JJ Cole Essentials Blanket – Chocolate/Pink

JJ Cole Essentials Blanket – Chocolate/Pink

The Essentials mat is the only year-round, go-anywhere, travel blanket. Take it to the park, the beach, sporting events and other outdoor activities. Leave it in the car for emergencies and easy access. When temperatures drop, the mat becomes the perfect indoor play area while still protecting your floor. Features include a spacious 5 ft x 5 ft area and sturdy sewn-in insert to make folding quick and hassle-free. The durable outer fabric is ideal for any surface and the inner lining quickly wipes clean. With such wide appeal and function the Essentials Mat is the perfect gift for everyone!

Main features

  • Stylish and compact when folded, ideal for storage and travel
  • Durable outer fabric ideal for any surface
  • Detachable strap
  • Large capacity machine washable, inner lining quickly wipes clean
  • Can be used by all ages

Verified reviews


Beyond Disappointed with this Blanket!

I had very high hopes for this blanket, despite the negative reviews about the awful toxic odor, because there were still so many other positive reviews here on Amazon and on other merchants’ sites, and I also really like the other JJ Cole Collections products. I thought perhaps I would have better luck, or that the odor would not be as bad as some of the reviewers made it out to be. But it was WORSE! After opening the package, I immediately smelled the horrible toxic-plastic smell. It was completely overwhelming to the point that after I put the blanket back in its packaging and shipment box to return it, I still had the smell in my nose and throat! Terrible! I wish there were a way to give it just a half of a star for this so you could see that it’s been reviewed, but it does not even rate a full star. 0.5/5 = 10% = very low F.

Eunice Bessie, OK

Strong Plastic Odor, Get Tuffo Blanket Instead

Like other reviewers have said (and I should have listened), this blanket has a very heavy plastic odor. I should have known, since it is entirely made from 100% plastic, (fabric and waterproof backing), including the polyester and PUR foam padding inside. Wow. I aired it our for 2 weeks and nothing changed, and I have washed it 3 times and it has barely made a difference. I can’t even give it away. Even my normally smell-oblivious hubby, even the dogs, won’t sit on it. A disappointing purchase, as it is well-designed and folds up nicely. I wish JJ Cole would consider using healthier materials for families and babies, as this is for whom it is intended and will be used by, this is who will be lying on it and breathing in that funky off-gassing. Got the Tuffo outdoor water-resistant blanket at the same time–much bigger (fits the whole family), feel good about putting baby on it, and after one wash smells like nothing. As a blanket should.

Dona Belgrade, MN

Love it!

We go on picnics all summer and this is great! It’s soft and water repellent so any liquid spills are not absorbed and can easily be wiped off. It’s super cute and easy to store and tote along plus it’s thick enough that even if you do pick a picnic spot with sticks and rocks underneath, you won’t feel anything poke through.It’s pretty big as far as picnic blankets go and if they were to offer a blanket a few sizes larger, I would buy it in a heartbeat. This sized blanket can comfortably seat 2 adults with picnic meals. 4 adults comfortably if there’s nothing to eat and they’re just keeping their bums dry.It’s not a blanket that will keep you warm, so don’t expect to be able to snuggle up under it or with it – it’s a picnic blanket for sitting, eating and relaxing on. I love it and have taken it to concerts in the park, picnics, festivals, wineries – basically any place where we might want to relax outdoors and not worry about finding provided seating.

Gena Bethlehem, PA

Not waterproof

In my experience this product has no use at all, unless you use it at a beach or some other extremely hot and dry environment.I does NOT keep your buttocks dry and warm. If you put it on the grass and the grass is cold or damp you will get cold and wet in no time. I would not let my baby use it, it is too risky. I would be better off getting a foam mat, like a yoga mat or similar, it would be much more useful. Even if I go to the beach, I will not take this as it would stick to the skin, a regular towel would be better. So sad I got fooled by all the good reviews.

Leila Edna, KY

WAAAAY too heavy

I would prefer something I can put inside my diaper bag, it is a heavy blanket that takes up too much space in my opinion. Nice looking though..

