Jj Cole Pacifier Clip, Multi Circle

Jj Cole Pacifier Clip, Multi Circle

The JJ Cole Pacifier clip keep pacifiers handy and clean with an easy-attach clip that won’t rust! This handy pacifier clip works with multiple pacifier styles and comes in a variety of stylish prints and colors.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Easy-attach clip won’t rust
  • Works with multiple pacifier styles
  • Stylish prints and colors

Verified reviews


Would not buy again

The idea is there. I think JJ Cole didn’t quite get it. At first I really liked this. I clipped it on my son’s carseat strap so while driving I can just reach around and give him his binky. Well after about a month or two of having it….it doesn’t stay on as well. Just falls off when he messes with it. Also, one time I put it on my son’s shirt and I picked him up and he started screaming…I realized that the actual plastic clip part was jabbing him in the chest and hurting him. (I suppose that would do it with all of them..so be careful of that.) I would NOT buy this product again.

Angelita Diamondhead, MS

Doesn’t fit all pacifiers…

I use Dr. Brown’s Pacifiers without the “ring” on it so this clip does not work. I will have to save it for another baby shower to re gift…

Carol Portland, MO

good clip

These are nice clips. They are very secure at the pacifier end with the thin rope loop that stays on securely (your pacifier must have a hole in it that you can thread the rope loop through). The clothing clip end works pretty well too, but can be pulled off fairly easily. Attaching it at a seam improves its retention as the clip has more to grab onto.

Dionne Colfax, LA

Our favorite

These are a little more then most pacifier clips, but I think they are the best. Have a good clip and strong strap.

Tonya Mappsville, VA


This is too cute! The big button gets in the way of the car seat and I’d prefer if it was smaller, but I like the fact that it stays on the LO’s clothes. I’ll buy another one if I lose it!

Hollie Bushwood, MD


Works well, the only reason I didn’t give it five stars is the actual clip itself could open a little wider I think.

Tina Berwick, PA

Shallow clip for attachment

The Ulubulu Personalized Pacifier Clip (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007IERGBW/ref=oh_details_o08_s00_i03?ie=UTF8&psc;=1) works well with the Avent Soothie pacifiers but I didn’t like it because the clip worked too well. The clip was way too hard to open. Every time it was like prying the jaws of life open. Always almost or did bent or chip a nail. It made it impractical to use regularly at home.I also bought the JJ Cole Pacifier Clip as a replacement for Ulubulu Personalized Pacifier Clip. I also thought this one was ok but a little better because the clip was easier to clip on and off. But the clip was VERY shallow and I know once my little one is able to start grabbing and throwing things, the JJ Cole Pacifier clip would not work very well as it can be easily detached. But it will work for now. The JJ Cole one is good for home use because if it does get detached, I can always just wash the pacifier but in public it’s not very practical.But I have to say that the Ulubulu Personalized Pacifier Clip had a slightly better elastic loop for attachment to the pacifier than the JJ Cole. The JJ cole elastic wasn’t stretchy at all.

Luz Malden, WA

Good but clip is too big

This clip works fine and is cute, but the clip is kind of big. It’s hard to find somewhere to attach the clip because since it is so big, you don’t want it somewhere that will irritate baby. Other than that, I like it quite well but next time I’d buy one with a smaller clip.

Roslyn Saltillo, PA

Looks cute, doesn’t stay clipped on well

I thought this product was a really cute way to hold on to my babies pacifier, but the clip that you use to hold it to the car seat, baby’s clothes, etc. is REALLY weak and never stayed in place for me…I am assuming because it is made of plastic. Too bad, I really did love how it looked but would not recommend it.

Sabrina Bledsoe, TX

i love it

I so in love with this clip!So great!!!!!I recommended to buy! You love it . .Very easy to use !

Georgina Pennock, MN

Not Cute

Much cutter online than picture. Also it was to expensive for the quality. I do not recommend this product. I find Walmart had a better selection with better pricing.

