JJ Cole Collections System Diaper Bag, Black Damask

JJ Cole Collections System Diaper Bag, Black Damask

JJ Cole has released the new system 180 diaper bag. The 180 boasts the same great features of the best selling system bag with reinforced stitching – plus an additional main compartment and larger opening. Being organized on the go has never been easier.

Main features

  • Nylon
  • Changing pad and tote included
  • Pacifier pod included
  • Grips (stroller attachments) included
  • Insulated bottle pockets

Verified reviews


I’ve owned this bag for 10 months….

I’m a mom of 3 and always on the lookout for a great bag. I really didn’t NEED a new one when I bought this in September 2010, but loved the features and thought the pattern/color scheme was beautiful. As far as practicality goes, this bag has been great. Plenty of room for everything I need and a huge changing pad that can be used as separate storage for diapers and wipes, thus enabling me (or Daddy) to just grab the changing pad to take to the bathroom rather than the whole bag. There are definitely a lot of pros to this bag, and I believe the design was well thought out, BUT…. on to the negative.I have used this bag daily for 10 months. I don’t feel that I’ve been overly abusive on it. Just normal, everyday use. The bag has not held up well at all. The material that the bag is made from, while attractive, is not at all durable. It snags and pulls on everything and ultimately frays. The bag has no feet on the bottom, so the corners of mine are very nearly worn through. The seams have unraveled and come apart in more than one place and the paci pod was lost within the first week I had the bag due to the weak button that keeps it attached to the bag.Having said all of that, I did contact the company about my disappointment. JJ Cole bags have a 2 year warranty on them and the customer service I received was above and beyond. It was a process, I’ll admit, but after emailing back and forth and sending pictures of the damage to my bag, the company authorized an exchange. They even let me exchange it for a different bag since I was concerned with the durability of this bag. My new bag is on the way at absolutely no cost to me!All in all… Disappointing bag, but FANTASTIC customer service.

Jo Pullman, WV

Damask & Lime – FABULOUS!

I ordered this and it shipped so fast! It was one of the first things I bought when I found out we’re expecting. I loved the design, and I can say it’s even better in person. SO many compartments, really well made and durable. I love the stroller clips. I haven’t actually USED this yet, but I can just tell it’s going to be a great product that will LAST. Very happy with my purchase!

Rosemary Ocean View, NJ

So far so good

Have not put this bag to the test yet but will keep updating. It feels and looks great. Very nice changing pad.

Jill Norway, SC

Broken zipper right out of bag

JJ Cole help was less than helpful on many many fronts. Amazon returns was awesome. This is the second bag from JJ Cole that I have had with zipper failure. What a great bag, what a terrible zipper. I will not ever buy a JJ Cole again.

Sabrina Valley Head, WV

Hate it.

I bought this bag before the birth of our first child. Thought it was going to really work out and look kinda pretty at the same time. Before my daughter was two months old along the zipper began to tear, she is now five months old and small tear has turned into a huge engulfing whole. Very dissappointed. I’m in the process of looking for a new one now and trust me it will not be a JJ COLE!

Guadalupe Tampico, IL

get something pretty

got this because i wanted something my husband and i could agree on. Wish i’d gotten something prettier. Still looks like hubby is carrying a purse but after about 6 months, you want to be fashionable again.

Tonya Grottoes, VA


I was a little apprehensive when purchasing this bag but I’m glad I did. I use cloth diapers & wipes so I carry bulkier items than most people & I’m still able to fit everything I need – including my personal items & a quart sized bag of snacks for my ever-hungry school aged child – into this bag. It’s stylish & very comfortable. Great purchase!!

Ava Middleville, MI

Needs to be recalled

this is a really nice bag i do like all the pokets and that is waterproof. but like many others out here the Zipper is the problem i use this bag just 3 days when my son started daycare in June 2013 by Jan 2014 the zipper had already broken.

Lorie Burtrum, MN

Hubby and I both love it

My husband and I saw this set in a store and fell in love with it, so when we saw it on amazon for $20 less, we had to have it. It’s not super feminine and it is very stylish and functional. We both love that it comes with a separate pacifier case and the rings to attach to a stroller.

Miranda Shelbyville, MI

Wish it was a little bigger

I liked the design of this bag because it is fairly compact, but as our baby gets bigger, I wish I had gotten a bigger bag. We don’t use the changing pad that came with it. I found it awkward to have to remove the wipes container before opening the changing pad, so we use a different pad that stores all the diapering supplies. Once I pack several diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, bottles, and an extra jacket or hat, there isn’t much room left. Now that we are having to take baby food with us, we are out of space in this bag! If you don’t pack much, it is great, but if you want to have everything with you "just in case" you might want to look for a bigger bag.

