JJ Cole Original Infant Bundleme, Navy

JJ Cole Original Infant Bundleme, Navy

Perfect for your active lifestyle, our Bundle Me Original by JJ Cole works with all existing 3 and 5-point harness systems in car seats, joggers and strollers. JJ Cole Bundle Me Original eliminates the need for bulky, burdensome outerwear! Made of machine washable double-sided fleece. Ages birth to 3 years.

Main features

  • Eliminates need for blankets and jackets
  • Removable top for easy temperature control
  • Machine washable.
  • 0-12 Months

Verified reviews


Kept our winter baby warm and cozy

Some thoughtful friends sent us a Bundle Me when our son was born. When initially shopping for baby items, I hadn’t thought we’d need such a thing, but it was incredibly useful. The bottom half stays in the car seat, making it warm and snuggly, and the top half zips on. We left it zipped on all the time for convenience, and just varied the degree to which we zipped our son in depending on the temperature. You can keep it zipped all the way for travel to the car, and easily unzip a bit for ventilation when riding in a warm vehicle. No need for a bulky snowsuit or blankets- just throw on a hat, and when you reach your destination, baby can be unzipped in a second and is comfortably dressed for indoor temperatures. The straps of our carseat fit through the holes perfectly. If you’re concerned about this, I would head into BRS and simply ask a salesperson to demonstrate the product with your carseat. Also important- the Bundle Me washes quite well. Only downside to this product for me-and it’s a minor point- is that I sometimes preferred carrying my son in a Snugli while running certain errands. When we got out of the car, I would put on the Snugli and load baby in, but then needed to wrap up with warm blankets for the walk into the building, since he was only wearing indoor clothes. Not a concern when you’re bringing the carseat infant carrier inside, which was most often the case for us.As for safety concerns, I was willing to accept the information below from the product description. And where the well-being of my child is concerned, I was comforted to know that the Bundle Me prevented his catching a chill throughout our cold New England winter.”In line with JJ Cole’s commitment to child safety, the Bundle Me has been tested to FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) 213 requirements. All tests passed on the child restraint system, indicating that the Bundle Me product appeared to have little to no effect on the performance of the child restraint system.”

Lula Urania, LA

Alright I guess, but too warm for our baby

We bought this in anticipation of our Christmas baby. It was a pretty normal Cincinnati winter, but our poor little Emma was so hot in this thing, that every time we would put her in her carseat with it in, she would scream bloody murder. Even taking the cover off and just leaving the back on didn’t help, once we drove 25 minutes to the mall and by the time we got there, not only were my husband and I nearly deaf from listening to her scream, her back so so wet from sweat that we had to change her entire outfit. We returned the Bundle Me the next day. I suppose if you live in like Alaska or somewhere where it is REALLY cold ALL the time, or if you only use your carseat to take the baby outside in the stroller, than this is a fine product, but living in a relatively cold winter climate and using this as it was meant to be used (leaving it in the seat and just uncovering the baby once in the car) we had virtually no luck with it. I think that it is a wonderful concept, which is why I give it 3 stars, but, overall, my personal experience with it was only a 1 star experience, if that.

Lynn Verbank, NY

Bundle me

Has worked well for me. Still need a hat during cold weather, but otherwise works for basic back and forth travel. Not really good for extended trips outside in cold weather w/o coat and hat.

Sonya Westwood, NJ

Bundle Me Product Comparison

I own the Original Bundle me and bought the new Urban bundle me for my cousin’s baby. The Original Bundle Me seems to be warmer with the faux sheepskin on the inside instead of the micro-fleece on the inside of the Urban version. The faux sheepskin seems to be cozier for baby, too. When it is super cold outside, you have to add your own blankets inside either bundleme, but having the bundle me definitely helps keep the blankets where you put them.One aspect of the Urban version that I liked better is that the nylon exterior of the Urban picks up less “debris” than the fleece exterior of the Original. The fleece seems to attract hair, dirt, etc. The nylon Urban is also rain/water resistant. The Original fleece one never seemed to get wet even though it doesn’t make the claim that it is water resistant.Another point to make is that I bought the Bundle Me Lite for the spring and fall months, but didn’t really use it all that much. Unless you live in an area where the spring and fall months are cool for an extended period of time, I would just stick with the Original or Urban version. Here I guess the weather goes straight from Summer to Winter!The whole line of BundleMe products is an AMAZING god-send if you have ever had to put a baby into a coat or snowsuit and then tried to put the car seat straps around them. I can’t tell you which one will suit your needs more, just trying to help make your selection process more successful!! Whichever one you choose will definitely make your life SOOO much easier!This is a link to the Bundle Me Urban:JJ Cole Urban Bundleme Ice

Dianna Sanborn, NY

What a great idea!

When picking items out for our twins we came across the Bundle Me It felt so warm and cozy inside almost like a big blanket! So we reg for both a pink for our girl and blue for our son. Im so happy we did. It getting cold here in WI and sooner the snow will be flying. This is already coming in handy. Since me and my husband LOVE to walk on weekends or nights after work we have used this now a few times when its chilly. No need for blankets or jackets. And now with winter right around the corner this will come in great! We take them out everyday to their grandparents home. This will keep them warm and out of the wind. We have the Graco infant carseats, the Eddie Bauer infant carseats and their grandparents also have Graco seats. They fit so easily in all of them. And mornings when i take the babies over i just take them right out of the carseat right in the bundle me. Its just like a big fuzzy jacket, that they can use when they go out with gampa/grama. Its alot easier than trying to get 2 jackets, mittens hats,etc on 2 6 month olds. All around this is GREAT product and im so happy i have them!

Kristie Reyno, AR