how annoying that must be to people who live in the city and theres jeep mom blaring away to baby on the metro… on the other hand i do go out pretty early so it shouldnt bother the people already out leaves me actually more interested in the pedometer feature, if only mine had one. :(overall i am gonna use this stroller a lot.2 side notes, while not as sturdy as a baby trand jogger expedition, this one folds better for space and maneuverability (slightly), and it is a lot more wobbly. i didnt note any wobble at all with trend. it will unsafely accomodate an infant graco snugride. and it is really long and awkward to use in crowded public transportation. (not cool) it almost means you need two strollers.NOTE: 5-23-11 contacted customer service and they are promptly sending an odometer for the missing piece. in which case i would rate this one as 5/5 on customer service, but it remains feeling kind of wobbly when i walk with it. i have been using it for hills, take it up stairs/down stairs, thru elevators, into tight spaces, and for the most part it works really great. i need to try the folding in those tight squeeze areas and see if i like it any better.. i think the break is a bit hard to squeeze too. BUT it stops easily and that is great because car drivers here (portland OR) dont always like to stop so it helps that the stroller stops easily upon command even w/o brake. this does extremely well due to the handle at all terrains. i’ve seen other units, like bob revolution that are smaller than jeep. i think i would prefer the jeep overland because of its luxurious 16″ wheel cushions. i pumped up to 35psi, its limit, and the tires work so much better than shipping psi. i think it wont be long till i can actually run with the stroller. its handle is far better than the babytrend expedition non-moving handle. cant wait to try the odometer!6/2/11: received the missing part. still havent gotten out with it though, by saturday should have a chance if all goes according to plan. (famous last words) anyway the customer service truly does deserve mention. Kolcraft from North Carolina has excellent customer service, friendly, and fast. Thank you.

Vickie Blossvale, NY

fixed wheel all terrain stroller

great stroller for jogging. my little one is 8 months old and she fits in it nicely with plenty of room to grow. it has an odometer, however im a little confused about how it works. It also has the iBaby speaker which is nice, but a major problem I have with it is that it my phone doesn’t fit inside with the little door closed. I have a Droid 3. Overall excellent.

Aurora San Francisco, CA

Pulls to The Left, Too Much Effort To Push

I live in Chicago and wanted a fixed front wheel jogger. Well being that I do not jog in a straight line after a couple blocks I was exhausted from “turning” corners. It does take a lot of effort to get this thing moving. It is very heavy. I am going to send it back and try the Schwinn. I could see how this stroller would be awesome if I lived near a very straight bike trail, but for city jogging, this is not the one. Also it tips over easily ( as heavy as it is). Pulls to the left and the arm strap was useless for me. Did not try the pedometer or the iBaby. The lower basket was big, but this thing is only good for jogging ( in a straight line!) so I don’t really know how much storage I need for that.I understand the fixed wheel and it’s safety, but for us we can not use this thing without our backs hurting from supporting it at every turn.

Gale Jewell, GA

Just “OK”

Just received our stroller today. Straight out of the box and already we have issues.There is a serious pull to the left; this puppy is migrating and doing it quickly! I see this quickly becoming a problem to the point of contacting the manufacturer.The pedometer does not work. I installed it and set up the tire size, etc and it will not work no matter what we do. This was one of the top reasons I chose this stroller! Very annoying.The rubber handle is very tacky, to the point of sticky. Yucky. I can imagine it will feel even more awesome once I’m jogging and sweaty.The iBaby doesn’t work straight to your iPhone. Mind you, it’s possible. You just have to “purchase the proper accessory at your local Apple store.” Really? Really! That’s ridiculous!I really like that the stroller has two water bottle holders. I like that there is ample storage space for a jogging stroller.The stroller will get the job done, but maybe not as stellar as a more expensive jogger. Guess you really do get what you pay for when it comes to jogging strollers.**EDIT**I’ve now owned this stoller for a couple of months. Overall, I’m much more pleased with it than I was initially. I adjusted the front wheel by removing it and putting it back on and have no issues with the pull.I like that the canopy unzips to adjust to different positions. I do wish it was a taaad bigger though.I have not once used the iPhone/iPod thing. While that was initially a selling point for me, I was too lazy to buy the additional part. Turns out the cup holder magnifies the music to the perfect volume! Who knew. My pedometer didn’t work from day 1 so I also use my phone to monitor our distance. Turns out this works better for us anyways.I love that the handle is adjustable for the husband and I. It’s not as tacky as it was straight out of the box luckily.We keep the seat in a semi reclined position and my one year old will sit up straight when he wants and the seat back will move with him. Interesting. I’m not sure that’s how it’s supposed to work, but it works for us.Overall, I’ve been very pleased with this stroller. We run about 15 miles a week and it’s done it’s job wonderfully!

