JJ Cole Bundle Me Shearling Baby Hat, 0 – 6 Months

JJ Cole Bundle Me Shearling Baby Hat, 0 – 6 Months

JJ COLE’s new infant Hat is a darling complementary accessory to the luxurious Bundle Me. Made with the same plush shearling as the Original Bundle Me, this cream-colored head cover provides both warmth and charm. A small white logo at the beanie’s base subtly adds visual attraction and a single cute pom adds the finishing touch to the top. This hat is made of stretch polyester lining which grows with your baby from birth. Machine washable material allows for convenience and comfort for both mom and child.

Main features

  • Outside Fabric: 100% polyester; Inside Fabric: 93% nylon, 7% lycra
  • Imported
  • Outside Fabric: 100% polyester, Inside Fabric: 93% nylon, 7% lycra
  • It is imported
  • Compliments Bundleme
  • Stretch polyester lining for fit-grows with newborn
  • Machine washable
  • 0-6 Months
  • Allows safety straps to rest directly on child

Verified reviews


cute and warm

this hat is adorable and keeps my baby warm. I read other reviews that included issues with the elastic. My baby’s head is a normal size, and the hat fits her perfectly at two months. It was too big and covered her eyes at one month old. So far it has been great during these colder months.

Melisa Huntington, VT


Definately a good buy if you plan to purchase the bundle-me. It keeps your little kid’s head warm while the bundle-me keeps everything else warm. Just don’t forget the mittens!

Leah Chateaugay, NY

This was the best winter hat for my newborn

This is the cutest hat ever! I am going to buy the larger size for this winter possibly ( if they have one for one year olds). I will say that he definitely wouldn’t have been able to wear by the time he was 4 months though. It took us through the winter ( he is a January baby). So I would definitely suggest it for a winter newborn. Older babies should definitely get the size up or cut the lining maybe as someone else suggested.

Elma Monhegan, ME


This hat is cute but the 0-6 moths size is way too big for my 2 month old baby girl. She might not even get a chance to wear it before the weather warms up again. It mostly just sits on the head her stuffed lamb that is made of the same exact material. Baby girl did look very cute coming home from the hospital though 🙂

Joan Barlow, OH

Good warm hat.

I purchased this Hat to use it with the Bundleme also by JJ Cole since they are made from the same material. When I opened the box and took it out, it looked HUGE! Since my baby is only 2 months old, I thought this will not fit until he is like 5 months old! How wrong I was! It looks big on the outside, but the opening for the head is actually on the small side. I had difficulty using this hat with my baby who is only 2 months old because he kept complaining and almost crying when having this on his head as iif it was too tight. I had to use brute strength to stretch it out a bit and then he was a bit happier, but not much. It feels very warm which is a plus since you will obviously use it on winter, and so far it has worked well for my baby. My only complaint, as I stated before, would be the size of the opening for the head, quite small and the reason for the three stars. Apart from that, the item is good quality and seems durable.

Luz Chelan Falls, WA

0-6 month size

This hat is super cute! I was hoping this would fit my newborn, as she was born in cold december in Maine, but it is WAY to big for my newborn’s head. However, the quality is excellent and this hat is super warm and will hold up very well, I can tell already. I washed and dried it, and it doesn’t appear that it shrunk the hat at all. Great quality, I recommend it!

Renee Hope Valley, RI

I love this hat!

This is a very nice hat. It’s very warm. The only problem I have with it is, it’s a little big for my 2 month old right now. I put it on her and it goes right over her eyes. I also got one for my 20 month old, just the bigger version and it fits her perfectly. I’m hoping by the time colder weather rolls around, the hat will fit my baby. She should be about 4 months old by the time she needs this hat, so we’ll see.

Jeanie Wheatfield, IN

cute look!

Wanted a cute, warm hat for winter – this is it! It’s a little big now but by the time it gets really cold, it should be perfect! Great price too!

Dolores Vina, AL

Beautiful hat, but VERY small….

I should have paid closer attention to the reviews that said this hat was very small. I bought it when my baby was just past 3 months old. She is small for her age (25% percentile on the growth charts), and the 0-6 month size hat is very tight on her.Another reviewer gave the instructions on how to remove the elastic, which gives the hat more give. I will be trying that so my baby can hopefully get some use from this. This hat is very nicely made though, and very cute for either a boy or girl.

Ida Morris, GA



Leonor Halcottsville, NY

Big for a newborn, but great as your baby gets slightly older

The hat was slightly big for a newborn, but it fits quite tightly at 3 months. When our baby was a newborn, we used this on top of a nother thinner cloth hat – that worked well and did not allow this hat to cover his eyes and nose. However, at three months, we find that this hat fits exactly, which is good because it’s difficult for him to take off by rubbing his head back and forth.

Lucile Hatteras, NC

Too thick and not flexible!

