JJ Cole Bib Set Blue Prints 3 Pack

JJ Cole Bib Set Blue Prints 3 Pack

With our pocketed bib parents can be prepared with easy-to-clean protection for baby’s mealtime. This three bib set is made from wipeable fabric and features a convenient three-snap closure, adjustable fit and catch-all pocket. JJ Cole Bibs are PVC and phthalate free.

Main features

  • 100% coated polyester
  • Imported
  • Three pack bib set
  • Wipeable fabrics for easy clean up
  • Convenient three-snap closure, adjustable fit
  • Catch-all pocket
  • PVC and phthalate free

Verified reviews


It’s okay…

I just purchased these a few weeks ago, and I am not super impressed. The snaps are a little tough to get undone, and I have one already starting to rip. I am also not a fan that these can’t go in the washer machine. Make sure you clean up messes fast, or it is really difficult to get the food off. I wouldn’t say that they are worth the price, maybe $10 wouldbe more reasonable for what you are getting….Also just anther not–as I was putting this on my 6 month old, the snap in the back pinched her neck pretty good. This was 100% my fault, but just thought I would warn people who are looking to purchase this product to be careful when putting this bib on.

Rochelle Mammoth Lakes, CA

Cute and effective

These bibs are adorable. The plastic is thin but it does the job. It also wipes easily. They attach with snaps instead of velcro, which makes it harder for my 1 yo to pull off.

Nichole Crabtree, OR

Exactly what I wanted

I had such a hard time with my son ripping off bibs. These bibs are perfect. They stay on, although he still tugs, and they are easy to wash and quick to dry. Have yet to find a downside.

Loraine Rockland, MA


The snaps are really strong. The bib material is really cheap. First use, the snap ripped right through the bib. Quick return.

Jerri Hallwood, VA

Very good coverage bibs

These bibs are very cute and provide great coverage. I have tried many bibs for my 10 month old baby girl and these are by far my favorite. They are easy to wash and don’t stain. My only complaint about them is that the snap to hold them on is very tight, so it’s sometimes hard for me to unsnap them. However, that is actually a good thing too, because then your baby can’t rip it off easily. I will buy these again when I need more.

Dessie Warne, NC

Just ok

I bought this for my four month old and she always grabs the bib while I’m feeding her so it gets pretty messy. The material is easy to clean but you can only wipe down and not put in washing machine. I just clean with hot soapy water but you have to do it fast or the food crusts to the bib. The downside to the material is that the food slides all over the place and when she grabs the bib food is every where.

Mollie Du Bois, PA

The PERFECT bib! (Updated!)

Love these for my baby, now a toddler. I had little velcro ones before that my baby was outgrowing, and was also pulling off at every turn. These snap, and they’re adjustable (they have three places to snap for a good fit), so baby cannot pull them off during a meal. The pocket is fantastic.The other thing I love about these – they are WIDE. I don’t worry about giving little one avocado or pasta in a good outfit, because the width of these bibs covers her from shoulder to shoulder and then some (she is one year old). The only complaint I have is that they could be a little more plastic-y, or shiny, or something. Most food can’t be wiped – it has to be scrubbed, and forget dried-on food (which, let’s face it – if you have a child this age, you will end up with at some point). They don’t go in the wash (but I’m tempted to try), otherwise they’d be 100% perfect. All that said, I’m happy with them and would order again.UPDATE: I have up on hand-cleaning them and started throwing them in the laundry (cold water) after a quick rinse in the sink. I usually hang them up to dry, but a few have gone through the dryer and been fine. They wash PERFECTLY in the laundry. Way happier now that I’m not hand-cleaning them!Also, little one is now over two and still doesn’t stand a chance of pulling one of these off. The snaps are strong and well-made.Don’t bother with any other bibs – these are absolutely the best!

Violet Hitchita, OK

Best bibs!

I’ve thrown away all my other bibs. These are the only ones we need. I will definitely be buying more!!!!

Frances Hennepin, OK

Best Bibs Ever

These are my favorite bibs hands down. They are easy to clean and my son can’t pull them off in the middle of eating. If they don’t get cleaned out right away, they do start to look a little gross in the pocket so we try to get them cleaned/rinsed off immediately. I wish there were more designs of these bibs because we have one that goes everywhere with us.

Alma Evans, WV

perfect snap bib

Bought two sets for twins. Bit pricey, but totally worth the money. Clean easy and the snaps are strong to keep babies from pulling them off.

Angie Morattico, VA

Great bibs

I just love JJ Cole bibs- they are the only ones I have found that have the adjustable snap closure, so they actually stay on my baby. They clean up very easily too. And the patterns on these are super cute! Highly recommend.

Lana Meadows Of Dan, VA

Happy with purchase

These bibs are awesome. I love the designs and the size of them. 4 stars? If you’re not careful, you can rip off the snaps. It happened with one of our bibs after only a few uses. The other 2 are still going strong though. I bet if I were at all handy i could fix it…but I’m not! They wash easily too.

Becky Atlantic Beach, FL

2 out of 3 Bibs are useless after only 2 months

Wow, I hate to be the only naysayer here but these really proved to be terrible quality for us. I originally bought them because my velcro bibs lasted only 2-3 years before they started falling apart and/or the velcro didn’t work anymore. I thought those were bad quality, but wow, these are way worse!After only 2 months, 2 out of the 3 of the bibs are unable to be used. The same place broke on both bibs – the snap on the side which isn’t adjustable. The first bib broke when my 2 year old pulled on it too hard. The 2nd bib broke in the same place, but nobody pulled on it, the snap just literally fell out of the bib. We haven’t done anything other than hand wash the bibs and use them for meals. I’ve never been impressed with J.J. Cole quality and so this didn’t surprise me, but for the price I expected these to last much much longer.

Lizzie Fort Bragg, CA


These bibs are awesome! Totally waterproof, easy to clean and the snap closure is the best. When my daughter was about 8 months old she used to rip off the velcro bibs. With the snap closure on these she can’t pull them off. The pocket on the front catches a lot of her food and saves stains from ending up on her clothes. Highly recommend!

Isabelle Albertson, NC

Great Quality with extra features

This is a great bib for infants to toddler stages. It has three sizes of snaps to use as the child gets older. This bib couldn’t be easier to clean either – just rinse off and the bib is ready for next use. It dries fast and is quite durable. No baby can rip this one off and destroy either. I would say this is the best quality bib I have ever purchased, and I have purchased a lot through the years.

Teri Langston, OK

Clean easy

They clean quick and easy. The multibuttons on the neck allow for different sized kids to use. They do wrinkle a little but that has not been a problem for us

Bianca Weippe, ID