Jeep Travel Anywhere 2-in-1 Sport Booster Seat and Everyday Bag

Jeep Travel Anywhere 2-in-1 Sport Booster Seat and Everyday Bag

Jeep 2-in-1 Booster Seat & Everyday BagParents never know when they might need a booster seat when dining on the run. But what if that perfect booster seat was actually a bag that could pack all their gear too? The Jeep 2-in-1 Booster Seat is the perfect solution for dining at restaurants or anywhere away from home.

Main features

  • Booster seat quickly pops up and secures to most chairs
  • Comfortable, easy-to-clean padded seat holds up to 45 pounds
  • Everyday bag includes plenty of storage space for baby’s daily supplies
  • 3 exterior cargo pockets for quick reach items such as drinks and cell phones
  • 2 adjustable straps easily secure booster seat to dining chair and a 3-point safety restraint keeps child safe and secure

Verified reviews


Pretty descent

We bought this for our 10 month old baby when we took a trip to Europe in case they didn’t have high chairs as it is more common in the states. We loved how it had a compartment to hold things so it had a dual purpose. The mesh on the sides broke easily. After using it to carry our thermal bottle of warm water (since it didn’t fit inside-too tall) the mesh starting breaking and now we have to huge holes on either side that are now not very useful. As a seat it is good. Really helped out in certain situations. The only complaint that we have is that the sides that fold are very flimsy so there is really no support for the child. There were times where she would slump on one side over the other. But nonetheless for its purpose on a trip and sometimes going out to eat either at a restaurant or your friend’s house has been nice.

Erin Sinajana, GU

Gotta love 2-in-1 baby gadgets!

I love this bag for my 2 year old! We were always going to friends’ houses for dinner and forgetting to take her booster seat, so we’d end up sitting with her on our laps, or sitting her on a regular chair with her chin practically on the table. Now that we have this, it’s one less thing that we have to remember. It’s always with us holding her wipes, folding toilet seat (PRI Folding Potty with Handles, White granite), a back-up outfit just in case there’s an accident, a drink (Munchkin 10 Oz Mighty Grip Straw Cup – 2 Pack,Colors May Vary), and a cup of snacks (Munchkin Two Snack Catchers, Colors May Vary). We definitely appreciate everything being in one place, especially now that there’s a newborn to pack for too!It’s deceivingly spacious inside. I thought the rigid frame of the booster seat would mean that it doesn’t expand much and therefore doesn’t hold much, but it really does. There are lots of pockets on the inside to keep things organized, and the outside pockets are added space too. The straps are fully adjustable as they double as the straps that hold the seat on the chair. Child clips securely into the seat, and the seat back is nice and soft against her back. The added bonus is that it’s not at all girly, and therefore Daddy doesn’t mind carrying it about. Cannot recommend this highly enough. Every parent of a toddler should have one!

Bobby Quail, TX

Works but had to modify it

Bought this when our oldest was a little over a year old as we needed a booster for him during vacation. I love that is has storage and I could pack essentials inside for if I used it in a restaurant. The only problem was, the back has no way to keep it upright. He liked leaning forward so the back would fall against his back. I ended up buying a bright green ribbon (similar in color to the green accents) and sewed long ribbons on each side of the back piece about 3 or 4 inches down from the top. After doing that, I can tie the ribbons in the back to hold the back against the chair. We still have this set up at our dining room table in one of the chairs and he loves using it to sit high at the table instead of in a highchair.

Jenny Ormsby, MN

Great convenience

Sturdy little bag that carries quite a lot. I only just found a small secret pocket on one of the sides above the mesh pocket after putting it through the wash. It’s not big, but it’s nice to store small pieces of important information, or an emergency cash stash, etc. The only thing that could improve the experience is using a different strap. The strap hooks are on the back/posterior side of the bag (opposite the side that opens up for a seat), rather than in the middle, and when the strap is toted over the shoulder, the whole bag likes to lop forward, feeling like it’s going to slip off my shoulder. Also, the strap itself is nice in that it’s adjustable, but part of it (the loose end), no matter how many times I tuck it into the shoulder pad, always slides out and hangs. Doesn’t look that great, but it in no way affects the functionality of the bag itself.

Lilly Schuylerville, NY

Excellent, except…

Every aspect of this booster seat/diaper bag combo is excellent except 1)the seat is too high for my average 25 month old. His knees will be hitting the underside of the table. The seat part is 5″ high. So check if this fits your child and table before purchasing 2)Like another reviewer mentioned, the seatback is not tied to the back of the chair, so the seat back keeps falling forward. You may do some sewing and add some kind of easy mechanism attach the seatback to the chairback. But that takes time.This is probably an excellent product for smaller/shorter child before age 2.

Katelyn Tuckerton, NJ

Very convenient

I bought this because we are travelling internationally to visit relatives who don’t have a booster. We wanted one less thing to carry (vs. diaper bag plus booster). So far, we have used it a few times when we had lunch at a friend’s house. It has worked great! It is so nice that my son doesn’t have to sit on my lap while I am trying to eat. It is a little elevated, so he sits right up at the table and enjoys his finger food. I wouldn’t leave a little one unattended in it though, it seems like if he really threw himself to one side he could flip certain chairs – he hasn’t yet, but I wouldn’t chance it. As a diaper bag, it is sufficient. Not many pockets nor bells and whistles – but we really just carry a changing pad, diapers, bottles and food – plus an extra outfit and a few toys.

Gussie Washington, NC

Nice idea!

I got this for my older son knowing he is a fidget/wiggle type of kid. I appreciate the peace of mind knowing that if he’s wiggling around in his seat and the booster is on a chair not booth he’s not going to wiggle it off and fall on the floor. He’s too long int he body to use the harness straps on him but the base can attach securely to the chair and he sits at the perfect height for the tables. with the solid cover I can still get into the diaper bag section without having to unseat my son if I should need something for the baby. Very useful product!

Rosalinda Foxboro, WI

Great, with one adjustment

This is very useful for visiting or eating out with toddlers. The booster seat is convenient and the bag is a great size for a diaper bag or to hold a change of clothes and a few things for a day outing.My one gripe is that the bag does not have a strap that secures the back of the seat to the top of the chair, which would make it much more stable. I solved this by packing an adjustable nylon strap in the bag (I think it was a carrying strap for an old camera case or something) and feeding it through the loops on the seat back to secure it to the back of the chair. It was an easy addition and made the seat much more secure.

Muriel Punta Santiago, PR

Must have for travel

I bought this for our 11 month-old son in anticipation of our trip to Asia, but we get plenty of use out of it at home for restaurants and visiting friends and relatives. Our son is much more comfortable in it than the wooden high chairs most restaurants provide and it is also much more sanitary. It is easy to set up and I almost always just use the straps around the back of the chair and not the strap around the bottom of the chair as that seems perfectly secure. The seat also functions as a nice bag for short outings with a compartment that fits a few small toys, food containers, wipes and diapers.

Sandy Canehill, AR