I bought this hat for my baby and did not find it to be a good product. It was too thick and did not have any give to get it on my baby’s head!

Nona Paradis, LA

Don’t like

It does not stretch to fit my baby’s head. The 0-6months size is too small (I think for any newborn). I guess it warms up your baby’s head but I never got to use it. I exchanged it with the 6-12months, for my newborn, It worked ok.

Anita Glade, KS

it’s ok

this product it is ok, but from 6 months and up.cover until my newborn neck.material and quality are ok.

Britney Gasburg, VA


This hat is definitely not for a newborn, but wouldn’t fit any baby over 4 months I’ve ever seen. It’s very narrow, long and not at all stretchy. First it falls over their eyes and after it won’t even stay on their head. You’ll get about 2 weeks of wear out of this hat. Buyer beware.

Lacey West Lafayette, OH

Cute, but very, very tight

I love the look and feel of this hat, but my five-month old baby’s normal sized head gets squeezed very tightly by it. I’m still trying to figure out how to stretch it out without ruining it. I should have listened to the other reviews that also mentioned how tight this hat is.

Beryl Cedar Crest, NM

Cute but oddly tall

Very cute and soft – potentially great hat – but baby needs to have a cone head or a GIANT cranium for it not to fall down around his eyes and upset him. Band of hat is not too stretchy, so there isn’t much flexibility/won’t fit for long if it ever does get to a point of fitting. I returned mine since it didn’t fit.

Renee Stamford, NE

really warm

I got this and also recieved the carseat zipper blanket which i would also reccomend, it saves on putting on all those layers if its too chilly out. the hat fits great on my baby and is nice and cozy!

Ada Ishpeming, MI

Too big for what it says

Couldn’t use this because even the 0-6 is gigantic. Ended up donating it to Goodwill because our baby’s head didn’t fit into it until it was too warm to wear.

Pamala Cleveland, TN

Maybe a bigger size!

Had to return this item. The hat was way too small. The 0-6 month didn’t fit my 3 month old. It was super cute so if you have to get it, buy the larger size.

Dorothy Markleton, PA

Don’t waste your money

This hat is, to put it plainly, horrible. My baby is 8 weeks old and his head is in the 25th percentile for circumference and my husband and I had to struggle to even get it on his head. Once we did have it on, sort of, we had to pull it down to his nose to fill it out. Needless to say we aren’t keeping it.

Rosanne Oakfield, ME

Very tiny!

Adorable but I returned it because the 0-6 month was way, way too small. My 3 month old has a head size in the 25%, so I was surprised that this did not even go on!

Yvette Rangely, CO

Runs Small

The hat is nice and warm and super cute, however the had band part has very little give so it has to fit perfectly. My son is not a large baby and he outgrew his hat at about 6 months.

Norma North Wilkesboro, NC

sized very small

I bought this for my three-month-old granddaughter and it doesn’t fit. It says it’s for 0-6 months, but no way. It also has no ‘give’ to stretch. It is a tightly fitted cap. Too bad, because it is adorable.

Lina Washington, KY

size doesn’t fit but great REFUND!

This size is for 0-6 months but doesn’t fit my 2 month old son. We are an asian family so my son has a bigger head than average. Amazon told me to keep the product and gave us an IMMEDIATE FULL refund for the product!

Trina Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Might work for some babies…

My son was born in December. I had a HORRIBLE time finding a nice warm winter hat for a boy. I ordered this and have some mixed reviews. It’s defiantly thick and warm. It’s not super soft–but that’s okay. It never really fit my son though. It’s a 0-6 month hat and even in the early months it didn’t fit. The “band” part was always too small and the rest of it stood up like an elf hat. My son’s head at birth was in the 60 percentile. I’m not sure how this could fit many 6 month olds…

Alba Clay, AL

Not sized properly

This hat is appropriate for a 3 month to 6 month child. It would be too tight for an older child, would be better if band around head was elastic or more flexible.

Effie Mount Kisco, NY


Baby hats can be a bit tricky. The depth of the hat is too long. It doesn’t stretch in any way so it has to fit perfectly or it will slip over your baby’s face or not fit at all. The design doesn’t make sense to me. I would not recommend.

Lucinda Mc Leansville, NC

Cute hat that runs large

My baby has an average sized head and at 7 months this hat is pretty large on her. I have to check on it from time to time or it sinks down over her eyes. It’s very cute though, and keeps her head warm.

Kim Tecumseh, KS

Sizing Issues

I did look at the reviews and noted that there is a sizing issue but I took the risk of getting my 4-month old the 0-6 months. It was small and not stretchable (hope it was and would solve all mommy concerns!) so I returned and ordered the 6-12 months. Why, it still did not fit! I think I will keep but will need to make some stitching adjustments to it. It does look very warm and comfy.

Delia Elkview, WV