JJ Cole Original Infant Bundle Me, Graphite

JJ Cole Original Infant Bundle Me, Graphite

JJ Cole brings you the Original Bundleme! With a plush inner faux shearling and luxuriously soft outer thermaplush, your baby will enjoy maximum warmth and comfort. The Original Bundleme is for use with car seats, strollers, and joggers and features a removable top for easy temperature control. The design allows safety straps to rest directly on the child. Machine washable for easy care.

Main features

  • Eliminates need for blankets and jackets
  • Removable top for easy temperature control
  • Machine washable.
  • 0-12 Months

Verified reviews


The Fleece Comes Off

The fleece (polyester) that lines the inside comes off so easily. My little one had it all over her hands. I didn’t want her to swallow it or inhale it so I sent it back. I use the Bundle Me Lite and that works great…no fuzzies that come off.

James Tinnie, NM

NOT SAFE – With so many safer options, why take the chance?

I registered and received this gift for my baby shower. I put it on the car seat and was looking forward to bringing my baby home in it. Fortunately, my hospital has a car seat safety inspection station and they told me to take the Bundle Me off immediately. They say because the Bundle Me goes under the baby it interferes with the safety restraints. The straps that go around the baby may appear to be tight, but the Bundle Me may actually bunched up under the straps and therefore the restraints aren’t as tight as they should be. Then God-forbid there was an accident, the force could cause the Bundle Me to shift– loosening the restraints and baby could come lose. Kinda defeats the purpose of a car seat if you ask me. When there are so many safe covers (the ones that are elastic and go over the car seat, but not under the baby– for example the Eddie Bauer Carrier Cover, which is what we ended up with), why take the chance? I’d rather error on the side of safety.

Carmela Swanton, MD

This is not safe with a car seat

I returned the product. It is way too bulky to add to a car seat. I brought the car seat with the Bundle Me installed to my local fire department for inspection of proper installation. My husband got an “A” for proper car seat installation. I got an “F” for having this product in the car seat. It has too much cushion, causing too much give in the event of an accident. The inspector told us to get rid of it. Perhaps this product is good for a stroller?

Tania Keene, KY

Difficult to attach

I was really excited to use this item since my son was born in December but it was so diffuclt to figure out how it fits on to the car seat I just gave up and returned it.

Juana Hustisford, WI

Not Safe For Use In Car Seat

Our daughter was in the NICU and before we left, she had to have a car seat challenge. When we brought in her car seat, we had the bundleme in it and we had to take it out as it was a safety hazard. These are not safe for any child as they are made post manufacturing of your car seat, and therefore have not been safety tested with your car seat. Many infant carriers/car seat warranties will be voided if you are in a wreck and using a bundleme or other type of infant ‘blanket’ that goes between your child and the car seat.

Traci Fort George G Meade, MD

Love the BundleMe!

Our son was born in September and we got this as a shower gift!! We absolutely love it! It is so convenient!! Although we no longer get to showcase all his cute little costs and sweaters there is always the fall and spring!! It fits our Britax Chaperone carseat perfectly and does not effect the harness system at all! It is warm and cozy and we never have to take a jacket on and off our son even with the cold New England weather!! I would definitely recommend this product to moms who live in climates with chilly winters!! Sure beats unstrapping your baby to take their coat on and off a hundred times!!

Lou Mulkeytown, IL

Very nice and safe.

love my bundle me, received it as a shower gift and it is one of my favorites. Never had to wake my baby up putting on or taking off a snowsuit, plus she hates being dressed so it made my life so much easier. Also covers more than a snowsuit, on windy days it kept her face covered from the house to car and vice versa.It is also very high quality and easy to wash. I read some reviews that said otherwise. I believe they bought the much cheaper copy sold at baby depot that is very low quality and not made by the same company.As for the unsafe reviews, I find it unfortunate that people write reviews for products they do not have, nor even bothered to read the manufacturers comments on.”In line with JJ Cole’s commitment to child safety, the Bundle Me has been tested to FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) 213 requirements. All tests passed on the child restraint system, indicating that the Bundle Me product appeared to have little to no effect on the performance of the child restraint system”If you think about it, installed properly, it is no different than wearing a heavy coat.