Mai Lewis, WI

good, but too small

the quality is very good, so i give 5 starts for quality. but, i have to give 3 stars for the size.now that i’m really thinking about it, a picnic blanket must be minimum of 6 ft so you can lie down without your feet going over. (assuming you are not taller than 6 ft)having said that, they clearly say it’s 5×5 ft so it’s my fault for not thinking this through. maybe they can make a 6 x 6 size?

Yvette Bassett, WI

4 years of using it and still love it

I bought this blanket when my first baby was born – 4 years ago. I used it for my baby’s tummy time, took it to the beach numerous times, then I used to protect my bed from my daughters night time accident. Now I have my second baby, it is again used as a play time mat-tummy time mat. I guess I am supposed to wipe clean, but every time it needs to be cleaned, I just throw it in the washer and hang dry. I washed it countless times and it still looks good. Color has not faded, no ripping, it might have lost a little bit of shape, but it looks like I can use this for couple more years. I love this blanket. I would highly recommend it and I would buy it again when I need a replacement.

Dolores Chinese Camp, CA

Great blanket, not so great for the purpose I wanted it for

I originally bought this blanket because I wanted something to put on the floor for my 6 month old daughter to lay on when I was letting her go diaper free. I was tired of having to clean up the rug every time she peed through a regular blanket. I read the description of this blanket so I knew it was large, but I guess I wasn’t quite thinking everything through when I ordered this. It does in fact keep the carpet dry but then the pee soaks through the blanket so I have to throw this in the washer. Now it says you need a 3.5 Cu. Ft. washer to wash this in, mine is 3.1 and I was able to wash it OK, but then it has to hang to dry. Now the day I washed this was a rainy day so I didn’t have a good place inside to let a 5ft. x 5ft. blanket hang to dry. I ended up putting it in the dryer on air dry and that worked out okay. The blanket looks fine after being washed. However, I don’t think I’ll use it for my daughter again because I really don’t want to have to wash the blanket so much. I guess I would need something that I could just wipe clean without worrying about the pee soaking through, or something a lot smaller that is easier to wash.I do think this will make a great beach blanket and picnic blanket so I’m sure it will still get a lot of use. It is very comfy and nice and silky. I love the sewed in piece that helps you fold the blanket. I hate when you can never get a blanket folded as well as when it came, but with this you get the perfect fold every time. It is also great that there is a strap on it so it is easy to transport. I got the blue orbit design and it is a very attractive blanket. I experienced absolutely no smell with this blanket like many other reviewers mentioned. I am very sensitive to smells and this really smelled like nothing, so I was happy with that.Overall a great buy for the beach or a nice outside large blanket. Not so great if you expect it to get dirty a lot and need to wash it often, because it takes a little bit extra effort to clean then a normal blanket would.

Silvia Clarence Center, NY


I love this blanket! It is nice and sturdy and does not blow away in the wind. I use it at the park, beach, and many other places. If the ground it wet it will not soak through. I guess the only downside is if it gets really dirty you need to go to a laundry mat to use a super sized washer. But usually, you can just wipe it down with baby wipes and it cleans up well. It’s a material that is slicky and repels dirt. So just don’t set it down on top of dog poop and you will be ok.

Inez Le Grand, IA

Good mat but not a soft blanket!

I do like this product but it wasn’t what I was expecting. That’s not to say the description is misleading, but I think I had it in my head that this was just a blanket with a waterproof backing. It’s not! It’s all made of a nylon/plasticky material. The top is silky but not fabric. It wipes off easily and it’s not hard to fold up like some foldable blankets I’ve used. The carrying pouch is handy too. We keep it in the car for times when we need a little stretch on the grass. We have the Cocoa Bubble pattern, which is quite cute.While I do like this, I wouldn’t use it if we wanted a soft place to snuggle up for a long time, like watching an outdoor movie or something. For that, I would just bring a softer regular blanket to lay on top. But if you’re looking for a tough, waterproof ground covering you can easily tote around, this is perfect.

Marta Pool, WV

Super slipper, lead to a FALL!

