Jeep Perfect Pockets Back Pack, Black

Jeep Perfect Pockets Back Pack, Black

Jeep perfect pockets back pack diaper bag combines ultimate organization with clean, handsome styling. 12 pockets make for storage heaven when on the go with baby. Stash pacifiers, creams, keys, and diapers in the small zippered pockets throughout the bag, and larger items like toys, and clothes in the spacious main compartment. Bottles stay fresh in the insulated side pocket. This jeep diaper bag features a hard wipes case with easy pop open feature for quick access to baby wipes. Choose between 2 hands free carrying options, padded shoulder straps or stroller loops. Padded back panel for added comfort.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • 12 pockets
  • Stroller loops
  • Insulated bottle pocket
  • The button should be pushed, not pulled in order to use the function intended

Verified reviews



I was wanting to get either the Fisher Price backpack or this one. Glad I went with this one! Very sturdy and I can fit a lot of things in it. Also, I buy the costco wipes and the package fits nicely in it instead of using the wipe dispenser they provide. Lots of pockets everywhere makes it easier to store things. It is heavy since I put a lot of things in the bag but I still love it. I have a newborn and a toddler so sidebags/messenger weren’t doable for me. This one was perfect!

Sue Piedmont, OK

Great backpack, but seams are iffy

I love this backpack. The pockets are all great….BUT….within days of getting it, the stroller buckle (a great feature, in theory!) threading ripped apart and broke completely off. I was able to re-stitch it, but I was disappointed it broke so quickly. The stitching around other parts of the bag is equally poor.Pros: I love the different pockets on the bag, but like other reviewers have shared, the insulated bottle pocket is quite small – it will only hold one bottle with an ice pack, or you can try to shove two bottles in and stretch the already loosey-goosy seams.It doe not have a great place for the changing pad, I wish there were an easy access pocket on the outside of the back. The large side pockets are great for easy access to diapers, but they aren’t very deep and are beveled with the shape of the backpack, so less room for diapers. Also filling them two full further limits the space for the bottles in that side pocket.All in all, great bag. We will see how well it holds up.

Elnora Mitchellville, IA

I’m impressed!

I must say I had a small amount of buyers remorse when I first ordered this (sorry Amazon, but I found it for $25 less at another large retailer). I just didn’t see how a backpack, made by Jeep no less, was going to cut it with a 2 1/2 year old and a newborn. But my over the shoulder bag wasn’t proving to be big enough now that there were 2 kids. I read every review I could find on this backpack and decided to try it. When it got here, I thought for sure I would be returning it. It looked way too small for what I needed. But I am happily impressed! I love all the pockets!!! After filling the new bag with everything I had crammed into the old bag, I still have a ton of room left inside. I can easily fit more toys and clothes in there if needed.Two things I don’t like about the bag:- there aren’t any loops or hooks to hang things off of. I have a little bag for the pacifiers and a clip on container of bags for used diapers to go in. Have to find some way to attach them to the zippers I guess.- the changing pad is small…. Not a big deal since I will use the other one from the other diaper bagNeither of these things are a big deal, just my personal preference…… I still give it 5 stars!

Minerva Broken Arrow, OK

close…but not perfect

I guess I’m just spoiled by my SwissGear backpack, but this wasn’t quite as perfect as I’d hoped. I really want another main deep pocket, and I want the top handle to be better balanced. I also want that top zipper pocket to zip open towards the top, because it opens towards the bottom which means anything in there can fall out so easily! I also don’t love the velcro pocket on the front or the lack of a water bottle holder.However, it’s easy and comfortable to carry, and holds everything I need even if a bit chaotically.

Marissa Eggleston, VA

The daddy diaper bag

We got this as a gift for my husband. It is perfect in size and he doesn’t have to lug some girly looking purse looking diaper bag when taking care of our daughter. The set up is great. Love the holder for the baby wipes. It has a lot of useful pockets. I’m actually jealous and wish my diaper bag did too!

Janie Milton, WV


I don’t currently have anywhere to put the baby clothes that i’m buying… When I got this diaper back pack and it is SO well made! It looks extremely durable AND it’s HUGE! I could fit ALL the clothes I bought for him… roughly two weeks worth of onsies, socks, pants, burp clothes, etc. Also, the wipe case is WONDERFUL! and so is the changing pad! I can’t wait to use it! The side pocket on the other side of the back pack is insulated for keeping bottles cold! I would recommend this to absolutely anybody!! I anticipate this being so much more practical than the typical diaper bag!!

Latasha Madison, GA

The holy grail of diaper bags!

This diaper bag came with a bunch of extra features I didn’t even know about! It’s extremely comfortable to wear and very durable. It has a great wipes container and a hot/cold container plus tons of extra pockets and straps to hook upto a stroller! This makes life so much easier. I wish I had this with my 1st born. All my pregnant friends envy this bag as well. I’m sure they’ll be getting one too! Very easy to clean as well. Definitely worth the money.

