Jeep Strap Cover, Stroller Strap Covers, Seat Belt Strap Covers, Plush and Soft, Machine Washable, Pink

Jeep Strap Cover, Stroller Strap Covers, Seat Belt Strap Covers, Plush and Soft, Machine Washable, Pink

Jeep strap covers are made from a super soft fabric and helps protect child from seatbelt strap irritation. The strap covers can be used on any harness strap perfect for car seats, strollers and more. The covers are reversible and wrap around straps and attach securely with velcro. Machine washable.

Main features

  • Made from super soft fabric gentle against baby’s sensitive skin
  • The strap covers can be used on any harness strap perfect for car seats, strollers and more
  • Helps protect child from seatbelt strap irritation
  • The covers are reversible and wrap around straps and attach securely with velcro
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Very big

I bought them for my baby’s infant car seat but the straps are too big. I wasn’t able to buckle the chest buckle high enough anymore. So I ditched it and put the strap covers on my 4 year olds convertible car seat and that works fine in terms of the chest buckle. However, the straps are pretty wide and the velcro is only in one spot that the strap covers slides down easily. We always have to slide the strap covers back to the top every time we get in the car seat. But they are definitely soft and comfortable.

Dona Itasca, TX

worked great!

These worked just fine as replacement covers for my daughter’s carseat. The ones that came with the seat were a bit bulky, so these still protect her neck without being too cushy on her. They’re actually a bit wider than normal so they will truly do great with a traditional car seat belt, when we get to that time.

Allene Grafton, WV

worked great, very soft

My daughter is almost 2 years old and is starting to wiggle around alot in her car seat. her shoulder straps were cutting into her neck, but I purchased the Jeep strap covers and it solved the problem! They are also very soft so when she falls asleep in her seat her face is up against something comfortable.

Emma Woody Creek, CO

Cozy and cute!

These are great, nice and soft and the color is adorable! They work perfectly, and the price is right. Great gift idea as well!

Kenya Kellerman, AL

Adorable and Useful

I love these. They are very easy to use. They are extremely soft for the baby’s face and provide nice padding. I would recommend these.

Lindsey Maple Heights, OH


These worked great! For some reason our Safety 1st seat that we use in my husband’s truck came without these protective bands around the belt and my daughter (18mths) was getting red rub marks on her neck. These are soft, adjustable and work brilliantly.

Liz Berry, AL

Too big

Thesea ren’t really adjustable and are much much thinner than they look in the picture and far too wide. They slide down both car seats’ straps and my older daughter just takes them off.

Lawanda Weyauwega, WI

these are fantastic!

must have item! two negatives however…1. the jeep logo piece is not soft and only on one side, I constantly think one is upside down as I only see one logo…2. the item is sized to fit a full sized adult seat belt, so it is a wee bit excessive on a car seat, but will last for years to come as my daughter transitions to a booster and then to sitting in the car as a young adult… if she still want to use it… :)the belt straps on the infant car seats tuck right up under my daughter’s neck and she does not know any better than to fuss and move her head around while in the car, without this item, her neck would get sore and raw, possibly bleeding from rubbing against the seat belts on both sides of her neck!

Trina Clermont, FL

Works great and there pretty

I was converting my son’s old carrier for my daughter and needed new strap covers. These work great. Easy to wash after she spits up on them. Very soft to use to protect from the straps on their little necks. I would highly recommend.

Kaye Point Lay, AK

Made me feel better

I think these were kind of a waste of money. My daughter was going from a super deluxe padded carseat to a bare bones carseat, and I was worried the plain nylon straps would irritate her neck. However, she doesn’t seem to care either way. They are a basic terry-cloth velour texture, and about what I expected for the price. Like I said, the baby doesn’t need them, but they made me feel better, so they’re worth $6-$10. Wouldn’t pay more tho.

Josephine Dawsonville, GA

Look nice

They help me a lot, because my baby bite the belts of the car seat, so she stopped when I put on…

Lakeisha Deer Lodge, TN

Simple soft covers but they are big

I was hesitant to buy these because there were no reviews but I liked that they were simple, no toys attached and not reversible- priced right also. Upon receiving them (I got 2, one for my 2 year old and one for my baby when she arrives) they looked great! They are well sewn and very soft.We installed them in our daughters car seat (Evenflo Triumph Advance) and they were very wide but I’m a crafty person so I can fix it pretty easily, just haven’t yet. She loves that they are soft- she kept rubbing her face on them, and when she fell asleep they did the job and kept the straps from cutting into her neck, also looked like they acted as a small pillow.All in all they are perfect. I wouldn’t expect Jeep to make them any narrower because they need to be used around all sorts of straps, so just a heads up that they are pretty wide but everything else about them is perfect.Simple and Soft.

Lily Hopeton, OK

Soft, but shed.

I love that these are a very soft fleece, but they shed. My daughter is teething and loves to put her mouth on these when she is in her carseat, but they shed and she gets the fibers in her mouth. Not good. Wish they weren’t as fluffy.

Tameka Lottie, LA

Soft, comfy, and inexpensive

As advertised, not expensive, work well on the car seat straps without adding bulk that makes it hard to get the straps tightened correctly. Also the pink is pleasant (a bit milder than in the picture but not wimpy) and they are very soft.

Sonja Cayuga, IN

They work

These strap covers due the job but to me feel kind of flimsy. I find that I have to readjust them every use and sometime I have to revelcro them as they come undone while securing car seat straps on my daughter. For the price they work.

Marion Gambier, OH