Aileen Boyertown, PA

A great product!!!!

My baby was born is September 2003, and we just started using the Bundle Me. The big velcro closures make it very easy to attach to the car seat, and to take it off as needed(good for this crazy weather we have!) I looked at other car seat covers but none came even close to this one. Some of them you had to put over the car seat and take it off everytime you had to take baby off the seat…a hassle! You can easily open the zippers on both sides to control the temperature, and even take the cover off, leaving only the back part on the car seat. It seems very safe and cozy, and everywhere I go other Moms ask me where I got it.It’s great ’cause we don’t have to struggle with blankets anymore, and don’t have to dress our baby in snowsuits either! You can attach it to the stroller too, which is great for cold weather – and especially great for those who go jogging or walking with their babies, since there won’t be anymore blankets falling off all the time!I recommend this product, and it makes a great baby shower gift! I will be buying the Bundle Me Big once our baby outgrows this one.

Annie Mecca, IN


These will keep your child warm BUT are NOT APPROVED for use with most car seats. You should not put anything between the baby and the seat. These are so padded that your child could be ejected from their car seat in a collision (caused by materials compressing — same reasoning why children should never have a puffy winter coat on their child when they are strapped into the car seat. There is a way to modify this item — cutting out the back piece — to make it safely usable in car seats.

Wendi Three Springs, PA

Really great item with only one complaint

Let me just say that my husband and I really, really like this product a lot. We have four kids and we just bought it for our fourth child. With the other kids we always just used blankets piled on top of the carseat to keep them warm. Our last two kids were born at the end of the summer, so I could not have another tiny baby subjected to freezing cold weather while he’s still so small. We live in New England where the winters really do get very cold. So, we bought this and have been so happy. It keeps the baby nice and warm without having him overheat in the car once you get the heat going. I like that it has zippers on both sides that can let this open easily so that the baby can get a little breather until it’s time to go back outside and bundle back up again. I also like that because of the way this is designed the material stays out of the baby’s face so I never have to worry about this covering the baby’s nose and mouth while I am driving. The only thing that made me give this four stars is this: I have only washed this two times. I think that only washing it two times all winter is great considering all of the baby messes that this has stood up too. It always looks nice and really does not appear dirty. But the second time I washed it the zipper pull fell off and fell into my dryer’s lint screen. I followed the directions and machine washed it and dried it in the dryer on the tumble dry “low” setting. I was really disappointed to see this happen so easily. So I felt that this should have held up better since it is made for babies and does have a lot of potential to become dirty and need to be washed frequently enough. Little tip- I would let this air dry instead of putting it in the dryer, even though the directions say you can put it in the dryer. Since I bought this in October, I don’t think that Amazon will accept a return. I called JJ Cole but all of their reps were busy and I did not leave a message. I will be calling them again and hope that they will stand by their product. I will update when I speak with them. Edited to update and add: **I called customer service and they were really great. They said that they guarantee all of the parts on this for 2 years from the date of purchase. They said to send it back and I could choose any style or color for my replacement. If there is a difference in price (if I were to choose a pricier option) I would just have to pay the difference. I am so pleased with customer service – they really stand behind their products.**

Elaine Henrieville, UT

Be careful!

I would be very careful when purchasing this! This product is made of very good material (heck, I’d like to be bundled in one myself!) it is soft, washable and looks great. The downside is that you should not be putting anything between the baby and the carseat because the carseat was not crash tested in such a manner. Additionally, we have a Britax infant seat and because of the additional head support used in that carseat, there is barely any room for my daughters head and she’s only 8 weeks old! Sadly, we are returning this product and we’re going to try one of the covers that only goes over the seat.

