Jj Cole Changing Clutch Stone Arbor

Jj Cole Changing Clutch Stone Arbor

This sleek clutch unfolds to a padded wipeable changing area. The clutch unfolds to a large 19″ x 28″ pad and includes an attach-anywhere handle. Convenient pocket holds wipes and multiple diapers and the slim design fits neatly in your diaper bag.

Main features

  • Exterior: 100% Polyester, Lining 100% Polyester, Filling 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Unfolds to large, 19″ x 28″ pad
  • Attach-anywhere handle
  • Pocket holds wipes and multiple diapers
  • Slim design fits in diaper bags

Verified reviews


Very nice and large changing station

I really do like this changing station. It coordinates perfectly with my diaper bag and can hold a few diapers and my baby wipes travel container. It’s also larger than most so I don’t feel like my granddaughter is touching anything else. It folds easily too. My only complaint is how it holds the baby wipes. I’m not sure what they could do to fix the issue I have but sometimes when I’m putting the wipes back I have a hard time situating it correctly so it slides in the holder. It slides into the top restraint easily enough but the bottom pocket is what gives me the problem. It’s not hard and really not the big of a deal. I would still say to go ahead and buy this, I just wish there was a better way to put them back. Maybe two strips along the sides of the holder so it would help direct it down into the bottom pocket? Either way it’s a lovely changing station and I’m happy that I bought it.

Erma Point Of Rocks, MD

Convenient and well-made

I purchased this when our infant outgrew the changing pad that came with our diaper bag, and I love it! the diaper pocket easily fits 3 size 4 diapers and a soft package of wipes sits easily on the opposite side. We’ve had it for a couple of months and it still looks brand new.It fits nicely in a large purse or messenger bag, which I hadn’t thought much about when I purchased it, but it turns out that it’s really nice to be freed from carrying a diaper bag everywhere, especially as my son gets older and doesn’t need all of the other little things I used to carry around (multiple changes of clothes, diaper cream, etc.). The wrist loop even opens up so I can loop it on to my stroller handle. (I might even recommend to new moms that they skip the diaper bag all together, and just buy a diaper clutch instead.)

Christy Buffalo Creek, CO

Its alright

This is a nice clutch. Few things I don’t really care for about it. It’s pretty bulky, especially once you get some diapers in there (I’ve been able to fit 3 size 4’s in it). The other thing that I don’t really care for is when all you need is a wipe, and you have to unfold the whole darn thing to get one wipe out, for face or hands or something. There is a goofy way to fold it up so they aren’t so hard to get too but it gets sloppy. But aside from that, I do like that it has the attached changing mat, and it’s super easy to clean (outside and inside). I like the strap has a hook on it so it makes it versatile for lots of situations. Also, its been put through some abuse and its holding up just dandy! Quality is great! Design is what I struggle with on it.

Hattie Leroy, MI


I bought this when it was on sale and thought I was getting a great deal. While it’s ok, I wish it came w/ a wipes case. I use it at my in-laws’ house for a changing table and works fine for that.

Judy Broussard, LA

Bigger Than I Expected

I bought this because I needed a compact changing pad, diaper/wipe storage clutch for my purse. This is very nice and fits two size 3 diapers and a pack of travel wipes nicely. It’s also a very pretty fabric and the changing pad is plastic so it’s easy to clean. But I was kind of disappointed in the size of the clutch once folded up. It takes up almost half of my totes style purse’s space. All in all, I’ll use it often but might have bought a different one if I was able to see it in person before buying.

Dionne Todd, PA

Super cute & functional diaper clutch!

This clutch is made of really attractive material. It unfolds to a changing pad that has a couple gusseted pockets that hold a couple diapers and a small pack of wipes. I like that it has a wrist strap. Makes a quick run with baby to the restaurant bathroom a snap. This is a great deal for the price! The interior is a lime green, wipeable material.

Beth East Bernard, TX

… because it’s smaller than my last one but still pretty bulky. I guess they all are to some …

I kept this because it’s smaller than my last one but still pretty bulky. I guess they all are to some extent once you add wipes and diapers. It’s cute and easy

Carissa Odanah, WI


As described, this is a great portable changing pad. It holds a few diapers and wipes and I can take it with me everywhere or throw it in the car. Love the look of it too.

Kaitlin Downey, ID

Great diaper clutch

Has room for 4 regular diapers and small pack of wipes…2 cloth diapers. Nice and long so I can even change my semi-potty trained 3 year old.

Justine Milan, KS

Works for me!

Easy to use and holds enough diapers and wipes when going out for a bit and don’t want to take the entire diaper bag along. Baby always has a nice and clean place to be changed.

Tonia Mc Dade, TX

Not the best design

Cute idea but the diaper storage is ok the side so when I would pick up my dtr from the changing table, this would fall on the floor.

Minnie Brooklyn, KY

Great clutch!

I purchased the JJ Cole changing clutch at the recommendation of a family member with a 1-year-old. Fits easily inside our diaper bag and it easy for grab-and-go changes. Wipes down without issue and holds our diapers/wipes just fine. Cute pattern!

Claudia Jasper, MN


Super awesome and cute clutch. A little thick with wipes and three diapers but exactly what I need for a quick trip to the store or down the road to the park.

Marissa Stromsburg, NE

so cute I wish it was a purse

I wish JJ Cole made handbags! This is such a cute and functional diaper clutch. I highly recommend and bed JJ Cole to consider making handbags!

Alyssa Lueders, TX

Favorite baby item!

This is one of my favorite baby items. I have 2 in diapers but i hate having to lug a diaper bag around for short errands. This solves that problem. It’s small enough to fit in my purse if i want to bring a purse – otherwise i just carry it on my wrist.

Mattie Camp Crook, SD

Nice for being on the go

A little pricey at $20 or so but it matched our other JJ Cole items and it really is compact enough to carry around places. the green changing mat is a little flimsy but you really dont need anything too sturdy. It doesn’t soak up moisture like a blanket would and it is very easy to clean up when the little one just can’t wait for the diaper to be put back on.

Antionette Port Deposit, MD

Its gonna last along time !

Well made , big enough to be used as your baby grow .The reason why I took a star is because the color is not as shown in the picture , the leather is more a pewteresh than Goldesh !!but we love the bright green inside 🙂

Tracey Meyersdale, PA