Dana Dudley, MA

Great paci clip!

Adorable, well made pacifier clip that I have gotten many compliments on! I loved it so much that I bought a second one. I also like that it matches all the green and blue pacifiers we have!

Heidi Hickory Corners, MI

Cute and durable!

Love this clip, it’s cute and handy! Don’t lose my son’s paci at all. Great over all have no problems with it.

Gina Ace, TX

Clip’s big, otherwise great.

This clip is cute, and functional. The only downside is that the clip itself is pretty big. It is sometimes hard to get a good grip on my daughter’s shirt or carseat strap.

Jerry Caguas, PR


This is a really cute pacifier holder, but it is a little shorter than others ones I’ve ordered and although it holds onto clothing, it isn’t as strong as some of the other metal clip ones. Love it overall.

Eliza Levasy, MO

Really cute but easy to get uncliped

It really is a nice pacifier chain but it comes uncliped easily by my baby, but on the other hand you can put it in the washer machine and the little metal piece does not get ruined by water

Katharine Milford, NE

Best clip!

Best pacifier clip! I like that’s it’s not metal like most that I’ve seen because my baby likes to chew on it. Just don’t put it through the washing machine/dryer, the rubber part started peeling off and it needed to be replaced.

Leticia Hext, TX

Great paci holder

I love this paci clip for keeping the paci off the floor. The clip part works well, but I wish the clip itself was a little longer so I could clip it on better.

Shirley Lacassine, LA

Cute and easy to Clip

Love this clip for holding the Avent Soothie Pacifiers. The pattern is super cute and it clips onto my baby’s clothes much easier than the metal clamp types.

Hannah Fertile, IA

Adorable clip!

Saw this online and was excited to order. It’s modern and I get many compliments on it… The quality seems decent enough for the price.

Alice Vienna, WV

Cute design and functional

I like this a lot. The only thing I don’t love is that the clip is a little bulkier than the other pacifier clips we have. But it doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker.

Celeste Hebron, ME

Too big clip with not enough bite

I bought Boogin’ Head for my son but opted for this one for my daughter bc of the lower price and pretty colors. But I definitely regret it. The round clip is so huge that I can’t clip it anywhere near her chin and so I usually have to clip it on her shirt hem,but I hate doing that bc then it had more chances of dragging on the floor. The big disappointed was the fact that even though the round part is gigantic, the teeth part that actually hold on to the garment is not deep enough so it falls off at the slightest tug.

Cara Ware Neck, VA

Picture is misleading

I am giving this a 3 stars because the actual is much duller than the picture. i bought this for my baby gal, thinking that the ‘star burst’ are baby blue. No, they are white, so the whole clip looks much more masculine and plain.

Eloise Scottsmoor, FL

I like this big clip!

I bought one from pumpstation and my son loved the clip to chew like a teether. so one end is his actual teether and the other end is the clip. I picked this one since this clip is not dangerous for my baby and not sharp. I bought another one from Amazon and still like it. I’m considering buying another one for his pacifier because we use one for berry teether and the other for Kidsme food feeder.

Lilly Frankfort, NY

Necessary and Convenient Item

My daughter was three and half weeks old at her Christening, which was the first time we had taken her out in public for any length of time. When she started to scream in the middle of the service, I was glad we had her pacifier. However, she dropped it from her mouth several times and I realized that I would need to find something to keep it sanitary in the event that it ever dropped on the floor. I love this clip. I usually keep it clipped to her pack -n- play just outside the pacifier sanitary pocket so that it is readily available when I need it at home. But it also clips to her clothes, car seat, or my diaper bag if I am out somewhere. Thank you for a practical solution 🙂

Annmarie Hanna, UT

Not as good as I hoped

Saw that it was universal clip and had to have it. Used it frequently at first and it was better than the Luv’s (I think it was that brand) kind. Decided to replace the more generic kind with a Boggin Head and fell in love with that one. It’s universal and stays more attached to clothing than this one.

Flossie Winchester, NH