Alejandra Pixley, CA

Smooth ride

We bought this stroller when our daughter was about 5 months old and not able to sit up by herself just yet. Based on that we followed the product recommendation and have not used this for jogging! We’ve participated in a couple 5K charity events and this stroller and it’s really nice. Easy to push, smooth and enough flexibility to take baby out in a variety of weather conditions. Obviously the fixed wheel makes it difficult to turn corners or maneuver on curved paths, but it also makes it very easy to stay on a straight path. Will update the review once baby is bigger and we can test it at a faster pace…

Regina Arkport, NY

Great stroller for the price

We just got this stroller and so far so good. It was easy to put together and took about 10 minutes. I had a little trouble folding it up but if I put the front wheel against a wall it folds easily. The handle bar easily adjusts for both my husband and I. The one feature I really wanted we’re breaks because we have a lot of hills around us and the front wheel worked great. I’m looking forward to getting a lot of use out of this stroller.

Tammie Murray City, OH

Great product!

This is a great item for the price. It has all of the fancy features of the more expensive jogging strollers. I used this all of summer 2013. It’s very smooth and comfortable for the child. I did not care for the children’s speaker. It was very hard for my son to hear even with the volume on my phone all the way up. It was not a big deal for me because most of the time the smooth ride would put him to sleep.

Lily West Brookfield, MA


six weeks after having my baby, I needed to get back in shape so I could return to work, so I got this stroller, and my little boy and I took morning runs together while my husband was at work. I know, it’s a little big for a 2 month old, so I rolled up blankets and put them as soft barriers on both sides of him so that he wouldn’t roll over. He LOVES the stroller, and I love the fact that the overhead can unzip and be moved down lower in front of him so that the wind doesn’t hit him in the face. And there’s a window there so he can still see whats in front of him. I have not had any problems with this stroller, i like the fact that the front wheel does not swivel. its a little harder to turn, but it doesn’t jump all of the place, and it has a great center of balance, so it doesn’t pop up when you run with it.

Madelyn Ironsides, MD

So far- great stroller!

We bought this so my husband could go running with our daughter and so far, its pretty awesome! It took us both a little get used to with the turning, but once we got that down we haven’t had any problems. It is a little bulking when folded, but I love that it stands on it’s own while folded up! Makes for storing in a small apartment so much easier! We love the odometer and that it plays music, definitely a great purchase and a pretty good price!

Leeann Aberdeen, MD

Good quality stroller

I chose this jogging stroller after reading a lot of reviews. I wanted a stroller for non-serious running every now and then. It needed to be better than the cheap ones that fit infant seats (son was 18 months when we started) but didn’t need to be a Bob Ironman. I have been pleased with the quality of this. The non-turning wheel is not perfect for us — but i did my research in advance and purposefully went that route, though I regret it now (my jogging is not always in a straight line and it is a real deterrent to running to have to turn corners). I ultimately chose this one over a couple of other similar and well-reviewed strollers because this one had the speaker. But i would say that the speaker is generally useless. It’s the same or worse quality than an iphone speaker, and it faces the inside of the stroller, so gets muffled.

Sally Whitehall, NY

Good, but not perfect

I really like this stroller. I have another stroller, a Graco stroller that came with our infant car seat. I prefer the Jeep stroller for walks around the neigborhood, it seems to be a smooth ride for my little one.However, it is not good for shopping at places like Target, etc. Because of the front fixed wheel, you constantly have to lift up to turn it, which is a real pain. Also, this thing takes a TON of space in the back of my Honda CR-V (much more than my Graco stroller). I plan on taking it on a beach trip next month, but honestly, I’m not sure I’ll have room for it and the other luggage and things that we will need to take.

Nanette Downs, KS

Perfect for runners

We purchased this stroller for our 4 months old son and it is great for running.There is one thing I would like to add to the first review made by Monk Fan. The pedometer is junk. It only worked one day, and we were never able to use it. We do not use the music player, but we love all the storage space.

Tasha Oakwood, VA