JJ Cole Nursing Cover, Ash Woodland

JJ Cole Nursing Cover, Ash Woodland

Make feeding time a snap with JJ Cole’s nursing cover. Not only does it have a rigid neckline that allows for eye contact with baby, but it comes with contoured, pleated shoulders that provide extra privacy as you nurse. Easy adjustment for quick put-on and take-off!

Main features

  • 100% cotton
  • Imported
  • Reinforced neckline allows eye contact with baby while maintaining coverage
  • Interior pockets for burp cloths or nursing pads
  • Extended, contoured shoulders for privacy and comfort as you nurse

Verified reviews


I like it, but not as much as I was hoping

I like this because the pattern is pretty, the fabric is light so my baby doesn’t get overheated, and it’s easy to take along anywhere. I got this particular brand because I thought it was wider than some other covers on the market but I find that while it does cover everything, I still feel like I have to be careful or I’ll be exposed, I would have liked it to be wider and not as tapered. I also cannot see down to my baby’s face as easily as I thought I would, the firm part around the neck doesn’t stick out far enough for me to look down without holding the cover. This makes it difficult when trying to get my baby to latch as my hand is occupied just trying to see that she’s lined up okay. She’s only 3 months so hopefully this will get better as she gains more ability of latching on her own.

Nina Mineral Point, WI

Good Cover…Wish it Covered My Back

This cover has pretty fabric and good frontal coverage. Wish their was more coverage in the back. Like how it goes over my shoulders.

Celeste Spencer, WV

Nursing cover

The nursing cover is good but I only gave it 4 stars because it is 100% cotton and when washed the are so many wrinkles I can’t use it without ironing it. I don’t have time to iron it. Would prefer a poly blend so I could use it straight from the dryer.

Sydney Yantic, CT

Perfect !

It’s perfect to cover for modesty’s sake, love the neutral color, and very handy for my stroller cover. And it fits in my purse too !

Marion Smyrna, NY


I did not like the color. It does have a good coverage. The material used is not that soft. I like the wired collar part so you can see your baby while feeding. I like the pocket feature of it as well.

Socorro Ellisburg, NY

Nice coverage

After struggling with a tiny cover I found this one. Not only does it have the nifty wire in the collar, but the pocket to fold the cover up into. Pretty breathable fabric too.

Diane Guy, AR

Must have

I love that the material of this is so much lighter and breathable compared to the material used by bebe au lait. I live in a humid country and this is just much more breathable. Plus, I wear my regular per-pregnancy tops instead of nursing tops and this covers me up much better. It is a bit wider than the bebe au lait one I also have. (I’m a size 2) and it covers my sides when I pull my shirt up to nurse! All I do is look for a seat with a back rest.

Mayra East Helena, MT

Good nursing cover for the price.

I bought this nursing cover after my son got too big to be covered up by my original one. The shoulder flaps may not always work as intended (my little one is grabby and likes to see out) but I like how they are connected to the neck for better coverage. The neck strap doesn’t stay put in the D-ring very well unless it’s looped through several times but that’s an easy fix. The fabric is lightweight and washes well. I hang it to dry and haven’t had any troubles with the boning. I’m very happy with the cover.

Vivian Arlington, CO