JJ Cole Car Seat Cover, Khaki

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover, Khaki

Size: O/S N/A; Color: Khaki. JJ Cole Collections provides parents with products that epitomize utility and convenience, while embracing fashion and style. JJ Cole strives to address the needs and wants of today’s busy, on-the-go parent.

Main features

  • Outside fabric: 100% cotton; Inside fabric: 100% nylon; Filling: 100% polypropylene
  • Imported
  • Outside fabric: 100% cotton, Inside fabric: 100% nylon, Filling: 100% polypropylene
  • It is imported
  • Elasticized outer band fits over infant carriers
  • Removable top for temperature control
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


There are other versions from JJ Cole that are probably better.

Looks a lot warmer than it actually seems to be. Works more as a wind breaker than anything else. But, nothing protects baby’s back from drafts coming through the belt holes at the back of the car seat. Helps keep a blanket in place.

Charity Jeffrey City, WY

Not too thick but warm

I was hesitant to buy this when I read in one review it wasn’t warm enough for an iowa winter. I went ahead and got it anyway and I’m so happy I did. I wanted a cover that had a flap to cover baby when going to and from the car. This cover isn’t overly thick but it is fleece lined and so far I’m happy with how it’s functioning. I think it’s perfect to keep baby warm in the car and warm enough when going to/from the car. It’s obviously not going to keep them warm enough if you’re planning to be outside in freezing temps for an extended period of time but that’s not what I was looking for. This is perfect for basic everyday use even in a midwest winter.

Betty Aspers, PA

Makes living in the cold EASY!

This is such a great product! When it is cold out and all you are doing is taking your baby from the house to the car etc… you don’t want to bundle them up with layers of clothing! This makes it easy to bundle and then open it up so they don’t get too warm in the car! I even went trick or treating (in Maine) with her under this and she was TOASTY WARM! LOVE this product!

Evelyn Central Point, OR

Love it in GA

I live in GA and we do have cold weather in the winter. This is a great item to have. It’s not too light or too heavy. It fits the car seat perfectly. The flap stays far enough from the child’s mouth so that shouldn’t be a concern. My car seat also has a visor that can fold up and down to block out the sun and the seat cover works with that as well.

Virginia Mcnary, AZ


This is SO cute and it is SO handy! Looks great, great fabric on outside and soft on the inside. I live in MN and we have very chilly days. I just tuck my newborn in and zip her up! Don’t have to worry about bundling her up in a winter jacket at all! And its easy to tuck a blanket in with her if I think she needs a little extra warmth. When the top is over her head it does lay on her forhead, but it doesn’t seem to bother her and its only for short periods of time. If it is windy it will blow off/ up a little bit, but I don’t know how they would fix that anyways as I wouldn’t want it attached over her head or weighted down.

Daisy Bellevue, IA

Warm and safe

We had a baby in Montana during -9F weather. This kept him out of the cold, wind and snow as we got him home from the hospital! I also love that the design doesn’t interfere with the safety of the carseat. Love it!

Darcy Stigler, OK

Stylish and works great

I bought this for my nephew. It fits over both of his car seats which are very different. I looks nice and works very well. In Michigan winter months….this was needed

Reva Sedona, AZ

Works Great

I got this for my Snug Ride 35 and it is working nicely. My only issue is with the opening, it is a little off on my car seat so my daughter’s face is not really out in the open. That being said, it keeps her nice and warm and I do not have to worry about heavy coats!

Katharine Auburndale, WI

Awesome & cozy cover for baby!

Our little bundle of joy was only a couple months old when the cold weather started hitting and I needed something to help keep her warm. This works SO much better than blankets and couldn’t be easier!! I stretched it over our Graco carseat in about 30 seconds and was ready to go. I’ve never had a problem with the zipper… has never snagged or been loud. The baby used to wake up very easily but as long as I did it slowly I could unzip it without stirring her at all. When she was little I could put the flap over her while going in and out which was really nice. Once she got to be about 4-5 months old though she would just push it off. Even so, it’s still great because it provides warmth to the rest of her body and I can just drap a blanket over top when going in and out of places. I will say it does keep her nice and toasty so it definitely does it’s job but this is also why I would unzip it when we got home so she wouldn’t get too warm. I thought it was a great price, it’s super easy to use, and keeps the baby warm which is what really matters! I think that by about 9 months this will start to get too small to zip all the way for most babies but I don’t think they usually need it as much 🙂

Whitney Greenville, WV

Holds blankets in place and insulating

I’m really happy I purchased this. I didn’t expect it to be the world’s warmest cover, but it keeps the blanket/s that I wrap around my son in place. I have three flights of stairs to carry him down, and by the time I reach the bottom, his blanket would always have fallen off. This cover insulates and holds everything in tight. Also like that it’s "car-safe," meaning there’s no layer between the baby and the car seat. It pops really easily on/off the car seat, so my husband can transfer it to his bucket quite easily as well. Also like the part above his head–works as a nice wind-shield when we’re outdoors, but if you don’t want it you can always put baby’s head over it as well.

Terry Little York, NY

Keep baby warm, and well

We use this when we go to the pediatrician to keep the germmy kids from coughing on her and it keeps her warm in the car while we’re warming it up to go out. Our baby was born in the winter so this was very handy.