I was lured by all the positive reviews to get this "all purpose blanket", but I would hardly call it all purpose. First, it appears that the bottom would be a heavier plastic type of material, and I thought the top would be a weather/stain resistant material. Its not material, its like a thin version of a shower curtain plastic. It smells like chemicals (PBA, PVC?) and is super super slippery. I laid it out at home, and fell. My toddler was walking and slid on it and fell. Was it because we were barefoot? But I wouldn’t be walking with shoes when I’m picnic’ing either! All in all, a poor quality product. I wonder where everyone else uses theirs that they don’t have the same slippery results I do.

Gertrude Paloma, IL


This is an awesome blanket. It’s actually much more like an all purpose mat. It is padded, very durable and super easy to wipe clean- as a bonus it looks great too. It’s the perfect size for a picnic. My 9 month old crawls around on it daily at the park and it has held up beautifully. The best part is it folds up SO easy and once it’s folded up its nice and compact and fits great in stroller or it also has a strap so you can just throw it over your shoulder. No complaints- very well made product.

Tara University Center, MI

Great product. Good price.

I have seen this product elsewhere for a more expensive price and I liked the color and neutrality of it but didn’t want to pay the price. That’s why I always look on Amazon before paying more. I found the product here, it arrived on time, the colors were just as advertised and it’s conveniently sized for easy outings. Great product and good price. I highly recommend it and the seller.

Mattie Hickory Ridge, AR

Good blanket to have available

I haven’t had this blanket long, but have already used it a couple of times. The size is nice for 2 adults and 1 little one to use. It folds up and packs very nicely. I wouldn’t pay a lot for it (since my closet is full of other blankets), but think it is worth the price that I paid.

Virgie Wabasha, MN

Soccer moms in the NW…

Fall and spring are wet weather months for outdoor sports, and this blanket has kept us dry in downpours and snow/icy weather during many, many soccer games. We sit on it, or layer it as a protective shield when there is heavy precipitation. Most recently the little siblings forgot their jacket during an especially windy and cold playoff game, so we built a fortress of blankets, and huddled together under this… almost forgot it was cold out!

Jessica Haugan, MT

Great Indoor/Outdoor blaket

Its nice thick waterproof backing protects us from dew, dirt, ants, prickle-weeds, etc. I use it outside in the grass and inside on a carpet or floor (it’s not padded so remember that if using on a very hard surfaces). It easily folds and velcros shut(you can even do it one-handed). The top layer is loose from the base layer so can be a little slippery, but the blanket sewn into 4 sections which helps with that.

Ellen Hughes, AK

Sturdy, waterproof and portable

This is a terrific product–the bottom is incredibly thick and waterproof, the top is soft and comfortable. While it’s a bit heavy to carry around, it’s worth it. Good for parks, beaches, and is easily large enough for 4 adults to sit on. I compared many outdoor “blankets,” and am so glad I chose this one.

Camille Ripon, CA

Great blanket!

A friend had one of these and I had to get one for myself. It’s perfect for taking to the park for picnics, folds up quickly and easily, and spills wipe off well.

Samantha Becker, MN

Must own

We bought this for my sister as a gift after she saw how thoroughly we enjoyed ours at various parks last summer. It’s a great mat for keeping clean and dry while sitting / playing on the ground. It folds easily and the built in carry strap is fantastic.

Francine Acushnet, MA

Great play blanket

Got this to use for my daughter while on the deck or other dirty surfaces. Its a cute pattern, folds up easily and is an easy to clean material. It can get a little slippery for a babies soft skin but she is able to crawl around on it easily.

Carissa False Pass, AK

Great mat for outdoors

I bought this since I got tired of having a wet bottom after sitting on a regular blanket or towel on the wet grass. And it’s great! It’s large enough for a few people to sit on it. I use it with my baby, and it’s easy to wipe clean. The material is sort of shiny. The color is a bit off from the photo, but quite nice. I bought the gray/green, and the outside is more of a lighter green than the photo, with green, gray, brown and orange on the inside. It’s a bit heavier and bigger folded up than I expected, but I can still carry it pretty easily. The strap is nice, and it folds quite easily. It’s much thicker than a blanket, and provides a nice surface outside, whether on grass or something else.

