JJ Cole Feeding Bib, Cocoa Tree, 0-3 Years

JJ Cole Feeding Bib, Cocoa Tree, 0-3 Years

Simplify mealtimes with a wipeable, pocketed bib. The laminated canvas easily wipes clean. It has a convenient three-size snap closure and is PVC and phthalate free.

Main features

  • 100% coated polyester
  • Imported
  • Laminated canvas easily wipes clean
  • Convenient three-size snap closure
  • PVC and phthalate free

Verified reviews


LOVE this bib!

I love this bib with my 19 month old because he’s eating pretty much everything now and getting it everywhere. I can easily wipe it down with a wet paper towel or wipe and its clean and it doesn’t get all smelly or loose its shape. I can also throw it into the washer and let hang dry and it still keeps its shape. I would definitely recommend once the little one gets older. It does however have 3 different tabs for sizing, which was great when my little guy was a little smaller. It has been able to grow with him. I have been using since 6 months and we are still going strong.

Bette Darrouzett, TX

Useful and chic 🙂

As soon as my little one was big enough to pull out the bibs that had velcro, I was on the look out for a bib that has buttons strong enough to resist her pulling and is comfortable for a chunky baby. This one does the job, not too expensive and looks good too. It has not gotten smelly or moldy for me and I have used it a lot and even left a little moist sometimes. I would recommend it.

Bobbie Shafter, CA

Too big for 6 month old

It’s a nice bib, but it’s for older toddlers. Too big for my 6 month old. Maybe in a year or so it will work better. The manufacurer should revise the sizing for 1-3 years instead of 0-3 years.

Florine Smithton, MO

Nice Waterproof Bib

My MIL bought me this bib for my daughter. I really like that it is sturdier than most waterproof bibs. (It is also stiffer than most, but that is ok.) My husband is a big fan of the adjustable snap closure (no more scratchy velcro!) Plus the patterns are really cute and it is machine washable!

Constance Yankton, SD

Good bib

I originally purchased this bib because of the nice design, the snap closure, and the pocket. All of those items work great. I especially love the snap because it’s easy to put on and take off. The material is a little thick so it’s hard to sometimes tuck it under the high chair table. But the material cleans very well as we just wipe it off after each us. The design is good except I wish the material were a little wider around the neck. I have a messy eater and his shoulders sometimes get a little messy.

Evangelina Stottville, NY

really does the trick

This bib is awesome. It catches everything that falls from my son’s chin (even utensils). It is easy to clean, though I would recommend cleaning it right after a meal because our last one got moldy after I let some oatmeal sit in it for a day & I couldn’t wash it out.

Elinor Montclair, NJ

A little more expensive, but worth it!

I use this bib for every meal. It’s big, has three separate snaps in the back for an adjustable fit, and it’s sturdy. My daughter loves to grab onto her bib and shove fistfuls in her mouth, and the bib is none the worse for wear – no cracking of the waterproof coating, it doesn’t stay crumpled up. I got a two-pack of Circo bibs from Big Box Store as a gift, and I never use those anymore except for traveling; they just don’t compare. Love this bib.

Anastasia Prospect, VA

worth every penny

I love JJ Cole’s bibs.Why?They last a lot longer than most others we’ve tried (the colors start to fade or the bib stains after a year)Durable – daily use and abuse from a child and it still keeps it’s shapeNon-Absorbent so my son’s shirt doesn’t get wet if he spills juice down his bib!! (BONUS)The catch tray is just wide enough to catch whatever he drops/missesEasy to clean – soapy water, wipe, rinse, leave to dry (very quick dry)Adjustments of the sizing grows with my son – which saves us money b/c we didn’t need to buy infant size and go up, we just used the large size and waited for my son to grow with itThe material is firm enough to lay flat (no wrinkles) on my son, but not so hard that it leaves red/chafing marks on his neck.Did I mention durable? We have rotated 3 of these bibs over the last 27 months and have only had to replace 2 during that time – only b/c of stains/discoloration and for my own aesthetics – not b/c the product fell apart. We have tried other bibs – they either were absorbent, wrinkled, or the plastic bits started to fall apart or left marks on my kid’s neck.

Ginger Bainbridge, GA

These don’t last long — they mildew very quickly

These are definitely fantastic initially — the snap at the neck, the pocket at the bottom, the pretty prints, etc. are all wonderful — but they mildew so quickly that they’re simply not worth the high cost. We certainly try to air dry the bibs properly, but it just doesn’t matter. JJ Cole needs to engineer these to prevent mildew. Until then, I suggest not using them.

Esperanza Sanford, TX