Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All-Weather Umbrella Stroller, Fierce

Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All-Weather Umbrella Stroller, Fierce

Eliminating fighting for the front seat with this side by side stroller The Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport g edition is great in the summer or the winter with its Cool Climate roll up And this g edition product is made with PET fabric that utilizes ounce bottles recycled from post consumer waste

Main features

  • All-terrain wheels for a smooth ride
  • Seats recline independently and individual sun rider canopies easily adjust to block sun
  • Removable parent cup holder for drinks while on the go
  • Three cargo bags for gear
  • 3-point quick release buckle

Verified reviews


Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All-Weather Umbrella Stroller

I’ll start with the seats: they have completely changed how the seats are designed. They are far more supportive and have these really nice cushion-like supports all over them. There’s even extra padding for a headrest. They sit at a much higher angle than previous models. There is even a lumbar support. The recline feature has also been revamped and is much simpler. No more buckling and unbuckling. The seat does not go completely flat, but it goes flat enough, even for an infant. Because of the change of design in the footrest area – there is actually more leg room. The 5 point harness is padded where it needs to be and easily adjustable. Something I especially like is they’ve added a little buckle at the top where the harness fastens to seat allowing you to move it higher or lower, depending on the size of the child.The canopies: these things are HUGE! The best I’ve come across. Also redesigned in the 2011 model. They are now ratcheting and seem to go even further forward. The peek-a-boo window on the top now covers the entire top of the canopy – allowing you to see the whole child. The peek-a-boo window cover rolls up and tucks into a handy pocket on top of the canopy. Another great new feature is 2 velcro straps that have been added to the canopy – these allow you to pull up the excess material when the canopy is all the way back – giving an older child more head room.The ride: It is so smooth. It’s like pushing air – seriously. And the shocks make it just as nice for the passengers to ride in as it is for the parents to push. The wheels are large and the rims are now made of a heavy duty plastic instead of bendable metal (and my husband says they look much “cooler”). Another feature I like is that they have angle the air valves so it’s really easy to attach a pump to put air in if necessary. Front wheel still locks the same way, or swivels. And the back wheels easily pop off for flatter storage. The footbrake is easy to use – a simple bar – you either push down or lift up.Transporting the stroller: The fold on the BOB is so simple and easy. One feature that they changed is the “leash”. It used to be this long yellow thing that just got in the way. Now it’s short, attached to the handle bar, and doubles as a snap to lock the stroller closed when folded. No more unexpected stroller openings as you are trying to load it in – a great new feature! Opening the stroller is still the same: shake it out – nice and easy! It weighs around 32/33 pounds. I don’t even notice the weight really because I’m used to my tandem stroller that weighed 46 pounds. And let’s face it – unless it’s an umbrella stroller – all doubles have some weight to them.Storage: the storage basket has also been redesigned. Instead of a simple square – they have added raised sides to it – allowing the basket to be deeper and packed higher. Also, with the “leash” thing no longer connected to the brake – I can easily toss my diaper bag in.Overall: I love the new design. They’ve changed the fabric and it is much nicer. It also appears to repel water & moisture well. I think BOB did a good job of addressing issues with their prior models and making a great, user friendly product. My only complaint: I wish a belly bar/snack tray was included.About me: I’m a mom of 2 kids – a 22 month old toddler and an 8 month old baby. My kids love this stroller. They look so comfortable and happy riding in it. I carefully researched my purchase before shelling out this amount of money. I compared everything from the Baby Trend Jogger, the Bumbleride Indie Twin, Mountain Buggy, Baby Jogger Citi Mini/Elite. And overall, I really felt I got the best deal for the money with the BOB. They offer a 5 year warranty on the frame of the stroller which I think says a lot about their confidence in their product. Everything else (all the other parts and fabric) and warrantied for a year. I actually purchased an earlier model BOB a little before this one. I couldn’t stand it. And my husband didn’t like it either. The only thing we could say was that it was easy to push. They have made such a HUGE improvement with the redesign of the 2011 model. I’m so glad I gave the a second look. I’m so happy with my purchase and feel my money has been very well spent.