Merle Cadyville, NY

Bad zippers and seams

I love how much space this bag has! I always end up with extra room, and I’m generally an over-packer. Unfortunately, since I first got it I noticed that many of the zipper seams had a lot of frayed threads on the inside, so the zippers were constantly getting stuck and catching on the threads. If I used two hands, I could get it unstuck, but when you have more than one child (or even just a baby occupying one arm/hand), you need to be able to do a lot of things one-handed. And with these zippers, I couldn’t do that! And today, I went to put a half-size bottle into the bottle compartment, which I’ve only used a handful of times over the last 6 weeks, the zipper broke completely and now I won’t be able to keep anything insulated in there, which defeats the purpose of the pocket. I’m returning this and will order another because I’m hoping maybe it was just a quality issue with my particular bag. Because really, if the zippers weren’t a problem, this bag would fit my needs perfectly and I would highly recommend it!

Rhoda Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


I have a three month old and the amount of stuff we have to take on a day outing is CRAZY! I pack a lot of stuff. probably more then I need, but I like to feel prepared. I have a cute little diaper bag, but that is just it, it was too small to take if I was going out for more then a few hours.In this backpack I can fit: house bottle warmer, car charger bottle warmer, jacket, hand pump, sunscreen, beg spray, small cereal container, small toys(3), 10 size 1 diapers, wipes, baggies to put dirty diapers in, changing pad, thermometer, diaper rash cream, gripe water, gas drops, pacifiers, three outfits, 2 receiving blankets, and 2 bottles. Most of the time I also out my cell phone and wallet in the big pocket too.The main compartment it HUGE! I can fit so much into it. The half circle pocket on the top is bigger then it looks and I keep cloths in it. The large side pockets I use for diapers and changing pads. I do not use the hard wipe case that came with the bag. I put on of the soft disposable wipe packs into it and so far it works great. The two pockets that I have not quite mastered filling are the sipper pocket on the flap and the one under the half circle. The sipper pocket on the flap is small. I have put pacifiers, keys, and cellphones in it but none seem to fit quite right. The pocket below the circle pocket I have put the health care stuff, cell phone, keys, cloths, sun hats, but again nothing seems quite right. The best fit for this pocket so far is the sunhat and sunglasses for the baby.Overall, this bag is amazing! So roomy and easy to full. To help my husband when I ask him to find something I got key chains that can be written on and attached them to each pocket. I have listed what is in the pocket so he or a sitter can easily locate what they need.It is a great bag for me to take to town or take to the baby sitters for the day. It also worked well on vacation. I was able to keep it upfront with me and I had what ever I needed.

Hazel S Coffeyville, OK

Not perfect but I like it

Overall I really like this bag. I’ve used it 2 months now. I love all the pockets. I finally can find everything quickly with this bag. I haven’t used the wipe container- I was worried the wipes would dry out so I just put them in a ziplock bag in the wipe pocket. The insulated pocket is great too! My major complaint is it sits strange on my back. Maybe it’s bc I’m over 6 ft? It’s also still quite boxy – but fits what I need nicely for 2 kids under 2 so I’m happy.

Gracie Ozark, AL

Roomy hands-free diaper bag!

This diaper bag has LOTS of pockets to help keep you organized. The wipes pocket will hold a 100-count flip-top package of wipes easily, which greatly helps on-the-go diaper changes. The big pocket holds multiple clothing changes and whatever else Mom or Dad needs to tote along. I used a messenger-style bag for my first little one and found it difficult to carry while carrying a wiggly kid. The backpack style makes it easier to carry the baby while holding the hand of the older one. The stroller straps do not fit on my Chicco stroller’s handles, but I am able to fit this backpack in the basket underneath the stroller seat. I have had one zipper snag on the material inside the pocket, but otherwise this bag is holding up well.

Annmarie Lesterville, MO

Five Stars

I recently received this product and I loved it. It has large capacity, many pockets.

Britney Corsica, PA

Daddy’s baby diaper bag

I purchase this, because there’s too many girly options of diaper bags. Not my cup of tea, so i went with this, Bag has lots of storage and pockets, an insulated bottle holder, and a changing pad. What was the selling point for me was that it allows me to have both hands free at all times, when i’m out with the little one…

Isabel Diggins, MO

Lots of pockets, but they are small ones

The whole backpack needs to be bigger. The main compartment is good and I like pockets, but there are almost too many if they are all that small. Even fewer pockets would’ve been nicer if some could merge to bigger ones. The side bottle pocket doesn’t quite close over Medela bottles. It’s well made and pretty good, but a bit small.

Neva Greenway, AR

Great combination of diaper bag and back pack

Plenty of space and pockets. I put everything for my 17 mo and also use it as a purse. I mostly hung it on the stroller handles. I recommend it!!

Valeria Rivesville, WV