JJ Cole Collections Storage Box, Cocoa Stripe, 11″

JJ Cole Collections Storage Box, Cocoa Stripe, 11″

Simply and subtly organize your nursery with JJ COLE’s storage box. These sturdy boxes easily store clothing and diapers, and are sturdy enough to hold toys, books and other hard goods.

Main features

  • Canvas
  • Perfect for storing diapers, toys and other accessories
  • Collapses for easy storage
  • Comfortable handles for easy transport
  • Stylish colors and fabrics coordinate with any nursery
  • Part of the JJ Cole storage collection

Verified reviews


Great for toy storage

I purchased one of these when my baby was born for toy storage, and have found myself purchasing two more over the past several months. They are a great size for small toys, have great handles, and fold up really small when not in use. We can pick up the living room quickly and stow this in the bedroom without a lot of hassle. I took away one star because the sides are made of canvas-covered-cardboard, and if someone puts too much weight on the box it could be permanently crushed.Update: After 2 years of constant use, including our toddler leaning on them with all her weight, they still look like new! Changing my review to 5 stars, especially considering the price!

Ann Oldsmar, FL

Sturdy, nice looking

I bought three of these to use in a storage bench to store toys. They look great and seem very sturdy. I like the metal handles. We will see how they hold up to the young ‘un, but I think these will last a long time.

Liliana Dover, GA

Simple but great product!

We purchased these in preparation for our new baby. They started holding baby and diaper supplies for us to use and now a year and a half later have turned into toy bins for her. We were able to re-purpose some of our existing furniture to make it more kid friendly. We’ve used a combination of these bins on bottom shelves full of toys and the smaller bins on the above shelves with smaller toys and books. I have also found them handy on a self near our front door for all those extra things you need quickly as you’re running out the door with someone in your arms. We now have 6 larger, 4 small, and 2 matching hampers used through out the house; and in the brown they match both in her room and in the public areas of the house.We also move every couple years and once the bins are emptied into moving boxes the bins themselves are inconvenient to pack and we have broken numerous different types over the years. I look forward to our next move with these, and being able to collapse them all and put them in a moving box as well.– Simple but great product, the uses for them are endless; and so good so far holding up to a toddlers use.

Lauri Central Lake, MI

Super cute!

These boxes look very cute for storing items in the nursery, to prevent clutter but still keep them accessible. We use them for toys, books, small clothing items such as hats, etc.

Stephanie Round Mountain, TX

Very happy with this

We use this collection of boxes a lot: the smaller ones for our baby’s closet (we don’t have a set of drawers in her nursery) and the large for toy storage. The boxes stand up well to a lot of use, are easily collapsable if you no longer need them, and they hold a lot. The brown really fits in well in our living room w/o being an eye sore!

Tessa Branson, CO

A handy tote

I am going to a baby shower and have several small items I am giving. I wanted some way to contain them, but didn’t want to use a gift bag that would just get thrown away. Someone gave me grandmother gifts in a tote similar to this when my first grandchild was born. The tote has come in handy for storing those small baby toys. It is packed with those baby toys and in the closet now awaiting the next round of babies. I selected this storage box to contain the shower gifts because brown is one of the colors being used in the new baby’s nursery. I found a cute little tag in the wrapping section at the store and have attached it to one of the handles. This will be a nice added gift.

Candy Copeland, FL