Cecilia La Conner, WA

My new favorite baby shower gift!!!

A friend of mine has this blanket and our 2 boys always want to sit on THAT blanket!! We finally got our own and I’m sooo excited to use it! JJ Cole makes another awesome product! One of the few companies that it is obvious the people who use these products actually test them….MOMS!!!! It is a HUGE 5ft x 5ft. When folded up it’s 10 inches tall x 16 inches wide…looks bigger to me than pictured but I still love it- I also LOVE the generous pocket on the outside that the description does not mention! Has a shoulder strap that is removeable and looks very durable. Material blanket is made out of is a water "resistant" material- has wiped clean and easy every time we used my friend’s last summer! Cool to sit on too (heat wise) and the patterns are pretty cool too!! This will FOR SURE be my next "go to" baby shower gift!!!

Elise Lansing, IA

I get compliments every time I use it!

Not only does this blanket look great and feel great, it’s so practical. It folds up super easy and always compact into it’s own carrying case. It’s so easy to clean and big enough for a few people to enjoy. This is a must if you like to picnic or spend any time at the beach, park, etc.

Sabrina Palo Alto, CA

Will use for many years to come

This is a great-looking and super-convenient picnic blanket. I actually bought it to use mostly indoors for my 8 month old to play on because I worry that there is cat hair and dust in the carpet, so I throw this down for him every morning to roll around on. Plus he spits up a lot and this is so easy to clean. The striped one looks a lot better than it does in the photo. This is one of those items that I can see still using for picnics 15 years from now. It is attractive, easy to clean, durable and folds up easy. I love the shoulder strap too.

Adela Exeter, NE

excellent for impromptu visits to the park

perfect size for convenience and good thickness… a bigger size would have been nicer for my husband, 9 month old and myself to fit more confortably, but then it would be too bulky to carry conveniently… i love the strap- makes it super easy to carry around and hold my baby at the same time… i leave it in the trunk of my car and use it all the time… love it!

Kathie Suamico, WI

love this product

much better than plain blankets for pinics, outdoor play. durable, convenient, easy to pack and carry and cute! i get compliments on this all of the time. recommend for people with kids or families/couples that like to lounge in parks/outdoor events. somewhat easy to clean. not sure about tough spills like wine though. it’s not a hard plastic so not easy to wipe off. fortunately i’ve only had to spot clean with wet rag and dish soap.

Shelley Abington, CT

Good Blanket

I like this blanket, it is big, and folds nicely into a bag of a sort. It did smell horrible when I first opened it, but once I washed it, the smell was gone. It looks to be well constructed, and I like the material it is made of. I am giving it 4 stars because it is heavy, other than that, great!

Alexandra Center, KY

Favorite baby gift

I received this as a shower gift for my first baby and it is by far my favorite baby item – so much so that I’ve bought it as a gift for five friends with new babies. It’s the perfect blanket for little ones because it protects them from wetness on the grass and sharp things underneath. Spills from food or spit up are super easy to clean. And it easily folds up with a handy strap to carry or throw over a stroller. The one downside is that over time, it gets dirty and there is no way to clean it other than by hand. So with heavy use, I may replace mine in another year or so.

Adela Axtell, TX

Looks great!

I just got this blanket yesterday & I have to say I’m very pleased. I sat on it on my living room floor and only had mild confusion when trying to fold it back up for the first time. 😉 I’d recommend this item! It’s certainly big enough for a family picnic.

Louella Bush, KY

great multi-use blanket

We really like this blanket. It has a very contemporary look to it. I really like how easily it folds up. My friend has a blanket where you have to fold it and stuff it into the built-in pocket. This one folds up very easily and has a velcro strip at the end. I love that it has a handle so you can carry it easily (especially when holding little one). The material is durable. The only downside is that I kind of wished it had more padding, however that would probably make it less portable and more heavy. Overall, I highly recommend it. My friend saw me use it and ended up buying one for their daughter.

Alison El Cajon, CA