Tammi Saint Vrain, NM

warm and cozy

LOVE the Bundle Me products. So much warmer than competitors. The original is perfect for winters in the midwest. The ‘LITE’ version is great for our springtime also. Will continue to purchase for new mothers because everyone loves them.

Sheryl Delaplane, VA

Super convenient

I’m glad I didn’t have to put layers of clothes on my newborn. This is very convenient. You also don’t need to worry that the baby overheating in the winter clothes in the car. Just use your regular clothes with this Bundle me. Way too expensive in my opinion, but I couldn’t find any nice alternative. Very happy with the product.

Kaitlin Hardin, MT

baby must have product

We have used the JJ Cole Infant Bundle Me with two kids now and think that it is a great product. It keeps my little ones bundled in for the coldest of days. When really cold I just tuck a small blanket around my little one and then zip him up into the Bundle Me. The inside is very soft and thick and warm. It fits our Graco carseat well and we have no trouble putting it in the base or putting the baby in the harness because of the Bundle Me.

Patty Bena, MN

Hang up your snowsuits!

This is one of my favorite things for baby. I have it installed in my Graco MetroLite Marta print car seat and it matches so nice. But that is not why I love it so much. I see other poor women who do not have this and their kid looks like Ralphie’s younger brother in A Christmas Story. They are shoved into a snow suit with arms straight out and they can’t move.This item makes life so easy. I just put my baby girl in here, zip her up and off we go. No coat, no snowsuit, just what she is wearing. She looks so snug. And if it is snowing, then I just flip the fabric over her head until we get to the car and she is safe from the elements. This is truly a must have.I am really having trouble figuring how this would be a safety hazard…installed correctly, the kid is very well secured to the seat. hmmmmmm……

Liza Corolla, NC

Good idea but makes my son sweaty

The product is fine and holds up nicely, but it is not neccessary unless you plan on taking your baby for long walks in the extreme cold. I found that my son got REALLY hot in the BundleMe – as we ran errands and in and out of places. I prefer to use a couple of blankets and layer him so he doesn’t get too cold or too hot. This item is not neccessary unless you live in Alaska.

Kerri Riverton, KS

Must have!

Its a must have for winter time! Its soft, worm & easy to clean, i have 2, for my toddler & newborn!

Loretta Sequim, WA

Very warm alternative to snow suit.

We actually didn’t buy our bundle me until February so we won’t get as much use out of it as we could have if he’d been born in the fall. But we got sick of putting him in a snowsuit or covering him with 3 or 4 blankets. This is a great product. It kept him warm (sometimes too warm) and was easy to get him in and out of. Once it got too warm for his carseat I put it in his Graco Quattro Tour and he loves it. He stays all nice and warm. But unfortunately I think we are now done with it unless we have a new baby or maybe for the fall in the stroller. But he is growing very fast and may be too long then.

Blanche Stanton, KY


I love this! It’s great because you don’t have to pack a bunch of blankets to keep your baby warm. You just put your baby in and zip them up and your done. If it’s really windy or snowing when I’m carrying my daughter to and from the car I just flip up the cover over her to protect her from the elements until I get inside and then I just flip it off of her. Super easy!

Evelyn Alvordton, OH


This item is so nice. It is very warm. My daughter was born January 30th in Wisconsin so it is very cold – 0 degrees. When we would take her out in February we only had a onsie, an outfit, socks and a hat. No need for a snowsuit or anything super warm. When it was a little colder, around zero, we would put a little jacket or sweater on her but that’s all. It is also very comfortable for her. Great product!!!

Evelyn Denmark, IA

Forget the coats!

This allowed me to forget about having to buy a big winter snowsuit for a new baby. It was easy to wash, easy to attach to the infant carrier, and warm enough for the baby. The only downfall is that it should have fabric that can wrap around the top and cover the top of the baby’s head for added protection from the elements. A great invention!

Iris Lower Salem, OH

Quick, easy way to keep baby warm!

