JJ Cole Monroe Stroller, Black/Gray Drops

JJ Cole Monroe Stroller, Black/Gray Drops

The Monroe Canopy by JJ Cole Collections brings a fresh look to your Monroe Stroller. The stylish canopy allows you to express your individual flair without spending a fortune. Easily switch your canopy color to any of these six vibrant options using the existing frame and the included canopy fabric.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Lightweight stroller that is both stylish and durable
  • Multi-position adjustable back reclines for child’s comfort up to 130 degrees
  • Optimized handle height; One-hand fold
  • Detachable parent organizer with cup holder; Removable, easy-clean child’s tray
  • For use from 6 months to 50 lbs

Verified reviews


Needs improvement

I was excited to get this stroller because I thought the price was great and I liked the sleek design. Assembly was relatively easy. It was a little tricky to get the rear wheels on because you have to push in a metal button while trying to shove the wheel over it. It rode great and I liked the 5 point harness. I did notice the straps were rubbing against my 14 month old’s neck. I know on other strollers there are padded covers to prevent this. I did like the heighth of the stroller. I’m 5’10” and thought the handles fit perfectly. I wasn’t happy with the canopy. I could tell from the computer images it didn’t provide shade coverage comparable to BOB strollers, etc., but it really doesn’t cover well at all. The front and sides of my baby’s face would’ve been totally exposed. I like that there’s a snack tray, but the cup holders aren’t very big. It took me pressing the sippy cup in there pretty hard for it to work. The snack tray also doesn’t swing open so I would’ve always been lifting my child up and over the tray. The stroller also has a piece of stiff fabric across the top of the back of the seat. I’m not sure if this is some sort of weather protector, but the top of my son’s head was already rubbing against it and I could tell it would end up being bothersome. I tried folding it back, but then it affects the reclining feature. It’s nice that the seat reclines, but it doesn’t do it very far at all compared to other strollers I’ve seen. It comes with a storage basket, but it would be pretty hard to get anything bigger than a shopping bag in there. Crossed bars over the back get in the way and prevent the bag from being easy to use and get to. Overall, I thought this stroller was just okay. I’d rather spend a little more to get features that I love that will last. I ended up returning this stroller.

Lily Bay Minette, AL

Love this stroller

We bought this stroller to take along on short trips and for travel; we have a Phil & Teds Navigator, which I love, but it is too heavy for short trips. My son loves this stroller, the large seat and the snack tray make him so happy. I addedJJ Cole Monroe Canopy, Nordic Blue,City Grips Double Bar Grip Covers, Just Black, andSkip Hop Memory Foam Stroller Liner, Platinumto the stroller. It covered the plastic hand-holds nicely, the color of the canopy is great, and the stroller liner made it easier to clean and so much more comfortable. I had a gift card, so I paid next to nothing for this stroller, but I was surprised by how much I like it. I wanted a stroller I wouldn’t worry about if It was damaged in airline travel or from everyday use; the reasonable price of this and the child tray made it a no-brainer. I’m happy and my 13 month old is happy. He is a big boy; off the charts in height and 90th percentile in weight and he fits wonderfully with room to grow.

Ellen Big Springs, WV

Love it!

Very easy to assemble, and the exact size I was looking for. Folds down much easier than I thought and 10x better than an umbrella stroller!

Avis Leonore, IL

light, easy to use stroller

I like this stroller, but right away I have to say that the carrying abilities are near none. There is a basket of sorts underneath, but it’s hard to get anything more than a diaper in and out of it. Not much space because of the folding mechanism behind and below the basket. There is space up at the handles–a large zippered pouch and a cup holder, all made of fabric. (I put my keys and cell phone in there usually. Space for snacks and other items too.)The stroller folds easily (not one handed though) and is light. The harness works well and is simple to adjust. We’ve had it for 6 months now and our little girl loves watching her older brothers play or bike ride while she rides in the stroller. The canopy is rather small and doesn’t shade much, but we are hat-wearers anyway.

Fern Clio, MI

Love It!

I have 4 kids, so I have bought A LOT of strollers! I recently bought this one as a spare for my husband’s car. (We had a Graco Ipo in his, but my son REALLY likes a tray for snacks and toys. While the Ipo is a great stroller and pushes well, the tray is a must! Otherwise, my son (almost 2) gets figitey and wants out.)We pulled it out of the box and my son immediately sat in it and refused to get out! (That’s the sign of a good stroller :). Assembly was easy enough, snap on the canopy, tray, and put the wheels on. Less than 5 minutes.THEY TRAY DOES SWING OUT FOR EASY ACCESS! (From either side.)It can also be removed, but I don’t see us doing that. The good news is that the foot drop is long and from the footrest to the tray is tall, so my son won’t have his legs squished as he gets taller. (This happened with my other son on another stroller.) It’s also a nice wide seat and is tall. I can see my son, currently over 30 pounds fitting in this stroller till 4, if he’s still in a stroller by then.It has a 5 point harness. It is NOT convertible to a 3 point harness. My son hates 5 point ones, so I just make the shoulder straps really lose so he can move, but keep the waist ones tight so he cannot escape.It handles, steers, and drives great!I am 5’2 and my husband is 6’2. He even got excited about this stroller’s height…and he NEVER gets excited about a stroller. No kicking the back for either of us. It does have a parent’s tray with a cup holder and zippered pocket, but I have added the Valco Baby cup holder as well. It’s more sturdy for a cup of coffee and a huge soda.The seat reclines about 5 inches, which is okay for a nap. It can also take a car seat, which was important in case we have another baby. The basket is a good size, but everyone is right…it’s hard to access because of the cross bars in the back. It would be good for coats and loose items. To get a medium diaper bag in, drop it from the top after pushing the seat forward. (Much like The First Years Ignite.) Because it is about 17 lbs., you can hang a diaper bag from the back without the stroller flipping backwards. (This is why I always hated super light-weight strollers. I couldn’t stand that they flipped. Embarrassing, especially when you spill your drink all over the floor.)It seems very sturdy, with a few exceptions. The handles are plastic and feel cheap. I plan on getting City Grips to put over them to make them more comfy. They are ergonomic though. The kid’s tray is plastic and my son like to climb OVER it. I am afraid he will break it. The other reviewers are right about the slide to recline the stroller. It feels very flimsy. Hasn’t broken though. The seat bottom is more of a sling seat. There is no structure to it & not very padded. (The seat back is fine.) To fix this, I used the Skip Hop Memory Foam liner. Plus, that makes the stroller easy to clean. With or without the seat liner, my son happily sits in this stroller.The fold and unfold is easy. It has a lock on the side – not automatic. You could do it while holding a baby, but you would still need 2 hands to pick it up and put it in your trunk, like most strollers.To add more storage, I added a stroller net on the back, and 2 side sling nets on either side of the stroller.To conclude, this would be a perfect SECOND stroller. If it had a flat recline (for diaper changes, newborn, and sleeping), an adjustable footrest, and a bigger, easier to access basket, it would be great as a primary stroller. For keeping in my husband’s car and my son still being VERY comfy in it, it’s great!

Tamera Linwood, NE