Nancy Opa Locka, FL

Green Stitch JJ Cole Diaper Bag

This diaper bag is good quality, spacious and has lots of pockets for organizing.It is comfortable to carry with the adjustable padding on the shoulder strap and can be carried over the shoulder or cross-body. I like the pacifier pod and was skeptical because it attaches with velcro, but I’ve had no problems with it falling off. The stroller clips are awesome and am so happy that I can attach my bag to my stroller without it hanging awkwardly by the shoulder strap. I also love that the changing pad has it’s own carrying handle.

Bobby Cedar, MI


The clutch is a perfect addition. Wanted the clutch for quick trips, but didn’t want to pay extra. This bag comes with it!!! Nice design even the hubby will carry.

Lori Onalaska, WA

Love this bag!!!

All you need from a diaper bag is already here. I have a son so its also not awkward for my husband to carry this. I checked out some of the bags on the store too and just double check the zipper as I found one that is not easy to open and close it but overall, its really good! 😉

Flora Hazelwood, NC

Love the bag, holds up well, some fraying after 1 year of use

I really like this diaper bag. The material is nice and the design is modern and hip. It’s almost like a messenger bag style and I like that it is not so boxy and puffy like the design of most diaper bags. I also like the funky pattern on it. I live in Manhattan and it is the perfect funky type bag, with a modern, urban style.The bag also functions really well and it holds a lot in it. I can easily get a bottle, a few snacks, several diapers, cream, change of clothes and a few toys in the main zippered pocket. And I really like the changing pad it comes with because it is nice and sturdy. I usually store the changing pad in the back outer pocket. I use the front pocket for my keys and cell phone and the small flat outer fron pockets for pacifier wipes and stain removing wipes. If you havent used these I swear, they will save you from running around town with spit up and ketchup stains from when the baby spits up or throws its lunch on you.Shout Wipes, Portable Stain Treater Towelettes – 12 ea. There is also a small zippered pocket on the top of the bag, that I fit a few pacifiers in. Personally, I have had no problem with the zippers not functioning and they still work well after a year of use.I also like that the bag has hooks to hang it from my stroller and we used the hooks a lot. The reason I am only giving this bag four stars is that the hooks broke off the diaper bag after a year of use. So that left me with having to try to dangle the bag by the shoulder strap off of the stroller handle bar, and as such, it sometimes falls off. Additionally, after a year of use the material on the bag starts to fray and it makes the bag look really worn. So after a year of heavy use, I now only use it as a back up bag. I bought a new diaper bag from skip hop that doesn’t fray but honestly, I miss the design of the JJ Cole bag. Still, the price isn’t so bad that I would buy it again, especially if amazon runs a sale on it. And I have found that many of the other brands of diaper bags have also started to break down after a year of heavy use and abuse, so I honestly, really only expect to get a year or so of heavy use out of most diaper bags before I need to replace them because they are looking worn. So, I would recommend it!

Nichole Hatfield, MA

Great bag

Love it because my husband and I can both carry it, has great storage pockets and I can basically get everything I need in it for a day trip, highly recommend!

Vilma Gig Harbor, WA

Love it!

This diaper bag has been great! It has so many different compartments for all of the different things that you need. May not seem like a necessity, but when you have so many things and you need the diaper rash cream, it is nice to know exactly where it is. I haven’t had any issues at all. I have had it a year. Yes, it does wear, but most things do. The changing pad that it comes with is better than any I have seen! Definitely would recommend this.Review edit:I changed my review from 5 stars to 4 stars. This was a really wonderful diaper bag, but it did wear pretty easily. I was able to get a good 8 months or so out of it, though.

Rebecca Polson, MT

Diaper Bag-Great! Workmanship-Not so Great:(

This bag is a must. I had it in pink and brown, which seems to no longer be available. The size is perfect and the contents makes it even better. You can definately fit all, plus more, of your essentials in it. The changing pad is remarkable. It is the best. Perfect size for a baby and toddler without having to allow your child’s head or bottom to touch the public changing table or whatever surface you are using to change your baby on. You can also use the changing pad as a carry all for changes. It hold the diapers, wipes, diaper cream, etc. The changing pad within else makes this bag worth it. It also comes with a Paci holder. All matching. Even though I loved this bab, I can only give it 3 stars because of the workmanship of the bag. Ours tore in several places at different times. We are meticulous with use of stuff for our child and I can guarantee that it wasn’t rough use or handling that caused this bag to tear; it had to be the workmanship. So I liked the bag so much, that after it tore, I had a seamstress repair it, but to no avail, because months later, it only tore again, but in different areas. So would I buy this bag again, probably so, but JJ Cole definatley needs to work on the quality and durability of this bag.