Beatrice Hays, KS

So Soft and Warm

I haven’t used this on the car seat yet, but I plan to when it gets cooler. As for softness and warmth, I can tell this is going to be great. I washed it and hung to dry and it still looks brand new. The grey color is nice and all materials are super soft!

Alfreda Salamanca, NY

Works pretty well

We have a keyfit 30 and the cover fits well. The issue I have is that when the wind blows it will just blow the flap open. I would like to have seen maybe some Velcro or something to help it stay closed just a little. As it stands now just the slightest breeze opens it up.I just make sure I face the car seat away from the wind and all is ok. I would buy again.

Kara Stonington, CT

The opening is kind of awkward..

So the opening is kind of awkward. It’s cut so low that the top part of the baby’s head is covered. It makes putting him in a little inconvenient too. But it does block the wind and keeps him warm.

Pansy Maxwell, IN

Nice, but I needed to ALTER it

I uploaded a product picture to show the altered product. Before altering, the top part came down and touched my baby’s forehead and the back of my baby’s head would catch every time I put him in the carrier. I love the cover now, but it required cutting and adding a new seam.

Kara Arco, ID

Not bad

Does what it needs to do. You need to pay a little extra to have it thicker with more protection.

Noemi North Clarendon, VT

Just a little tight

I wish this fit just a little better on the infant carrier. It’s hard to get on when you want to keep the accordian cover part of the carrier on and accessible.

Valeria Tyler, AL


This is great. Our baby was born in a very cold November, and we used this every day for 3 months straight. Easy on and easy off. Kept her all bundled up in her Graco Snugride. Get one.

Clare Berlin, NY

Fits Britax infant seat!

I wasn’t sure if this would fit our Britax b-Safe infant car seat but I can gladly tell you it does! Just put it underneath the canopy so you can still adjust that. This is perfect for keeping the winter chill off our baby.

Marva Newburg, PA

Weather Proof

I live in a rainy climate. These were awesome to keep rain off the babies between the car and the house/grocery/etc. They also provide enough coziness for fall/spring and with a swaddle blanket stuffed inside, are warm enough for cold winter.

Lakesha Hales Corners, WI


We’re in Nebraska, and other covers don’t cut it against the wind and sub-zero temperatures. I love this: with an extra crochet blanket inside for insulation, my baby’s snuggled very nicely. We have a Baby Trend Flex Loc, and the cover fits just fine.

Kaye Water View, VA

Traps in heat!

This product does a great job of trapping in heat to protect my little one from the harsh Minnesota winter. It fits well onto our SnugRide 35 car seat. It does not go between the baby and the car seat, which makes it safe to use. The only negatives I can point out are the following:1) The top flap does not have a mechanism for securing it closed (velcro or anything). My daughter is fussy and often pushes this open with her hands.2) The top flap often lays down in the baby’s face. This makes me worried for suffocation. I tend to fashion the top in such a way as to "teepee" it over her face. This lets in some of the cold air, but at least she can breathe!

Jacquelyn Morrison, CO

Doesn’t fit KeyFit Car Seat

Nice product, thin covering. Much thinner than the picture depicts. Doesn’t fit on our Chicco Key Fit car seat. Pulls up underneath constantly. Maybe more appropriate for a newborn that doesn’t move in the springtime. Not a winter cover.

Clare Fowlerton, TX


This works so good. I like that I don’t have to cover his face with it, but could in a snow storm if I needed to! I also like the fact that you can unzip it half way to fold back once you come inside and baby can still sleep. I would buy again and for a gift.

Tori Belsano, PA

Love it!!!

This car seat cover has gotten a ton of use this winter!!! I think this is a must have for parents with Infants born during the winter months!!!

Erika Euclid, OH

A parent must have

I hated having to keep track of blankets when taking my daughter in and out of the car and this solved all my problems. It fit will on our Safety 1st car seat and it was so easy to use. I think this is a must have for all winter babies.

Valarie Aumsville, OR

Very handy for winter babies

I love this product. It kept rain and snow and wind off my little one (born in December) and even though the little flap doesn’t stay up all that great it didn’t bother me. As long as he was mostly covered, it was no biggie to me. He was only outside for a short time, after all. This was way easier than blankets, though, because it would stay on the car seat and not flop around or fall on the ground or anything annoying like that. Not a necessity, but super handy. Would recommend.

Katie Harman, VA

Nice Quality, Great for Winter

This cover is very good quality and kept my baby warm during the winter months. It fits well on the chicco keyfit car seat. The flap is nice to cover your baby while you’re outside and keeps the wind and snow/rain off. We’ve washed this cover a few times and it holds up well. I would definitely recommend.

Nona Buffalo Valley, TN

Safe and effective

You are not supposed to use the kind that goes into the seat as it is not crash tested with the car seat. This is a great option and keeps my baby warm on walks outside and in the car! I fits my Graco perfectly! No issues.

Candice Monument Beach, MA


This fits ANY CAR SEAT!!! It does what it is created to do. It looks very warm and I recommend it for families with infants!

Ernestine Cutler, IL