JJ Cole Mode Diaper Tote Bag, Mixed Leaf

JJ Cole Mode Diaper Tote Bag, Mixed Leaf

The mode includes twelve pockets inside and out for organizing. Depending on the preference, the mode allows for three carrying options including two tote straps, a removable padded shoulder strap, or stroller attachments for a no-slip grip to your stroller handle.

Main features

  • Nylon, Polyester
  • Easy-to-clean laminated canvas
  • Coordinating changing pad included
  • Includes twelve pockets inside and out for organizing
  • PVC and phthalate free

Verified reviews



I received this bag today. The fabric on the side of the bag was yellow, and looked as it had been previously used. YUCK

Alison Dupree, SD


Very nice diaper bag. I wouldn’t think that it would be big enough for someone with 2 children but its perfect for what I carry with my 9 month old. It has enough room for diapers, wipes, toys, sippy cup, perfect spot for a bottle and a bottle of water, lots of side pockets for binkies, diaper cream, spoons, face & hand wipes, etc. The 2 front pockets are good for my cellphone and small wallet. Nice, sturdy straps and zips closed, thank goodness (my old one tipped and let everything spill out all the time). I LOVE the stroller clips…so handy! Also, since I’m infamous for losing my keys in the bottom of a diaper bag, I love the key clip; however, mine doesn’t close on it’s own but small flaw on a great bag. It comes with a soft, cushy diaper pad although I don’t change diapers in public places so I haven’t used it yet. I have a skip hop that I love but needed something a bit bigger and this fits the bill perfectly. Great bag for a decent price.

Marian New Durham, NH

Great Bag! Not so great fabric

First of all I love this bag. I wish I had it before my son became a toddler but I know all to well it would of never been big enough then. I would not recommend it to someone with an newborn but if you have a toddler that’s off the formula and doesn’t need a million thing its great! I love the big strap. Being able to carry it over my stroller is a huge plus. It is also very roomy for both my son’s and my things (as long as I remember to clean it out every now and again!) I love the key hook, it’s a very nice feature in a bag that has some depth. Also, for cloth diapering moms like myself it works great. One of my biggest problems was finding a bag that would accomedate my cloth diapers that are much bigger than a folded up disposable. This one does it with ease! The lady who said the clasps where sharp….well I’m not sure what she considers sharp. They are far from it! My ONLY issue with this bag is the outside fabric. I took it out one day when it was POURING rain and then the next day I noticed some of the print on the side that was being hit by the water had bled. Not something I expected from a fabric that seemed waterproof. I contacted JJ Cole and they said they would replace the bag but I really don’t want to send it back to them and wait to having them send me another!

Lara North Oxford, MA

it’s the one!! (so far)