I bought the Bundle Me after I discovered that the Land’s End’s Polartec Car Seat Cover I planned to buy was backordered. Bummer! I really needed a way to keep him warm right away. After doing some research, I decided to buy the Bundle Me. I have no regrets. I had no problems washing it. It is easy to put into the car seat. He’s always warm and toasty. If it’s cold, I keep him zipped up and once inside, he is unzipped so he doesn’t get overheated. I’m sure there are other products that do the same job, but bottom line, for those of you looking to buy this one, is that it works.

Latoya Sugar Grove, VA

Make Your Life Easier – Get a BundleMe!!

I own the Original Bundle me and bought this new Urban bundle me for my cousin’s baby. The Original Bundle Me seems to be warmer with the faux sheepskin on the inside instead of the micro-fleece on the inside of the Urban version. The faux sheepskin seems to be cozier for baby, too. When it is super cold outside, you have to add your own blankets inside either bundleme, but having the bundle me definitely helps keep the blankets where you put them.One aspect of the Urban version that I liked better is that the nylon exterior of the Urban picks up less “debris” than the fleece exterior of the Original. The fleece seems to attract hair, dirt, etc. The nylon Urban is also rain/water resistant. The Original fleece one never seemed to get wet even though it doesn’t make the claim that it is water resistant.Another point to make is that I bought the Bundle Me Lite for the spring and fall months, but didn’t really use it all that much. Unless you live in an area where the spring and fall months are cool for an extended period of time, I would just stick with the Original or Urban version. Here I guess the weather goes straight from Summer to Winter!The whole line of BundleMe products is an AMAZING god-send if you have ever had to put a baby into a coat or snowsuit and then tried to put the car seat straps around them. I can’t tell you which one will suit your needs more, just trying to help make your selection process more successful!! Whichever one you choose will definitely make your life SOOO much easier!This is a link to the Bundle Me Urban that I Purchased as a Gift:JJ Cole Urban BundleMe Ice

Gina Newton, KS

Bundleme, more like bundle baby!!

It gets very cold here in the winter and my son was born in Jan. This is the coziest product, and helps us parents do a little less bundling of the baby. We have enough to do JUST to leave the house. No poofy coats, just a nice warm cacoon for you little one. I never had any problem with it and when it starts to warm up you can just remove the top portion and your good to go. I love this!

Deena Las Animas, CO

Worth every penny

I was really struggling taking my 2 month old out in the cold. Bundle her up in a coat and hat, blankets, etc. Then we would get to the car, where the heat is on and she would be sweating. I love the Bundle Me. It is easy to install and keeps my daughter toasty warm. It is easy to pull back once we get in the car, so she is not sweating in the heat.

Shari Centerville, KS

Awesome warm snuggle sack for your carseat/stroller!

I actually got one of these handed down after much use and it is still in wonderful shape. It is nice and soft and easy to throw in the washing machine. I have a 2 week old and it saves so much time so we don’t have to bundle her up everytime we leave the house (she was born in late January in the mountains of NC.) It is easy to put on and I put an infant body support pillow on top of it in the carseat to support her head. Perfect!

Rosanna Memphis, IN


I bought this original bundle me in Graphite and I love it. It really matches the Stroller. It is so warm and soft that our son is comfortable. It is alot better than lots of blankets that your child eventually will kick it off.

Denise Claudville, VA

Bundle Me

This is by far one of my favorite items I own as a new mom. I live is a cold climate , and it is an item I suggest any new parent to get. It is a so much more convienent than trying to put the baby in a bunting outfit, or trying to stuff blankets over the baby when they are in a carseat or stroller

Theresa Upham, ND

GREAT product!

I bought this buddle me bag for my daughter, I usually had to wrestle with her to get her in her car seat, esp. with her coat on. Now I just have to put her in there and shes comfy, cozy and warm!Very soft interior and exterior, My daughter LOVES hers.I highly recommend this product to anyone whos looking for something warm and cozy for thier babies this winter.

Jeannie Economy, IN


Fits perfectly in newborn car seat. Don’t have to worry about 2 day old grand son catching a chill outside or till the car warms up

Vonda Britton, MI