JJ Cole Collections Diaper Caddy, Blue Stripe

JJ Cole Collections Diaper Caddy, Blue Stripe

With a space for every diapering essential, the JJ COLE diaper & wipes caddy is the perfect nursery companion. The top shelf space holds a large wipes dispenser and includes a removable box for creams and ointments, with a sleek drawer below for extra diapering needs. Additionally, an accessible pocket holds included changing pad, alongside the ample space for diapers, baby lotion and powder. With its quiet, stay put handle Baby won’t be disturbed by noise and parents can transport with ease. Available in a range of colors to compliment any nursery the diaper & wipes caddy is perfect for use around the house or when you travel.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Ideal nursery companion
  • Included changing pad
  • Ample space for all diapering needs
  • Removable box for ointments and creams
  • Allows safety straps to rest directly on child

Verified reviews



I read reviews about the drawer sticking a little – boo hoo. Thats the only reason I give it a 4. This problem is really easily resolved by just propping your thumb against the caddy while pulling the drawer open with one finger (if you’re doing it one handed). Not a big deal.I really love this product. I saw the diaper tool box at toys r us and just was not satisfied with it, it is not aesthetically pleasing. When I saw this product it looked like something practical. We could definitely use this product in our home for light storage. It isnt screaming baby.It’s VERY sturdy, and VERY well built. Holds plenty of diapers if you stack them vertically, and the drawer (one wide open space, no compartments) has plenty of room for your diaper creams and such.This is in no way an exchange for a changing table.As a mother with a newborn, my best example for use of this product is when my daughter is in bed with me at night. Since I’m breastfeeding, waking up to go feed her is really demanding. I just leave this caddy near the bed and voila, don’t even have to leave my room. I can easily carry her and it to the living room when we wake, or anywhere else I go in the house.Two thumbs up, buy it – you wont regret it.

Karen Garrisonville, VA

really doesn’t help much

I read so many great reviews on this and decided to try. The concept itself is a great idea. But a few of the reasons I ended up returning it are as follows:1) the drawer to hold accessories, is VERY small – you could barely fit a diaper cream and much else…2) the drawer – does not open easily – if you’ve got your hands full, trying to change a diaper on a squirmy baby or have a mess to clean up and have one hand free, you are going to have a heck of a time trying to open the darn thing without another hand holding the whole caddy down3) it’s made of cheap cardboard covered with some sort of canvas fabric and the “metal” around the handle would most likely come off quite soon4) due to the fabric, and in dealing with diaper messes, it’s also not very easy to sanitize! think of the amount of pee and poopoo you’ll be dealing with and touching over and over again – no matter how neat you are, there will always be a trivial amount of that, that will end up on the caddy, and you can’t sanitize it, it’s not washable etc…The only nice part is that it would hold a wipes dispenser and diapers on the other side along with a changing pad, but unfortunately the cons above really outweigh the pros. I want products that make me more efficient or make things easier, this does not. You could spend a few bux and buy plastic crate holder like for organizing under a bathroom sink that would hold all the same things, could be washed and do the same thing….

Sandra Sandersville, MS

Not practical

I bought this before the birth of my daughter and only used it for about a week or two. The Muchkin Diaper Caddy is much MUCH better!!!PROS:-Comes with a sturdy changing padCONS:-Changing pad is covered with vinyl, so it is quite cold and uncomfortable for baby-Changing pad is bulky-Rigid, so it takes up a lot of space if you needed to travel with it-Pull out drawer is small and inconvenientI wish I didn’t buy this and that I could return it! 🙁

Lilly Starrucca, PA

Love this thing!

My daughter is 4 months old and we haven’t really used her changing table since she was a newborn. We defaulted to this pretty early on. We just keep the mat open on our living room floor — it’s a rare day that we’re upstairs in the nursery when she needs a change, and I’ve always felt safer changing her on the floor. Maybe that will change once she can crawl! It’s everything you’d ever want. Easy access to wipes and diapers. We don’t use butt cream, but there’s a little drawer where you can put it if you do. Perfect, perfect!

Adriana Albion, PA

love it!