My son is 14 months old tomorrow and this is my 7th or 8th diaper bag(some were free promos and hand me downs). I think I’ve finally found the ONE and I’ve had every type of bag: messenger style, back pack, duffle, big, small, the fisher price fast finders, a simple tote bag, and a $100.00 Skip Hop bag that broke after 1 week of use.At first glance, I didn’t love the material (wipe clean/ water proof) of the bag but after thinking about all of the germy places diaper bags are placed its nice to be able to take a clorox wipe to it once in a while and not worry about ruining the material. I also thought the bag was going to be too long and narrow to fit anything or I’d have to dig around too much to get what I needed but this hasn’t been true. It’s amazing how much you can fit in here! Also, unlike other bags even when full the bag isn’t overly bulky or heavy. All zippers can be zipped and unzipped with one hand…this is a must! The bag comes with a good size changing pad which is nice because most of the freebee pads that come with diaper bags are way too small. Its not cushioned at all though. Instead I use the matching JJ cole mixed leaf diaper satchel which is nice, it has a built in “pillow” and saves me some room in the bag since I can store diapers and wipes right in the satchel itself.Pros-
• Multiple carry options – shoulder, tote, or stroller straps. The shoulder strap has a grip and thick padding and the stroller straps can stay on the stroller unlike the Skip Hop “shuttle clips” which are attached to the bag itself.
• Cute leaf pattern is gender neutral.
• You can find matching accessories (bottle cooler, paci pod, diaper satchel, diaper and wipes pod).
• Just the right amount of structure: not too floppy, not too rigid, and little metal “feet” on the bottom.
• POCKETS!!! 6 internal (2 are mesh) and 6 external ( 1 bottle, 2 zippered, 1 accessory pocket, and 2 thin pockets the size of the bag that are held shut by magnetic snaps)
• Tote straps are the perfect length to wear comfortably and not fall off your shoulder, they also store out of the way if you aren’t using themCons-
• There is only 1 bottle pocket and it is not insulated. Two insulated pockets would be better esp for mutiple children or younger babies.
• There is no inside zipper pocket for personal mom stuff.
• When the interior pockets are full it is a little tough to fit much in the interior section of the bag itself, but the pockets are roomy so if they are full you shouldn’t need that much more unless you are overpacking or packing for 4 kids.I use this bag as a purse and a diaper bag, so a zippered pocket on the inside would be nice but its not a deal breaker. I just use one of the inside mesh pockets for things like, mints, gum, pads, chap stick, advil, etc… The other mesh pocket holds some baby tylenol, oragel, a teething toy, and some tissues. I use the zipper pockets on the outside for my wallet, cell, keys, and camera. One outside snap pocket holds a book for my son and my kindle fire nicely. The other holds a skinny travel pack of wipes and a small diaper rag, or hat, or sometimes keys, or whatever else I might need quick. The main pockets of the bag hold all the essentials: a toy or two, a can of spray sun block, two spare outfits, a nursing cover which doubles as a blanket, a wet bag, the diaper satchel, paci pod, snacks, food pouch, juice box, bibs, diaper rag, and a couple of extra diapers. All of this with some room to spare. I use a Thermos sippy cup in the non insulated bottle pocket, or I just keep a water bottle in there for me. In the accessory pocket I keep a small size tube of hand lotion and a bottle of hand sanitizer.Since my son is 14 months I can’t comment on how this would fare for a newborn. I think bottle storage would be an issue but I don’t see the extra outfits, diapers, and burp cloths newbs need as being an issue. There seems to be room for the nursing and formula accessories moms to newborns need as well (nursing pads, dry formula containers). Not sure about multiple children either but I hope this bag lasts that long and I can update this review when I have another one.

Avis Cohoctah, MI

very cute

very cute and convenient diaper bag. it has several pockets so you can organize your diaper bag easily i purchased the diaper pouch to match the bag

Vicky Holden, ME

I really like it but…

I wish it could be bigger;over all it’s strong and very durable. I sometimes have to take everything out to get the wanted item, I still recommend it.

Marci Fort Littleton, PA


My son is 4 yrs old and out of diapers but I still need a big bag for our adventures. This is a perfect fit for me! There are so many pockets to store everything I could possibly need. I even have empty ones!Great quality, beautiful material and print. I love the different strap options. Yes, I like to have a choice if we’re going to the zoo then shoulder strap, just the store then handles which still are large enough to fit over my shoulder & hang at comfortable length.The key hook is a lifesaver since I’m always just holding them. The changing pad will be used too when we got out to the park or zoo as a table top picnic cover – it’s very large!My wallet and cell phone fit in the front pockets – I read a review before purchasing this that a wallet wouldn’t fit in the front pockets because they are too small. I find that to be amusing. How big is your wallet? Mine is a little too large and it fits with room to spare.Aldo love the feet pads on the bottom of bag. Helps protect it a bit from wear.

Jaime Arthur, IL

Love it!

Love this diaper bag. Its fits everything I need to take. WIsh it had a bigger bottle holder on the side. When the bag is full the bottle doesn’t fit into the spot. But otherwise great.

Debra Rural Ridge, PA

Best diaper bag!

Finding a good diaper bag is a lot like finding a purse that works for you – and so I went through several before finding this. I really like everything about it. It’s a good size, has a decent number of pockets, and the stroller straps can’t be beat.

