JJ Cole Arm Cushion, Gray Drop

JJ Cole Arm Cushion, Gray Drop

Color: Gray Drops. JJ Cole Collections provides parents with products that epitomize utility and convenience, while embracing fashion and style. JJ Cole strives to address the needs and wants of today’s busy, on-the-go parent.

Main features

  • Exterior: 100% Polyester; Interior: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton; Filling: 100% Polyurethane Foam
  • Soft cushion for added comfort
  • Velcro ensures a secure attachment
  • Fashionable fabric
  • Easy-attach design provides comfortable, secure grip on your infant car seat handle

Verified reviews


Too short

I had read the reviews about how short it is and I still bought it. Wrong move, womp womp. I don’t like that you have to get your arm placed PERFECTLY in order for it to do it’s job. My husband hates it because he doesn’t carry it on his arm and has to take it off every time he wants to pick up the car seat. If the baby is sleeping when he wants to take the cushion off, baby will wake up for sure because of the loud velcro.

Aisha Salyersville, KY

Not as pratical as we’d hoped.

We really didn’t use this as much as we expected to. It’s rather bulky and when the carrier’s handle is in the "down" position, while driving in car, it is smashed up against the driver’s back seat making it hard to manuever the handle. It does have fairly good padding to protect your arm, but we found it more of a hassle than helpful. Maybe if the cushioning were just on the bottom where your arm held the carrier instead of on the sides as well….

Lucy Hugo, OK

Arm cushion for elbow relief

We bought these arm seat cushions to relieve the elbows when we would carry a baby seat around. They function as they are supposed to, but the size is larger than is practical unless you always plan to carry your baby seat with your elbow.Because if you do plan to occasionally carry your baby seat by the handle with your hand, these large cushion gets in the way. We ended up not using it as we would constantly switch from hand to elbow depending on fatigue and thus found the solution to be bulkier, though comfortable, that we liked.

Rachel Morris, IN

Bulky and not wide enough

Wish this product didn’t have SO much padding and that it was wider. When holding the carseat, you are restricted to just a small portion of the handle.

Shannon Warren, IL

Great item!

This is great padding used to protect your forearm from bruising or hurting. I needed this and it works well.

Shawn Stollings, WV

Thought I was going to love it 🙁

All the reviews on amazon were great, so I decided to try this arm cushion out. My son was getting very heavy and his infant seat was very bulky. This arm pad was WAY too small to be of any use for me personally! Its about about 3-4 inches long so you have to balance your arm perfectly on it. It also constantly rotated so that the cushy part was on top of the handle, completely defeating its purpose. I’m not sure why I was the only person with this problem so far… but while using it, the cushion would work itself to the top of the handle. Only one side is cushioned so you would have to take it off and rotate it back around. I really wish I had loved this cushion, but ended up returning it 🙁

Cathy Ephraim, WI

Arm Cushion

When I got this, the first thing I noticed is, it looks a lot smaller in person than it does on the packaging. That was a little disappointing. After actually putting it on my car seat though, it really is a lot better to hold it. The bar doesn’t cut into your arm and hurt. If I could suggest one thing to the company, it would be to make it longer so it fits more space on the bar. 🙂

Billie Goodland, MN

Too Bulky

I thought having a thick cushion would be great, but this cushion is so thick and bulky that it makes it difficult to use. It would also spin/slide around on the car seat handle, which felt unsafe and unstable. The lenght is also quite short and means you have to grab it in just the right spot.

Camille Milo, ME

Helps cushion the arm but moves a lot

It does help cushion the arm because I am always carrying her carseat over my forearm. It definitely does the job of cushioning it. However, it does move easily, but once you have it on and the seat is weighing, it will stay put. I would recommend it to anyone who carries their carseat over their arm!

Noemi Sun Valley, NV


This is comfy and helps but it does tend to move and requires readjustment every few uses. Still better than the seat digging into your arm though.

Rosalyn Callicoon Center, NY

always moves out of place

I bought this but never use it because when it was on it was always moving out of place and didn’t really help at all. I wouldn’t recommend this product since it turned into more of a hassle than helpful.

Jody Stoughton, WI

Very comfy!

This works great and is very comfortable. It makes carrying your carseat a lot easier so no more pain or pinching when bringing your carseat in with you. I would recommend. The only thing is that it doesn’t slide very easy obviously so if you tend to switch arms back and forth carrying the carseat then you will have to remove this and put it on the other side. It has pretty strong velcro so it’s not super easy to remove which is a good thing.

Staci Lancaster, KS


I love this cushion!!! It is soft, blends in nicely with the car seat, and it makes carrying the car seat a breeze.

Caroline Suamico, WI

Great idea, does nto work well for me

I have a Chicco Keyfit 30 and was hoping this would work well. Unfortunately, it seems to be made for a round handle. I tried to put it off to the side of the Keyfit handle (close to the widest part) so I could carry the carseat on my forearm, but it just kept rotating or sliding back to the middle. Probably works well for other car seat models, jut not the Keyfit.

Kristen Andalusia, IL

Does the Job

It is pretty much what you expect and does what it needs to do. Nothing to complain about. Color are modern.

Eva Langley, SC