JJ Cole Car Seat Canopy, Ash Woodland

JJ Cole Car Seat Canopy, Ash Woodland

Stylishly protect your baby from the elements! The canopy’s front closure releases, allowing you to put baby in the car seat without having to remove product. 

Main features

  • Front opening provides quick access to baby in the car seat
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric
  • Elasticized outer band conforms to car seat for perfect fit
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Doesn’t fit Chicco Keyfit

Fabric was very cute and looks like it would be very functional for a hot weather climate (the fabric is much too thin to keep out bad or cold weather.) Unfortunately this cover didn’t fit my carseat, the Chicco Keyfit 30. This cover was clearly made to fit a different carseat as the proportions were totally wrong for the Keyfit.

Alana Hosston, LA

OK but not great

Using on Chicco Keyfit and it is a very snug fit. It would be much better if there was a snap on the bottom as the small piece of velcro that is there rarely holds long enough to get the next set of velcro fastened. Also because of the snug fit the heat does not have any where to go which is great for the winter but not so great for the warmer months.

Vicki Dagus Mines, PA

Great for summer and fits my Chicco!

I should’ve spend the money on this earlier! I didn’t want to buy it because this is my second child and I feel like didn’t want buy more unnecessarily baby items. And then, It was so windy the other day and keep blowing my blanket off even I used two clips. Then, I decided that I have to give this a try. And I am so glad that I got it. It is a thin layer of fabric which is perfect for us during summer time to block out the sun, wind and germs. And I love that it has elastic forms around the carseat so I know that the windy won’t be blowing the fabric off!Another reason I love it is because that is has an front opening so that I can open it when the baby is in the car and can take the baby out easily without having to remove the cover!

Valeria Sugarloaf, CA

Works as expected; Fits Chicco KeyFit 30 just fine

Just wanted to add my review here and say that this cover does fit my Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat very well. Not sure why other reviewers are saying that it doesnt fit. Perhaps Chicco changed their dimensions over time. Or maybe the other reviewers dried their product (shrinking it); I lined dried mine after washing. The product has done very well for us, stays on the car seat nice and snug.

Tammie Goliad, TX

Great Lightweight Car Seat Canopy

I bought one of these (in Lemon Posy) for our daughter after a friend recommended it. We love it, so we bought this one for my friend who also just had a baby. Living in Arizona, we deal with a lot of sunlight and wind, and this protects from both without making it too warm inside the car seat while running to/from the car. It also helped us in the early days to keep curious faces and hands (and germs!) away from our newborn.

Lelia Ulster, PA

100% recommend this

I bought this right after my daughter was born in January and have been using it ever since. It fits my Britax carseat perfectly, and I love the opening in the front with velcros because it allows me to peek in without having to open the whole way. It opens like curtains so when I want to take my daughter out all I have to do is tuck the sides into the handle. I’ve gotten compliments from people in my New Mother’s Group and some of them have gone and bought it too. I used it in the winter weather and it has kept the cold wind out. The material is also somewhat waterproof. I have not used it in the summer weather so I don’t know if it will be too hot or not.

Christy Portland, OR

hate it

Velcro sucks! and it is such a nuisance to open and close. Don’t buy this unless you want an extra hassle

Sharon Newark, IL

strap ripped after one wash

I like the idea and I used this on my son’s infant carrier for a while but the strap on the top ripped. A safety pin was literally what was holding it together. I know I could have sewed it back up but I didn’t have any time to do so. It served its purpose though and I do like that it comes in different designs. However, I ended up buying another brand.

Henrietta Fifield, WI

Cheap for jj cole

Too small for the car seat and I have a jj cole car seat it wasn’t what I was expecting I thought the front would open up easily but it’s not like that the material was cheaply made it ripped at the seams

Gena Orlando, WV

Car seat cover

Great product, great price, it kept the wind and sun away from baby. Shipped fast. Tons of people asked me about it when we brought the baby home, it’s also great for keeping Germy strangers away from new baby.

Karen Geneva, NY

Great car seat cover

I love this canopy, it works great in the summer and for small infants you want to keep away from strangers germs. I expect will use this a lot in the spring and summer too.

