JJ Cole Original Toddler Bundleme, Navy

JJ Cole Original Toddler Bundleme, Navy

The Original Bundle Me cover eliminates the need for blankets or jackets when transporting your toddler in cold weather. Featuring a clever and safe design with reinforced openings that fit 3- and 5-point harness systems and a zippered bottom, the navy cover has a soft faux-sherpa lining and a removable outer faux-sherpa top to keep your little one cozy and warm. Bundle Me easily transfers between car seats, strollers and joggers, too. Toddler size fits ages 1-3 years. 100% polyester. Imported. Machine wash. Imported.

Main features

  • Eliminates need for blankets and jackets
  • Removable top for easy temperature control
  • Machine washable
  • For 1-3 Years of age

Verified reviews


Well Worth It!

We got this for our son when he was 1 yr old, and it looks brand new, a year later. Our child is of average size, and he’s got plenty of room in it, at age 2. We live in a major city, so our stroller gets A LOT of use. This blanket is very durable, grows with your child, and keeps them warm and comfy in the coldest temperatures. Stays in place, and is easy to install/remove.

Patrice Kenner, LA

Nice and warm… but

It is a nice product and definitely keeps my baby warm with the colder months coming up. I can also tell that he will be able to use it will he is much older. However, I am currently using it on my City Mini Baby Jogger. I have found that after installing Bundle Me, I am not able to recline the seat. I need to leave it upright as the rubber strap that holds Bundle me to the stroller would not allow it to extend. also, with this installed, trying to get out the strap that folds the stroller into half is a little more cumbersome. Not absolutely perfect, but still defintely useful and more convenient than using a blanket to him him warm .

Julie Labolt, SD

Great product

The bundle me for toddlers is a great product. We also own the infant bundle me and it was perfect as well for both car seat and stroller. Now we got the toddler version and it’s pretty long to be able to fit our son until he’s much older (he’s now 17 months) and keeps him nice and warm. No need for blankets that fall or fly off. Perfect!

Jeri Girdler, KY

Perfect Winter Item!

I am bewildered by all of the reviews claiming the Toddler Bundle Me is too small for their children. Maybe these people received the Infant version instead of the Toddler version? I have a 13-month-old daughter that is at the higher end of the growth percentiles, and she’s got plenty of room in this thing. We received the Infant Bundle Me as a shower gift, so I was eager to jump to the Toddler version. It’s warm, fits her Jeep stroller perfectly, and eliminates the need for many cumbersome layers. Very satisfied.

Hollie Camden, AL

great buy for cold walks

The bundleme is super comfy and my toddler seems to stay warm and happy when in it. It’s nice that it can easily attach to a stroller. At first I thought ‘why wouldn’t I just use a blanket?’ But this wraps around the whole babe-a good investment for cold weather walks.

Madeline Chadwicks, NY