I love this, and would highly recommend it!! Its so nice to have everything in one place. We do not have a nursery yet (its being built) and so this has come in handy. The changing pad that it comes with is huge, the biggest changing pad I have ever seen. The one drawback I have with the changing pad is that they stitched through the plastic so the one time I wasnt quick enough with a new diaper and she potty-ied, it leaked through the tiny stitches to our sheets. But that was just the one time. Now I know so I am much quicker. I love that it has a drawer built in so I can put her diaper rash cream in it and hand sanitizer. I love love love this product!! It was so funny cause when we first got it my husband was like that is a huge waste of money, and now he loves it and shows it off to everyone. My sister saw it and went and bought one of her own to use with her 3 month old. I will give this as a gift for whoever gets pregnant next. Which might be a while since I was the last one of 9 of our friends to deliver, it has been a year of babies! 🙂 Highly recommend it!!UPDATE: My daughter is now 8 1/2 months old, and the caddy is still going strong! It is not coming apart in any way, and it is my daughters favorite toy. She loves pulling all the diapers out, and uses it to balance when she is standing. The only thing that has maybe fallen a part just a tiny bit is where the pad gets folded twice, once in half and then in thirds, those two points the plastic has broken just a little bit, I put a little clear packing tape over the areas, just so it doesnt poke Cayanne (ky-anne), and it worked great. I am not even complaining about it since we use it 5 or 6 times a day for 8.5 months, a little tear in the plastic is to be expected as far as I am concerned. Still highly recommend this!!

Lauri Avalon, NJ

Great organizer

We use this every day. It holds a lot of diapers as well as our son’s skin lotion and diaper cream. The drawer is perfect for our small items like our son’s nail clippers, hair brush, and snot sucker. We use the change mat when there is a diaper blowout and we don’t want to get our fabric covered change pad dirty. This one wipes clean easily.

James Maple View, NY

So perfect, is is my second one!

I tried to purchase a cheaper diaper caddy to have as a second one in my home, but hated it since I already had one of these! The drawer does stick a little bit, but it’s only because of the fabric on fabric contact, and I didn’t even think of it as an issue until I read other reviewers complain. I’ve had one of the for 2.5 years now and it’s still in excellent condition…and we’ve used it for EVERY diaper change over that time period. I returned the cheap one and bought a second JJ Cole to keep in our new baby’s room. This is a product that I would recommend to anyone I know!

Melba Bridgeport, AL

never use it

I bought this because I thought I would need it but we had a pack n play set up in the living room and another station for changing diapers in his bedroom so we never needed it. Now that he is 8 months he doesnt need a diaper nearly as often so we just go to his bedroom. This might be good if you dont want a pack n play set up or if you are going to leave it on the dresser in the room. I have a different organizer for his bedroom that is a little smaller though. We did use this briefly when I was immediately postpardom in our bedroom but that only lasted about a week,

Benita Johnson, VT

Nice caddy, but not quite big enough to hold wipes

I really like the design of this diaper caddy, but a regular size box of wipes barely fits. Also the pull out drawer is little tough to push in and out.

Latanya Troy, IL

I wish I would’ve got the Munchkin one instead

I bought this at a consignment store for my family room. I don’t go up to the nursery to use the changing table for every diaper change, I often just do it on the floor in the family room. I like having something sort of cute and simple to keep all my baby stuff. This caddy happened to be on sale for a great price.It has a few strong points. First of being that it’s cute. I have the blue one and I think it’s stylish. It also has a little drawer for diaper cream or hand sanitizer or whatever small item needs to be tucked away. I don’t use the drawer because it doesn’t slide smoothly. It slides like you would imagine textured cloth drawer rubbing against textured cloth. It is nice that it comes with a changing pad to help protect my carpet or couch. It is plastic material on one side so it’s easy to clean, but it’s also a little cold on my sons bare skin.Like others said, it is made of cardboard, so it won’t stand up to any rough use. Like if someone tried to stand on it or toss it around it would probably break very easily. It would’ve been nice if it were a little bigger and had a few more spots to put things. I would like a space for burp rags, a bottle of hand sanitizer and perhaps space for a toy to entertain my son during diaper changes. I found thisMunchkin Sarabear Portable Diaper Caddy, White Waffleorganizer on Amazon that I like so much more. I would’ve got that instead if I’d seen it first.

Juliana Albion, ID

Best Product for new baby!

