JJ Cole Collections Storage Box, Cocoa Stripe, 6.5″

JJ Cole Collections Storage Box, Cocoa Stripe, 6.5″

Simply and subtly organize your nursery with JJ COLE’s storage box. These sturdy boxes easily store clothing and diapers, and are sturdy enough to hold toys, books and other hard goods.

Main features

  • Canvas
  • Perfect for storing diapers, toys and other accessories
  • Collapses for easy storage
  • Comfortable handles for easy transport
  • Stylish colors and fabrics coordinate with any nursery
  • Part of the JJ Cole storage collection

Verified reviews


Modern and Clean

I use this for toy storage in the living room. It does the job, but we’re probably already outgrowing it (or, to put it another way, have way too many toys). Anyway, for small to medium storage needs, this is a solid concept and looks sharp enough that we are happy having it off the side in the living room. For most storage needs, however, I’d think a bigger box or option would be more economical and efficient.

Camille Prestonsburg, KY

Looks nice, but pretty flimsy

We got a matching set of these bins and a laundry hamper for our baby’s room. They look very nice and well coordinated, but they are pretty darn flimsy. The only thing keeping them from collapsing is the piece of cardboard in the bottom. It basically collapses whenever my son (age 1) puts his hands on it (he tends to lean). Also, we pull ours out from under the crib when we need it and it’s getting some odd/ugly creases as a result. This is after about 12 months of moderate/gentle use. It works fine, looks fine, but it’s nothing special.

Jennie Castleton, VA

Love them!

I bought 2 of these boxes for storage on a changing table. They fit great and hold a lot of items! I have nail clippers, a thermometer, lotions, pacifiers, a comb and brush, and all the other little baby items stored. The table looks nice and neat and everything is easy to find.

Fannie Morris Plains, NJ

Simple but great product!

We purchased these in preparation for our new baby. They started holding baby and diaper supplies for us to use and now a year and a half later several of them have turned into toy bins for her. We were able to re-purpose some of our existing furniture to make it more kid friendly. We’ve used a combination of the large bins on bottom shelves full of toys and these bins on the above shelves with smaller toys and board books. They are also light enough and sturdy enough that she can pull them off the shelves and carry them around with her, which she loves. We now have 6 larger, 4 small, and 2 matching hampers used through out the house; and in the brown they match both in her room and in the public areas of the house.We also move every couple years and once the bins are emptied into moving boxes the bins themselves are inconvenient to pack and we have broken numerous different types over the years. I look forward to our next move with these, and being able to collapse them all and put them in a moving box as well.– Simple but great product, the uses for them are endless; and so good so far holding up to a toddlers use.

Liz Buchanan, ND

Great little storage box!

I love these little boxes! They fit perfectly on our living room shelving. We use them to store our kids little cars and small toys in. Makes clean up super easy. Very happy with this purchase.

Therese Yazoo City, MS