Mona State Center, IA

Really wish I could rate this item better…

I love that this stroller is lightweight, easy to maneuver and that the seats can be reclined. It looks cute, fits through any door and is reasonably priced. I was really excited to buy this product, but after minimal use the right canopy broke off and my toddler further damaged the stroller by breaking her foot rest. In my opinion the canopies are too small to adequately protect against the sun. Also, there is little room to store anything in this stroller (just two tiny side pockets, no basket underneath).

Carey Hooks, TX

Pretty darn good!

I bought this as an alternative to my big, heavy double stroller. Now that my kids are a little older (2.5 and 1), I wanted something I could easily throw in my trunk for a trip to the park, etc. Living in Florida, the light mesh seats was a huge plus to me. I don’t have to worry about the kids getting too hot while sitting in it.After our first trip to Disney World, I was super impressed! The stroller was so easy to use. (And the great color helped me find it easily in the stroller parking!) It was easy to manuver, the kids both napped comfortably in it, I was able to hang my backpack on the middle handle for storage, and it cleaned up very easily after a spill.Overall, for the price, this stroller was a great buy!

Lottie Java, SD

pretty narrow

I have been using this stroller for 4 months. My children are 13 months apart. I needed a narrow stroller for college football games that would collapse small enough to fit underneath our stadium seats. My children were 1 month and 14 months at the time. This is not a perfect stroller, but it was the best I could find for what I needed. My son would not put up with being in the back (of a sit and stand stroller).Size – This stroller is as narrow as I think you’ll be able to find in a double. It does fit through most doors (shopping malls, etc.), although I have had trouble getting through some. This stroller collapses to about the same size as my single umbrella stroller. The seats are very close together! My son likes to reach over and take out my daughter’s pacifier, or offer her some of his snacks.Recline – I like that the seats recline independently. My newborn needed to recline, while my toddler wants to sit up and see everything.Sun Shade – The sun shades aren’t great, but they work. (They get in the way when the stroller is collapsed, and tend to pop off.)Buckle – With this not having a 5-point harness, I was afraid my active toddler would be able to lean over and fall out. This hasn’t happened yet. He can lean over far enough to take his shoes off.Misc – I don’t step on the wheels when I walk like I do on my single umbrella stroller. I like that we can roll up the back part when it’s hot, or leave it down when it’s cold. The pocket isn’t that big, but works for snacks and pacifier wipes. I do wish there was storage underneath. It seems like that is just wasted space. Our diaper bag will attach to the handlebars, so the storage isn’t too big of an issue.While I would prefer a side-by-side double jogger for the park, this stroller is nice to have for sporting events and shopping. I drive a Camry. Collapsed, it fits in my trunk with no problem and leave plenty of space. Overall, it has been a great purchase and meets our needs.

Trina Vermont, IL

Would choose this over the heavy double strollers

For our first son, we bought the heavy full size reclining stroller and received a free $30 umbrella stroller. Over the years, we always put the lightweight umbrella stroller in the car everywhere we went. Our son used to sleep when we take him out that’s why we bought one that reclined, but after he got older about 1.5-2, he was always excited to be out and never fell asleep so we took out the umbrella stroller even more which is very simple and lightweight. Now with a 3 year old and 1 year old, we purchased this one. I didn’t even bother looking for a full sized double stroller because it’s so heavy to take around. After 3 years of experience with our first son, we knew this stroller would be perfect. It is! What’s great is that it also reclines! It’s easy to set-up (I set it up in 15 minutes), easy to open and close, easy to push around, and best of all, it’s lightweight – that’s a key factor in this purchase. For the price, you can’t really expect anything better. If you do, then go with the heavy full sized strollers. This is just perfect for us to take in and out of the car rather quickly. It fits through doors just fine so far. The roll-up back cushion, cup holder and side pouches are a plus. Our original umbrella stroller didn’t have these features yet we still found it useful so we do appreciate these extras. The only negative is the latch to hold the stroller together when it’s closed – it gets loose if you’re not careful when picking it up. So far, just loving it.