Mari Bow, WA

Great, Bought 2 Covers, but…

I have now purchased 2 JJ Cole Car Seat Canopy Covers for 2 new Grand Children. They are Great, and My daughters are always stopped my other moms asking where they found these great covers! You can’t buy these at Babies R Us. These covers are Light weight, breathable, and they keep sun out of the babies faces in and out of the car! It also keeps unwanted hands Off of your baby while you are shopping , or out for a walk. And another great reason to get one is while you are outside, the breeze will not blow it off like it would if you just had a blanket over the carseat for protection.My one daughter found out though, that after washing the cover; yes cold water, no dryer, that she could not put it back on again, shrunk too tight. I hope that her problem was just a fluke!So, My recommendation, Buy the Cover, Do Not Wash it!

Margot Lorraine, NY


I got this for our baby boy—it would work for either gender. I love it! It’s not too think of material and not too thin. Not sure that I would ever wash it though—may not hold up too well—gentle cycle for sure. I have used it in very windy conditions and it doesn’t entirely shield him from the wind, but it helped. It did keep the rain off of him though. It’s great for summer—-very breathable. I purchased this to protect him from people grabbing at his hands or pinching his cheeks at church. Also it’s somewhat of a barrier to random people who walk by and cough next to your baby—people don’t think about these things, but being in the medical profession I notice all of this stuff. It fits our Graco Snug Ride 32 easily. Wish I had gotten these for my other 3 children–it is a GREAT product!

Josie Stanleytown, VA

Must have

Reasonable price with good quality. It is a must-have item for a baby car seat so that it can prevent from outside objects.

Lilia Highgate Springs, VT

seat canopy

this cover is good for the summer from sun also protect from wind but not strong winds and this does not protect baby from rain if u r looking for more protection

Vivian Lakeville, IN

Perfect! Works great with Britax B-safe.

This car seat cover is just what I was looking for. It keeps baby covered, but opens easily to see him or get him in/out of the seat. It’s great to prevent people from leaning into his face when out and about. Also blocks the sun/wind a bit. I use it with the Britax B-safe and it fits fine. Also, no problem with the handle position since the B-safe can be used in the car with the handle in any position, including up.

Victoria Turkey Creek, LA

Nice product!

Fits on our peg-perego VIP 30-30 car seat very well. No problem with it, blocks the sun as advertised and creates a nice little place for our baby.

Letha Plato, MO

Great for keeping baby protected.

I’d give this 5 stars if it wasn’t a little difficult to close at the bottom. The elastic is very tight and the velcro at the front bottom is hard to get closed. But other than that I’m happy with the cover. It fit my car seat (a Britax B-safe) a little differently than the picture showed but it worked great to keep wind, rain (sprinkles, obviously not a downpour), sun, and germs away from my little one. As a preemie, that last one was really important. It allowed air in and out and allowed for me to see him easily but kept people from getting too close. I’m very glad we purchased one of these covers.

Ollie Squirrel, ID

protects from the sun

lovely thing to protecting you child in car seat while you driving or out side on a sun. breath through

Maria Scotia, CA

We have 3

I bought this for my older son originally and then gave it to a friend when he outgrew the infant carrier. Then my younger came along and we bought two more (one for each car). It’s great! You can put it on while the seat is in the car and avoid having the sun wake him up while you go shopping. A major plus.

Jodi Williamsburg, MI

Fits Graco snugride 35

I love this canopy. Fits perfectly on my Graco snugride 35 carseat. It keeps my baby covered from the wind and sun but is breathable. When my baby is asleep I keep it closed to keep others from peeking in and/or touching him. It is shut with velcro and so far it has not given me any problems.

Dale Saint Benedict, OR


Great Idea, wish i would have had with my first child but never the less i am glad that i found it for my second 🙂

Kathie Bowdle, SD

The best for keeping an infant cozy

This is the best. It protects your infant from the elements and provides a cozy environment. Also keeps eager strangers from trying to touch your baby.

Bridget Taunton, MA


I bought this with low expectation because of some reviews online. It came in and it’s excellent. I bought a Summer Infant sun/bug cover but it’s a real pain to keep in place and take off. This is great and the baby doesn’t seem to mind it and it seems to keep her asleep when we are in the store so far.

Erin Datto, AR