Jeep Universal Stroller Hook, Pack of 2, 360 Degree Swiveling Hooks, Installs in Seconds, Black

Jeep Universal Stroller Hook, Pack of 2, 360 Degree Swiveling Hooks, Installs in Seconds, Black

The Jeep Universal Stroller Hooks are great when you need an extra pair of hands. The adjustable straps accommodates all stroller makes and models. Hooks can be installed Horizontally or Vertically to work with any type of stroller handles. Hooks swivel 360 degrees. Installs in seconds. Many uses. Can be used on shopping carts.

Main features

  • Hooks swivel 360 degrees
  • Fully adjustable straps accommodates all stroller makes and models
  • Installs in seconds
  • Can be attached either horizontally or vertically, on any type of stroller handlebars or handles
  • Many other uses great item

Verified reviews



When I saw they used velcro attachment, I wasn’t sure what to think. But they work great and stay in place.

Terrie Sunburst, MT

Great item!

A great item at a great price. I hang my diaper bag from both hooks, leaving space underneath the stroller for shopping bags and a blanket. Looks great, and doesn’t interfere with the stroller when it’s collapsed.

Alyssa Roberts, IL


Great hooks, velco straps have enough slack that they should fit most handles. The hooks also spin around for whatever you need.

Jodie Brillion, WI

Great product

I love these hooks! Since our stroller does not have much space to put things, these hooks allow you to hang all your bags! The hooks are made very well, and things will not slide off, which was one thing I was worried about.

Allyson Alberta, AL

Just don’t tip your stroller over!

I use these with my Chicco Cortina Key Fit Travel System. They work great. The hooks are very study and the velcro is high quality so you are tempted to overload it. Be careful because you don’t want the stroller tipping over!

Michael Benton City, WA

Sturdier than they look

I bough these with a little hesitation since they are plastic I was worried that they would break.However I am pleased with my purchase, they are a lot more secure than the other ones thatI have tried that are metal. They secure to one place and don’t swing back and forth which helps me. Its made out of heavy duty velcro. The hooks swivel around to help as well. I love that they are also easy to take off and not bulky to throw into the diaper bag.This set also comes with two and that’s a bonus because they are not big. In the picture the straps were black mine that came were grey.

Eddie Glasston, ND

Love These Hook!

This hooks are absolutely perfect! They will hang your purse or your shopping bags throughout the mall – so glad I purchased them along with my Jeep Stroller!

Wilda Nicholville, NY


Very nice, large and good quality hooks for any stroller. I use these a lot to hang my bag or their lunch tote. It’s a good size hook and it adheres via velcro to the handle bar. It also swivels. I keep it permanently attached to our double stroller and I use it every time we take our stroller anywhere. It’s also nice for shopping trips. You can your shopping bags on there!

Ina Castle Point, NY


Fits great on the keyfit caddy and fits great on my baby jogger stroller. Easy to take on and off.

Lucia Foster, NE

Great product

It holds a lot of weight. Very useful. I hang there my purse and shopping bags, it seems durable. I would recommend it.

Blanche Elmer City, WA


They withstand a lot of weight. I use them on my stroller, my child also likes it her doll strollers, on my carry on luggage …Recommend? YES

Carly Houghton, SD

very cheap!

Search “velcro soft wrap” and get those instead. Then get some D rings. The Jeep straps do not stay attached and the hooks are very cheap. The straps are only long enough to go around the handle bars. If you wanted to use the hooks on the side of the stroller or something else they are not long enough.

Pearlie Monticello, IL

Jeep Stroller Hook

These are very handy when going shopping. Saves the hassle of carrying items and pushing the stroller at the same time.

Polly Coulee Dam, WA

Love these

I love these. The Velcro (seems really tough) makes it so you can put this on different sized things and the pivoting head keeps you from trying to figure out which direction to put it on (who has time for that with a wiggly baby!) Also, great price! Will be a baby shower gift for now on.

Nichole Artois, CA

a must have

Shopping is so much easier with these stroller hooks almost like having an extra set of hands. Have used other brands but they have broken.

Dorothea Wheelwright, KY

Don’t waste your money

These hooks just don’t work, the velcro is too soft and my bag keeps falling while I’m walking with the stroller. You get what you pay for…

Flora Larslan, MT


I have a mommy hook and its great but with my double stroller I have plenty of room hang packages, its nice that it allows me to hang stuff so easily

Harriett Eastham, MA

Very handy

Wish i had bought these with my first baby!!Obviously you wouldnt want to weigh them down with groceries incase the pram tipped but they are great for clothes shopping!

Linda Tujunga, CA

Terrible Hooks, look elsewhere!

These hooks don’t hold anything. The velcro isn’t strong enough. The minute you place a bag on it, the velcro starts the peel-down, until the bag drops off within 3 minutes! Wish I’d gone for the more expensive ones with the better rating. These are worthless to me.

Dorthy Randolph, OH

Jeep Universal Stroller Hook

These hooks are awesome. I’m currently using them on my City Versa and they are so easy to use and move if needed.

Roxie Doerun, GA


Good price for these stroller hooks. They held up/didn’t come undone when my 42-lb daughter was hanging/swinging off of them (not recommended!!!) while installed to the handle of my Joovy Caboose stroller. I wish they came in other colors, but for the price I am happy.

Wendy Wagon Mound, NM

Work great

These are great little hooks for he back of the stroller. I love that the hooks turn around and are strong!

Martha Woodworth, WI

Love these stroller hooks!

I love these stroller hooks, they hold so much! My stroller’s basket doesn’t hold my huge diaper bag so I got these hooks to carry the diaper bag and they work great. I went food shopping and brought my stroller into the store, and these hooks held my diaper bag and my six shopping bags (I hadn’t intended to buy so much but couldn’t resist the sales!). I’m really pleased with them.

Sonia Iron Mountain, MI

can really carry a lot!

I got this for my Joovy sit n stand stroller and I really like it. The hooks can really hold a lot. (just make sure you actually have a kid in the front seat of the stroller or it’ll tip over! lol)

Debora Big Flats, NY

Great and durable

These are so handy and super easy to install. Liked so much bought a second set for our other stroller.

Sherry Winfield, TN

Great simple product

These stroller hooks are exactly what I needed to attach my diaper bag to any store cart or to provide a place to hang any bags i may accumulate while shopping. Since they are velcro, they adjust to fit literally any cart or stroller and really easy to remove. Great and cheap buy.

Shelley Buxton, NC

Useless Useless

Useless is all I can say. It cannot hold any weight – the velcro un-wraps as soon as you put a purse on it. Not sure what I can use it for in my entire house?

Aileen Kingman, AZ

The best hook

I also have the Munchkin hook, but this is special.It grabs almost anything, it’s light but can carry a great deal of bags.I use it at my son’s stroller and also at market carts, keeping my purse away from the food.I got two pairs, which I have been using on daily basis for three years !The best hook ever !

Amie Abington, MA

So helpful!

I’ve used these a ton, but they proved to be the most useful when I was traveling with my 1 year old and I was 7 months pregnant and we were flying stand-by. I had these on my stroller holding our carry-on bag while I carried my son’s car seat in a backpack-style case and rolled my luggage along side me. They work perfectly and are very easy to adjust. Highly recommend!

Eunice Tillson, NY

You would like to have this on your stroller

Its a great thing to have when your out on a soppind day, they are reistant, easy to attached and very usefull specially if you dont have a lot of space under the stroller …

Jeannine Holyoke, MA