JJ Cole Collections Storage Box, Blue Stripe, 6.5″

JJ Cole Collections Storage Box, Blue Stripe, 6.5″

Simply and subtly organize your nursery with JJ COLE’s storage box. These sturdy boxes easily store clothing and diapers, and are sturdy enough to hold toys, books and other hard goods.

Main features

  • Canvas
  • Perfect for storing diapers, toys and other accessories
  • Collapses for easy storage
  • Comfortable handles for easy transport
  • Stylish colors and fabrics coordinate with any nursery
  • Part of the JJ Cole storage collection

Verified reviews


Darker Color

The color of this product is a little darker in person. More of a Carolina blue than a baby blue.

Tami Petrolia, TX


We plan on using this box to store diapers, wipes, and toiletries downstairs so we wont have to go upstairs everytime we want to change our little girls’ diaper. It is the perfect size, but not too big! I love that its collapsable so whenever we don’t have a use for it, we can store it at the bottom of a drawer until we need it. (And it won’t be taking up space in the mean time)!I may buy one or two more to use to store our baby’s books and possibly in the diaper changing station in her room (as a way to keep things looking nice and organized). I do wish they had these it White, Cream, tan, etc so they could be repurposed more easily (Not a fan of the dark brown), but it doesn’t change how I feel about the actual product! GREAT BUY!

Karen Hildreth, NE

Folds flat, but still sturdy

Loved it! I’ve purchased other storage boxes that fold and was disappointed with how flimsy they are. This one is great. There is a bottom piece that is inserted that makes the whole thing very strong. And it looks good too!

Ada Plymouth, UT

Use for baby supplies

Until our son is old enough to sleep in his crib upstairs, he’s camping out in our room downstairs. I needed something to organize all of the baby essentials that we would need. This works great. I bought the "interDesgin Med+, 9-inch Organizer" to go inside it. It works very well for our needs. Once my son is older, I will be able to use this storage box for other stuff either in his nursery, or around the house.

Jeanie Colliers, WV

Good-looking baby storage bin

This is an attractice bin that matches my baby’s room and holds several baby toys. It is well-constucted and I like how the handles are reinforced.

Alyssa Brimfield, IN

will buy more of these

they look stylish, you get a hella bang for your buck… they look great on our changing table, keep things organized and will make a nice closet organizer ones we’re done with diapers.

Fern Allison, IA

Perfect Storage Boxes!

I purchased these storage boxes in the green stripe color. They are great! My changing table just has 2 shelves under it and it was very difficult to keep it clean and organized. These boxes fit on the shelves perfectly, and they are not so tall that you have to pull them out to see what is inside. It keeps little items organized and the shelves look clean and neat. I use one for pacifiers, pacifier wipes and pacifier straps. Another one hold diaper rash cream, petroleum jelly, etc. Another for nail clippers and other grooming items. They are so handy and I know where everything is at rather than having a pile of items to sort thru! They are very sturdy, made of a thick canvas type material and they easily collapse to be stored until you need them again. A must have for any nursery.

Angelina Orange Lake, FL

Cute and handy!

Exactly met my expectations. I was looking for short bin to store my sons diapers and spare clothes near his pack and play. The stripes on the inside are cute and it holds just enough spares for the day.

Octavia Neskowin, OR

High Quality and Cute!

These boxes are a great storage container for my kids’ diapers and creams/lotions. I have the blue/brown for my son’s room, and the pink/brown for my daughter’s room. The colors appear in person as they do in the pictures. They are high quality, durable, and classic looking, and add a nice touch to the look of my children’s rooms.

Ma Edson, KS

Used as Easter baskets

I am in the process of moving and have Easter baskets I have been using since my children’s first Easter but they are in storage only god knows where. These worked great, they are a decent size and will look great on a shelve. They are very sturdy as my kids have been testing their integrity by setting on and in them. They are holding up quite well.

Anna Morse, LA