We have used this product multiple times a day as our only source for changing the baby. I am purchasing our second one after 2 1/2 years for the new baby. This product is perfect in size, easy to handle and has a great compartment for storage. Highly recommended!

Rosalia Lake Hughes, CA

Very convenient and sturdy

All your essentials fit nicely in the storage spaces. The drawer helps keep all of the small things – like Desitin – within easy reach. The changing mat is good quality. Overall, it helps you keep things portable and organized, and it still looks good!

Odessa Liberty Hill, SC


We didn’t purchase a changing table for our son, but figured we needed a convenient way to keep our diapering gear together. This little caddy is PERFECT!! Love it! It fits lots of diapers, the wipes holder is perfect for a box of wipes or the […] brand we buy, and the little drawer is great for things like nail clippers, diaper ointment, thermometer, etc. We DID have to remove the drawer when our son learned how to open it (unless we just wanted to leave it empty). It’s a great way to keep it all together and is super light and easy to move between rooms. Very sturdy.We have a one-story house, but if I lived in a 2-story house, I’d get one for each floor!Highly recommend!

Edna Houghton Lake Heights, MI

Must Have Diaper Changing Caddy

Once the baby is moving around too much you need to change them on the floor or bed and then you need this caddy. It is the perfect size to hold the diapers in one end the wipes up top and the little extras in the drawer. Light enough that you can easily carry it with one hand, but sturdy enough that my son uses it to stand up. As a bonus the changing pad is extra large. My son is off the chart on height, but fits on it with lots of room. Also it looks great, and fits into our decor. I have read other reviews that said that the drawer is hard to open, but I haven’t had that problem on mine or the two that I’ve bought as gifts. Works great

Taylor Butler, GA

Sort of fits all my stuff.

I put diapers on the side with no drawer, and a plastic tub of pampers sensitive wipes on the other side above the drawer. I pulled the drawer half way out and put three pump bottles of hand sanitizer, diaper rash cream, and everyday lotion standing up in the open drawer.i say it sort of sits everything because the wipes tub is just a hair too big and doesn’t close properly because it’s being squeezed. i haven’t tried the changing pad yet, but it can’t possibly be waterproof because they sewed right through the vinyl.

Jessie Monroe Bridge, MA

drawer difficult to pull in/out

I had to return because the drawer was sticking really bad. If I had exerted all my force to pull it in and out everything would have been thrown from the caddy. Unfortunate.

Robyn Hermosa Beach, CA

I loooooove it!

I am very very thankful for whoever invented this. put the diapers creams wipes and little things i use for my baby. I really recommend this.

Kristy Gordonsville, TN

Heavy & Bulky

Haven’t used this product yet but without anything in it it’s pretty heavy & bulky. Have a lot of room and it seems to be good quality which is a plus.

Gabriela Harrisburg, SD

the besy caddy out there

I love this caddy. It saved me alot of space. The only thing that I was disappointed about is that the changing pad has a stain on it (it’s underneath the plastic).

Kris Pelkie, MI

Useful, Practical, and CUTE!

I LOVE this diaper caddy! It’s so adorable and is very practical. One side PERFECTLY holds a container of wipes, and the other side allows ample space for diapers, lotion, powder, and hand sanitizer. Plus, there’s a drawer for small items like diaper rash cream and q-tips. The caddy also comes with a changing mat that folds up easily and fits into it’s own pocket of the caddy. The mat is plastic which allows for quick and easy clean-up. The pattern is sooo cute–I don’t mind having this item just laying around the house. 🙂

Nell Wonalancet, NH

Go jj cole!!!!!

Before i purchased my jj cole dwc i purchased munchkins diaper caddy thing. I hated that. Looks soooooo unorganized saggy ugly bag thing. I needed something stays in shape looks organized and clean. Easy to use. I found one. Its jj cole diaper and wipes case. Perfect hard box. Puts every little baby stuff in it. Make my nursery not cluttered with little stuffs

Margret Amesbury, MA

Love the drawer

I was looking for a portable diaper caddy and found this one. My daughter decided she didn’t like to be changed on the changing table anymore, so we started changing her on the ground in the living room. This caddy is perfect for that. It is not collapsible, which is fine. It’s very sturdy and I especially like the drawer. I store cotton swabs, diaper cream and lotion in there.