Veronica Mid Florida, FL

Pros and cons

Pros:-lightweight and easily maneuverable-folds easily-adjustable positioning-vented back flaps-2 pouches on either side-good height for the handles. I’m 5’4″ and hubby is 6′ and we both push it easily.Cons:-cupholder doesn’t really work – the plastic that fits onto the bar loosens and then either slides down the bar or just falls off completely.-the sun canopies are flimsy and annoying. They pop off when the stroller folds and won’t stay in any other position that completely upright; also, they are too narrow, so you have to constantly shift them as you move in and out of the sun. I just took them off altogether and have my kids wear hats and sunglasses.-the middle wheel does get in the way sometimes if you’re holding the outer handles.

Ramona Sutter, CA

Still goin.

We are using this right now with a 4-yr-old and a 2-yr-old and have used this heavily for over a year now. It is rather difficult to push with the two big kids in it (total about 60 lb) – which I would expect with big kids in it, but maybe not this difficult. It has stood up well to abuse, being left out in snow, rain and wind, and long walks. The kids find it comfortable and I like that the canopies are separate, the backs recline easily, and it folds up nicely. The handles are too short for my husband, 6’3", but for this price of stroller, this is what I expected to get. Almost no storage, but I knew that ahead of time, and it is easy to clip the diaper bag on the handles — just don’t let the kids get out or it will tip.

Leta Paradox, NY

Great double stroller

We have a 3 year old and 7 month old twins. After buying about 5 single strollers for our daughter when she was a baby we learned our lesson for our twins. We wanted lightweight, easy, and portable.I understand new parents wanting the really expensive and trendy strollers, and what is important in a stroller is different to everyone; however, for us those big expensive strollers were a waste.I bought this before our twins were born, and put it together pregnant in about 15 minutes. The canopy wasn’t in the correct position for attachment. I had to wind both sides around and fittle with it a little bit until it was in the correct position to attach. I think this is done for shipping reasons though so it fits in the box correctly. Anyways, the things I like about this stroller are:–light weight and folds up compact–the seats recline–although it is close, it fits fine through most standard doorways (especially anywhere that is handicap accessible)–can close with the side bags and canopies attached–pushes and maneuvers very easily–sturdy construction–it has a cup holderThe things we did to enhance this stroller are:–we purchased 2 of the jeep mesh storage bags that hang off the back handles so we have plenty of storage (it folds fine with them attached)–we purchased the summer infant Rayshade which gives full sun blockage and protection. This fits over the existing canopies, and has to be attached and detached with each use (however it takes about 45 seconds to attach and it folds up into a small disc which we store in one of the jeep mesh bags attached to the stroller).–we purchased a universal (dream in me segboard) riding board for our 3 year old. It attaches behind one of the seats off the back of the stroller so she can ride on it when she doesn’t want to walk, or she can ride on it with her back facing the stroller seat. This is awesome, because we never have to bring more than this 1 stroller with us for all 3 kids.All in all, this stroller has already been worth it’s weight in gold. We get compliments and inquiries everywhere we go about our setup. It is extremely convenient. I definitely do not envy the parents we pass pushing those big, bulky expensive strollers (sometimes their pushing 2 if they have several little ones). We are going to Disney in September and I know this stroller will be easy and convenient there as well.

Saundra Rolfe, IA

Very Sturdy

The only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is that it is very heavy for an umbrella stroller. I can still lift with one hand but it is a challenge. It is also too wide to fit through a standard size door (like in a house.) I bought this to go through the airport with my two kids and it worked great. It has very sturdy construction and a smooth ride over the airport floors and sidewalks. I know you can buy lighter weight strollers but most of those had comments about wheels falling off and things breaking. This one is very solid and still at a very reasonable price. It folds pretty quickly and easily fit through the x ray machine at the airport so we didn’t have to wait for extra security to come do a manual search. It is easy to push and steer.

Letitia Winterville, GA

A must-have for twins!

I have a double jogging stroller for my 6 month old twins, which I love. However, for quick errands it was too bulky and heavy. This stroller is perfect! I store it in my trunk and use it daily. I was concerned that my twins would have trouble without a 5 point harness (they aren’t quite sitting independently yet), but it’s worked out great. While the sunshade’s small, I’m not using it outdoors much (just from my car to a store), and it works for that…you just have to adjust it frequently. I was absolutely panicked when my twins outgrew their double snap n go, but this is great! Oh, only other complaint is the wheels were a little tricky to put on.

Lakeisha Hamptonville, NC