Lesley Beaver Dam, WI

On 2nd kid with this bag

I absolutely love this diaper bag. I bought it when my first child was a few months old, having given up on my cheaper bag. My husband also bought me another bag when I was pregnant with my second (because he knew I would like the pattern), but I soon returned to the JJ Cole. It has tons of pockets & space, but it doesn’t feel huge when carrying it. My husband likes to use the padded shoulder strap & is comfortable with the print (we have Cocoa Tree). I like to use the smaller, double straps. The changing pad is great & can be folded with one hand. The material is so easy to clean. This bag is completely worth the investment!

Pamela Adrian, GA


We love this diaper bag, it has enough room, pockets and is stylish. Its not too feminine, so my husband does not mind carrying it.

Kellie Selma, OR


I am super picky and this bag is AWESOME! Lovely unisex print, high quality, plenty of storage, not Too big or Too small..just right!

Jade Kenney, IL

I finally found the one!!

My daughter is 17 month oldand I went through 4 diaper bags before this one which were either too big, too heavy or hard to organize..this one is just perfect.I love it!

Roseann Fannettsburg, PA

So-so Diaper Bag

I used this bag for the first 2 months and was reasonably happy with it. As we started to travel outside the house more frequently, the Cons were finally enough that I replaced it.Pros1. It’s cute.2. It’s roomy.3. It hangs nicely from a stroller and allows easy access when unzipped.Cons1. The bottom of the bag is narrow and when filled it tips over easily.2. It’s hard to grab the bag one-handed, using either of the straps.3. The outside pockets are basically decorative–my wallet didn’t fit and they’re an odd shape.

Flora Edwards, MO

Perfect diaper bag

Love this diaper bag, lots of different pockets and pouches to hold everything. My one and only complaint would be the front zippers on two front pockets are sometimes tough to open and close, would still buy it again! Cute patterns and 3 different options for carrying, they’ve done their research with moms like/need.

Nicole Arthur, NE

Love it!

It’s easy to clean, looks stylish and there aren’t too many pockets to get confused as to where you put something. It zips so nothing falls out of the top, which is great.

Lily Mc Intosh, SD


Fantastic diaper bag! Tried several others before I came across this gem! Plenty of storage, love the slim profile, nice long strap or smaller side straps. The changing pad is super cute and comes in very handy! Also very durable material! LOVE IT!

Marcella Olivet, MI

Love the look, but not very functional

I searched for a diaper bag for months before my son was even born. I finally chose this one. I liked the look of it, the description of the pockets, the fact that it doesn’t really scream "diaper bag"! For the first few months this bag was great. I still love the look and the long strap has a really nice pad so it’s comfy. The only problem is once my little guy required more "stuff" on our outings, this bag didn’t really work anymore. There are pockets inside, but they don’t go all the way down to the bottom. Let’s say, for example, you put 2 bottles on each side, those bottles will almost touch and that doesn’t leave much room to put things in the bag. You can shove things down below the bottles but then that stuff is a pain to get out. Anything else has to be put on top. If you put things in the exterior pockets they have to be slim or the front will bulge out. I was pretty disappointed because I really do like this bag. I ended up getting one that definitely looks and acts like a diaper bag, but it’s way more practical. I guess if you don’t put anything in the pockets and just fill the bag it would work well.

Rhonda Hilton, NY

Love this bag!

I love this diaper bag! I was leery at first about getting it, as my friends had said it would be too small. I don’t know what they are talking about – it is perfect. I can fit everything I need (10 diapers, wipe package, 2 bottles, formula holder, changes of clothes, burp rags, pacifier, nasal aspirator, and a water bottle for myself) with plenty of room for other stuff if needed. Plus, it is very cool looking. I love it!

Benita Eighty Eight, KY

Solid structured bag

I didn’t do any diaper bag research but choose this merely because I loved the pattern. At first I hated that is was so stiff and structured and a bit bulky but now I love it’s many pocket to keep things organized and especially the stroller clips. even though it is tall and narrow it doesn’t topple over and everything stays put. Additionally, the exterior is easy to clean so it is perfect for outdoor activities as I also don’t have to worry about bugs crawling into it. I may get a small less bulky bag for other occasions but this has served me well so far.

Shana Kenvil, NJ

Love, love, love

Such a great bag! So many compartments- it’s great for organization and such a good price! Love the pattern. Fantastic!

Martina Petersburg, WV