Cherie Lockport, NY

Broken Zipper Upon Arrival – Don’t waste your time, there aren’t any quality checks before the product leaves the warehouse

Broken Zipper upon ArrivalI was truly hoping that JJ Cole had fixed this issue as it seemed to be a major problem when the product was first released. However, it turns out that there is no quality control regarding this product. These defaults are major flaws, not the small flaws that could easily go unnoticed, such as in inside zipper, or inside seam. The zipper just would not unzip all the way. When I finally did get it to unzip, I noticed that the stitching was also coming loose and the zipper wasn’t aligned properly when sewn together. Just poor product quality all the way around. Plus the changing pad, as nice as it seems, is actually quite heavy compared to some other changing pads that come with other diaper bags that I’ve owned in the past. Imagine carrying that in the diaper bag along with everything else you want to shove in it…heavy, heavy, and heavier. The hardware doesn’t seem well made either. I will be returning this bag. Too bad that I didn’t heed the advice of my fellow Amazon users when they said “don’t buy this bag”. It’s just really sad that they would even bother to ship a faulty/broken product in the first place. Amazon should stop selling this bag until the manufacturer fixes these problems.

Kathleen Westover, MD

Great bag and lots of room!!!

We registered for this bag for several reasons… the size was great and holds a ton, but not TOO big. It has several pockets and what not for all of babies stuff plus some of my own 😉 As well, it’s a nice looking bag and my husband doesn’t mind taking it places either (as it’s not too girly). So far, it’s been perfect. It’s also held up well- even though I had some concerns based on other reviews. We’ve only been using the bag for just over 3 months though– although it get’s daily use, and we aren’t easy on it. I hope it continues to hold up well… I’d highly recommend. I love that it has hangers to attach to my stroller too. I’ll update my review if any issues arrise in the future. But if not, I would give it 5 stars for sure!

Jasmine Macon, IL

Most useful diaper bag I own

My favorite parts of this bag is all the compartments so it iss easy to organize, the front flap makes it easy for mom to find the keys/phones/wallet, it is very easy to clean, the stroller straps are incredibly useful, and the diaper pouch is a nice lightweight option.

Misty Morristown, TN

Loved it, until it fell apart!!

I recieved this at the shower for my baby girl. I was so excited about it as it was mostly black with the lime green piping. I thought it was gender neutral enough that my husband didn’t mind carrying as well. We both enjoyed how it organized all the baby needs in one messenger type bag. When my baby was about 3 months old, I noticed that it was starting to fray on top near the zipper. Pretty quickly that seam began to disintegrate into an ugly fabric canyon. So, I give this 5 stars for it’s design, but ZERO stars for quality of construction. Now, here I sit shopping for a new and more durable diaper bag…bummer!

Nikki Carey, OH

Perfect Size and Nice Features

I have back problems so was looking for a medium sized bag that would be comfortable to carry, and this one has been great.Pros:1. It is the perfect size–fits everything I need but doesn’t feel like I’m lugging around a suitcase. Actually it could hold a lot more than I carry in it, as I’m trying to keep it light because of my back problems. It has plenty of pockets to keep things organized.2. The strap is very comfortable–it is well padded and has a non-slip surface that keeps it on my shoulder. It is comfortable on one shoulder or slung across my chest.3. It comes with hooks that you attach to the handles of your stroller. At first I thought this was silly, but it’s now one of my favorite features. It keeps the bag securely within easy reach and high enough that I don’t kick it when walking. If I hung it by the strap it would be too low, and it’s a hassle to get it in and out of the basket, so I love these hooks.4. We have the “Black Stitch” color, and it is neutral enough to be for a boy or a girl and sleek enough that I still feel like a professional adult when I carry it.Cons:1. The changing pad is surprisingly heavy. It is large, which is nice, but keeping the bag light is a priority to me so I use a lighter one.2. The pockets on the side are small–I have to push hard to get a 20oz water bottle in them.3. I wish it had a short handle in addition to the shoulder strap–it would sometimes be easier to haul everything if it did.One note, the price on Amazon seems to fluctuate by as much as twenty dollars, so I would keep an eye on it and buy it when it’s less expensive.

Eileen Saint Ignace, MI