JJ Cole Bib, Lemon Posy

JJ Cole Bib, Lemon Posy

Simplify mealtimes with JJ Cole wipeable pocketed bib. With our pocketed bib, parents can be prepared with easy-to-clean protection for baby’s mealtime. Easy-to-clean laminated canvas with convenient snap closure.

Main features

  • 100% coated polyester
  • Imported
  • Wipeable fabrics for easy clean up
  • Three snaps for secure, adjustable fit
  • Catch-all pocket
  • Convenient three-snap closure, adjustable fit
  • Keep bottles at the ideal temperature for hours with this insulated bottle pod

Verified reviews



I bought two exactly like this with a different pattern for my daughter 18 months ago before she was born and have been using them since she started eating solid foods. I loved them, but they got a little stinky after being used every day for a year, so I ordered this one and 2 of the same with different designs. These are so much stiffer than the other 2, even when they were new. They irritate her neck and leave a red mark on it. I’ve tried using them looser, but it still rubs her neck and then she gets food on the top of her shirt. I’ve even tried washing them, but that didn’t help either. Disappointed.

Marsha Orrs Island, ME

It does the trick, stays on well and covers well

I own at least 10 JJ Cole bibs between my two children. Most of them were bought at least a year or more ago (some of them 2+yrs) with my first child. I’m a little disappointed in this newer one, because the older ones were a much thicker material than this one.The pros of this bib:- snaps that stay on, even with stubborn children who like to pull off their bibs (my daughter always pulled off different brands that used velcro fasteners).- 3 different snaps, for differing sized children. Can easily accomodate my 8 month old, as well as, my 33 month old’s neck.- pocket to catch spills and dropped food- wipes clean without staining and survives multiple washings in the washing machine.- comes in various adorable patterns, many that are gender neutral and I’ve used for both my daughter and son. The White Vroom (airplane) pattern is very cute. I also ordered the Strawberry Burst pattern for my niece.The only con (and the only reason I give a 4 out of 5 stars):- the latest one I ordered is nowhere near as thick a material as the older ones I bought a year or more ago. I’m a little concerned that it won’t hold up the way the others have. But I’ve only been using it about a month so far. With that said, no problems so far.Time will tell how well this one holds up. I hope it will hold up as well as the other older ones did, cause they are awesome!

Cristina Lamar, IN

Love this bib.

This is our daily bib for mealtimes with our 8 month old daughter. It’s not too heavy, which I like and can be washed off after every use. It’s large enough to cover her front without being completely overwhelming. And I love that it has a series of snaps instead of velcro for fastening around her neck.

Melva Bethel, MN

What happened to the quality??

Revising my original rating of 4 stars because in less than 6 months ALL of the snaps have fallen off (we use this bib only a few times a week, too), it STINKS (even after following washing instructions properly) and it’s nothing like the older version they used to sell. I bought several of these in 2010 and they held up to daily use for 2 years. Now, these are total garbage. Will not buy again – do not recommend.I have to update this review b/c it has just gotten worse and worse…I have since lost yet ANOTHER snap (down to just one now) and the seam where the “catch” meets the bib is opening so slushy foods (milk, soup, oatmeal, etc) just dribble right into my kids lap. I was so happy with this brand before, and I would be willing to buy ONE more just to make sure this wasn’t just a “bad egg.” But not happy with this most recent purchase.

Roslyn Arthur City, TX

Practical bib

This bib is especially practical with the plastic cover. It seems to protect well and washes easily. Love those bibs.

Mallory San Simeon, CA

Provides good coverage, but is a pain to clean

I’m torn on this JJ Cole bib – it’s cute and provides good coverage to catch food, but it’s a real pain to clean! I wash it out after every meal and throw it in with the laundry, but it still stays gross looking. It takes awhile to dry after it’s been washed, so if you plan on using it for every meal, plan on it staying wet all the time and mold eventually accumulating. Yep, you heard me right, MOLD! So gross! Also, the bib is cute, but gets faded very quickly.I wouldn’t purchase this again. Instead, go for something that is harder plastic that the water will just wick away from and that you can throw in the dishwasher with your dishes every night rather than feel like you have to scrub it hard to get all of the food off.

Ollie Plumville, PA

A day care hit

This is a great bib! The adjustable sizing fits even smaller babies and the fabric washes off easily. I love this bib and will order many more.

Jasmin Marshall, AR

Great Bib – love that it isn’t velcro

My 12 month old was ripping off all her velcro bibs. I love this bib, easy to wipe off, has a pocket to catch food, adjustable sizing and best of all she hasn’t figure out how to get it off.

Kristen Blue Springs, MS

Good and sturdy

I have several of these bibs. They are large and provide good coverage. I like that they can be washed in the sink and dry very fast. No problems with the snaps so far.

Heidi Beaufort, MO

Flexible and practical

I love the JJ Cole bibs because they are soft and flexible. Some feeding bibs can be too heavy-duty and almost too stiff. I put the high chair try all the way up to my son’s belly when feeding him, and this bib tucks perfectly into the high chair. The pocket is great and catches just about everything that drops down. LOVE the adjustable neck. There are 3 buttons/sizes to choose from. My son is 11 months old, quite big for his age, and uses the 2nd button. It is fantastic to know that he can grow into this bib. Buy more than 1!!!!

Maribel Loma, CO

Stylish and easy to clean

My husband told me to not get cloth bibs because it’s hard to wash. He learned that lesson from watching his nephew eating. I love the pattern and color of this bib. The material is very easy to clean. You can wipe it clean with baby wipe or wet paper towel if you want.

Crystal Columbus, PA

Great bibs

We have several JJ Cole bibs and they are easy to use and to keep clean. I highly recommend them.

Anna Savannah, NY

Easy to clean!

This is a good option for a bib that is to be worn while eating. It goes on and off easily, looks cute and cleans up in a snap. I gave it 4 stars because I think the quality could be a little better (not sure how long it will last).

James Minden, NV

On the fence with these….

I’m on the fence with these because, well, the snaps are *so tight* that once I pulled the snap out of the material instead of it unsnapping. Lesson learned… I guess I should ask for a return and get ones that fully work.Other than that, these are great. They clean easily and she definitely can’t pull them off. They have 3-snap sizes on the bib so it can ‘grow’ with her.Recommend again? Not sure, probably. The strong snaps are a plus, but you definitely must use two hands and hold them securely to unsnap them.

Isabel Holstein, NE

Cheap Replacement!

I bought these JJ Cole bibs a few months ago, loved them. They were high quality waterproof with canvas backing. sturdy, machine washable. These are flimsy plastic, no canvas reinforcement, hand wash only, and sold AT THE SAME PRICE. Returning both the bibs I purchased.

Allene Otterbein, IN

Love these bibs

They are great, easy to clean, and catch everything my son drops. Love these. Plus, the button on the bib is strong so not easy for my son to take off (which is the issue I had with the bjorn bibs).

John Big Cabin, OK

great bib

I’m very happy with this bib. It snaps easily, catches food particles and our daughter doesn’t try to pull it off. Enjoy!

Crystal Wink, TX

Only last for a short time — they mildew very quickly

These are definitely fantastic initially — the snap at the neck, the pocket at the bottom, the nice prints, etc. are all wonderful — but they mildew so quickly that they’re simply not worth the high cost. We certainly try to air dry the bibs properly, but it just doesn’t matter. JJ Cole needs to engineer these to prevent mildew. Until then, I suggest not using them.

Greta Pittsfield, ME