JJ Cole Bottle Pod, Mixed Leaf

JJ Cole Bottle Pod, Mixed Leaf

Insulate your bottle with style! Now available in new prints to coordinate with your pacifier pod or diapers and wipes pod.

Main features

  • Easy-to-clean laminated canvas
  • Attach-anywhere handle
  • Machine washable and dishwasher safe
  • PVC and phthalate free
  • For use from 6 months to 50 lbs

Verified reviews


Love it!

Great for keeping a bottle or sippy of milk cold. Wide enough that i can slip in a ‘blue ice’ type freezer pack too. The snap on the handle makes it easy to attach to the stroller, diaper bag or even my purse handles!

Casey Cornelius, NC

Not durable

This was the perfect size the hold 1 bottle and some cold packs but it didn’t last long. Just after a few months the inside foil-like liner started ripping. It’s pretty cheap material inside and doesn’t look very durable. The outside is plastic and wipes clean well.

Selina Arcola, PA

Great for quick trips

I was looking for something to put one bottle in while going out for quick shopping trips. This is perfect! Since my son is still in his infant carrier, and I put the carrier in the large part of the shopping cart, there isn’t much room for other things in the cart. I don’t want to take up more space than necessary with a large diaper bag, so this is perfect. I use Mam bottles, which are quite big around, and they fit perfectly. I also use a small single serving Munchkin formula dispenser. They both fit in there perfectly. I haven’t needed to use the strap yet, but I love that it snaps so I can loop it around whatever I want.

Janie Sparta, KY


Sometimes you just need one bottle. This is great for quick trips, 3 hours or less. We use Dr. Brown wide mouth 8 oz bottles and there’s plenty of room.

Hattie Stockbridge, WI

Works ok

I bought this because it was the right size for one bottle. But it’s thin and doesn’t keep cold for very long. Few hrs tops.

Katelyn Ritzville, WA

Keeps the milk warm/cold.

This insulated bottle sleeve looks nice and seems to be functional. Performance is nowhere near a thermos but it does help. The issue I have with this product is that the zipper often gets stuck and doesn’t slide smoothly.

Randi Exeter, NH

Great bottle bag

I like this bottle pod. It’s slim enough to slip in my large diaper bag but cute enough to clip to the outside if my bag is getting full. It easily fits a 9 oz. bottle inside with room to spare. The only problem I have with it is that it is kind of tall, so I have some trouble fitting it inside my smaller diaper bag (a Ju-Ju-Be "Be Hip" bag). Yes I have more than one diaper bag. 😉 It’s solidly made and is very well insulated. I put water in my bottles before I leave the house and with this bag I never worry about the temperature.Since they made it larger than a standard 9 oz bottle I wish they could have added just a little more height so you could fit a formula container in there with it. Then I would feel better about the amount of space it takes up. That’s literally my only complaint about it though. Overall I really like it.

Mavis Sainte Marie, IL

Bottle Pod

I gave this pod/bottle warmer 3 stars bdcause it will only keep the milk warm gor about 30 minutes if the milk was moderately warm. If the milk is super hot it will be warm in about a hour or a hour and a half. For cold milk, the milk will reach room temperature in approximately 30 minutes

Sherri Lerose, KY

Very nice bottle holder

I love this whole storage system by JJ Cole. It’s practical, super cute, and the material is very durable while being easy to clean with a simple wash rag. I especially like how each piece is designed to be able to hook on the outside of the bag, to the stroller handle or to a belt loop. It’s much easier to grab that way rather than digging through your bag while you have a fussy baby! Love it!

Janet Cannelton, IN

Leaks Everywhere

Initially, I loved this pod–design, colors, functionality, everything. Then after 3 uses, it started leaking the perspiration of the cold bottle through the seams at the bottom, into the diaper bag and all over everything. If you put an ice pack in it, it’s even worse. Returned. Found the Tommy Tippee versionTommee Tippee 2 Count Insulated Bottle Bagand they are solid, stellar quality and everything I need them to be, without leaking.

Lee Liberty Corner, NJ