JJ Cole Diaper Stacker, Blue Stripe

JJ Cole Diaper Stacker, Blue Stripe

A stylish, easily accessible place to store diapers and wipes.

Main features

  • Outside Fabric: 100% polyester; Inside Fabric: 93% nylon, 7% lycra
  • Imported
  • Bottom compartment holds wipes case at the perfect angle for easy access
  • Set on your changing table or dresser , or hang from a sturdy place in your nursery
  • Two types of hanging devices provided
  • Collapse flat when not in use
  • Size : 8″x7.5″x19″

Verified reviews


Handy, Stylish, Sturdy, SpaceSaver

We really like this diaper stacker – it’s a great space saver that we hang on the wall by the changing table to keep it out of the way, yet still readily accessible.. It’s sturdy enough to hold almost ~30 Size 2 diapers (compostable/disposable), along with a extra large container of Desitin without sagging at all. (Wipes also fit, and the stacker holds it up without sagging). We’ve used it for 3 months now, we’ll see what happens in another 12 months.

Belinda Windom, KS

Has some nice features but won’t hold many diapers

I like alot of things about this diaper stacker. I like the placement of the wipes and how its at an angle, its very durable and stands up nicely, and I like that it has 3 different ways to use it (with the hooks, velcro loops, or standing it upright). But my son that we are using this for is currently in size 1 diapers and they are almost to big to stack two rows side by side like the picture shows. The newborn size ones fit perfectly and now the size 1 diapers are a little too wide and keep getting stuck. There is no way size 2 and up will fit side by side, therefore it will hold half as many diapers. I was under the impression that I would be able to fit many diapers in it, especially longer than this (he is only 2 month old). I wish it was a little wider so that I could fit more diapers in it at least for a little longer. Other wise great product, if you don’t mind refilling it every other day.

Elvia Madawaska, ME

Nursery need!

My husband and I love, love, love this in our son’s nursery. We have a small dresser top changing area and don’t have much space for diapers, wipes, and sanitizer. This diaper stacker is wonderful- it holds his diapers and wipes and the top is flat and sturdy, so we set our hand sanitizer on top.

Ivy Ayrshire, IA

Elegant, practical and sturdy but doesn’t fit all wipes dispensers

Elegant, practical and sturdy but it didn’t fit my OXO Tot wipes dispenser.Also, the snap buttons that hold the “shelf” that supports the wipes were misaligned on the unit I received, making the “shelf” look slanted.Not a deal breaker, but not very esthetic.On a side note: The unit is quite heavy. If planning to hang on a wall (I had planned to use a couple of 3M Command hooks), use appropriate hardware.

Selena Redford, MO

Cute and Functional

This diaper stacker is a little more expensive than others, but I chose it because it was the only one I could find that held wipes AND could be hung up. I hung this on the wall just near our daughter’s changer and it’s very convenient! I just reach up and grab what I need quickly; I don’t have to reach in two separate places for diapers and wipes. I agree with other reviewers that larger sized diapers probably won’t fit as well (I say “probably” because we’re still using size 1) but it only takes a minute to restock it. Overall, I’m very pleased with this item and happy that I purchased it.

Christine Raymond, CA

Very handy for keeping everything at your fingertips!

I have a changing table that is topped with the changing pad so there’s no space to set down the box of wipes or a stack of diapers, when you’re wrestling with a screaming newborn at 3:00am having things within arm’s reach makes all the difference. The first one I received had an issue with one of the snaps inside, but I returned it and the second one I got worked just fine. The velcro straps at the top attached easily to my changing table and even filled with diapers and with a wipe box on the front it’s still not very heavy (which I was worried about). It looks very clean and I think it does a great job of stylishly making the diapers and wipes easy to access. When I was looking at the picture for this I thought the top would be soft but it’s actually hard like it has cardboard in it, so the top of the diaper stacker is also ANOTHER surface to set things like diaper cream or anything you need to set down temporarily. I’m very happy with it and recommend it for anyone dealing with space issues!

Myrtle Corwith, IA

So pretty & convienient

This item looks great, its a perfect pink color. I the crib set and dresser/changer I loved didn’t have enough space on the top to store diapers and wipes and this was the perfect solution! Better then having it sitting on top actually {which i have in my sons room} you just hang it up and its all right at the level you need it.

Valerie Waterville Valley, NH

Very convenient

*Update*I’ve been using this almost a year now. We’re at size 4 diapers and they still can fit doubled stacked with no problem. I at first thought it wouldn’t last as long as I hoped, but it can easily fit multiple sizes, still room for size 5 diaper.It does get dirty, but a wet rag with some soap cleans it up nicely. I’m so glad we’ve had this, makes changing a bit easier!—We decided to keep a guest bed in the baby’s room so we had little room for our changing table, so we ended up putting the changing table in the closet and keep the closet doors open. That’s when I found this diaper stacker and am soooo happy we purchased it!We use the closet hooks and have it hanging right above the changing table. It’s so convenient when we’re changing her in the middle of the night and don’t have to search around for everything.It did arrive a little smelly, but that went away very quickly.This is one of my favorite baby purchases and any time family is over and helps with changing they say they wish they had this when their children were younger!

Shelby Crockett, TX

Exactly what I was looking for!!

Very nice material and sturdy. I hung it in the nursery closet and it doesn’t take much space. I was able to fill it up with Size 2 Huggies diapers, side by side. Fits a standard box of wipies.

Herminia Bainbridge, GA