Joann Baldwinville, MA

We use it everyday

It’s a very well designed product. It has a drawer where you can put a few small things and the upper part is divided in two so you can put diapers and creams. I like the fact that is firm unlike other designs. We have it on the dresser by the changing table and if we need to change a baby in another room we can just grab the caddy and go. It really keeps things organized and portable. I have it in brown which is great because with babies things get dirty pretty quickly.The only thing I would change is the size, I would prefer to have a slightly bigger version of this, but I have twins so we use more diapers.

Bridgette Osceola, NE

Practical and useful!

I have always wanted to get this diaper caddy but in Canada the price was almost double the price of what I paid for and didn’t think it was worth paying for that much! But when this caddy went on sale for about $25, I immediately bought it! I no longer have to keep going back and forth to my living room for wet naps and baby powder, or whatever it is I forgot! Everything I need is in one place and it keeps my dresser tidy as well! The quality is well made and seems very sturdy! The changing pad has plastic sewn to it and makes it leak proof and easy to clean!! Perfect for a shower gift or any mom who wants to make her life a little easier!!

Briana Kingsbury, IN

Great idea, terrible quality

For $30 I guess I expected something more than fabric glued to cardboard. The glue started coming undone after several months, and by 20 months whole sections of cardboard had fallen off and the product was completely unusable. I tried gluing it back together but the glue I tried did not stick to the original glue residue at all. I tried duct-taping it back together and that kind of worked, although the duct tape does not stick to the fabric well and peels off easily. Also, even the changing pad was a poor design — it’s made of a clear plastic layer on top of a fabric layer, with several rows of stitching attaching the two layers together. This results in tiny holes in the plastic where the stitching is, so if baby pees on the pad the pee just soaks through those holes and into the fabric underneath the plastic.The concept of this product is great — it’s the perfect size to put diapers in the large open pocket, a wipes container in the pocket above the drawer, and several small tubes of cream, cotton swabs, etc. in the drawer. It’s easy to carry around the house so you can change baby in any room. The Cocoa Stripe is a great neutral color that does not seem baby-ish at all. Unfortunately, the poor quality prevents me from recommending this product — I will be looking for another brand to replace this.

Ines Magnolia, AL


I absolutely love this diaper caddy. It is sturdy, stylish, and stores neatly. Plenty of room for diapers in the back, wipes in the front, and has a nice little storage drawer for diaper cream and such. Highly recommend to anyone!

Jenifer Bannock, OH


I had one of these for my older daughter and I loved it. So, I ordered another one for my baby daughter’s room. These are perfect. I keep lotions, diaper cream, etc. in the larger part of the caddy. In the smaller parts I keep the nail clippers, bulb syringes, and other necessities. When my older daughter no longer needed those things, I used it to keep all of her ponytail holders and barrettes. It is worth every cent. I just wished that it came in more colors. The pink worked great in my older daughter’s room, but the baby’s room is purple. The cocoa stripe was the closest match that looked good with her Jacana baby bedding.

Lynn Carlisle, PA

JJ Cole Collections Diaper Caddy, Cocoa Stripe

We love this caddy! Have one in the nursery and ordered this second one to coordinate with our living room as our son is soon to outgrow the change station feature on our play pen.I tell all of my new mom friends about this caddy!

Phoebe Amboy, CA

perfect for public areas

We keep this in the den for quick changes. It hold everything, unpacks easily with one hand, and stores discreetly when not in use. It looks great with our modern decor and doesn’t scream “I have a baby!” when we have company.

Genevieve Apollo Beach, FL


Excellent product. Solid construction, useful design. Fits a box of wipes, more diapers than i originally thought, and a useful little drawer for all those lotions and other baby junk. It keeps the changing area organized and i LOVE the change pad it comes with. I do take this with me when giving the baby for my mom to sit with- it is so easy and turns any place into a change station.Buy it = you will love it.UPDATE 2012: About 2 years ago the drawer broke- it sort of totally fell apart now. I still LOVE this thing, still use it on our changing table for lotions/creams/medicated stuff for kids eczema breakouts- but, if the box was built better i would have found uses for this thing even in 10 years. Basically it will last you the life of your diapering needs- anything beyond that dont expect.

Lacy Somerset, OH